Man's health

Why, originally intended for animals, horse pathogen will be useful to men


Many guys and men want to bring a zest to their intimate life, and some even have sudden situations that do not allow them to fully enjoy intimacy.

Horse's pathogen for men will help restore sexual desire and gain strong arousal. It has an affordable price, contains natural ingredients and is considered quite a popular drug.

Components of the horse pathogen

The stimulator is not a medicine, it is classified as a dietary supplement and is dispensed without a doctor's prescription. The drug contains the substance yohimbine, which is extracted from the plants of Central Africa. It is also used by bodybuilders for weight loss and muscle drying.

Initially, yohimbine was used in veterinary medicine. Later, it began to be used in medicine to eliminate disorders of sexual function in the representatives of the stronger sex, adding the necessary substances to it and changing the dosage. Now a homeopathic remedy suitable for people is called "Testicular serum extract."

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The main component in the horse pathogen is among the alkaloids that do not smell, tasteless and have no color. They freely dissolve in any liquid, be it juice, tea, water or alcohol. Therefore, the use of the drug does not involve any difficulties, you just need to dissolve it in water. All these characteristics allow you to take a stimulator secretly from your partner.

The effect of the drug and the rules of administration

The use of the pathogen causes changes in the state and behavior of men, namely:

  • provokes a strong erection of the penis,
  • prolongs intercourse,
  • stimulates sexual arousal,
  • increases stamina
  • increases heart rate and increases blood pressure.

After the use of the drug, the central nervous and vegetative systems are activated. At the same time, blood is intensively supplied to the genitals through the vessels, and soon there is a strong arousal. The speed of achieving the result is from 15 to 20 minutes.

Horse pathogen is recommended to drink 8-16 drops, depending on the weight of the man. The minimum dose is quite arousal, so do not immediately increase the number of drops. This share is enough for 4-5 hours. Use the tool must be carefully and carefully.

Usually, symptoms of overdose occur in the case of an increase in the recommended serving three times. This can cause problems of a physical and psychological nature. Therefore, men are not advised to experiment, otherwise the penis may be a single day. The remedy itself is absolutely safe, however, it is not recommended to use it to people with hypersensitivity to the components, as well as to persons under 18 years of age.

Customer Reviews

The effect of the drug has been tested by many men. Horse pathogen, reviews of which are both negative and positive, affects people differently. Someone does not notice the effect at all, others confirm that the stimulator is working, and speak of a rapid onset of arousal. To say who exactly and under what conditions will help the drug, it is impossible. Sometimes the result is achieved through self-hypnosis.

It should be recalled that the stimulator for men is a temporary help and does not completely eliminate the problem of erection.

Many men are interested in where to buy the product and how much they will have to pay for it. Horse pathogen can be purchased at a pharmacy, where there are products with unconventional drugs. It is also sold in sex shops and specialty stores, it can be ordered online. It is better not to buy a tool on questionable sites, so as not to harm the body, because the effect of a fake can be unpredictable.

The price of the drug varies from 900 to 3500 rubles. The bottle lasts about 50 drops. Before using the pathogen, it is better to consult with a specialist to determine the schedule of reception and the desired dose.

It should be recalled that the stimulant for men is a temporary help and does not completely eliminate the problem of erection. Until the cause of the dysfunction is cured, it is possible to improve the libido with the help of the pathogen.

Do you have serious problems with potential?

Already a lot of tools tried and nothing helped? These symptoms are familiar to you firsthand:

  • sluggish erection,
  • lack of desire
  • sexual dysfunction.

The only way is surgery? Wait and do not act by radical methods. Potency increase MAYBE! Follow the link and find out how experts recommend treatment.

Why the unique composition of the drug will help both men and women

The basis of the tool is the testicular serum extract (PTS), but at a very low concentration compared to the veterinary drug of a similar name.

Attention! Veterinary analogue is prohibited for human reception. The tool has a slightly different composition and concentration of the hood, which can be fatal.

