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Treatment of the absence of sperm during orgasm: medications, folk remedies and diet

The reason for this may be the following situations:

  • various disorders in the vas deferens that may occur due to lesions of the nervous system (trauma or surgery of the spine and spinal cord), endocrine disorders (diabetes, obesity, hypogonadism),
  • inflammatory diseases (of any organs of the reproductive system),
  • neoplasms (when the duct is squeezed by the tumor), developmental anomalies of these ducts (for example, their absence in general),
  • also, the absence of sperm may occur due to the low intensity of sexual stimulation, therefore, low level of arousal (due to fatigue, psychological problems, unfavorable environment),
  • another problem is caused by alcohol abuse, drugs (antidepressants, diuretics),
  • there is still a situation where sperm is not released outside, but into the bladder (congenital and acquired malformations of the bladder and urethra, spinal injuries, medications).

In addition to this symptom may accompany him orgasm and erection disorders.

Treatment if there is no sperm

Depending on the reasons, urologists and psychotherapists should deal with the identification and treatment of diseases that led to the absence of sperm.

It is necessary to consult a doctor for this problem, not only because you can miss a serious pathology and there is no possibility of conceiving offspring, but this symptom can have a bad effect on family relationships (a woman perceives this as a lack of attractiveness on her part, which cannot cause strong arousal ).

For the diagnosis, it is necessary to fully tell the doctor about the appearance of this symptom, not to hide anything, you also need to provide a complete list of drugs that are used, more laboratory and instrumental methods will be needed (blood and urine tests, radiation methods - ultrasound, MRI, psychotherapy and others) .

Drug treatment of aspermia

Aspermia is not a disease, since it does not pose a threat to the life and health of a man, but it is not recommended to leave a pathological condition without attention, especially in situations where a man plans to become a father.

It is worth knowing that a healthy male contains 17–20 million germ cells in sperm, which ensures complete fertility. The absence of sperm in most cases is diagnosed in men over 40 years of age, in young years, pathology is rare.

On the question of why there is no sperm after intercourse, there are many reasons. These include inflammatory processes in the appendages, impaired testicular function, sexually transmitted diseases, pathologies of the urogenital system, psycho-emotional disorders, serious injuries of the spine, brain, etc.

Most often, if a man does not plan to become a father, nor is he disturbed by any disturbing symptoms, no treatment is provided. In other cases, complex therapy is prescribed, allowing you to conceive a child in the near future.

If there is no sperm, they can recommend the following activities:

  • Medication. For example, if the cause is a deficiency of testosterone in the blood, then hormone replacement therapy is prescribed,
  • Anti-inflammatory medications are needed when inflammatory processes in the body are diagnosed,
  • Surgical intervention is carried out for the treatment of varicocele, cryptorchidism and other diseases. In these cases, operative therapy is the only measure that allows a man to become a father,
  • Physiotherapy manipulations involve the use of a laser,
  • Massaging the prostate gland, etc.

As can be understood, treatment is focused on eliminating the cause that led to male infertility. Practice shows that the effectiveness of therapy is over 90%, many patients manage to get rid of the problem. The main thing is in the process of diagnosis to find out why there is no sperm, and from this to make a start in drawing up a treatment plan.

Definitely, the effectiveness of the therapeutic course is due to each specific case of a pathological condition. Equally important is the age group of the patient, as well as the factor that led to the absence of sperm. For example, if the etiology is based on inflammatory processes, anti-inflammatory drugs quickly lead to an improvement in the situation. With severe injuries it is difficult to help the patient, most often they can come to an end, there is ejaculation, but no medications are able to regain the ability to bear children.

If there is no sperm during sexual intercourse, it was found that the etiology is psychological in nature, then long-term work with a highly professional psychologist is required. Only a doctor can deal with the problem that caused the sexual disorder, help restore emotional balance and return sex satisfaction.

Folk methods

Lack of sperm is successfully treated by non-traditional methods. Of course, before contacting them for help, you need to consult a doctor. Taking multi-component folk remedies, you should first ensure that there are no contraindications in accordance with each component.

Important: cure wormwood will help to cure aspermia. To prepare the “medicine”, it is necessary to steam a teaspoon of the component into 250 ml of boiling water, to insist a few hours — take this volume three times. The duration of therapy is three weeks.

If there is no sperm during ejaculation, then plantain seeds will help. It should grind a tablespoon of the component, pour boiling water in a volume of 300 ml. Leave in a warm place for several hours, then filter. Take a tablespoon up to 7 times a day, the duration of the course of therapy is not more than one month.

