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per. Suvorovsky, 4

(343) 352-86-23

4.4 excellent 1 review

Uralmash per. Suvorovsky, 4

Maternity hospital at the hospital № 40 st. Volgogradskaya, d. 189, korp. 6

st. Volgogradskaya, d. 189, korp. 6

(343) 297-98-48

Chkalovskaya Volgogradskaya, d. 189, korp. 6

st. Komvuzovskaya, 3

(343) 374-32-00

Uralskaya st. Komvuzovskaya, 3

Maternity home tsgb number 20 st. Dagestan, 34, Bldg. BUT

st. Dagestan, 34, Bldg. BUT

(343) 258-94-67

Decembrists, 25, Bldg. BUT

(343) 261-45-81

Geological Decembrists, 25, Bldg. BUT

St. Seraphim Deryabinoy, 32

(343) 270-53-09

4.1 excellent 12 reviews

Chkalovskaya St. Seraphim Deryabinoy, 32

(343) 371-87-68

Geological st. Repin, 1

Reviews of maternity homes

Positive: Nothing Do not believe any positive feedback. This is the worst place to get to. 2 days I was looking for bags on the floors. 2 days later I was looking for a child. Security would .. d. LO complete. The cops discharged the suture into the pus. A walk-through yard was staged. You leave from resuscitation. They are naked and are being taken by elevator with visitors to other people. Girls RUN if there is a possibility.

Negative: From the personnel of the person 2 no more

Positive: Quite decent tribal chambers, there is 1 san each. There was no queue for the toilets on the unit (i.e. on the left wing and on the right one too) with a shower cabin. The food for moms wore such that the children were “puffed out” - we toiled with rice grains, incessant cabbage in soup and stew. but potatoes have always been. I. once in 10 days gave buckwheat and cottage cheese casserole. Everything else was flying waste in the trash - such a release of money, I have not seen. In the dining room they said that the head of the department deals with food (we were transferred to the hospital after the PIT) and almost the main nutritionist of the city makes it up. That's bullshit! Please, establish a normal menu that suits nursing mothers in tons.

Negative: Merknet compared to Regional Perinatal, where she gave birth to her second child!

Maternity home - a description of the institution

As part of the maternity hospital, such departments as:

  • Women's consultation,
  • Hospital,
  • Obstetric department,
  • Department for pregnant women with pathology,
  • Observational obstetric department,
  • Chambers for newborns,
  • Department of Gynecology.

Medical observation of the course of pregnancy in women begins from the first days until the moment of delivery. When staying at the maternity hospital, the woman and her child are isolated for a certain period from the environment, and they are in sterile conditions. Also isolated pregnant women.

The maternity hospital began its existence from the time of Tsar Nicholas II, in 1897. It was then that he ordered the creation of a special institution so that women would not give birth more on the streets. At that time, women who gave birth at the maternity hospital were poor from commoners. During the existence of the Soviet Union, a large number of maternity hospitals were established, where qualified medical workers worked.

How to choose a maternity hospital

Every woman who is preparing to become a mother from the first day begins to plan their birth. She buys the most necessary to visit the hospital and chooses the hospital itself. Of course, women who live in the city, where there is only one hospital is much easier. Everything is clear here. And what about those pregnant women who live in a big city, for example, Yekaterinburg? Here is a large number of similar institutions. Which of the maternity homes in Yekaterinburg is the best in 2018?

Every woman wants to give birth to a baby in the most comfortable conditions, where the medical staff will provide qualified assistance. Many are repelled by the recommendations of friends or relatives, and some are looking for information on their own. In our article we will help you make the right choice.

How to start choosing?

When choosing a maternity hospital, it is necessary to take into account the fact that each woman is individual and what one liked, may not like the other. Therefore, you should not listen to someone else's advice, and the best thing is to trust your intuition and taste. First of all, you need to pay attention to the conditions offered to the expectant mother. After all, in order for the birth to take place with maximum success, the smallest detail can have a very big impact. Therefore, first of all, you need to visit the institution of interest and discuss with the administration all the nuances.

