Contraceptives for men - means, types, what is


For most men, any measures to prevent unwanted pregnancies are exclusively a women's problem and responsibility. But there are those who consider it their duty to take care of the safety and protection of their partner, and for this you need to choose the right means for male contraception.

There are enough methods of protection for men, and the choice of male contraceptives offered in retail and pharmacy chains is huge. It remains only to find the right one.


It is this means that protects more than half of men. Condoms are made from latex - the material is impermeable to sperm. The condom is a kind of thin cover worn on the excited penis.

The advantages of this type of male contraception include:

  • high efficiency up to 97%
  • availability - condoms are sold in most retail chains and have low cost,
  • Condoms are male barrier type of contraception, and therefore perfectly protect against possible genital infections.

Of course, there are drawbacks:

  • some men experience psychological discomfort from interrupting during intercourse in order to put on a condom, which often reduces the sex drive,
  • use of the tool requires certain skills, as an improperly worn condom may slip or tear,
  • a condom may not always be at hand at the right moment,
  • Some people are allergic to latex.

There are no contraindications to the use of a condom, except for possible allergies.

Liquid condom

It is a can of liquid latex, which is under high pressure. A means is applied to the excited penis, it quickly hardens, after which you can have sex without any fear of pregnancy or disease.

Advantages of the method:

  • high efficiency (97–98%) due to the snug fit of the condom to the penis,
  • There is no need to look for a male contraceptive of the required size, since the solidifying latex takes the exact shape of the male penis, no matter what size it is and whatever features are different.


  • the procedure of applying the spray takes 10-20 seconds, after which it still takes time for it to freeze and form a film, which is about 2 minutes,
  • during application the spray makes a loud hiss,
  • has a rather high cost
  • it is more difficult to remove such condom, than usual.

Contraceptive pills for men managed to develop quite recently, and most of them are hormonal drugs.

Since these tablets contain testosterone in high concentrations, the male contraceptive is very effective. Testosterone is unique - small doses of it help to cure infertility, and the high content creates the opposite effect and acts as a contraceptive.

The advantages in this case can be considered:

  • high degree of efficiency, component 99%,
  • reversibility, since the reproductive function is fully restored approximately six months after the end of taking the pills,
  • sensitivity during intercourse does not decrease or change.

But there are drawbacks. Among the possible side effects when using hormone pills in men are noted:

  • violations of the cardiovascular system (CCC),
  • increase blood density
  • skin rash,
  • decrease in the density of hair on the head, but on the body, on the contrary, hair growth can accelerate and increase the area of ​​hair sections.

Some pills, in addition to testosterone, also contain a gestagen, which in most cases has a strong effect on the brain, which suppresses the body's natural production of high-grade productive sperm. In combination with testosterone, this drug lowers libido and can cause complete irreversible infertility.

Medical contraceptive drugs for men, Gamendazole and Adjudin tablets, are well known to patients who are being treated for various types of cancer. But few people know that they have a side effect in the form of a strong decrease in fertility, thereby providing a contraceptive effect.

But in this case, it is necessary to calculate the correct dosage, since the drugs are highly toxic, and if the dosage is violated, instead of the contraceptive effect, the man will receive poisoning of the body.

Subcutaneous implants

An implant is a small object, usually not more than 2.5 cm in size, containing a high concentration of hormones gradually released into the body. It is placed under the skin and provides suppression of sperm production.

The only advantage of this type of male contraception is that when using implants there is no need to use other methods.


  • not enough high efficiency, amounting to about 85%,
  • does not protect against genital infections,
  • can cause negative hormonal disorders in the body.

Male contraceptive injections also apply to hormonal contraception. Injection efficiency is about 99%. The essence of the method is that large doses of testosterone are injected into the patient's body using a normal syringe, which suppresses the production of healthy sperm.

But when using such contraception for men, many complications can arise, in particular:

  • blood clots
  • prostate enlargement
  • bald head,
  • skin rash,
  • increased hair growth on the body,
  • an increase in the male mammary glands, sometimes to very large sizes.

