Maroussia (full name Maria): meaning and destiny


Can Mary be called Masha, Marusya, Manya? It is the same? Your arguments?

And how else can you call Mary?

Sure you may. You can call Masha, and even Macey, and Mashutka, too. If she does not like it, she will certainly make it clear. I hope that is not very painful (just kidding, of course).

The whole focus of the situation is that each name has a lot of diminutive, tint variants. For example, I could “decline” you now (if there was a question about your name).

Therefore, the “Marusya” itself has nothing to do with it. She is not the first, she is not the last. The name is rather old, widespread, accustomed, familiar, so people add all the new patterns for addressing Mary.

If we do not know the girl so closely, then you should not "take liberties." For example, if the seller says "Maria" on the chest, then you don’t need to say: "Marusenka, let me surrender"." Mary "sounds beautiful, neutral, impartial and not defiant.


Marusia (full name is Maria) has Hebrew roots. It is translated as "beloved", "stubborn", "bitter" or "serene." In the Slavic peoples, it has the meaning of "Mrs."

The most famous owner of the name Mary was the mother of Jesus. It was popular at all times, and now young parents quite often give it to their newborn daughters.

Answering “yes” to the question: “Maria and Marusya are one name?”, I would like to note that sometimes the same girls are called, whose name is Marina, but this is a mistake.

The name Marusya and Masha belong to a very active and cheerful girl. It may seem that she never gets tired, is ready for games and entertainment at any time. She is always in the spotlight, very sociable and fun. Easily finds a common language with people of any age.

Marusya loves pets, the girl is caring for them from an early age herself. She is responsible, she can be trusted to younger members of the family.

Masha grows her mother's assistant, likes to be in the kitchen. But he also spends a lot of time with his father, but does not recognize "male" entertainment. With him she reads a lot, walks, rides a bicycle.

The girl prefers outdoor games, often engaged in dancing.

She goes to school well and often becomes an excellent student. She is disciplined, ready to fulfill any instruction of the teacher.

Relations with classmates are always good, but the leader among them is Maroussia (full name Maria) never becomes. She has few friends at school, but she also stops communicating with them when they enter a university.

She was not accustomed to retreat or surrender, if there are problems with her studies, the girl will ask her parents to hire her tutor. Most often, such situations occur because of omissions, since Masha is often sick. To raise immunity, she should go in for sports and harden.

When dealing with Marusya, you can notice features that sometimes contradict each other. She is executive, but at the same time capricious. Ready for self-sacrifice, but puts personal interests first. With others, there are often conflicts due to the lack of sense of humor in a girl.

Maroussia, whose full name is Maria, is very stubborn. She will defend her point of view to the last. Moreover, he perceives any failures very painfully, but does not worry about this for a long time. Pretty quickly starts all over again.

Masha has a good taste, is always dressed elegantly, men constantly pay attention to her.

The owner of this name is very impressionable, even other people's failures take to heart.

She is not vindictive, forgives the offender quickly, can even go to reconciliation herself, if the person is very dear to her.

Maria does not know how to cheat, she is honest even with strangers. She has a well-developed intuition, which helps her during decision-making.

Marriage and family

Marusya (full name Maria) chooses her mate very carefully, therefore she is not inclined towards early marriages. If a girl feels that she has met her man, she will take the first step herself.

She is the perfect wife and mistress. In her house she is always clean; she often indulges her family with new dishes, which she herself often comes up with.

Her husband Marusya is faithful, she will be waiting for the same from him. She is much ready to forgive her spouse, the only exception is treason.

Mary is a good mother. To the appearance of the child in the family is prepared very carefully. Her children are always neat and tidy. However, sometimes she is not able to properly distribute their personal time and a lot of time devoted to domestic issues. First of all, children who may feel a lack of attention suffer from mother employment. But the husband, on the contrary, is pleased that his wife took over some of his duties.

At the same time, the family is in the first place for Maria, for her sake she is even ready to give up her career.