The main substance of the drug “horse pathogen” intended for humans is Yohimbin (Quebrahin), which acts specifically on the central nervous system. The substance is extracted from the tree of the Marenov family or from the serpentine rauwolfia.

Also, the composition of the pathogen includes other active and important substances, further enhancing the effect of yohimbine (ginseng extract plus L-arginine).

Ginseng root is an excellent tonic. The presence of vitamins, essential oils, minerals collected in the plant root, is a catalyst for the nervous system. Significantly enhances the sensation, physical stability of the body.

L-arginine enhances blood circulation, significantly increases the body's vitality, has a stimulating effect on the nerve endings located in the genitals, and doubles the concentration of estrogen.

Impact of horse pathogen on women

The fair sex can also have problems in the field of sexual relations. The lack of sexual desire, the inability to reach orgasm - all this, ultimately, makes a woman frigid.

The reasons why a woman has lost libido can be different:

  • reduced susceptibility of intimate areas,
  • addiction to alcohol,
  • mental or psychological trauma,
  • depression,
  • fear of intimacy
  • depression,
  • physical exercise,
  • gynecological diseases
  • everyday life routine
  • disruption of hormonal levels.

The causative agent is an aphrodisiac, its use can help a woman reduce some frigidity symptoms, significantly increase libido and cravings for the opposite sex.

How does it affect girls and women? What happens when using a horse pathogen for women?

  1. Increased desire and pleasure from sex.
  2. An orgasm attack occurs without primary caresses and too long introductory preludes.
  3. Increases motor activity.
  4. Increases the duration of sexual intercourse.
  5. Multiorgasm is coming.
  6. The hypersensitivity of erogenous sites increases.
  7. Due to the abundant release of lubricant from the vaginal walls, the quality during sexual contact is improved.
  8. Endurance significantly increases at the moment of contact.

Although the remedy is called a medicine, but in reality it is a dietary supplement that can cause some adverse reactions in the female body.

It is worth noting the following symptoms of an overdose of the drug:

  • the presence of individual intolerance,
  • unreasonable mood swings,
  • arrhythmia,
  • burning in areas of intimate organs,
  • drowsiness,
  • feeling nauseous, there may be urge to vomit,
  • drops in blood pressure.

Attention! It is forbidden to combine horse pathogen with alcohol.

The effect of the drug on the stronger sex

The tool is suitable for the stronger sex, and has already shown its effectiveness. Among men, one of the most common problems is the reduction of potency or its loss.

Some factors can lead to impotence:

  • lack of permanent sex life. Prolonged abstinence leads to stagnation of blood and lymph, provoking inflammatory processes,
  • psychological disorders. Constant stresses, accompanied by depressive states, obsession with unsuccessful cases of intimate intimacy, the formation of a stable inferiority complex,
  • diseases of the genitourinary system. These include hormonal disruptions, as well as prostatitis, prostate adenoma,
  • the use of strong drugs. In particular, these are hormonal drugs, some antibiotics, any drugs,
  • bruises or injuries of the reproductive system or urinary tract.

The use of the horse pathogen will not eliminate the root cause of the disease, but for a short period it will increase the attraction and renew man's strength.

According to men, this pathogen leads to some positive changes in the body:

  • there is a steady erection
  • blood vessels are dilated, which improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs,
  • libido increases,
  • frequency of urination decreases (it has an antidiuretic effect),
  • prolongs the time of sexual intercourse
  • stimulates sexual arousal,
  • increases stamina
  • increases heartbeat,
  • faster burned fat
  • blood pressure rises.

After taking the drug, the central nervous and vegetative systems are activated. In the genitals increases blood flow, which leads to a strong arousal. Regular use of dietary supplements partially cures bladder atony (spontaneous urination) and male menopause.

The duration of exposure to the horse pathogen persists for an hour (3 hours) in the body of a man. The effect of the drug comes almost instantly (maximum after 11 minutes) due to the high rate of absorption in the stomach. The maximum concentration of the drug will reach 1.5 hours.