It is the staff of the maternity hospital that should tell you about the conditions in which you will have to give birth, about what you need to have with you during your stay in the maternity hospital. Due to this, in the process of producing a baby, there will be no unforeseen situations and unpleasant surprises. The most important aspects that need attention first are:

  1. The sanitary and hygienic condition of the institution and the conditions in which the pregnant woman will stay,
  2. What time a woman will be in the prenatal ward, in the labor room, as well as the observation period in the postpartum period,
  3. Since special fitball balls are now used to alleviate the prenatal state, it is necessary to clarify their presence or to acquire your own,
  4. Is it possible to use the service of staying in a separate chamber in the postpartum period,
  5. What things to take to the hospital. In most cases, future mothers should have with them:
  • change clothes
  • linens,
  • hygiene products,
  • compression knitwear for childbirth,
  • diapers,
  • clothes for baby
  • diapers,
  • bottles.
  1. You need to find out what drugs need to prepare for yourself and the child,
  2. It is necessary to find out whether an anesthetic is used in the hospital, and how much anesthesia will cost,
  3. Does the husband’s practice in the maternity hospital in this hospital practice and what documents need to be prepared for this,
  4. And very important is the location of the hospital. It should be in a place where you can easily be delivered at the right time. First of all, it should be located near your place of residence. Otherwise, the ambulance may deliver the woman to the nearest hospital of his choice.

Choosing a doctor

As practice shows, the expectant mother first chooses a doctor for herself, who will observe her throughout the entire period of pregnancy, and only after that there is a question about choosing a hospital.

The presence of professional assistance in the appearance of the baby into the world - a criterion that can block even not too comfortable living conditions

Under any circumstances, familiarity with the doctor is required. He must examine the pregnant woman, examine her medical record. In the presence of chronic diseases in the expectant mother, the doctor may prescribe a cesarean section. All this is necessary so that both the mother and the baby feel good in the postpartum period. In most cases, the doctor gives the patient her phone number in order to be in touch in case of emergency.

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Maternity hospital 20 Yekaterinburg 20 maternity hospital

20 maternity hospital in Yekaterinburg - this is not the hospital, but hell! In the literal sense of the word!
To begin with, that I put (if I wish) there a week before giving birth!
The beds there are terrible, i.e. when you lie down, you are on the floor, or under the net (if you're lucky) bars are laid, but it's not nutrition ... which leaves much to be desired, not in the complete absence of a soul (or you have to go to the basement on a steep staircase, and wait a long line (because work shower only 1.5 hours a day) to wash in unsanitary conditions!
The fact is that all of you there are doctors, I’ll write EVERYTHING again! Without exception, they hate you (for no reason unknown to anyone). Appealing to you is not something like cattle or animals, they are probably treated better on the farm ...
Having lived there for 5 days. I started having contractions (which I understood by intuition, because the birth was the first) I persuaded the doctor, or rather the medical sister, to see me, and she was terribly lazy, because it was already 22:00 and she decided to go to sleep ... Somewhere at 00 o'clock when the contractions were creepy and I was curled up ... I decided to transfer to persuasion with a persuasion ... and there the BP began! ...
She didn’t have a sheet and a diaper, they simply didn’t have time to wash them ... and lying on a torn shirt (to say that she had at least 10 cm of fabric without holes, did not say anything) in the mud, I don’t know why but the patrimonial chair was in the mud, they pierced me bubble, even though he himself could burst! I was left alone and left ... when there were terrible fights and I could not endure quietly, attention! quiet whine ... young girls have nothing to do ... at 3 o'clock in the morning they decided that they were bored and came to me one by one, one just screamed at me and said what creature, why she called me that way I did not know ... but they come to them give birth to all sorts of ... and other insults (which I will not write because of censorship), the second one came to push and start to beat with a mat (by the end of the delivery I was bruised, but that later)
When the doctor came when the attempts began, after the "branded" insult, forced to get off the chair, it is not clear why! And I ordered to stand (although I had attempts, and for some reason it was easier for me to lay them lying) when I almost fell, she still allowed me to climb into the chair, the birth itself was already in a daze after suffering, when my daughter, they immediately cut off the umbilical cord, not waiting for it to pulsate, and squeezing my breast like an udder they brought my daughter for the first milk, I never saw her again ...
Sewn in the same way with a mat, live ... a medical sister stuck me medicine through a syringe, so I only had a bruise six months later!
Everything would be fine, I would have forgotten it if it were not for the fact that in August 2011, after the sanitary and epidemiological station was closed (after cleaning) because of E. coli! Because of unsanitary conditions, they infected my daughter with her, and 1.5 months later, due to the doctors' fault during the delivery, she died in my arms in the intensive care unit of purulent surgery ...
Therefore, girls, if you have the opportunity to escape, this hell! I beg you not to give birth in 20 maternity hospital in Yekaterinburg!