The girl will be happy in alliance with Andrey, Alexander, Anatoly, Vasily, Danila, Ivan, Makar, Svyatoslav, Fedor. Marriage with Valery, Yefim, Lavr, Lev, Rostislav can be short-lived.

“Does this girl have a full name?” - Marusya can often hear this question from her colleagues, who used to call her that way. The answer is simple: Maria. How does this name affect the career of its owner?

The choice of profession for a girl often causes great difficulties. Her vocation is to help people, so often she becomes a doctor, a psychologist, a teacher. The girl is hardworking, she got used to work hard at work. Leader becomes rare. Maria is a good performer.

She rarely does business, she doesn’t like to risk, she won’t be throwing money away. If she has her own business, then only profitable, for the sake of "cents" she will not work.


The secret of the name opens when meeting with Mary. In childhood, it is an obedient, gentle and intelligent girl. She's about coping with school lessons. He helps his parents in everything, especially looking after his younger brothers and sisters. Never deceives and will not re-read elders. Respects the people around you. It can be safely called the perfect child.

The adult owner of the name Mary is a multi-faceted person, giving the impression of a quiet, reliable, vulnerable and hardworking woman. She loves justice and concreteness in everything. These qualities are complemented by willfulness and stubbornness, especially in those moments that are relevant to its principles and life priorities. Maria has organizational skills, and she easily copes with them.

By nature, this is a modest, kind and cordial nature. It is typical for her to provide various kinds of assistance to people in need. But at the same time, Masha can show perseverance and willpower. In communication, she does not reveal her feelings, but tries to hide and hide them as much as possible.

Positive qualities: responsiveness, sincerity, humanity, responsibility for their actions. Maria is unforgiving and quickly forgives insults. She has excellent intuition and often listens to her. She has an innate sense of decency. This is a man of extraordinary spiritual warmth.

Negative traits: excessive sentimentality and perception of remarks in your address to heart.

Profession and business

Maria is interested only in the area of ​​work where people need to work with people and help them. Often successful in medicine and pedagogy. She is able to show organizational skills, reach great career heights and become a leader. Among the girls with this name are often nurses, teachers, social workers and officials.

Maria is endowed with strong and good health. Weaknesses - the nervous system, stomach, eyesight. It is worth paying special attention to the genitals, as well as to monitor the pressure. Often prone to allergies. In adulthood, tend to be overweight, so you need to follow a diet and maintain an active lifestyle.

Sex and love

Mary is in a sexual relationship - loving and inconstant nature. Sex is considered as pleasure and pleasure. In close communication with men, it shows some aggressiveness. With age, she does not give in to sensual relationships with representatives of the stronger sex and behaves with restraint and caution. Fully relax can only in a familiar and homely environment. In other conditions, feels uncomfortable and uncomfortable.

Family and marriage

The owner of this name considers the family the most important in life. She tries to build a harmonious relationship with her spouse based on trust and respect. Maria is a wonderful mistress, loyal and faithful wife. She devotes her whole life to children and loves them very much. The second half becomes a calm and non-conflict man. Sometimes such a girl shows jealousy towards him, which is accompanied by unpredictability, sharpness and incontinence. When a suspicion of adultery appears, it makes an intimate life so turbulent that the spouse does not have the time and effort to have fun on the side.

Compatibility of Mary in love and marriage

The most compatible names: Grigory, Denis, Ilham, Ostap, Radik, Radomir, Roman, Svyatoslav, Sergey