Treatment of aspermia with folk methods suggests the following recipes:

  1. A decoction based on hawthorn. In a liter of water, dry the dried fruit, insist a few hours. Take twice a day, regardless of the meal. The dosage for one use is 250 ml. The course of therapy is up to 3 months.
  2. Mix in equal proportions Irish moss, white mulberry, nut leaves and pine leaves. Add flax seeds to ingredients. At 400 ml of boiling water, add two tablespoons of the mixture, bring to a boil over low heat, and leave to cool naturally. Reviews note that this recipe allows you to increase the amount of sperm in a matter of days. The treatment lasts several weeks.

To get rid of aspermia help hoof. On the basis of the component is prepared water infusion. For its preparation, a teaspoon of the ingredient is poured 250 ml of cold water, insist 4 days. After you need to filter. Before consumption, a little heat, but not to a boiling state. The dosage per dose is 10 ml, which is equivalent to 10 tablespoons.

Ramish one-sided - a unique medicinal plant that helps to increase the amount of sperm during ejaculation. With the help of herbs, you can prepare a decoction, which is drunk as tea, or tincture of water or vodka. Adherents of unconventional treatment recommend the use of a decoction. Insist 2 hours. This time is enough for all the beneficial substances from the plant to be in the liquid. On the day you need to drink 250 ml - divided into several receptions. In total, the course of treatment takes 2 months.

Food and diet

There is no diet or diet that would help increase the amount of sperm during ejaculation. Rational and balanced nutrition is recommended for general strengthening of the body, improving the immune status.

For your information, a lemon juice, three egg yolks, red wine and lime honey are recommended for the treatment of aspermia. All components are mixed, take a tablespoon once a day. The treatment lasts two weeks. The recipe is suitable for men who do not have excess weight.

Rules of nutrition during treatment are presented by the following items:

  • You must completely abandon the use of alcoholic beverages, energy drinks, exclude from your menu sparkling water, caffeinated beverages, packaged juices,
  • The consumption of granulated sugar, table salt,
  • We must abandon the excessively fatty, spicy and spicy foods,
  • The menu must include seafood - shrimps, mussels, peanuts, cashews, almonds,
  • Useful fruits such as bananas, pomegranates, pineapples, but only in fresh form.

If in general, the wellness diet is based on the principles of proper nutrition. It allows you to speed up the metabolic processes in the body, respectively, recovery and recovery will come faster.

The prognosis of aspermia treatment in most of the pictures is favorable, if the reason lies in inflammatory diseases. When the absence of sperm arose due to injury, it is not possible to predict the prognosis, according to statistics, the effectiveness of drug therapy in this case is not more than 10%.

Anejaculation and its varieties

Anejaculation is a pathological condition, accompanied by the absence of ejaculation and orgasm during sexual intercourse. At the same time, anejaculation can take place without disturbance of the synthesis and qualitative composition of seminal fluid, and with their disturbances. In urological practice isolated three clinical forms of anejaculation:

  1. Aspermatism.
  2. Retrograde ejaculation.
  3. Obstruction of the vas deferens.


Aspermatism - the complete absence of orgasm and ejaculation during sexual intercourse. The formation of spermatozoa and seminal fluid in this pathology is not disturbed, but ejaculation does not occur. The causes of aspermatism are very variable, among them are:

  • Neurological disorders, such as: injuries of the nervous system, cancer, diseases of the spinal cord and brain. In any damage to the nervous system, the pathogenesis of aspermatism is a violation of the innervation of the genital organs.
  • Psychological factor. In various forms of psychological disorders, the process of ejaculation is inhibited due to the formation of pathological neural connections in the cerebral cortex. The most common mental cause leading to persistent aspermatism is neurosis.
  • Mechanical obstruction. Often the cause is an inflammatory process in the urethral canal or vas deferens. This process, in turn, leads to the formation of microscopic adhesions in the lumen of the channel, thereby blocking the lumen of the urethra or vas deferens or leading to its stenosis. In addition to infectious processes in the male genital organs, surgical interventions of the urological profile, or their complications, lead to mechanical aspermatism. In this case, cicatricial changes occur in the lumen of the ducts or urethra, significantly narrowing their lumen.
  • Iatrogenic factor associated with taking medication, a side effect of which is a violation of ejaculation. Antihypertensive drugs used in hypertension, in particular, beta blockers, cause a significant reduction in potency, with systematic use.