Side effects will appear only if the dosage is not followed, the product is mixed with alcohol or in case of individual intolerance:

  • excessive agitation,
  • feeling nauseous
  • hand tremor (trembling, fast, involuntary hand movements caused by muscle contraction).

How much is the tool and where to buy it?

Horse pathogen can be ordered and purchased in the online store, and received by mail or home delivery.

The main and main advantage of the product - easy accessibility. A recipe for the purchase is not required, as it is just a dietary supplement.

The price does not depend on the region of delivery. For an online order, the delivery times made by Russian post are 7-14 days. Parcel is shipped within 24 hours from the moment of payment of postage. To clarify the tariff and the time of delivery of the pathogen specifically for your region, please visit the Russian post office

On average, the price of one bottle is in the range of 900-3,500 rubles.

Release form and dosage

The product is available only in glass containers in the form of a 10 ml vial. This amount is enough for 30 receptions (with strict instructions).

Dosage for men. For the first dose, it is enough to add 5 drops of the product to any non-alcoholic liquid (for example, juice, coffee). With repeated use, the dose is allowed to increase to 15 drops.

Attention! Horse equine pathogen for people is contraindicated to use on an empty stomach, so as not to cause inflammation of the stomach walls or the appearance of ulcers. The drug tastes bitter and slightly burning.

Dosage for women (girls).The number of drops directly depends on the female parameters. With a weight less than 60 kg, a single dose is a maximum of 7 drops (the best option is 5 drops). With a weight over 60 kg - a maximum of 10 drops.

Attention! It is not permissible to add a horse pathogen to its partner without its consent.

A causative agent for men that actually works.

Failures with erection, short or dim sex and, as a result, the partner's disappointment. Such phenomena in men can cause panic fear, anxiety and stress. Alpha Elixir is a tool aimed at improving sexual desire and sexual intercourse itself, and on all fronts simultaneously.

This drug can certainly be called the causative agent for men of rapid action. His formula is designed specifically for those men who can not easily be excited after everyday problems and fatigue, and if they are excited, they do not get pleasure from sexual intimacy. This remedy strengthens and prolongs sex up to 90%, makes it brighter, because any woman dreams of this. How does Alpha Elixir work? Even a single dose can effectively:

  1. Stimulate male libido, promotes sexual attraction, even after a hard day's work.
  2. Strengthen and prolong sexual stamina - the act of intimacy becomes longer.
  3. Excite the male sexual organ, even from the banal touch of a partner.
  4. Encourage real animal passion for your partner.

If a means to take a course, it creates an accumulating effect, it says that good sex is guaranteed in the future. Customer reviews indicate that Alpha Elixir is a strong and best causative agent for men. A review of the active ingredients of the drug can be found below. The most effective male pathogen fast action can be purchased at an online pharmacy, at a price of 990 rubles., With delivery in St. Petersburg.

Instructions for use Alpha Elixir

Instructions for use gives a detailed description of the active components that help a man to restore male power, increase the duration of sexual intercourse, return vivid impressions and emotions of intimacy. The instruction recommends taking only a few drops of the agent just before the proximity. Drops are dissolved in 200 ml (glass) of water and taken orally. Alpha Elixir is a powerful pathogen for men, a remedy that really works, unlike other sexual stimulants.

If you take it twice a day, morning and evening, you can achieve the accumulating effect. It is a medicinal product on a natural basis, therefore it is safe for the health of a man. Even one drop of the drug can radically change sex partners if it has become dull, unsatisfied and rare. Contraindication to use - intolerance to the body of the components that make up its composition.


The safety of this drug has been proven by clinical trials and experience, judging by the customer reviews. And expert advice is advisory in nature. There are no contraindications for use, because the drug is made from natural aphrodisiacs. And they, as you know, do no harm to man. In men, their potency increases and increases. So Alpha Elixir is a male pathogen that really works. The composition of the means is the best natural components designed to initiate sexual desire, enhance erection, prolong sexual intercourse.