Women imyaAvgustinaAvroraAgataAglayaAgniyaAgrippinaAdaAdelaidaAdelAdilyaAdrianaAzaAzizaAidaAkilinaAlanaAlevtinaAleksandraAlenaAlinaAlisaAliyaAllaAlsuAlbinaAmaliyaAminaAnastasiyaAngelinaAnzhelaAnzhelikaAnisiyaAnitaAnnaAntoninaAnfisaApollinariyaAriadnaArinaArseniyaAsyaAureliyaBeataBellaBertaBogdanaBozhenaValentinaValeriyaVarvaraVasilisaVeneraVeraVeronikaVeselinaVestaViktoriyaViolettaVirineyaVitaVitalinaVladislavaVladlenaGabriellaGalinaGlafiraGlikeriyaGuzelGulnazDanaDanielaDaryaDzhuliyaDianaDinaDinaraDominikaEvaE geniyaEvdokiyaEvlaliyaEvstoliyaEkaterinaElenaElizavetaEseniyaEfrosinyaZhannaZhasminZaraZemfiraZinaidaZlataZoyaIvannaIvettaIdaIzabellaIlariyaIlonaInaraIngaInnaIraidaIrinaIrmaIyaKaleriyaKamillaKapitolinaKarinaKarolinaKatarinaKiraKirillaKlavdiyaKlaraKristinaKseniyaLadaLarisaLauraLeylaLeonillaLianaLidiyaLilianaLiliyaLinaLindaLiyaLolitaLuizaLyubovLyudmilaLyutsiyaMagdalinaMayyaMargaritaMariannaMarinaMariyaMartaMarfaMaryamMatildaMatrenaMelaniyaMilanaMilitsaMiroslavaMirraMonikaNadezhdaNatalyaNelliNeonilaNikaNinaNonnaOksanaOle yaOlgaOfeliyaPavlinaPelageyaPolinaPraskovyaPulheriyaRadaRadmilaRaisaRahilReginaRenataRimmaRozaRoksanaRuslanaRufinaSabinaSalomeyaSaraSvetlanaSerafimaSimonaSnezhanaSofiyaStanislavaStellaStefaniyaSyuzannaTaisiyaTamaraTamilaTatyanaUlyanaUstinyaFainaFaridaFevroniyaFeklaFelitsiyaFotiniyaChulpanEvelinaEleonoraElizaElinaEllaElviraElzaElmiraEmiliyaEmmaErikaEsmeraldaYulianaYuliyaYunaYunonaYustinaYadvigaYanaYaroslavaMuzhskoe imyaAaronAvdeyAdamAdrianAzatAifalAkakiyAkimAleksandrAlekseyAliAlimAlbertAlfredAnatoliyAndreyAntonApo llonAramAristarhArkadiyArmanArmenArseniyArslanArtemArturArhipAfanasiyAhmedAshotBogdanBorisBulatVadimValentinValeriyVarfolomeyVasiliyVeniaminViktorVitaliyVladimirVladislavVladlenVoldemarVsevolodVyacheslavGavriilGarriGevorgGennadiyGenrihGeorgiyGermanGlebGordeyGrigoriyDavidDamirDaniilDaniyarDementiyDemidDemyanDenisDzhamalDmitriyEvgeniyEgorElizarEliseyEmelyanEremeyEfimZaharIbragimIvanIgnatIgorIisusIllarionIldarIlhamIlyaIlyasInnokentiyIosifIrakliyIskanderIsmailKamilKarenKirillKlimKonstantinKristianKu zmaLavrentiyLevLeonLeonardLeonidLeontiyLukaLukyanMayMakarMaksimMaksimilianMalikMansurMaratMarkMartinMatveyMilanMironMiroslavMitrofanMihailMstislavMuratNazarNailNatanNestorNikitaNikolayNilOlegOskarOstapPavelPetrPlatonPotapProhorRavilRadikRadomirRamilRatmirRafaelRashidRenatRifatRichardRobertRodionRolanRomanRostislavRuslanRustamRushanSavvaSaveliySamvelSamsonSamuilSvyatoslavSevastyanSemenSerafimSergeySimonSolomonSpartakStanislavStepanTagirTarasTeodorTigranTimofeyTimurTihonTrofimFaridFedorFeliksFili pPFomaHaritonShamilEdgarEduardEldarEmilEmmanuilErastErik ErnestYulianYuliyYuryYakovYanYanomiromYanapolkYaroslavCheck compatibility