NII OMM Ekaterinburg

Dear women! I gave birth in NII OMM Ekaterinburg in 2010 and still, with a shudder, I remember all this horror ... Almost two years have passed since I became a mother, and the cause of my baby’s illnesses with which he appeared in this world, it turned out just now! My child was born with an intrauterine infection - ghost pneumonia, I generally keep quiet about the neurological status! There is one reason - the incompetence of doctors 2 OPB Research Institute OMM Yekaterinburg. But I was observed, on the conservation I lay 2 times. When I lay down for the third time, for a period of 33-34 weeks, on the very first day my stomach began to hurt, and the pain was in the upper area, not in the lower abdomen. Ultrasound showed only the tone of the uterus. One of the most experienced doctors in my department told me that something is the guts that hurt, or I give birth ... (LONGUALLY). They put droppers, and the pain did not pass, dulled only a little. I went to bed on Tuesday, and on Friday, I was prescribed. Then there was an epic with children's reanimation, the postnatal department showed itself “in all its glory!”, The children's clinic was cured by its attitude towards me, and to many moms! in the person of a professor who is well known there and everyone is afraid for her language and actions ... against mothers who are already suffering, seeing how their children suffer, and even this fire, which spoiled our nerves so much ... You imagine - November, and they are doing repairs in the children's clinic, the stench of cheap paint, etc., the fire happened, someone did not put out a cigarette, disaster medicine arrived, we were evacuated from the children's clinic to the postpartum ... in the evening, after eight it was, it turned out that not the first time they are burning ... Yes, I experienced it all, but the result is obvious: every three months I was writhing from pain, because of which I was prematurely, and the child was born prematurely ... For one and a half years, every three months, I went to doctors, gave expensive tests, and my child, too, to find out the cause of intrauterine development infections. I have done ultrasound examinations of the abdominal cavity and small pelvis repeatedly - nothing serious was found. At the end of May 2012, another attack began, called an ambulance for herself, brought to 14 Gorn.Holnitsa and again did not find anything by ultrasound, put it under observation from about. appendicitis? They were kept in the ward for 8 hours, then they decided, slowly, to do laparoscopy ... I began to move away from the anesthesia on the operating table, feeling how they were sewing me. Diagnosis: Gangrenous appendicitis in loose infiltrate, abscess, peritonitis. This begs the question: experienced doctors from SRI OMM Do not know that often during pregnancy, appendicitis is inflamed. Because of their "competence", HAVE SUFFICIATED MY CHILD! NO light! They put Asthma in question, as it is still quite small, in order to put everything exactly and without question. The child suffocates, everything is fine with his heart, they said that there are problems in the lungs. My baby, from vaccinations, only BCG. The rest can not be put! Duck and I myself suffered, went with this filth for so long ... infected liver, now a cyst ... P. S The only one OMM doctor I would trust my health to is Selivanova, I saw and know how he fights for his mummies. Good luck to all! I hope that my bitter experience will bypass you.

Maternity House 20 Yekaterinburg

Dear patient. Future and former.
Twenty is not as bad as it seems. In many ways, the pregnant women themselves are guilty of the puerperal.

1. If you do not want to lie with anyone, you are afraid that for example you will have a cold or a sick patient - order a service chamber, what's the problem? This maternity hospital accepts any woman, and in the ward you can lie with any of them, they THE SAME WOMENrequiring assistance! There is no sorting on the bad and good. "Everyone is equal, as in a bath" (c).