Retrograde ejaculation

Retrograde ejaculation is a pathological process in which ejaculation is absent due to the reflux of seminal fluid in the opposite direction along the urethral canal. In this case sperm does not get out, and in the bladder. In this case, the man is experiencing an orgasm, but ejaculation does not occur. Subsequently, a man may notice that during urination the urine becomes light yellow, and its transparency is significantly reduced - turbid urine.

When retrograde ejaculation psychological disorders are not observed, and orgasm and sexual desire are not violated. The reasons leading to this form of anejaculation may be as follows:

  • Anomalies of development. During the formation of the reproductive system in the prenatal period, a failure may occur in the formation of the vas deferens, not in the urethral tract, but directly in the bladder.
  • Diseases of the nervous system of metabolic genesis, such as multiple sclerosis, diabetic polyneuropathy, and spinal cord and spinal cord injuries.
  • Venous pelvic cognia.
  • The use of pharmaceuticals: antipsychotic, hypotensive series.
  • Prostatitis and other inflammatory diseases of the male genitourinary system.
  • Anatomical disorders: surgery on the prostate gland and bladder, as well as pelvic lymphatic vessels. All operations, in varying degrees, violate the innervation of the bladder neck, followed by the breakdown of muscle motility during orgasm.

Fig. 1 - The mechanism of semen entering the bladder (retrograde ejaculation).

Obstruction of the vas deferens

Obstruction of the vas deferens leads to a violation of the emission, i.e., the release of sperm. In this case, the orgasm is preserved. Factors similar to retrograde ejaculation and aspermatism can cause obstruction. One of the most common causes of obstruction is inflammation of the seminal vesicles or epididymitis.


In the event of the above symptoms do not delay with an appeal to a specialist - urologist. Only a comprehensive and competent diagnostic study is able to identify the cause of the absence of ejaculate. Your doctor will examine and palpate the scrotum, testicles, spermatic cord, and determine the consistency, density and size. When anejaculation occurs, either an increase in the size (hypertrophy) or a decrease in the size (atrophy) of the testicle and the epididymis on the affected side or both occur (see "What is the normal size of the male testicles?").

Ultrasound diagnosis of the scrotum helps to confirm the data of a palpatory examination, as well as to determine the content and visualize it. In addition to the diagnosis of the scrotum, transrectal echography is performed, which reveals pathological changes in the prostate gland area and cystic-inflammatory changes in the seminal vesicles.

In addition to instrumental studies, markers are identified: alpha-glucosidase, an enzyme located in the epididymis, fructose, a substance found in the seminal vesicles, and zinc, characteristic of the prostate gland.

With obstructive changes, you can accurately determine their level by the specified markers. In this case, the secretion of markers above the site of obstruction is not disturbed. In some cases, a testicular biopsy procedure is performed if the diagnosis is difficult. Biopsy allows you to determine whether there is a violation of spermatogenesis and its degree.

Medical tactics in the absence of ejaculation

For the treatment of anejaculation resort to conservative methods - drug therapy.

The treatment regimen depends on the causes of this pathological condition. The most common causes of anejaculation include metabolic and hormonal disorders associated with diabetes. As well as taking medications, a side effect of which causes a decrease in the bladder neck tone.

For treatment using physiotherapeutic methods of stimulation of the prostate gland, as well as reflexology. For drug therapy using the following drugs:

  • Midodrin.
  • Ephidrine sulfate.
  • Imipramine and others.

These substances increase the activity of the adrenergic system and increase the muscle tone of the urogenital tract, which contributes to adequate ejaculation.

Surgical treatment is used in cases of congenital aplasia or hypoplasia of the vas deferens. Reconstructive surgery leads to the restoration of the normal passage of seminal fluid and prevents its injection into the bladder.

The possibility of IVF with anejaculation

IVF is an in vitro fertilization procedure, when the sperm is introduced into the egg outside the human body, and then the fertilized egg is transplanted into the uterine cavity of a woman who will bear the child.

For the procedure using various methods of sperm extraction in the absence of ejaculation during ejaculation. One type is sperm extraction from the bladder during retrograde ejaculation. To do this, the cavity of the bladder is filled with a special solution that protects the spermatozoa from the aggressive environment of the bladder, after which the patient causes himself to ejaculate. Using a special catheter, the sperm is removed and the IVF procedure is performed.

