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This section was created specifically for kids who are just starting their acquaintance with a computer. In it you will find the most simple online. games for the little ones children, aimed at the development of attention, memory, logical thinking, color perception, as well as a variety of creative tasks - developing coloring, puzzles and draftsmen. They are distinguished by a simple, intuitive interface and elementary tasks suitable for children from 2 to 4 years old.

Please note that developing games for kids involve the participation of parents in the game process, as the kid will certainly need help when working with a computer. Also, adults can explain to the child the meaning of the task and give a hint in case of difficulties. Free computer online games for kids will help to have fun and interesting time, and at the same time they will be indispensable assistants in the development and upbringing of the child.

Varieties of games for kids

In your childhood, in order to learn how to count and write, parents most likely used cards with words and numbers, calculating sticks, or even simply explained everything on their fingers. In the modern world, computer games for little ones have long taken up this - they are your best assistants, try and see for yourself.

For example, some online games for the youngest will help you teach your child the following:

  • count (there are online games for any kind of account: subtraction, multiplication, division and addition),
  • recognize colors (guess which color from the picture, find out its name, how it is pronounced and spelled),
  • understand the distance (in the game form, the child will see which squirrel sits closer and which is located further),
  • determine what animal is shown in the picture,
  • read (first games will help to learn the letters, and then put them into words).

Business before pleasure

Of course, it is not necessary to train the child all the time, sometimes you need to give the little man a break. It will be ideal from time to time to play games for kids online. Choose your favorite character or animal, turn on the online game, and you will see that the smile on your child’s face will not be long in coming.

In such toys, you together with your child, or even your baby yourself, will be able to perform various actions: burst balls, decorate a doll or animal, assemble cute cats in one row and much more. Grow smart kids!

For parents

The play activity of the little man contributes to his development in psychoemotional terms, the physical and intellectual development of children also occurs through games. For harmonious growth requires equal development of all aspects of the personality of a silly person.

Through the gameplay, children are gradually introduced to work: the child learns to clean up the toys, clean up the room, helps the mother to water the flowers, wipe the dust, cook dinner and set the table. The actions are complicated, gradually the responsibilities become more.

In addition to the development of skills and abilities, the game brings moral and volitional qualities. Due to certain circumstances, such as allergy to animal dander, some families do not keep animals. But every kid needs someone to look after, care, and pay attention to. Then an interactive friend can come to the rescue - a puppy or a kitten, who will “live” in a tablet or computer. The baby will monitor the condition of his pet, feed him, water him, lead him for a walk. This will bring up a sense of compassion and mercy.

Adults should monitor the duration of the presence of the child at the computer. Introduction to computer literacy begins often with 3 years, when the child does not yet know all the letters, can not read. The peculiarity of the perception of a little man consists in his absolute trust in the words of an adult.

Loving parents should protect the baby from unwanted sites, choose their own games for children, in consultation with the kindergarten teacher and pediatrician. It is also necessary to install the parental control system on the home computer to which the child has access.

Classes at the computer should complement outdoor games or didactic exercises at home. After 10 - 15 minutes of being behind the monitor, the child should be offered to change the form of the activity. For kids from 3 years old, 15 minutes per day is enough for computer games.

The rules for passing each new toy should be told in detail, shown by an adult, because the child sees only bright pictures and cannot understand what is required of him. Parents should select children's computer games for kids with cognitive, educational elements.

To the positive moment of all computer educational games should be attributed the development of the child's independence, perseverance, the desire to achieve the goal. Computer toy can be stopped at any place or re-pass the difficult part of the maze. You can’t accidentally sprinkle an almost folded jigsaw puzzle, you can leave the resulting puzzle to solve it later.

On all gaming sites there are both logical games for the development of kids, and toys separately for boys and girls.

Logic toys

The portals have a large selection of games that will teach the child to think logically, and to draw conclusions on the analysis of the information received. At children attentiveness, memory develops, ability to foresee the further course, to plan the actions is formed.

“Light is heavy”

The screen shows pairs of items. The child must remember which ones are heavier and which ones are lighter. Confirming the choice, the baby clicks the mouse opposite the correct answer. The picture with the objects is changing.

“What is it made of?”, “Hot or cold”, all kinds of labyrinths. You can engage with the baby according to a predetermined development plan. Letters, numbers, grammar and mathematics are also studied. Children get acquainted with geometric shapes, develop spatial thinking. Solving puzzles and riddles, kids expand their vocabulary, learn many new words and meanings.