2. Follow all the recommendations of the staff, listen to them, in the end! In generic especially. They write that they are shouting at them ... They shout because they have to do what they say, and not to make amateur performances in an area that you don’t know. They say straining - it is necessary so straining, and not yelling and clamping his eyes.

3. Remember - you are not going to a sanatorium, but to the maternity hospital, which can be crowded! You come here for five days, and childbirth for you is a joyful and scary moment, and the staff sees it every day from year to year and there is no more solemnity for them, especially when not a dozen of people pass each day. Therefore, do not complain that the staff is rude, inattentive - they get for every woman, so be sure. Just for each tenderness is not enough, especially when they are 33 per midwife.

4. As for sanitation. Here, for example, toilets - their sanitary facilities are washed. One woman in labor comes, everything gets dirty as soon as she can - and the nurses are again to blame. Not! Blame the woman who left all this behind. Careful to be. And about the chambers - there you are hostesses, you wash the floor, but to clean up diapers, diapers and tidy up the bedside tables and on the tables - excuse me, your destiny.

5. On the ultrasound, the doctor is literate, and I do not advise giving him advice or speaking presumptive diagnoses, he will see everything perfectly!

6. And the most important rules for women in the puerperal ward: monitor yourself, perform intimate hygiene more often - rather than lying with one pad all day, urinating, lying on your stomach (if there was no caesarean section), hygiene in the ward, and LISTEN TO ALL PERSONNEL.

May God grant you easy childbirth and quiet stay in the maternity hospital.

Paid maternity hospital

If the expectant mother has the opportunity to give birth in a paid maternity hospital (to be in the pay room of an ordinary institution), then in this case a contract should be signed for a period of thirty-six weeks. But it is necessary to carefully read all the terms of the contract and find out all the nuances arising in order to avoid any troubles in the future.

In such maternity hospitals, the service is offered to stay in the postpartum ward with the father. These nuances need to know in advance. In addition, you need to discuss in advance how childbirth will proceed. A natural way of resolving from pregnancy is planned or will still be performed by a cesarean section. The doctor is obliged to tell the future mother everything that interests her.

Stay in the puerperal ward

In most maternity hospitals, mothers stay with one child in the same ward, where mothers have the opportunity to independently care for their baby from the very first hours of his life. Thanks to this, both the child and mother quickly adapt to the new state. The child quickly becomes accustomed to lactation, and the mother has practically no postpartum depression. In case of any difficulties in child care, the medical staff immediately come to the rescue.

But there are also maternity hospitals, in which the child is still kept separate from the mother. It is brought only during the feeding hours. This nuance must be discussed in advance with the staff of the hospital, so that later there will be no misunderstanding.

Maternity hospitals rating

Рассмотрев все что нужно знать о роддомах и пребывании в них, взвесив все «за» и «против» можно перейти и к характеристикам самих заведений.

Расположен на ул. Дагестанская, 3.

Телефон приемного покоя (343)258-94-67.

Роддом находящийся на Химмаше является самым перезагруженным во всем городе. Из-за того, что поток рожениц очень большой, медперсонал обращается с ними строго и без особого внимания. Nevertheless, the women themselves leave positive feedback on the qualifications of doctors and midwives. This maternity hospital provides services for the collection of umbilical cord blood, it is possible to host patients with pathologies, hospitalize in early pregnancy. In addition, it has its own pharmacy, its office for physiotherapy, ultrasound, resuscitation for women in labor and infants. Separately provided paid services for those who wish. These include the patient's stay in the luxury wards, epidural anesthesia and the husband's stay during the birth.

  • Conducting pregnancy under paid conditions costs from 31,000 rubles,
  • A single chamber costs 20,000 rubles.

  • Serves pregnant women highly qualified medical staff,
  • The presence of a pharmacy,
  • Required rooms for examination and physiotherapy,
  • Additional paid services at will,
  • Successful resolution of pregnancy in severe cases.
  • Lack of attention
  • The lack of psychological assistance.

The institution is located in the city center on the street. Repin, 1.

Telephone for information (343) 371-00-78.

Despite the fact that the maternity hospital is located in the center of the city and is located at the Scientific Research Institute, it cannot boast of special comfort or quality repairs. But still he deserves good reviews because it employs highly qualified doctors who can cope with the most difficult situation. If a woman does not like to stay in poor living conditions, then she can be provided with a separate ward on a paid basis.