Lost sperm

The deviation in which sperm is not released during orgasm is called aspermia or aspermatism. On the potency of such a state in most cases does not have a negative impact. Violations in the process of formation of sperm may also not be observed. Заболевание подразделяют на два основных вида — ложная и истинная форма.

    ложная форма — процесс полового акта происходит без отклонений, потенция и оргазм не нарушаются, но не выходит сперма.

Почему нет спермы?

Самой распространенной причиной появления аспермии являются врожденные или приобретенные отклонения в функционировании семявыбрасывающих протоков. Развиваться патология может на фоне прогрессирующих заболеваний genital system or disease of another etiology. Psychological factors can often provoke a deviation.

The reasons for the lack of ejaculation:

    operative intervention to the reproductive system


Aspermia does not entail a threat to the patient’s life, but to a large extent violates quality his sex life. In no case should such a symptom be ignored. If the condition is provoked not by psychological factors, but by inflammatory processes in the body, the lack of timely treatment can lead to their complication. Normalize the function of the genital organs can only be long-term treatment or surgery.

The consequences of the absence of sperm during orgasm can be the following factors:

The possibility of fertilization in a natural way

In case of violation of the ejaculation process, the cause of such a state is important. Opportunity natural fertilization The male egg remains in the male, but only if there are certain factors and a tendency to restore all the functions of the genitals.

To recover from diseases that provoked the absence of sperm during orgasm, in some cases it becomes extremely difficult.

The most common option conceiving a child in the absence of a tendency to restore the functions of the genital organs:

    A course of treatment is carried out with drugs that increase the quality of sperm,

In some cases, a man can provoke the absence of ejaculation with his own thoughts. For example, a categorical fear unwanted pregnancy, discomfort during intercourse. Interruption of the act and the need to constantly think about control of ejaculation - all of these factors are among the causes of aspermia. The body of a man can be completely healthy.

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Good day. This situation, I am 21, has never had problems with ejaculation. At the moment I have a cold, I take antiviral, expectorant and vasoconstrictor for the nose. A day after taking this medication, problems began, there is an orgasm, but there is no ejaculation. Can this be due to treatment and not worry, or is it a coincidence and you need to consult a doctor. Thank you in advance for your response.

Hello, I had such a problem. Maybe my story will help you. I got an orgasm, but there was no ejaculation. It all began that at a certain point at the beginning of sexual intercourse ejaculation occurred immediately, and then abruptly disappeared. Frightened, I went to the doctor andro log. Immediately appointed examination. It was a shame, but everything went. Male health is more important. It turned out, everything is normal. They sent him to a neuropathologist, and the woman turned out to be wise and sent him to a sexopathologist who listened and prescribed drugs and sent them to a psychotherapist. Passed treatment, but no sense. Then he spat on everything and began to play sports, became self-confident. And sexually with their partner began to try something new, emancipated about the miracle ejaculation occurred. My advice to you in the beginning to the doctor to exclude various diseases, and then remove everything from the head bad in this need to understand then. And liberated sexually with a partner and talking about it. I would be glad if you all will be well.


If you do not have a psychological problem in which you yourself unwillingly interfere with ejaculation, then you should go for a checkup to several doctors: first, a urologist who will assess the health of your urinary system, and secondly, if you have unprotected sex in the last time - go to the dermatovenerologic dispensary. It is better to immediately cure the disease at an early stage than to suffer the whole life afterwards. Well, remember, if your close people, parents, girl, didn’t offend or hurt you, are you afraid of having children, or have you been hurt during sex - then you will have an appointment with a sexologist. He can help too.

You need to go to the andrologist, who conducts the examination and treats the male genital area. Later, to the urologist, although most often the andrologist-urologist is the same doctor, ask in your clinic and explain to you. In general, first of all, it is best to visit a therapist, do not be ashamed to tell about your problem and then you will be directed to the doctors you need.

Hello, my right kidney hurt because of the stone. I started the treatment. The stone came out. I was married to the treatment process, and for 4 days I didn’t have sexual intercourse because my kidney was very sick 4 days after sexual intercourse, I discovered that there was no sperm, and the next day too, tell me maybe this is because of the medications is a temporary side effect

Edik, you need to contact your urologist as a matter of urgency. I sincerely hope that the doctor also prescribed you for the treatment of urolithiasis and you were not treated on your own. The problem could arise from the action of drugs, and from the spread of the infectious process and the urinary tract, and genitals, and due to the mechanical overlap of the vas deferens with sand or a small stone. In order to find out the reason, it is necessary to be examined - to pass tests, to undergo an ultrasound. Only after that the doctor will be able to choose the right treatment tactics. If you sit and wait until everything goes away by itself, then you can bring the situation to infertility and then it will be too late to heal anything.
Contact an appointment with a urologist, preferably to the one that you prescribed treatment for urolithiasis.