Mary's Name Day

All NamesJanuary: 8, 12, 31Feb: 8, 19, 25March: 2, 20April: 2, 14, 17, 25May: 10, 17June: 5, 11, 15, 17, 20, 22, 24July: 2, 17, 25August : 4, 18, 22, 24, 28September: 8, 21, 28October: 2, 11, 21November: 11December: 15 names Maria Maria is in the TOP-10 lists of names Armenian Belarusian Bulgarian Greek Russian Spanish Italian Italian German Polish Ukrainian Finnish Popular Modern and Fashionable Common Church Medieval European Other Names Meaning of Matilda Origin of the Name Maryam Characteristic of the Name Martha The Mystery of the Name Marina What does the name Mar mean F

Characteristic spell name

M - internal strength, the ability to solve complex problems, curiosity and the desire to try everything on their own experience. The carrier of the name with this letter likes to plan the future. This is a sympathetic, caring person. Able to take into account the interests of others. In love I am ready to sacrifice myself.
The letter "M" at the beginning of the name symbolizes peacefulness, friendliness.

A - activity, desire for undertakings, the desire to achieve success in life, the desire for comfort. The carrier of the name with this letter has the strength and fortitude, self-reliance, external brightness, leadership qualities. He acts in his own way, does not like to adapt to other people.

P - courage, commitment to action, responsibility, ability to delve into the essence of what is happening, self-righteousness. The carrier of the name with this letter is an optimist. Not discouraged and does not give up in case of failures. Prone to risk. As a life partner, she chooses a strong spirit, loyal and able to support a partner in a difficult moment.

And - a rich imagination, insight, a lively mind, practicality, attention to detail. The carrier of the name with this letter seeks harmony with itself and the world around it. It has a good sense of humor, endowed with sensitivity, kindness and gentleness. This is an honest and straightforward person. In love, romantic, long looking for his ideal.

I am an activity, organization, ability to achieve the desired, self-sufficiency. Such a person is endowed with leadership qualities, seeks to earn appreciation from others. Unpredictable and irritable. In personal relationships, becomes a passionate partner, demands respect for himself on the part of the elect.

The Declination of the Name Mary

The proper noun Maria has a feminine gender and ends in:

Therefore, it is quite reasonable to attribute this word to the nouns of the first declension. But in writing the unaccented case endings of this noun, one can easily make a spelling mistake, if one does not take into account the fact that it ends in —s, like similar words of the first declension:

Such nouns have different endings in contrast to the typical declension of the words “wall”, “earth”, and “quiet”.

Let us compare how the noun of the first declination “earth”, which has the shock case endings, and the female name of interest declines:

  • ip Marya, land
  • rp no mary
  • D.P. ladies mary
  • vp I see Mary, the land,
  • etc. admire Mary, earth,
  • pp I think of Mary, of the earth.

Choose the letter "and" in the word "Mary"

Changing the name of the case, we were convinced that the noun Maria in the dative and prepositional forms was, as all words in -ii, have the ending -i.

The word "Mary" is correctly written with the letter "and" in the unstressed ending of the genitive, dative and prepositional case.

  • call to whom? Mary
  • congratulations to whom? Mary
  • tell about whom? about maria

Similarly, choose the correct spelling of the case forms of proper names:

  • go to whom? to Valerie or Valerie,
  • Who's birthday? Natalia,
  • find out about whom? about Victoria or Victoria.

Compatibility Name Maria

Favorable alliances:
A little more effort will require a relationship with:
Be proud

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Named after Mary

January 8,
January 12,
January 31,
February 8
February 19
25 February,
March 1,
20th of March,
April 2
14th of April,
April 17,
The 21st of April,
25th of April,
May 10,
May 17
June 5
June 11,
June 15
June 17,
June 20,
22nd of June,
June 24,
June 25
July 17th,
July 25,
August 4,
August 18,
August 22,
24 August,
8 September,
September 21st,
September 28,
2 October,
October 11,
October 21,
11th of November,
December 15th

Names of a person is only one - this is either a name day coming on a birthday, or the first after a birthday

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Numerology named Maria

The number 4 is characterized by such qualities as practicality and reliability. Fours are trustworthy in everything, especially for relationships with people close to them. So, they very much appreciate their friends and relatives, enjoying every minute spent with them.

