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How to learn how to make a wheel by yourself at home?


In childhood, many of us tried to make a wheel in a physical education class, but for the majority this acrobatic element did not work. The wheel is a fairly simple exercise, but due to improper execution techniques, tightness, lack of preparation of muscles, fear, not everything can do it the first time.

In fact, this trick is quite simple, you can learn it in 1 day. It is especially easy to make such a rotation with the hands of a child. To do this, it should correctly instruct an adult who is well able to do the wheel.

Preparation for the exercise

Before you go directly to the technology of the wheel, you need to do some training.

To begin, make sure that you do not have the following contraindications for such a class:

  1. Serious disruption of the vestibular apparatus.
  2. Recently suffered hand injuries.
  3. Offset of spinal discs or hernia.
  4. Frequent dizziness or migraine.
  5. Knee injury

If your health is good, you can proceed to the preparation. This stage consists of high-quality warm-up, warming up the muscles of the arms, lower part of the body and the press.

15-20 minutes should be given to the body tilt back and forth, the rotation of the shoulder joints, knees, feet. After this, make a high-quality stretching. It is very important for this trick: in order to do it correctly, you must swing your legs with a large amplitude.

Hand Rotation Technique

After warming up and stretching, you can proceed directly to the implementation of the wheel itself. If you are doing this exercise for the first time, it is advisable to have an assistant next to you. You can train at home or in nature, you just need to make sure that there is plenty of free space around you.

Sometimes as a preparatory exercise, it is recommended to do a handstand near the wall. But in this case, the effectiveness of such a workout is low. Often people are absolutely unable to maintain static balance, freely perform the coup itself.

The classic version of the exercise - the wheel forward with the help of hands. To do this, take a starting position: stand up straight, spread your legs wide, spread your arms to the sides, turn your head in the direction of movement.

  1. Lower the front arm down, make the back swing.
  2. At the same time, make a good swing with your back foot, it makes the main push, sets the amplitude of the movement.
  3. Lean on the floor with your front hand, push it sharply at the moment you touch it, put a second one on the same line in front.
  4. When you touch the floor with your hand, your back leg should be high, perfectly straight.
  5. When both hands are on the floor, feet should be in the air above your head.
  6. First you need to land on the leg, which you pushed off from the floor, then on the one that was ahead.

The main rule of this technique is to constantly keep all the limbs perfectly level!

Torsion technique "butterfly" and the wheel on one hand

Exercise "butterfly" is the base to perform this acrobatic element without the help of hands.

It is done like this:

  1. Bend your knees, hands spread wide apart.
  2. Turn your whole body to the right side, legs are twisted synchronously with the upper part of the body.
  3. On the exhale, turn sharply in the opposite direction, make a strong move with your back foot.
  4. At the moment when the body is maximally twisted, push the supporting foot off the floor, throw your legs along the body as high as possible.
  5. The hull should be tilted low at this point.

Performing this exercise quickly, we make a semicircle in the air with our legs, while keeping your arms parallel at chest level.

The intermediate element between the two kinds of wheel is to do it with one hand. The technique is the same as for the usual twisting, with the difference that at the time of the coup need only rely on one hand. If this acrobatic element turns out well, it will not be difficult to make it completely without support.

Coup in the air without hands

It is much more difficult to make a coup backward or forward without the help of hands, this technique is considered more advanced, it is used by professional acrobats or as an element of parkour. But if you feel self-confident, you can try to make this acrobatic element.

The easiest way to try is to make a wheel without support from the basic starting position. At the moment of pushing with the back foot, it needs to make a very strong swing, which will transfer the necessary inertia of movement to the body. Try to push the body upwards as much as possible by pushing your foot off the floor. It should be high enough from ground level to prevent damage to the head.

Technique aerial implies a very good stretching of the legs. The athletes who perform such a trick professionally, at the time of torsion, the legs in the air are almost stretched to the splits.

Wheel back

This kind of wheel is the most difficult. To perform it you need to have strong hands and good flexibility.

Such a coup is done back through the "bridge" position. To do this, make a bridge from a standing position. Try to throw your legs up without changing the backbend. The correct technique implies continuous movement: throwing of the legs should be done at the moment when the hands touch the floor. Thus, you set the momentum they need for the body in order to make a revolution in the air.

A beautiful wheel is a beautiful wheel.