Hello. I am 29 years old. For about two months, the problems started. At first I began to detect in the morning as a dried glue liquid on the channel in the head. Then sometimes it happened during morning exercises that a liquid resembled sperm was released, but only more yellow. The urine flowed off to the side, the toilet in the toilet was already wiped clean (as an option, this is due to the same adhesive liquid, which eventually glues the canal) the end of the head, but would open the channel. And for two days during masturbation there is no sperm. Is that a drop. What could it be? True, I now have a cold and drink various medications. Thank.

Hello. Yes, you are right, it may well be the reaction of your body to the disease and the treatment you produce. But, all the same, it is only a reaction or already some kind of a disease, only your attending physician can determine. Do not delay with this, pass the examination and you will be calm already exactly, and not worry and try on the diagnoses.

Hello. I am 29 years old. This has been going on for a couple of months. At first, in the morning I began to notice a frozen liquid (crust) at the outlet in the head. Then there was that, with the same morning exercise, the sperm was only more yellowish. The urine stream was upset. Instead of the center, she started going left at an angle. Already tired of wiping the toilet floor. Having to urinate, first gently press on the outlet in the head (as an option, this is because of the same fluid that eventually glues the outlet in the head) And for two days when masturbating Orgasm has no sperm (except a drop) and the orgasm itself is several times weaker. What could it be? True, I now have a cold and drink different pills.

Hello tell me please, during the orgasm does not come sperm what could be? and can it affect my diabetes?

Hello Sasha! Diabetes still has an effect, I also encountered this problem and our urologist prescribed an antidepressant (melipramine) to me. it helped me, but they say the drug is addictive. I myself take 2 tablets if necessary. Check with a good specialist! ...

I had sperm coming to the urethra when it was done. Sperm does not go out there is an orgasm. What could be the reason.

Good day, Alexander! This is quite possible after medical manipulations or operations on the urethra. If you have not done anything like this, it is possible that a hormonal failure has occurred in the body or you suffer from an infectious disease. Perhaps this is on the nerves of the soil. To find out exactly the cause, you will, in any case, need to undergo an examination.

it happens that there is no sperm.

I will advise you a few popular recipes to improve semen. It is very useful to take mashed pumpkin seeds plus honey. Take a tablespoon in the morning on an empty stomach. Also useful - dried fruits with dates, raisins, dried apricots and figs - mix with walnuts and lemon, mince. Be sure to add honey. Drink a tablespoon three times a day.
Very useful raw, homemade eggs and sour cream.

Comrades, I did not even know that such a problem is taking place! I heard about the lack of sperm motility, about women's problems because of which it is impossible to get pregnant. But that there was no sperm at all during orgasm. Live and learn.

I'm 31. I don't have sperm to go out when I'm jerking off and cumming. What should I do? I have sex for 15 minutes. How do I get treated?

Hello! If you have an orgasm, but not ejaculation, then you should definitely go to the doctor and check. Perhaps you suffer from retrograde ejaculation, or maybe the reason lies in another, in other diseases. It happens that sperm does not appear due to prostatitis or any infectious diseases.

What kind of doctor is needed in this case?

You know, it is now a very common disease, indeed, a disease. Do not waste time and consult a doctor as soon as possible. Such a problem may be related to oncology and it is better to recognize it earlier than to start the ailment and then the doctors will only spread it with their hands. My advice to you, contact the specialists and take the tests.

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Forms and causes of aspermia

The absence of sperm can have one of 2 forms: true or false. In the first case, after intercourse, sperm is absent and does not occur orgasm. As a rule, the causes of this state lie in the psychological state of a man. False aspermia is characterized by the fact that during orgasm in a man sperm is not released.

The main reasons that can cause false aspermia are:

  • retrograde ejaculation
  • obstruction of ejaculatory canals.