Attentive development games often use twin elements. For example, among several items you need to find two identical figures. Or twin balls to drive into one corner, solving a spatial puzzle.

There are programs that allow the game to teach a crumb to a foreign language, to give the skills of music education, to learn to distinguish colors, shades. The sites presented a huge array of colorings. Painting the pictures on the monitor, children study graphic editors as well as other computer utilities.

For girls and boys

Very popular games for girls - "kids." You can bathe the heroines of your favorite cartoons, pick out clothes for them, have a tea party with the guests. It creates a whole world with a house, a garden where you need to care for and grow plants. Games for little girls about kids teach how to properly care for your child, how to organize care. The girls put themselves in the place of the mother, perform its functions in relation to the virtual heroines.

The ability to help, sympathize, organize the household - all this will be useful for babies in adult life. Appreciate the family, children, respect the parents and their work, learn to understand the importance of family values, instilled in girls in game actions.

Presents racing games for boys. Racing can occur not only on cars, but, for example, on bugs. Children develop fine motor skills: you have to work with a mouse or use a keyboard. Attentiveness is formed, speed and reaction speed are improved.

One of the options for racing - games for boys - "cars". An understanding of the different types and types of machines. Children receive the first knowledge of the rules of behavior on the roads for cars and pedestrians. Emergency situations on the street are clearly shown.

Heroes for boys

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The most favorite activity of all modern children and adolescents is computer games, which is why now a lot of different things have appeared.

Develop the attentiveness and perseverance of children with a kind machine - Flash. This red car always comes to the rescue in deciding the times

An alien creature named Pou does not sit still, and each time he finds new passions and adventures for himself. In a free browser game

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The battle between the legendary five Ninjago: Kai, Cole, Jay, Zane and Lloyd. All Ninjago are fighting very hard and you fight with them

Always dreamed of looking under the hood of a monster jeep? Look at its engine, and how is its running system? - Now your dreams n

Join Diego and his friends to help dinosaurs regain his lost family. Where only did not bring young traveler Die

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Hello Kitty managed to catch the fancy of adults and children during her lifetime. Now see your favorite character, you can in the online game "Heh

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If you are not afraid of realism and complexity, then boldly sit at the helm of this huge Soviet-made TU-95 strategic bomber.

Our little Baby Hazel suffers from abdominal pain due to malnutrition. But mom will cook her healthy breakfast, and you, well

White kitty that almost everyone knows - Halloween Kitty, can be seen in the online game "Outfit for Hello Kitty". This is a simple game for kids.

Lady Bagh is an animated series about the life of a schoolgirl named Marinette, who lives a normal life, but nobody knows what she really is - superhero

In the game Gambol: A Nightmare in Elmore, the hero is a cute cat from the Anglo-American-Irish cartoon series The Wonderful World of Gumball. As in

Over time, it turned out that imitation of adult activity contributes to the development of the child. Those who limit but allow their children up to 4 years old to play online games with confidence note positive changes in the child’s mental activity. Let's set together how Russian games for children online - for free, can develop your children.

Development opportunities in the use of online games for children

1. For kids developed a whole galaxy of flash games, which form the concept of color, shape, sound. Считается, что умение распознавать эти свойства и характеристики предметов становится отличным фундаментом для формирования долговременной памяти.

2. Целые разделы игр для детей, в которые можно играть онлайн, занимаются развитием пространственного мышления у своих маленьких гостей.

3. Separate attention of the consumer of such products are flushes, in which the gender gender of the child is formed. For girls are offered fun, in which you need to fill the house or dress a doll. For boys - various manipulations with cars and superheroes.

4. Another task that parents place on online games for children of 5 years old is preparation for school. Only in this way a child without stress will learn to count and solve math problems, will painlessly understand the basics of grammar, will learn to read.

Recommendations for responsible parents

Despite the enormous educational and developmental potential that lies in the ability to play free games for children online, sensible representatives of the older generation should prevent potential problems.

First of all, before registering, parents should look well with an assortment of free games for children offered by a specific site. This is important if you don’t yet know a specific set of web pages. And its creators use the contents of the site for their own - not always specious, purposes.

Secondly, the older generation should immediately limit the time that a child can spend on a PC. The child’s psyche is not yet strong, so a long immersion in the virtual world can have a negative impact

Thirdly, the development of the baby should be carried out in several directions, forcing the PC only to “help” you, and not to fulfill the main role in the education of the future generation. At the same time, we recommend that you use the services of our website, as one of the most useful and safe in the development of children of both sexes.