The fact is that you can learn to do this gymnastic element in a very short period of time in different ways: someone will actually succeed in more or less successfully performing it, but most will surely have to sweat.

You show someone your "creation", and certainly many will keep silent about your successes, if your training ended this morning. And you yourself can see what came of it - record yourself on video and evaluate whether you have even legs, pull your socks, put your hands correctly and do not move out of a straight line to the side. Here is a short list of a beautifully executed item.

But is it possible to think about such trifles, if you are still unsteady on your hands (I do not speak about everything else)? Therefore, my training is somewhat longer than others, but more qualitatively.

Preliminary preparation

After you read this article and firmly decide to learn how to make a gymnastic wheel, from the very first days of training you will have to learn to stand on your hands and take your initial positions from the very first days of training. No, no, do not think, you do not need to master the handstand, ideally - it will be enough if you can last from 3 to 5 seconds. All, consider, with the reception, we finished.

How to do handstand is another question. Initially, you can just put your hands on the floor and, pushing with both feet, raise your upper body above the floor. Then try to straighten a few legs, increasing the time of standing on his hands. It turns out? Then you can safely go to the rack near the wall.

Can you stand on your hands near the wall for a considerable time (10-15 seconds)? Then try now to start tearing off your heels leaning against the wall, making a short but full-fledged handstand. I say, three seconds is enough. Let's go to the starting position.

If you are right handed, your left hand should be on the ground when the wheel is run. If left-handed - right. So, you are standing on the floor with your hands up. What to do with the legs? If the left hand is the first on the ground when performing, then in the initial position, put forward slightly (and on the toe!) Of the same leg - left. A similar picture with the right parts of the body.

A small result: the starting position is a forward leg, standing on the tip of the foot, and a level body with arms raised upwards.

Naturally (in general, I think it is superfluous to mention this), you need some stretching and flexibility.

How to make a wheel at home?

I can not warn you: before starting home workouts, remove everything that you can smash by hooking, breaking, falling or hurting yourself about something, having executed the element incorrectly.

Well, with the initial position decided. First stage. Do not immediately try to do the right thing, let's do everything in order. Get better with the following exercise: trying to make a wheel, lower both legs in front of your palms.

Details: You are standing in the starting position, taking a step with your foot pointing forward and leaning towards the floor, placing your hands. After that, immediately push off from behind with a standing foot (tearing the legs completely off the floor, remaining standing for a millisecond on the hands) and land both legs opposite the palms. Begin to do this confidently, and you can proceed to the next step.

Stage Two. You will do almost the same thing, but we will now pay attention to the details. Now put a special hand on the floor. When you bend, put the palm of your first hand in the direction away from you, that is, forward. The second hand should be set in the direction to the left, if the first hand is the left, and to the right, if the first hand is the right. Both palms form something like the letter "T".

On top of that, now try to place the palm of the first hand close to the foot of the same name (this is necessary so that you do not “stretch” over the whole hall). Remember that we are throwing the legs is not yet full?

The third stage. Learned to put the right hands. Now let's straighten the legs while doing an exercise called the “horizontal wheel”. These are straightened legs, but not raised above the body, but floating, as it were, away from it. Therefore, the "horizontal".

Try to throw your straight right leg a little over the line of the right palm, while throwing the left foot almost on the line of the right palm. You move your lower limbs aside. While throwing straight legs in a horizontal plane, try to keep balance on your hands.

Stage Four. We are trying to do the "vertical wheel" - the very gymnastic. Here you need to start the right foot by the right palm (forming the letter “T”), and the left foot by the right foot - something like a chain is obtained, where each link you put on the floor in turn. All this is done, if not with straight legs, then with the maximum straight from your point of view. Go for it.

The exit of their wheel is the starting position at the beginning of the exercise in a mirror image: straight arms are raised up, and the right leg is set forward slightly (if you started from the left). Well, or left, if you started from the right. In short, end with the opposite foot.

What we have

In general, the wheel for beginners should work out well if you followed the recommendations. It remains to work with the small details of which I spoke: pull the socks, straighten the legs to the maximum. If you step off an imaginary straight line, you can “draw” it with scotch tape each time. It will turn out - remove the scotch.

By the way, my advice to you: learn to make wheels on both sides at the same time, and neither will lag behind the other.