Retrograde ejaculation is the release of semen into the bladder. In the normal state, with ejaculation, the bladder sphincter shrinks, which prevents sperm from entering it. In this case, the seminal fluid enters the urethra, through which it is expelled. Retrograde ejaculation develops due to the weakening of the smooth muscles of the sphincter of the bladder, which can be caused by several reasons:

  • damage to nerve endings, which may be due to certain diseases,
  • diabetes,
  • complications after operations on the testicles, prostate gland and other organs of the male genitourinary system,
  • spinal cord injury.

Sometimes the absence of sperm can be a side effect after taking certain medications.

Seminal duct obstruction can be caused by some serious diseases of the genitourinary system:

  • prostatitis,
  • cyst
  • infectious diseases
  • prostate tuberculosis.

Sometimes this pathology is a complication after surgery. The treatment of this pathology depends on what caused it, so it is very important to undergo a detailed examination.

Features of aspermia diagnosis

Spermogram is the main type of study that is prescribed for suspected aspermia. Urine tests and doppler sonography of the vessels in the genitals are also prescribed. To determine the reasons for the absence of sperm, it is necessary to undergo ultrasound of the testicles and prostate gland and pass tests to detect sexually transmitted diseases.

For the attending physician it is very important to obtain complete information about whether the disease manifested itself earlier. If so, how was it treated? It is recommended to answer all the questions of a specialist truthfully and accurately, this will allow you to make a reliable diagnosis. To identify abnormalities in the structure of the penis or testicles, a physical examination is scheduled.

If spermogram cannot be performed in the usual way due to the complete absence of ejaculate, then urine obtained immediately after ejaculation is examined to obtain data. If there are spermatozoa in the urine, the semen enters the bladder.

Aspermia Treatment

The method of treatment is chosen by the attending physician depending on what caused the pathology. If it is possible to establish that the cause of aspermia is the intake of certain drugs, then they must be canceled.

In cases where there is no sperm due to the fact that it enters the bladder, it is prescribed medication with special drugs that are intended to eliminate the pathology. This is a rather difficult case, improvement occurs only in 30% of patients who have completed this course. For the treatment of aspermia caused by infectious diseases, a course of antibacterial drugs is prescribed.

If the semen is not erupted due to obstruction of the vas deferens, surgery may be required. In this case, the operation is accompanied by transurethral resection of the duct responsible for ejaculation. The operation is performed under general anesthesia.

The operation involves the introduction through the urethra of the endoscope. A blue dye is introduced into the seminal vesicles. With the help of an endoscope resection at the level of obstruction is performed. With proper operation, a characteristic fluid begins to flow out of the urethra. As a rule, the patient is in hospital for a short time.

Of the popular methods of treatment for its beneficial effects are known flowers of sage and rosehip. You can take the infusion of barvnik. For its preparation, it is necessary to fill the raw material with a bottle of vodka and insist 10 days in the sun. The infusion is taken before meals.

What if treatment does not help?

In cases where the treatment is completed, but the man still does not have sperm, conception by natural means is impossible.

As a rule, modern reproductive technologies help to become a father in such cases. With retrograde ejaculation, sperm can be extracted from urine, which is collected after orgasm.

Before carrying out this procedure, the man must undergo a special course of treatment, which will increase the urine pH. In most cases, spermatozoa are obtained in the laboratory. However, it is sometimes necessary to extract them directly from the bladder. To do this, a thin catheter is inserted into it, which will allow the rinsing of the bladder and the introduction of a special culture medium into it. As a result, sperm remain alive and mobile longer. Further, artificially caused ejaculation. At the same time, the bladder is emptied, and spermatozoa are extracted from its contents.

Thus, the absence of sperm is dangerous primarily because the conception by natural means in this case becomes impossible. Correct the situation can be an adequate course of treatment, which will be aimed at addressing the causes of this pathology. To establish a reliable cause, it is necessary to undergo a detailed examination. In some cases, treatment does not bring the desired results. Then conception can be carried out only by artificial means.

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Based on the reasons

Seeding is the logical conclusion of sexual intercourse or masturbation. In the process of ejaculation, sperm is released from the urethra, and consciously control this process will not work. Paracentral segments of the brain and the lumbar part of the spinal cord are responsible for ejaculation.

The reason for the ejaculation is the stimulation of the penis, however, night-wet emissions also lead to the release of sperm.

Orgasm is closely associated with ejaculation - but these concepts are not synonymous. The absence of ejaculation during orgasm as a result of sexual contact or masturbation is called anejaculation.