Polyurethane stoppers

The procedure for installing a tube is performed by microsurgery and usually does not require complex surgical intervention, although in some cases operations are also performed. The essence of the method is that a special substance is introduced into the vas deferens, the basis of which is liquid polyurethane.

It hardens in the ducts, forming corks that prevent the promotion of sperm. The method is reversible and shows high reliability - 99%. The only minor flaw is that medical intervention is required.


Surgical procedure during which the dressing of the spermatic cord is performed. This type of male contraception is 99% effective, often it is also used as a prevention of possible inflammation after the removal of prostate tumors.

The downside is the need for surgery. A plus is that the process is reversible, and tied cord can be untied, after which the possibility of conception is restored.


This type of male contraception is a sterilization technique with full preservation of potency. During the procedure, excision of the vas deferens of both testicles occurs. The ability of fertilization after such a procedure is maintained for 20 erections, after which the man becomes infertile.

Sterilization is carried out exclusively voluntarily, only at the request of the patient himself, and, as a rule, the result is irreversible. Only in exceptional cases, after the procedure, the doctors can restore the patency of the cut seminal ducts.

The effectiveness of the method after 20 erections is 100%, but there is a risk of the formation of hematomas and adhesions in the testicles.

Men's spiral

The procedure is the introduction of a special small umbrella into the male scrotum. Introduction is carried out through the glans penis. The action of the male spiral is similar to that of the female, but the technique is completely new and is not yet popular. Its effectiveness is not precisely defined, as well as possible side effects and disadvantages.

In order to select the appropriate method of male contraception, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

Author: Vaganova Irina Stanislavovna, doctor


2. Condoms (condom). The most common type of contraception. Most of the men prefer it, according to statistics, 65%. Latex from which the condom is made does not miss dangerous infections and sperm.


  • Efficiency 99%
  • Protection against STDs and HIV
  • Availability for sale,
  • Easy to use,
  • Without harm to health.


  • Discomfort during sexual intercourse,
  • It is necessary to stop to put it on (inconvenience),
  • In a fit of passion or casual communication is not always in your pocket,
  • Allergic reaction to latex materials,
  • Dressing incorrectly may slip and tear.

Having a number of disadvantages, condoms for men are popular, commercially available and easy to use.


1. Sterilization (vasectomy).

The most radical method for male contraception. At this step it is necessary to decide consciously, realizing that children will never be even with all the wishes in the future.

The operation lasts half an hour, where the spermatic cord is removed. Intervention does not affect the libido and potency. You can freely have sex after 3 months. The effectiveness of the method is 100%.


  • Reliability 100%
  • There are no more indications for the operation, it is done once for a lifetime.


  • Surgical intervention (not all men love this phrase and can decide)
  • Not cheap
  • No return back,
  • By law, it is forbidden to make it to men under 35 years old, and who have no children,
  • Does not protect against STIs.

This is a decisive and responsible step. If you are not Childfree (free from children), and in the future you want to have a child, then you should not do it.

Medicines that are not yet on sale

2. Contraceptive drugs (pills). Not yet come into use, but in the process of production, testing and release. The analogue of female pills only with a more powerful dosage of hormones and the effect of the agent after 30 days of administration lasts for 3 months.

The action of the drug is based on an increase in the male hormone in the blood and suppression of sperm production. Testosterone eventually returns to normal after taking the pills. But in pharmacies now you will not find such drugs.

Hormonal medications for men. Well-known drugs such as Gemendazole and Ajedine are used to treat cancer and have side effects in the form of an effect on the maturation of live sperm and fertility, respectively.

Recommended as a contraceptive for men, but doctors do not prescribe openly. As with the wrong reception they can affect health. Efficiency 99%.


  • Treatment of youthful acne and acne,
  • Protection against unwanted pregnancy.


  • Prostate problems
  • Focal alopecia of the head,
  • Hair loss on chest and body
  • Gynecomastia (breast enlargement),
  • Heart rhythm problems
  • Excess weight.