Fours analyze everything that happens around. For them it is important to know about the structure of mechanisms, they love science. Since the Fours do not like to dream, their ideas are always realistic.

→ See a detailed description of the meaning of the number 4 in numerology

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The meaning of the letters in the name Mary

M - if you look at people who have the letter “M” in their name, we can say that they are scattered and unorganized, but in reality everything is not so. All that they need, they will never forget. They prefer to do the job well. They make excellent leaders who always reckon with the interests of others.

And - the alphabet begins with it, and it symbolizes the beginning, the desire to achieve success. If the person in the name has this letter, then he will constantly strive for physical and spiritual balance. People whose name starts with “A” are hardworking enough. They like to take initiative in everything and they don’t like routine.

P - people with the letter “P” in the name have extraordinary thinking. They are very responsible, you can rely on them in any situation. They have a well developed intuition, extremely negative attitude to lies. They constantly strive for leadership, but in family relationships they rely on their partner.

And - a fine mental organization, romance, kindness, honesty and peacefulness. Ladies pay a lot of attention to their appearance, while men focus on inner qualities. They achieve great success in science and work with people. Very economical and prudent.

I - people who have this letter in their name, know their value. They seek love and respect from the people around them. People with the letter “I” are good thinkers and are capable of hiding many secrets. In addition, they are excellent companions and romantic natures with a rich imagination.

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Name color

Maria is a female name, which is usually associated with blue (gray) color. It symbolizes calm and wisdom.

People whose names sound like blue vibrations are conservative, devoted to their friends and relatives. They may be stingy with emotions, are too strict and demanding, but this is offset by positive features, such as practicality and stability. Sometimes they may have a tendency to telepathy or the gift of foresight.

Flower name

For Mary, the cherished plant - cornflower. This is a small wildflower, it is unpretentious, simple and hardy. Its bright blue heads always attract attention and delight.

Like cornflower, Masha is resistant, modest and charming. She is benevolent, loyal, sincere, able to face up to difficulties.

Translation of the name in different languages

According to the rules of transliteration adopted in Russia, this name is written in the international passport as Mariia. In other languages, spelling and pronunciation are also different:

  1. Mary (Mary), Mariah (Mariah) - in English.
  2. Marie (Marie) - in French and German.
  3. Maria is in Italian and Finnish.
  4. מירים (Miriam, Miriam) - in Hebrew.
  5. Máire (Moira) - in Irish.
  6. Մարիամ (Mariam) - in Armenian.
  7. Μαρία (Maria) - in Greek.

Full name, abbreviated and affectionate

It is known that Maria, Masha and Marusya are one name. The first of the listed references is the full form, the other two are diminutive. But, besides these, widely used variants in Russia, there are other derivatives on behalf of Maria.

It can be briefly called Mary, Mara, Marie, Manya, Musya. Many people like how Mary abbreviated in other languages ​​- May, Minnie (Eng.), Mimi, Mia, Ria (him.), Ri (nid.), Miri (Heb.).

Also there are numerous pet forms of the name of Mary. Among them are Mashunya, Mashunka, Marika, Maryunya, Maryusha, Manyusha, Manyasha, Marika, Maryushka, Manyusya, Manyuta, Manyatka.

How to incline

How does the name mary incline? When it changes in cases there may be difficulties and errors due to the end of the s.

The correct declension of the name Mary:

  • Mary is the nominative.
  • Mary is genitive.
  • Mary is dative.
  • Mary is accusative.
  • Mary is the creature.
  • Mary - prepositional.