There are several reasons why a man does not have normal sperm ejaculation. Conditionally they are divided into two groups: physiological and psychological. If there is no sperm after masturbation or intercourse, it is necessary to identify the main problem.

The physiological reasons for the absence of ejaculation are:

  1. Congenital malformations. These include complete overlap or disruption of the vas deferens. In this case, ejaculation occurs inside the reproductive system, but instead of going out, the semen will be in the cavity of the bladder. This is called retrograde ejaculation and leads to serious diseases of the entire urogenital system.
  2. Acquired disorders are usually caused by injuries or become the consequences of surgery, intoxication, endocrine disorders, and inflammation.
  3. Often the cause of acquired disorders is genital infection.

In adolescents, stress, fatigue, or even antipathy to the partner can cause upsetting of the ejaculation. An adult male who has survived stress during adolescence develops a nervous breakdown on this basis, leading to a disorder in his ejaculation. В этом случае семенные каналы будут продолжать нормальную работу, и сперма будет вырабатываться в необходимом количестве, но результат полового акта будет полностью зависеть от душевного состояния мужчины.

Отсутствие семяизвержения у мужчины может быть вызвано психологическими причинами: стрессами, переутомлениями или расстройствами нервной системы. Psychophysiological causes are often encountered, especially in the adolescent period, when the absence of civi is the result of neurosis.

Another reason for not having ejaculation is the systematic use of alcohol or smoking.

What is not: orgasm or sperm?

Every man knows that an orgasm can be early or delayed, bright or weak, depending on the degree of arousal. And it, in turn, depends on its partner: trust in it, its attractiveness, relationships. The function of spontaneous erection may persist even after spinal cord rupture, but the orgasm is not.

If a man is sick, then a decrease in arousal will be a logical symptom, which will make it impossible to orgasm. But with retrograde ejaculation, when emotional experiences and physical pleasure persist, the lack of semen secretion leads to a dead end.

Retrograde ejaculation is a serious disorder that can lead to diseases of the genitourinary system or impotence. If you feel an orgasm, but the sperm is not allocated, it is urgent to go to a specialist.

What do they do with a problem?

Usually, a man discovers an ejaculation disorder at the very beginning of sexual activity. Primary anejaculation, as a rule, occurs at the age of 12-13 years. It is during this period, the boy begins to engage in masturbation. An erection remains, libido remains at the same level, but during orgasm there is no sperm released. And if a 12-year-old child is not able to objectively assess the risk to his health, then a more mature man must understand that during orgasm sperm must be released. If it is not there, this is a serious way to worry about your own health and consult a doctor.

The absence of ejaculation requires an integrated approach to treatment, which should begin with an appeal to the urologist. It is necessary to pass blood and semen tests to identify possible pathologies, undergo ultrasound and magnetic tomography. If there is no abnormality in the male copulatory organ in the order and in the urogenital system, the absent normal orgasm can be caused by abnormalities in the nervous system. In this case, you need to contact a sexologist or psychotherapist.

Do not be afraid to consult a doctor in time: the sooner you do this, the sooner the cause of the pathology will be identified. If you come to the doctor six months after the first "failed" orgasm, the chances of recovery will decrease, and if you bring the disease to the terminal stage, they will be completely absent.

Problems with hemiposition in men usually begin at the age of 30-35 years, but in particular cases they may arise earlier. Some dysfunctions manifest as a result of sexually transmitted infections. Therefore, if you notice dysfunction in March, do not delay your visit to the doctor for December: this will lead to complete impotence.

Timely therapy

Men are often afraid to go with such delicate problems to specialists. There is nothing shameful about diseases - they usually signal that something is wrong with the body. The reasons for the absence of sperm during orgasm can be many, and finding the main disease is the task of a specialist. Do not attempt to prescribe a treatment yourself. In parallel with visiting specialists you can:

  • To refuse from bad habits.
  • Follow a diet: eat more protein, give up fatty, salty and fried foods.
  • More often to be in the fresh air, to make walking.
  • Do sports: sign up in the gym or run in the morning.

If a man turns to a doctor with a delicate problem in time, timely treatment helps to quickly return to normal. Lack of ejaculation does not affect the reproductive function: if the body is able to produce sperm, then the man can become a father, even in the absence of sperm.

The pre-ejaculate, the lubricant, contains a small amount of sperm, which during female ovulation can lead to pregnancy. If you want to become a father, but because of the absence of the ejaculation you cannot or the doctor recommends to refrain from sexual intercourse for a certain period, just use IVF.