The cost of services is:

  • Conducting pregnancy - 68 000 rubles,
  • Natural childbirth - 3,000 rubles,
  • Caesarean section - 4 000 rubles,
  • Double Chamber - 1 500 rubles,
  • Courses at the school for pregnant women - 30 700 rubles.

  • The high level of professionalism of doctors
  • The ability to cope with any difficult situation
  • Good service.
  • Poor living conditions
  • High prices.

Located on the street. Volgograd, 189.

Telephone (343) 297-98-48, (343) 266-95-16.

In this maternity hospital, the conditions of stay of the woman and the newborn baby are only improving every year. Repairs have been made here, video surveillance is being carried out for the parturient women, and therefore the medical staff can come to the aid at any time of the day. Paid chambers are separately equipped with a microwave, refrigerator, incubator, individual shower. In addition, there is a separate ball for contractions.

  • A separate chamber with additional comfort - 20 000 rubles,
  • Individual service by a doctor and midwife - 25,000 rubles,
  • Conducting pregnancy - 63 000 rubles,
  • Courses at the school for pregnant women from 250 to 2 500 rubles,
  • Individual medical service during childbirth - 25,000 rubles,
  • Single Chamber - 2 500 rubles.

  • Qualified service
  • Comfortable stay.
  • High prices.

Located in the maternity hospital lane. Suvorov, 4.

Contact phone (343) 352-86-23.

The situation in the hospital leaves much to be desired. In the wards cold, dirty shower, repairs have not been done for a long time. But at the same time very attentive, patient and good-natured doctors work here. Happy mothers do not pay attention to the depressing situation, at a time when the staff is able to warm a warm friendly word. In addition, it is here that the practice of giving birth in an upright position is practiced. And it is here that give birth to women in labor with existing cardiovascular diseases.

  • Conducting pregnancy - 9,000 rubles,
  • The resulting complications - 17 000 rubles,
  • Caesarean section - 16 000 rubles,
  • Paid childbirth 17,000 rubles.

  • The kindness and attention of the medical staff,
  • Reasonable prices.
  • Poor living conditions.

Located on the street. Bolshakov, 68.

This is a new maternity hospital, built in 2013, it is equipped with all modern equipment. Maternity hospital is paid, and here the woman in labor can receive psychological assistance in the postpartum period.

  • Advance payment - 50 000 rubles,
  • Spontaneous childbirth - 75 000 rubles,
  • Caesarean section - 100 000 rubles,
  • Father’s presence at childbirth - 5,000 rubles,
  • Anesthesia - 7,000 rubles,
    Choosing a personal physician - 35,000 rubles,
  • The choice of midwife - 12 000 rub.

  • Superior service.
  • High price.

Located on the street. Seraphim Deryabinoy, 32.

Phone (343) 240-59-80, 270-53-48.

Here you will be offered not only a comfortable stay during childbirth and the postpartum period, but also will show attention to each patient. This attitude of the medical staff is not in any other hospital in the city.

Paid childbirth are here - 41 500 rubles.

  • High level of service and comfort.
  • High price.

Located on the street. Komvuzovskaya, 3.

Telephone (343) 374-32-00, (343) 374-30-58.

In this institution, the future mom is waiting for all the comfortable conditions and sensitive attention from the staff. The only thing that spoils the picture is the situation of the puerperal chambers on the third floor.

  • A single chamber costs 1,300 rubles,
  • Childbirth - 25 000 rubles,
  • Personal midwife - 8 000 rubles,
  • Cesarean section - 40 000 rubles,
  • Superior Chamber - 1 500 rubles.

  • High comfort
  • Manifestation of attention.
  • High prices.

In addition to maternity hospitals in the city of Yekaterinburg there are several maternity hospitals worthy of attention in nearby cities.

Maternity hospital in Berezovsky

Located on Ul. Shilovskaya, 28.

Telephone for information (34369) 4-18-11.