Meaning of the name

Stubbornness, bitter and superiority, Jewish. Beloved, desired, Mrs. E. Blavatskaya offers another version in the article “The Story of a Planet”. ... Eosphorus became the Romans Venus (See Venus) or Aphrodite Anadiomena - born of foam goddess (See Aphrodite), the Divine Mother, the identity of the Phoenician Astarte and the Jewish Astaroth. They were all associated with the Morning Star and called the Maidens of the Sea, or Mar (hence Mary), the Great Void. All these titles are now used by the Roman Church in relation to the Christian Virgin Mary. All these ancient goddesses were associated with the moon and crescent, with the dragon and the planet Venus. But these attributes also apply to the mother of Christ. And if the Phoenician mariners, who were guided by the evening and morning star (“the eye of their mother goddess”, which served as their beacon), strengthened the image of the goddess Astarte (or Aphrodite, Venus Erikinia) on the bow of ships, doesn’t To this day, Catholic sailors who install the Madonna, the blessed Virgin Mary, also called the “Virgin of the Sea”, on the bow of the ships? The recognized patroness of the Christian sailors, their star - “Stella Del Mar” ... is depicted standing on a crescent. Like the ancient pagan goddesses, she is also the “Queen of Heaven” and also the “Morning Star”. Notes from P. Florensky’s Names.
Mary, the name of all-breath, the best of names, not only for women, but for everyone in general, is perfect in beauty, but in equilibrium inside. The ideal of femininity ... His light blinds me, and I speak of him in terms of the highest. This is the name that is on the highest plan. But I will try to force myself to lower my eyes and look down at the plan. ”Desired”, “Sad” (Heb.)
Masha is a kind, gentle, calm girl. Her favorite activity is to be a nanny for small children. Very vulnerable, hard going through even a small remark in his address. At the same time, in her character there is hardness, dignity, the ability to stand up for herself. Her actions are sometimes impulsive. Responsible attitude to school and always diligently performs household duties. Peers appreciate her hard work, ability to show sympathy. A mature Mary radiates warmth, affection and attention around her. She is always ready to help the person in trouble. It’s true in marriage, but in order to have a warmer and more sincere relationship with your husband, you must have at least one child in the family. Mary is a very devoted mother, giving herself all to the children. Children reciprocate her, always act on her side. Maria has a good relationship with her mother-in-law, if she is an old and weak woman, if she is healthy and does not need care, then difficulties are possible. The husband's infidelity is going through hard times. Suitable for marriage: Anatoly, Alexander, Victor, Gregory, Valentin, Yevgeny, Ivan. Named names:
January 26 (February 8), February 6 (19), 12 (25), April 1 (14), June 7 (20), 9 (22). July 12 (25), 22 (August 4), August 9 (22), October 29 (November 11)

February 8 (January 26) - Rev. Maria, the wife of Rev. Xenophon.
February 19 (6) - the martyr Mary.
February 25 (12) - Rev. Maria, called Marin.
April 2 (March 20) - the martyr Mary.
April 14 (1) - Rev. Mary of Egypt.
On the fifth week of Great Lent (a passing celebration) - Rev. Mary of Egypt.
May 17 (4) - Mary Magdalene Equal to the Apostles (transfer of the relics to Constantinople).
June 5 (May 23) - Righteous Maria Kleopova, Myrrhbearer.
June 11 (May 29) - Righteous Virgin and Virgin Mary of Ustyug (Rus.).
June 15 (2) - the martyr Mary.
June 17 (4) - Righteous Mary, sister of the righteous Lazarus Four Days.
June 20 (7) - the martyr Mary of Caesarea.
June 22 (9) - the martyr Mary of Persia.
June 24 (11) - Martyr Mary of Pergamon.
July 2 (June 19) - Righteous Mary, mother of Yosiyev.
July 25 (12) - Golindukha martyr, in holy baptism Mary.
August 4 (July 22) - Mary Magdalene Equal to the Apostle.
August 22 (9) - Martyr Maria Patricia.
August 24 (11) - Righteous Maria Syncliticia.
September 28 (15) - Rev. Maria Yegisskaya.
November 11 (October 29) - Righteous Mary, the niece of St. Avramius the Recluse.