Hormonal drugs for unwanted pregnancy prescribed by a doctor. You should not take it without a diagnosis and examination for chronic diseases, so as not to aggravate them.

Rarely used

1. Male implant for contraception. A small device is implanted under the skin up to 3 cm, which contains so many hormones to suppress the production of spermatozoa. The method is not completely implemented and tested by strong sex. Since the drug is based on hormones, it has a number of negative influences like pills. Reliability 70%.

2. Injections for men. Testosterone undecanoate (500 mg) + solvent on tea tree seed oil. Efficiency 99%. The downside is that if a guy is afraid of injections, then this method will be a psychological barrier for him. Before the planned conception it is necessary to abandon this procedure for 6 months.

3. Liquid condom for men. Modern contraception has come to improving latex-based barriers. It is produced in the form of a spray, applied before mating in 1.5 minutes, it is considered its only drawback.

But after drying it is almost not felt by the partners, it is light and the same, 100% protection as a regular condom. Every member of the stronger sex chooses a suitable method of contraception. But we can conclude that the most reliable and convenient for men is a condom.

Use protection, take care of your health. Come to our site. Learn a lot of new information.

Ways and means of contraception for men

The main task of contraceptives for women is the protection of the egg from penetration, the danger of which occurs only 1 time per cycle. For men, the situation is more complicated: the tool must be able to stop the millionth flow of sperm. Most of the representatives of the stronger sex, having a permanent partner, use the method of interrupting sexual intercourse. This is the safest solution, but its effectiveness is only 80%. The following describes not only existing, but also male contraceptives that will appear in pharmacies in the future.

Hormonal contraceptives

Below are the hormonal methods of protection:

  1. Oral contraceptives for men. This is a relatively new means of protection, similar to the female contraceptive pill (for example, means of antiandrogenna group, two-, three-, monophasic). Male hormones in the tablets of the new generation prevent the formation of sperm. When you stop drinking the remedy, the child-bearing function resumes. Hormonal drugs for men are still out of stock, because they are at the stage of clinical trials, but many doctors are already skeptical about them. Since male reproductive cells mature for 70 days, you should start taking pills within 3 months. In addition, it is not yet known what harm they can cause the body.
  2. Contraceptive implant for men. It is a small object (up to 2.5 cm), which is placed under the skin. The implant blocks the production of sperm, temporarily stopping the fertility function. Such contraception for men allows not to use other protective agents. The lack of implants - their unreliability, which can cause hormonal disruptions. In addition, such modern methods of contraception do not exclude many side effects.
  3. Injection. The use of such contraceptives for men began recently. The effectiveness of the tool was proved by a mass study in which 1000 people took part. They drank a hormonal drug for 2 years, as a result, only 1% of men became fathers. So, injections can be compared in effectiveness with female contraceptive pills. The injection contains a special substance, the name of which is “undecanoate”, thanks to which the production of sperm is suspended. The contraceptive does not affect male potency.

Are there birth control pills for men

Male contraceptive pills have been developed relatively recently. The problem of development was that the effect on spermatozoa should occur daily, whereas in the female version of oral contraceptives, the active substance suppresses ovulation only on certain days.

At the moment there is a wide selection of birth control pills for men that can be classified:

  1. Spermatogenesis inhibitors. This type of drugs is based on the suppression of gonadotropins. These include active ingredients such as testosterone enanthate, nafarelin, and gestagenic steroids. Substances can be used separately or in combination, side effects may occur from drugs.
  2. Drugs that affect the activity of sperm. Tablets lead to a decrease in the activity of sperm. There are also a number of contraindications and side effects.

The most effective and safe contraceptives for men that affect mature spermatozoa are considered: after withdrawal of drugs, male fertility returns to normal.

The mechanism of action of male contraceptive pills

According to the group of birth control pills, their effect on the male body will vary. For example, spermatogenesis inhibitors contain steroid hormones. They inhibit spermatogenesis and testicular function. With prolonged use, such male contraceptives can inhibit the function of follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones.