Conditions for pregnant women correspond to the provincial maternity hospital. Here everything is simple, but with this "cozy and homely." What actually attracts pregnant women. The staff is warm and sensitive to both women who have given birth and babies. In this hospital, you can truly acquire happiness in the literal and figurative sense of the word. The cost of delivery is not known here.

  • Purity,
  • Comfort
  • Good staff attitude.
  • The lack of modern equipment, which does not allow to take difficult childbirth.

Located on Ul. Lermontov, 2.

Phone (34368) 2-22-99, 7-43-77

Very quiet cozy hospital with a small number of patients. The staff of each woman in labor finds an individual approach and cares for them with warmth and attention. About the hospital goes fame that it was possible to take the most difficult childbirth. There is no negative feedback about this maternity hospital. The cost of services is unknown.

  • Comfort
  • Comfort,
  • The attention of the staff.

Located on Ul. Metallurgists, 3 a.

Phone (3439) 66-79-66

About this hospital goes only positive fame. The only thing that darkens is the living conditions of the hospital.

  • The attention and kindness of the staff.
  • Lack of repair.

Maternity homes of Yekaterinburg and nearby cities are generally not overly comfortable, but those described in the article can guarantee their patients professional help.


  • +7 (343) 297‒98‒75 Show phone
  • +7 (343) 297‒98‒48 reference - Mon-Fri 9: 00-19: 00, break: 14: 00-15: 00
  • +7 (343) 297‒98‒38 reception peace
  • Calculation by cards
  • Cash

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Was here for the second time in early October. Three years between children, it seems like quite a bit of time, but there are still changes, and good ones. Everything is as in reviews, and for three years in the maternity hospital during the cleaning they made repairs and in some places castling furniture.

I'll tell you about the cons in more detail - although they are nonsense, the patients are not able to cope with them, therefore.

Was here for the second time in early October. Three years between children, it seems like quite a bit of time, but there are still changes, and good ones. Everything is as in reviews, and for three years in the maternity hospital during the cleaning they made repairs and in some places castling furniture.

I'll tell you more about the minuses - although they are nonsense, the patients are not able to cope with them, so some things may have to be tolerated.

Pathology. In one of the chambers of the block there are two beds, but only one has a set of sockets. Inconvenient. Even from the sewer stinks rotten hair, I remembered the smell of the soul in the student hostel. Then the windows are south, and the blinds do not close the windows, so a couple of hours a day you have to be blind.

Generic department. What is there to talk about him. Everything is there, the main attitude is your normal, and even with lousy training, even if at least ten doctors are looking at you, it will not become easier.

PETE. It helps a lot there. In the ward there are 4 beds and a post (table) of a nurse.

Postpartum department. I was both on the second floor, there is an observational department. There are still on the other floors of the department. I do not want to complain about the barmaid - a kind of work. But I will - does not warn that the menu is that it is better not to eat nursing, puts apples right on the countertop of the distribution window. Sometimes it breaks down because of the little things to cry, but then apologizes. Hard for her. But this is not the greatest trouble. They feed here in all departments, one catering department, the terrible parasite. When entering, bring in your things food, snacks or something else that will lie for a week. I took the flakes, and they were my way at night. Read carefully the list of permitted products and pass it on to relatives. A paid table is a myth - it’s just a kid’s, it’s the same thing plus an apple, wild egg, better cutlet or ryazhenka instead of kefir.

They don’t help to treat the child, so if there is no experience, do not sit, jerk neighbors and children's nurses themselves. Both times I watched as the girls harass themselves, and then they want to howl home, do not sleep or eat. Well, or a paid chamber choose where you can be relatives.

On discharge, students help with the organization, everything is prompt and quick. Khoba - and you are already driving home.

A huge plus of this hospital in its staff. Whatever the color of the walls or the taste of cereal, it goes to the doctors and nurses. They are all good here. By contract or not, day or night. In short, if I follow the third one, then maybe here again.

Where to begin?

So, first things first. Many people ask: can one choose the maternity hospital itself or is it necessary to give birth in a hospital according to a propiska. The answer is: not only possible, but necessary! Usually, expecting a baby, a woman begins to engage in the choice of the hospital at the very beginning of pregnancy. But do not forget to think about all the unpredictable options: in fact, according to the latest statistics, only 4% of women give birth exactly at the time set by the doctor. Therefore, it should be borne in mind that with unexpected onset of labor, there may be no time to travel to the selected clinic. In this case, as a rule, the ambulance takes the future mother to the nearest hospital at the place of residence.