Composition and description of active ingredients

Alpha Elixir is an innovative drug that not only excites a man, but also makes sex brighter, longer and more effective. Formula means - a successful combination of folk remedies aimed at restoring potency and male power in general. Potent natural extracts collected in this bottle, thanks to the use of modern biotechnology, perfectly complement and strengthen one. Natural pathogen for men works purposefully and effectively.

One contraindication - individual intolerance of individual components. If a person does not experience a loss of men's health, he is full of energy, his partner and he himself enjoy, they have an orgasm every time, the use of an elixir is not required. Otherwise, salvation and exit - the reception of Alpha Elixir. The composition includes natural aphrodisiacs:

  1. Ginkgo biloba. Restorative component. Contributes to the regulation of the vascular system, the establishment of the nerve centers, their blood supply. Stimulates blood flow to the penis.
  2. Lemongrass. An important active element of the drug. His role - the fight against inflammation, stimulation of the blood filling of the penis. This strengthens the male power.
  3. Ginger root. The natural component that increases the potency improves the sensitivity of all erogenous zones, improves blood circulation in the pelvis, increases the production of testosterone - the pleasure hormone.
  4. Amino Acids. Need to relax the blood vessels. They open the way for blood to flow freely and regularly to the penis. This is necessary to normalize the metabolism and stabilize the erection.
  5. Vitamin B. Its action is aimed at accelerating the synthesis of hormones, protecting the male body from excessive overloads, restoring lost energy.

From all of the above, we can conclude that to increase the potency of a better tool is not found.Here, everything is thought out clearly and competently, so Alpha Elixir is recommended for those who especially need it, and all those who monitor their masculine strength and health.

Reviews of doctors and buyers of the male pathogen

Real, true reviews of Alfa Elixir, buyers and experts play an important role before buying the drug. True or another divorce - the question asked by many. Most reviews suggest that it is a powerful and natural pathogen for men with quick-acting drops, which actually works. To purchase a pathogen for men in a pharmacy in St. Petersburg, you must fill out an application.

I have 40 years of work experience and I know firsthand the problems of men. Disorders in sexual attraction and sex life in general can occur at any age. Not only older men come to me, but also students. Sexual attraction is reduced for various reasons.

If I do not find any pathological changes in their health, I advise you to take a few drops of Alpha Elixir a day to stimulate the potency. This will be quite enough to return to them the power of men, and sexual failures are gone. Alpha Elixir is a complex of active ingredients, namely: aphrodisiacs and additional substances that restore and stimulate the metabolism, blood circulation and nutrition of the male reproductive system.

Nosenko A. B., andrologist

I observe problems with man's health often. This mainly happens when a man has reached the age of 40. Although not many are willing to publicly acknowledge the existence of a problem, some still come to the reception with a request to attribute a real drug, after which the man feels stronger, sexually. Alpha Elixir is an agent that contains only plant substances. And they are not only needed for therapeutic purposes to treat a particular problem, but also prophylactic. Therefore, in order to restore or extend the male power for as long as possible, I recommend it.

Suslov V.P., sexologist

Alpha Elixir - cool drops! I say this because I tried it on myself. The effect is felt immediately - this is true. Male power has increased many times, potency, I did not expect it - super! Excitement came in minutes. By the way, the number of sexual acts per night also increased in number. What else does a real man need? Thank you for coming up with these drops!

Vitaly, 27 years old, St. Petersburg

How to make a pathogen for men with their own hands

Potency plays a crucial role for men. Her decline is depression, anxiety, and fear of sexual intimacy. The causes of this phenomenon may be many factors. The result of all this is a divorce. A woman who is not sexually satisfied may suspect adultery, but if she finds a stronger sexual partner, she will easily go to him. So do many women, but not all. Some, having learned about the problem, try to restore, strengthen the male potency with their own hands.