Alena Matetskaya (Tretyakov)

Psychologist. Specialist from the website

oh, what's the difference then? I think that Masha, Maria and Maria are one

Marya and Maria are the same from the household point of view. But legal. If you have in your passport Mary, and bequeathed you a closet for Mary. you will walk and prove through the court.

One and the same, Like Natalia and Natalia. Just nuances.

4, +100
What is there to be unclear? Natalia and Natalia, Sofia and Sofia. You never know there is nowhere in the world. And in Italy, they write Mary, and they say Mary.

in the world there is a derivative masha, from marcia, bgygy

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4.5. I will object. Natalia and Natalia 2 different names. I had to redo jur. documents. I have Natalia in my passport, and in the company’s statutory documents Natalya was mistakenly indicated. Namayalis alter.

8, so it is from a legal point of view. Does the author really ask about this?
Damn, just to argue all ((((

8, nothing is different. Same. With the letter "E" in the documents the same garbage.

On behalf of all Mari, I declare - no. lit a pancake here Ivan da Maryu. Maroussia is not Mary either. There is Maria, there is Masha. all .. the question is exhausted

11, hello arrived, even in the dictionary of names look, marosenka. Maria and Masha are the same name.

Just about, and Manu also spill the heap.

Russian names dictionary
MARIA, s, g. Marya, s, is simple. Marea, s.
Derivatives Mariika, Marisha, Mariya (Mara), Mariunya (Marunya), Marulya, Mulya, Marusya, Musya, Masya, Masya, Mariuta, Maruha (Maruha), Mariusha (Marusha), Musha, Manya, Manyunya, Manure, Manusya Manyuta, Manyuha, Manyusha, Manyatka, Maca, Manyasha, Masha, Mashania, Mashonya, Mashuka, Mashunya, Munya, Mashura, Mura, Shura, Mashara, Mashuta, Mutu, Mashukha, Sea
Maryushka, Maryash.
[Dr. Heb. name mirim. See Mariam.]
├8 Feb., Feb. 19, Feb. 25, Apr. 2, Apr. 14, Fifth Sunday of Great Lent, May 17, June 5, June 11, June 15, June 17, June 20, June 22, June 24, July 2, July 25, August 4., August 22., August 24., September 28, November 11

How are you more comfortable, mashonya or maniukha?

DARIA, s, well., Old. Darius, s.
Derivatives: Daryushka, Darya (Dara), Daryukh, Daryusha, Daryon, Darin, Darunya, Daryokh, Daryosh, Dasha, Dashul, Dashunya, Dashur, Dashuta, Dashukha, Danya.
[Female to Darius (see)]
NATALIA, s, g., Razg. Natalia, and.
Derivatives: Natalyushka, Natalya (Natal), Natanya, Natakh, Natasha, Tasha, Nasha, Nat, Natulya, Natunya, Natusya, Tusya, Nalya (Nala), Tal (Tala), Talyusha, Tata, Tatusya.
[Female to Natalia (see).]

Aha, especially close Mule, Musya, Masyata, Maka, Mura, Shura (!), Mut and the Sea! )))))))

Well, the shura from Alexander does not confuse you, but confuses you from Mary?) In my opinion it is even easier to form)

Kornei Chukovsky’s daughter, for example, was called Mura, I remember this from childhood

Well, okay, Mura - this is nothing, but Muta and Masyata are cool! And Mula immediately reminded me, "Mula, do not make me nervous!"

14, thank you, forced to smile especially Mac, Mut, Sea, Mashara -.
And the question was that the daughters on the birth certificate were written by Marya, not Mary! It angered me! And in response I received: "Well, what do you want? It's the same thing!" . Well, okay!?

Yes, of course, the same thing that you bathe. I am called Mary and Mary and Masha and Mania and Musa and Marusia and Macei. and Nitsche respond - this is the output from the name. once just did not like it when the machine was called. the author, Marya is even better - it sounds more beautiful,) that infuriates me when some Natasha tells everyone that she is not Natalya, but Natalia and call her the only way, but Natalia and do not even think about it. what a nonsense.