But in any case, do not worry. According to the observations of doctors, the most difficult and long births are coming for those who cannot relax, be distracted from current problems, who are constantly under stress. On the one hand, everything is predictable: what could be more reverent and exciting moment than carrying and giving birth to your baby. But on the other hand, your child definitely will not thank you for such experiences, because the more stressful the mother has, the harder it is for your fetus to develop.

So, the first rule was learned - calm and only calm. Now with a cold head, let's see what the pros and cons of our Sverdlovsk maternity hospitals. If you are not going to go to give birth to another country or to another region of Russia, then this information will be extremely useful for you. In order to share with you reliable data and an objective assessment, we analyzed thousands of reviews from the Internet and personally communicated with some of the mothers of our region. Our results turned out to be less predictable than we expected, but again we were convinced that any expectant mother would be able to choose for herself the perfect maternity hospital without leaving the city.

City Perinatal Center, Yekaterinburg

Address: st. Komvuzovskaya, 3.

Reception: (343) 374-30-58.

The first thing that all mothers unanimously mark in the City Perinatal Center (GOC) is the excellent living conditions. Therefore, recently the newly-made mothers rightly call him in their responses the best maternity hospital in Yekaterinburg. There really is very clean, nice and modern, new renovation, comfortable furniture. Separate applause, in the opinion of those who gave birth there, deserves a kitchen: food is “excellent” with delivery to bed (if necessary). What turned out to be a novelty is a lot of useful brochures in the wards: about how to facilitate childbirth, and about the rules of breastfeeding, and about the other "charms" that await you on this difficult, but so pleasant way.

Mothers did not respond in the best way about the puerperal wards on the third floor of the block, advising if possible to ask for the second, and recommended not to give birth to the duty team at night at weekends. However, it is unlikely in our position we can count on a 100% hit in our plans and in our schedule.

Regional Perinatal Center

Address: st. Seraphim Deryabinoy, 32.

Phones: (343) 240-59-80, 270-53-48.

In addition to excellent living conditions (the same new renovation, beauty and cleanliness), the regional perinatal center (OPC) also appreciated the modern blessings of humanity - a computer and the Internet in the hospital corridor, which anyone can use. The attentive attitude of doctors and nurses, which, as it turned out, is not available in every hospital, is also left without attention. But in the OPC, they will give you advice, they will answer all your questions, both before and during and after childbirth, they will teach you to put the baby on your chest and never leave you alone with the problem. From the fact that you can spoil your mood - a large flow of women in labor, but in a pleasant atmosphere, waiting will not be painful.

Yekaterinburg maternity hospital Paracelsus Medical Center

Address: st. Bolshakov, 68.

Well, what can be said about a private new paid maternity hospital in Yekaterinburg: those who managed to use their services compare it “with the resort” and “with the fairy tale”. At first glance, such an assessment seems subjective, but evaluate it yourself: the Paracelsus maternity hospital was built only in the summer of 2013. All furniture and equipment, according to management, were imported from Germany. Of course, this luxury is not to be cheap, the services at the clinic are not affordable for everyone. But in return, you get psychological support, professionalism and attentiveness of the staff, an individual approach and all the conditions in order to give birth in a calm comfortable atmosphere. However, is it worth it to pay for the excesses and additional amenities - your decision. The main thing is that on this day you should be exactly where you will be well taken care of.

Maternity hospital in Yekaterinburg with GKB №14

Address: per. Suvorov, 4.

The situation in the maternity hospital at the 14th hospital is not fabulous. Many speak negatively of cool wards, a dirty soul and the complete absence of modern renovation. However, there, according to the same reviews, one of the most benevolent doctors of the city. Many thanks from the happy mothers during the study, we have not met.

Maternity Hospital Bratislava at City Clinical Hospital №40

Address: st. Volgograd, 189.

Phones: (343) 297-98-48, (343) 266-95-16.