In fact, there are many flavors and products that can help the male body to cope with the problem on its own, and sex will again become bright and long as before. Prepare the pathogen for men of quick action at home is very simple, if you know what you need for this. First of all - to know the natural and affordable products aphrodisiacs. These include:

  1. Seafood. Any of these products is a natural male pathogen. It helps to increase male attraction, stimulates libido. In order for a man to have a stable and strong erection, he should include mussels, squids, oysters in the diet.
  2. Celery (root). It has long been considered the best way to increase potency and libido. Whatever the recipe, which includes this tool, the result will be only positive. Women should be aware of this and use the recommendation. And then the man will always be on top, to cause female interest and sexually, to be loved, and most importantly - desired.
  3. Honey. It is used in folk medicine for thousands of years. But not everyone knows that he is able, except for the treatment of certain diseases, to increase sexual energy. If a man takes it regularly, he can boast to others stable sexual arousal, confidence in his male strength. And his partner will always be satisfied - sex for her will be bright, long and always end in orgasm.
  4. Ginger. Unique natural product. It was used in oriental medicine. Wise men knew that tincture or tea from this plant enhances sexual desire. Many stimulants of potency have it in their composition. Ginger stimulates blood circulation in the pelvic area, and a systematic flow of blood to the genital organ is the key to full sex.

With your own hands, you can prepare a natural pathogen for men right in the kitchen, if you add the listed products to your diet. It is the safest, easiest and most affordable method to strengthen, restore and stimulate men's health. And then you will not need to buy medical products in pharmacies - elixirs, pills, etc. Your man and you yourself will be proud of his sexual arousal, opportunity and strength, enjoying sex to the fullest. The price for a male pathogen of rapid action in drops in pharmacies of St. Petersburg is 990 rubles. for the promotion, without a discount it is possible to buy for 1,980 rubles.

Where to buy Horse pathogen

If you are bored with persistent problems with sex, or you feel discomfort during an intimate encounter, buy and try on yourself the action of the Horse Pathogen. In fact, it is a veterinary drug that helps maintain sexual function in animals.

For a long period of time, the product was used for mating cattle. Its composition contains a certain reflex, necessary to speed up the fertilization process.

It is sold as a testicular extract by A-Biofabrika. Thanks to the convenient form of release, the drops easily dissolve in the drink - you can even take them secretly from your partner. The drug has no taste, smell and color. The bottle contains 25 milliliters of liquid, which is enough for 30 or more applications.

The drug allows you to increase sexual desire

Indications for use

Horse pathogen has the following indications for use:

  • the feeling of constant fatigue and overwork - an active rhythm of life can so deplete a person’s physical condition that he will not be able to have sex,
  • the presence of a source of stress - psychological pressure from the side inhibits the normal functioning of the reproductive system,
  • Uncertainty of a person, his dissatisfaction with his appearance - reception of the pathogen occurs when you do not feel relaxed enough in bed or are trying to complete sexual contact faster,
  • hormonal imbalance in the body - interruptions in the process of estrogen are the direct cause of frigidity and erectile dysfunction,
  • the presence of diseases in the reproductive system - its symptoms can lead to irreversible physiological changes, as well as accompanied by sharp and long pain in the pelvic region.

Use the drug can also those people who have no problems in the intimate terms, but want to refresh their relationship with a partner, surprise him with relaxed behavior and add more passion to everyday sex.

What it consists of

The horse pathogen consists of Yohimbin (the second name is Quebrahin). Its concentration is not so great, due to which the product is not included in the drug group. The active substance is extracted from the bark of the plant, which is common in South African countries.

In pure form, Yohimbin is a colorless crystals. Its melting point is 236 degrees. To date Horse pathogen adapted to the physiological needs of people, thanks to which it is actively used to increase sexual arousal.

In men, the product eliminates the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, which makes it impossible to perform a full-fledged act, as well as get pleasure while achieving orgasm. Women, he helps to achieve the desired level of arousal.

How does the horse pathogen on the body

Horse pathogen on the human body as follows:

  1. causes heart palpitations,
  2. increases blood pressure
  3. stimulates sexual activity
  4. sharpens sensations when touched
  5. increases physical activity
  6. contributes to the achievement of multi orgasm.