22, but what if a person does not like it, is it difficult for you? I’m generally against any derivatives. A person’s name should have one thing when they call me Maria, Marusia, or even Mania (creepiness) distorts me and bugs me in general, well, not mine. I am Masha. But according to the documents Maria, of course.

22, aunts fools, let them do new. In general, at the request of parents, you can even write a “katya”, the point is not what the correct name is, but then the discrepancies in the letters are not in the documents.

I, too, cringe from Mary, I can not stand. Masha is fine, Masha is even affectionately in something.
By the way, Marya is even fun, as if on purpose. The main thing is to combine with patronymic, and in general become stylish

I always thought that the same name :) After reading the title of the topic, I thought at first that I was wrong already :))
Masha, 23, I don't like Maria either, but Masha really likes it. Our neighbor was Masha :)) The only thing that seems to me is that Masha (Maryam, Maryam, Maryam, etc.) is hard in life on a “personal level”. I'm not saying that to everyone, but I read about the name simply. Although, it’s written about the same thing)))))) but it didn’t work, thank God, in my case.

from the point of view of word formation, this is one name but, the author, from a legal one, let them alter documents to you, because legally each letter is unique, and if in one document it is Mary, in the other, Maria will have to prove that it is not a camel. at the request of the parents, even Masha. and legal it will be only Masha and all officially. even then let her call her later, even Marya in all documents will write just Masha

I knew a lady who had Natalia written in her passport and Natalia in another document. Oh, and my aunt was tormented by running through the courts and proving that she was not a camel.

I do not know how in the passport, but to me the sound of the sound is Maria-Masha / Marya-Mariana-Marika (you can, Masha, but with a stretch).

NOT!! Maria is Natasha, and Marya is Svetlana!

It's not true, Marya is Konstantin.

Only Marina and Maria are two different names (forgive, I do not remember where they mentioned it), do not attribute it here.

In general, each letter changes something so that they are all different if they sound different.

In jur. Documents are different names (these are 100%) as well as Natalia and Natalia, as Sofia and Sofia, Marya and Maria. Just the people have mixed names (as it seems to me in vain)

And so Lenya, that Lesha they do not care)))))

2comment: Guest, you're wrong! MARINA is another name.

27, 3 sentence below - I would not say.

Sukooo, piss off kamentov. NIMAGUUUU)))))))

Masha and Marya are different names, Masha is Maria, Marya is Marya and Maryasha can be Mariana, two different names ..

My dear, Masha is Marya, as well as Dasha-Daria. And Mary is a completely different name. Just as Darin and Daryan cannot be called Dasha, Maria cannot be called Masha either. The Most Holy Masha or Masha Magdalena never spoke.
If you are not aware, then you should not argue. All the more wrong.
For people on earth, low level is the same name, of course.

And my name is Marya! In all documents, references, statements, on every smallest piece of paper, these *** write to MarI. And every time I explain to them that these are different names: (

I do not know how in the passport, but to me the sound of the sound is Maria-Masha / Marya-Mariana-Marika (you can, Masha, but with a stretch).

My dear, Masha is Marya, as well as Dasha-Daria. And Mary is a completely different name. Just as Darin and Daryan cannot be called Dasha, Maria cannot be called Masha either. The Most Holy Masha or Masha Magdalena never spoke.
If you are not aware, then you should not argue. All the more wrong.
For people on earth, low level is the same name, of course.

I lie in the prenatal, I read, everyone moans around, and I, too, just laughing, comments just fly away)

Marya, Natalia, Daria, Sophia, etc. - Russian version, that's all. Get over it.

Maria and Masha are different names. The same is what Elena is called Alena or Olenya, etc.

Alena's name comes from Lena, and Maria and Masha are the same names

Alena's name comes from Lena, and Maria and Masha are the same names

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