Another group of birth control pills inhibits spermatogenic epithelium and sperm enzymes. This leads to a decrease in their activity and mobility, such drugs are taken first in a lower dosage. And then increase the content of the active substance to maintain the contraceptive effect.

The advantages and disadvantages of oral contraceptives for men

Due to the fact that male contraception in the form of hormonal pills is only gaining momentum in popularity, the doctors and patients themselves gradually emit a number of pros and cons of this type of protection. Advantages include ease of use, as well as no need to go to the pharmacy in search of condoms. If a man takes contraceptives, then his spermatozoa will be inactive, therefore, there is no sense in the barrier method of protection.

There are also disadvantages of this type of protection:

  • libido decreases,
  • other side effects appear,
  • not every man will take a pill every day, because many men are forgetful,
  • poor compatibility with alcohol.

Не каждый мужчина может на длительное время отказаться от алкоголя, что серьезно затрудняет всасываемость противозачаточных таблеток. That is why scientists and developers are still trying to derive the ideal formula of the drug.

Contraindications and side effects

Since male hormonal contraceptives are still under development and testing, they have a number of contraindications and side effects. These include:

  1. Dry mouth.
  2. Weight gain.
  3. Skin greasiness.
  4. The appearance of acne.
  5. Dizziness.
  6. Gastric disorders.

Among the contraindications to the use of doctors distinguish problems with the heart and blood vessels, a tendency to allergies, problems with the genitals, impaired fertility.

Other methods of contraception for men

In addition to the above contraceptive pills, there are other contraceptives for men. If you do not take into account interrupted sexual intercourse, then this includes barrier contraception, contraceptive injections, gels, as well as surgery. Learn more about this from the video:

Barrier contraception

The serious name “barrier contraception” is nothing but the use of condoms. This name of this complex of protective measures received due to the method of protection: using mechanical or chemical methods, spermatozoa are limited in penetration into the uterus. If you use chemical and mechanical options at the same time, it will be called "barrier combined contraception."

Condoms today are presented in a wide range: they vary in manufacturer, size, shape, color, and even flavors. If it was decided to choose a condom as a contraceptive, it is better to give preference to proven brands.

Contraceptive injections for men

On a par with contraceptive drugs are contraceptive injections for men, which also began to be used relatively recently. Their use began only after successful research. 1000 men for 2 years took contraceptive injections, which contained testosterone undecanoate. Tea tree seed oil was used as a solvent.

The researchers came to the following conclusions:

  • out of a thousand of the tested men, fathers during the 2 years of the study became only 1% of participants - 10 people
  • upon injection, the substance acts on the production of luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones, inhibiting it,
  • Because of this, sperm becomes smaller.

The positive point lies in the fact that to return to reproductive enough to stop making injections. After six months, you can plan a child.

Gel contraceptive for men

Men rarely think about contraception, relying on the fact that the woman herself knows how to protect herself from an unwanted pregnancy with the help of birth control pills. The most popular means is the condom, but more recently a special contraceptive gel is gaining momentum.

The principle of impact is as follows:

  • before sexual intercourse, a man applies a gel to the sexual organ,
  • the substance fills the seminal ducts,
  • closed channels prevent sperm from going out.

The development of the gel was tested on rabbits, the study showed that such a contraceptive for men was effective. It does not contain hormones, so it does not pose a danger to the health of men.

Names and price of birth control pills for men

Most of the drugs for male contraception are currently under development, however, there are 2 compounds that are already on sale:

  1. “Gamendazole” - reduces male fertility, prevents the maturation of sperm. The drug is also used to treat cancer.
  2. "Adjudin" - blocks the production of sperm in the testicles, but does not affect the level of testosterone.

Male contraceptive pills, whose names are still difficult to find on sale, are still under development, so the cost can not be specified. It is not recommended to take drugs on their own without prescriptions - this may have negative consequences.