A single word should be said about the sympatholytic effect, which is manifested in the following. As a result of the influence on the circulatory system, the pelvic organs are better supplied with blood, due to which a person feels a keen desire to have sex.

Regular intake of the Horse pathogen contributes to the normalization of the functioning of presynaptic alpha receptors. Given this feature, it can cause a number of side effects.

Thanks to the stimulator, the desire to have sex is increased

What are the contraindications for use

Horse pathogen has a number of contraindications. It should be used strictly in accordance with the instructions, otherwise the risk of poisoning increases significantly.

Before taking the remedy, make sure that there are no contraindications:

  • symptoms of hypertension,
  • symptoms of coronary heart disease,
  • the presence of serious abnormalities in the liver and kidneys,
  • severe diseases of the nervous system
  • high susceptibility to yohimbin,
  • problems with heart rate.

To avoid a negative reaction, consult your doctor or find out how to replace the pathogen.

How to take horse pathogen

To achieve the maximum effect, the Horse pathogen must be properly taken. Due to its convenient form of release, neutral smell and lack of color, it can be dissolved in any liquid. The horse pathogen has an internal mode of administration.

To obtain the result, dilute the agent with water in such quantity:

The purpose of the drug: the expectation and reality

As already mentioned, the horse is the causative agent for humans. You can buy medicine without a prescription, but ... It is important to understand that the effect of the horse pathogen in Internet sources is significantly distorted. The drug acts a little differently, and more precisely:

  1. Reaction in women:
  • strong excitement
  • bright erotic fantasies
  • enhanced vaginal lubrication,
  • sensitization
  • love game is accompanied by multi orgasms.
  1. Reaction in men:
  • prolongation, improvement of erection,
  • endurance giving.

In addition, the drug "BTC" affects the central nervous system, cardiovascular system. But neither the man nor the woman after taking the medicine will not lose control of themselves. This is not a drug. BAA is aimed at eliminating psychological, vegetative obstacles, that is, struggling with female frigidity (of various kinds), male sexual impotence. Thanks to the medication, men return a second youth, while women fully enjoy sex.

How to apply?

Picaker's websites clearly demonstrate not only disrespect for girls, but also manifest stupidity, convincing the visitor that without the knowledge of a woman you can add horse equine pathogen. Instructions for the use of herbal medicine introduces the consumer with contraindications. Women do not always tell men about their health problems. Therefore, it is necessary to drink dietary supplements only with the consent of the partner.

  • drug use 20 minutes before sex,
  • women with body mass: up to 60 kg - 7 drops, up to 70 kg - 10 drops, over 70 kg - up to 15 drops (but not more!),
  • men weighing: up to 70 kg - 10 drops, up to 85 kg - 12 drops, more than 100 kg - up to 18 drops.

The drug has a huge advantage - the lack of smell, why the additive will not spoil the taste of food and drinks. The instructions do not have contraindications for alcohol. The dosage for a person who drinks the drug for the first time is no more than 5 drops.

Before use, you should consult with your doctor to identify possible contraindications.

Why apply?

There are many reasons to buy a horse pathogen for men and women. Domestic problems interfere with relaxation, which reduces physical desire. Women often have a headache or they are not ready because of prejudice, although love is present. It is not recommended to treat female frigidity with this medicine, since the serum has a temporary effect, but does not eliminate the main problem. Men, too, often lack sexual desire, especially after a hard day's work. This reluctance has a negative effect on family or romantic relationships. Dissatisfaction is the most frequent reason for a break.

Drops are recommended for people with:

  • hormonal imbalance,
  • age-related changes in the body, affecting sexual power,
  • physical, emotional fatigue,
  • stressful situations.