If you follow the assessments made by the 40th hospital over the past ten years, then you can see with your naked eye how the city clinical hospital is getting better and better every year. Modern repair, all the conditions for comfort, individual chambers are equipped with video surveillance so that every second you are kept vigilant control through computer monitors. In paid wards, women in labor have not only a microwave, a refrigerator, their own shower and an incubator with a UV lamp for personal use, but even a ball for labor.

However, it should be borne in mind that in this maternity hospital there is a very large flow of women in labor, which may sometimes be associated with restrictions on consulting pediatricians, lack of time for long individual consultations and lack of undue attention.

Maternity hospital, Yekaterinburg, at SRI OMM

Address: st. Repin, 1.

A maternity hospital at a research institute is not distinguished by particular comfort, new repairs and other beauty. Yes, in the prenatal ward, the shower is in the basement, but the maternity hospital is not at all famous for this. Professionals working in it, easily cope with the most difficult cases, pregnancies with complications. Research Institute OMM can be called the leader in the planned caesarean, judging by the reviews that we received. And if you still scare the living conditions, then you can always take a paid ward, which has a much larger list of additional benefits.

From the latest news reports, it is reported that SRI OMM will be transferred to the South-West region. They will build for him a modern building of a larger area with comfortable conditions for doctors. so for patients.

Maternity Hospital Bratislava at the Central City Hospital №20

Address: st. Dagestan, 3.

The maternity hospital on Khimmash is considered one of the busiest in the city. Due to the large flow of women in labor, the attitude of the doctors is rather strict and does not abound with excessive trepidation and attention. The same applies to the almost absent psychological support: it simply does not have enough time. However, it is worth noting that the ladies who gave birth there, as one, speak of the high qualifications of both the doctors and the entire medical staff as a whole. In the spring of 2015, the hospital promises to make new repairs, including, finally, there will be a new shower in pathology (and even, as promised, not in the basement, as it is now, but on the floor) and a prettier shower in the postpartum ward. In the meantime, this is an option for those who appreciate the professionalism and experience of doctors above all and do not want to overpay for additional amenities.

Maternity hospital Berezovsky

Address: Shilovskaya, 28

Telephone: (34369) 4-18-11

The conditions in the hospital are quite simple, which, in principle, was to be expected. However, those who are already fortunate enough to give birth to him characterize this hospital exclusively as “home”, “country”, and “cozy”. В больнице всего один аппарат искусственного дыхания для малышей, поэтому, если есть какие-то подозрения на сложные роды, то стоит подумать о более оснащенной клинике. Зато наши респонденты говорят о врачах березовского роддома только теплые слова благодарности, подчеркивая их профессионализм и опыт. Так что, если вы не ожидаете сложных родов, то спокойно можете отдохнуть в тихой отдаленной больнице, где родите без лишних стрессов и негативных эмоций.

Роддом г. Среднеуральск

Адрес: Ул. Лермонтова, 2

Telephone: (34368) 2-22-99, 7-43-77

Relatively small, simple, clean and neat maternity hospital. Mothers in it are always few, which allows doctors to be more attentive and indulge visitors with the so-called “individual approach”. In addition, there are legends about how difficult and dangerous for health situations were the Central Ural doctors of toddlers and their mothers. We could not find a single negative review about this small and pleasant regional maternity hospital.

Maternity hospital Pervouralsk

Address: Ul.Metallurgov, 3 a

Phone: (3439) 66-79-66

Newly mothers speak with gratitude about Pervouralsk doctors and nurses, especially noting their attentiveness and kindness. However, it is worth paying attention to the living conditions: in the post-office department the paint on the ceiling peels off, walls and cribs can be climbed ... But judging by the reviews, in other departments the situation is much better. We hope that in the near future and postpartum wards will be put in order and will be able to please their new visitors.

So which maternity hospital to choose in Yekaterinburg? Extra comfort for extra money or experienced qualified doctors and usual hospital conditions under the OMS policy? The decision, in any case, is yours! Weigh the pros and cons, think what is really important to you, how, where and why you will be more comfortable, more profitable, safer. And do not forget, the decision should be made in advance "with a cold head, a warm heart and clean hands."