For starters, what I have described will be enough. And I have it all. If the material was useful to you or seemed interesting, then share it with friends in the social. networks (such a kind of like my work) and subscribe to blog updates. Waiting for your comments, gymnasts.

Gymnastics for children: exercises for beginners in 5 minutes

Children are always on the move. But in order to teach a child how to make a wheel, it is important to prepare muscles.

There is a simple and easy gymnastics, which can be done in 5 minutes with the child.

It is designed for muscle development:

Jumping with a skipping rope. Jump on two or on one leg. The first times adults help children, so that they understand how to properly use sports equipment.

Next, the children do their own. Another exercise - jumping in a hoop. The exercise is designed for children up to 5-6 years.

Several ringlets are laid out on the walkway, and the child must jump to the center of the circle.

The back is raised and lowered from a sitting position. Legs are fixed by parents. The child needs to cross his palms under his head.

Lying on your back, you need to raise straight legs, do not bend at the knees. Parents help children understand the essence of the exercise.

The child lies on the stomach. The legs are thrust under the sofa so that they are securely fixed. The palms are crossed under the back of the head.

You need to try to raise your arms, head and shoulders as high as possible. Repeat the exercise 5-10 times

The most effective exercise - plank. You need to lie on the floor, stretch your arms, put your feet on the floor. The body should be parallel to the floor.

The stoves are exactly above the palms, the back can be rounded, the legs are held together. You can perform 2-3 sets of 10-15 seconds

In order for muscles to become strong and enduring, parents must stretch their children.

Exercises help to relax muscle tissue, develop flexibility in the kid. Children under three years old are allowed to do any exercises, except for the splits.

You need to take a starting position, sitting on the floor, put your legs together and try to reach out with your hands to your heels.

Parents can help the child, but do not push hard on the back, so as not to damage the muscles

Balancing at home on two and one hand

Many people want to learn to stand on one hand. To cope with the trick, be sure to train the muscles and gradually prepare the body.

To do this, conduct a simple test:

    In a sitting position, you need to put your legs together. The hands should be placed on the floor near the buttocks. They straighten, and a person needs to tear the pelvis from the floor.

If you manage to hold out in this position for 10 seconds, you can begin to perform the rack. You need to sit on your heels, put your hands on the floor, tear off your pelvis and move your hips up with pushes of your feet.

The main load in this exercise falls on the hands, so the muscles must be strong and strong.

In the absence of training, a person will not be able to keep his own weight and balance.

  • To learn balancing, learn to stand on your head. A person begins to feel his body better, to have balance.
  • No less important are the preparatory exercises for beginners.

    To do this, follow the following technique:

    1. You must go to the wall, leave the distance of their own growth. Hands need to rest against the wall, gradually lower the torso. The pelvis is moved forward, you need to crush the wall with your hands.
    2. Starting position - lying, heels attached to the wall. The legs become on the wall, and gradually raise the torso up.
    3. Swing feet. The face is drawn to the wall. The optimal distance is 1.5 meters. Feet stand together. One foot make a step, and the other move.

    The weight of the body must be transferred to the arms so that the muscles of the body become toned. It is necessary to simultaneously combine several movements - push, tilting the head, swing. The muscles of the trunk are also toned.

    Stand is not necessary to withstand, so a person needs to immediately return to its original position.

    When a person begins to train without safety net, it is important to follow all the recommendations. You can not only fall, but also injured.

    If during the stand hands do not withstand the load, you need to try to gently lower the legs.

    Is it possible to learn in 1 day

    For 1 day you can learn how to make a wheel, but you need to have a strong and strong body. It must withstand any physical activity.

    To learn how to make a wheel, you can use two techniques - a wall or jumps. Bearing near the wall is the most difficult method, but the wheel will be smooth and beautiful.

    First of all, learn to stand on your hands. It is necessary to determine which way the wheel is easier to make.

    An acrobatic trick on level ground at first will be scary to do. In order not to be injured, bend their feet slightly to the ground.

    When fear begins to fade, the wheel will start to be more beautiful, even and clear.

    But at first the wheel will not be so beautiful. During the call, make a jump.

    To do this, the body leans to the side, two hands are placed on the floor, and the legs jump from one side to the other. Movement should be smooth, you can not stop while tilting.

    Only regular exercise, strengthening muscles and fighting with your fear will help to achieve an excellent result.

    Only athletes manage to perform an acrobatic trick in one day. Children and the average person without physical training will need more time.