Most often, the homeopathic medicine is acquired for girls, because women are often shy, which prevents them from completely giving in to their feelings. Drops relax enlarged women, due to the impact on the nervous system, increasing blood flow to the genitals. Having taken homeopathy, the girl will not lie with a log, her sensitivity is so enhanced that she shudders at every touch. Men who quickly reach the finish line, not having time to satisfy their partner, praise the drug "BTC", because the medicine is incredibly prolonging an erection. Many men have already put an end to their intimate life, but having tried the medicine, they begin to live again.


"VTS" activates the body almost immediately after administration, for several hours. As the manufacturer promises, the horse pathogen for men and women is equally effective, able to work wonders. Yes, sex after a horse pathogen is truly amazing!

Homeopathic remedy will give a date some intrigue, romance, passion. The main thing - to comply with the prescribed proportions.

Benefit or harm

If intimate life brings disappointment, dissatisfaction, then the benefits of the herbal preparation are obvious. Partners are starting to feel each other in a new way, experiencing bright emotions. Natural medicine "includes" brain cent, increases the level of estrogen in the blood. In most cases, it is the lack of estrogen - the main cause of female frigidity. Therefore, the drug has positive properties.

Regarding the harmfulness of homeopathic medicine: if used correctly, there will be no negative aspects. The drug itself is not able to cause significant damage to the body, as the vegetable components do not cause acute reactions.

Before ordering a horse pathogen, it is important to examine the composition. The main active ingredient of the drug is yohimbine, which is extracted from the bark of marenovo trees (in African countries). The alkaloid component activates sexual function in men and women.

Where to buy horse pathogen with delivery by mail in Russia?

Unambiguous place of purchase - the official site. Horse pathogen - a popular and effective drug, respectively, is of interest among "handicraft" manufacturers. Our store provides consumers with only the original product, which is safe for health. We offer horse pathogen to buy with delivery. In addition, our consultants will tell you in detail about the features of dietary supplements. Each order is processed immediately after submitting the application, which is why delivery is carried out as quickly as possible. Why is it better to purchase from us?

  • only original product
  • order confidentiality
  • fast delivery,
  • competent advice,
  • convenient ways to buy and pay,
  • product warranty.

Beware of fake "VTS"! Buy fake in Moscow - easy! Pay attention to the cost, too low a price for drops - it is suspicious. Official representatives often offer promotions, all sorts of discounts.

What is the basis of the horse pathogen

The main component of the PTS is yohimbine hydrochloride, an alpha adrenergic blocker that specifically acts on the central nervous system. When this substance enters the human body, the following processes occur:

  1. dilation of blood vessels - improves blood circulation and increases blood flow to the pelvic organs, including the genitals,
  2. increase in potency
  3. increased libido,
  4. antidiuretic action (reduces the frequency of urination),
  5. increase in blood pressure and heart rate,
  6. increase endurance,
  7. increase in muscle mass gain
  8. fast burning of fat layers.

Yohimbine is obtained from the bark of the yohimbe tree that grows in African forests.

The composition of the pathogen are also other active substances that complement and enhance the effect of yohimbine - ginseng extract and L-arginine.

Ginseng extract - has a general tonic effect. Витамины, минералы и эфирные масла, которые содержаться в корне женьшеня, оказывают стимулирующее действие на центральную нервную систему. Усиливает эффект чувственного восприятия, повышает физическую выносливость.

L-arginine - improves blood microcirculation, provides improved blood circulation, increases endurance, stimulates nerve endings in the genitals, increases the concentration of estrogen.

How does the horse pathogen on women

It is known that women may experience sexual problems due to a decrease in craving for intimacy. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the woman becomes frigid, the complete lack of desire leads to the impossibility of achieving orgasm (sexual coldness) and aversion to sex. The reason for the loss of libido can be:

  • loss of sensitivity of erogenous zones,
  • drinking alcoholic beverages
  • mental injury
  • fear of sexual intimacy
  • focusing on the absence of orgasm,
  • depressive states
  • increased exercise,
  • lack of interesting events in your personal life, routine,
  • hormonal disorders,
  • gynecological diseases.

The horse pathogen belongs to a number of aphrodisiacs, the use of which will help to remove most of the symptoms of frigidity, increase desire and sexual desire.

What happens if a girl drinks the drug:

  1. increased desire and pleasure during sex,
  2. a significant increase in the duration of sexual intercourse,
  3. reaching orgasm without long preludes and foreplay,
  4. achieving multi orgasm
  5. increasing the excitability of erogenous zones,
  6. Improving the quality of sexual intercourse due to wetting of the vaginal walls,
  7. increase stamina during intercourse,
  8. increase in motor activity.

However, you should not forget about the adverse reactions of the woman’s body to the testicular serum extract. If you do not follow the dosing or individual intolerance to the body of this drug, you may experience the following symptoms:

  1. burning sensation in the vagina,
  2. mood swings
  3. drowsiness,
  4. blood pressure jumps
  5. arrhythmia,
  6. nausea and gagging.

It is also not recommended to take the pathogen if the woman drank alcoholic beverages.

How much is a horse pathogen (VTS) in pharmacies

This tool can be purchased at any pharmacy. The main advantage of this drug, unlike other stimulants - it is easy accessibility. The drug is a dietary supplement (dietary supplement) therefore does not require a prescription by the attending physician. The pharmaceutical company LLC A-Biofarmika makes a preparation. To certify the quality and authenticity, pharmacies have certificates and other accompanying documentation (TU 9197–117–9249–2962–12). Also in the pharmacy, you can get recommendations and feedback on the horse pathogen. The price of the drug varies by region and the percentage premium of the pharmacy. The cost of one bottle - from 950 to 1500 rubles.

The drug is available in a 25 ml glass vial. With proper dosing, the drug is enough for 30 applications.

Dosing of the drug for men

In the case of the initial use of the drug, add 5 drops of the drug to any non-alcoholic liquid (juice, coffee, tea, water).

With repeated use of the dose can be increased to 15 drops.

To reduce the risk of inflammation of the stomach walls and the formation of ulcers, the horse pathogen is not recommended to be taken on an empty stomach. It should be noted that the drug has a bitter burning taste.

Dosing of the drug for women

The amount of drug taken depends on body weight. If a woman weighs less than 60 kg, then the maximum daily dose should not exceed 7 drops. The optimal amount is 5 drops. If a woman's weight exceeds 60 kg, then the maximum dosage is 10 drops.

Restrictions on the frequency of use does not exist. Therefore, the horse pathogen can be used daily.

If you have questions of reception and dosing, you can read the instructions and descriptions attached to this drug.

Action and application

In fact, what is popularly called the “horse pathogen for humans” is BTC (testicular serum extract). It is widely believed that it is used exclusively for declining to sexual intimacy. This is not the case; the stimulant is widely used when it is necessary to normalize sex life in families that have encountered any problems.

Horse pathogen is produced in a form that does not create any inconvenience when using the tool. Drops easily dissolve in any drink, which allows you to not advertise the fact of drug use. This is especially important for men who value their reputation and do not want to share methods of achieving their sexual victories.

The addition of a stimulant to both alcoholic and non-alcoholic liquids does not cause a change in their color, taste or aroma. Light bitterness can be felt only when combined with plain water.

Indications for use:

  • if one of the partners is physically tired, for example, after active physical exertion, a hard working day,
  • Restoration of the atmosphere of intimacy after excitement, conflict, stress,
  • the presence of various complexes that prevent relaxation,
  • physical discomfort during intercourse, associated with muscle clamps and insufficient release of lubricant,
  • failure in the hormonal system
  • diseases that reduce sexual desire (diabetes, cystitis, inflammation of the excretory system, etc.),
  • personal problems that hinder mutual understanding between partners.

How does the pathogen affect women?

The use of a stimulant by women is recommended if they have problems achieving a sufficient degree of arousal. Reduced libido leads to psychophysical frigidity, when foreplay does not allow you to relax and get the expected pleasure.

Possible side effects of the drug:

  • steady overexcited state of mind, inadequate behavior,
  • loss of control
  • hand tremor
  • nausea and vomiting,
  • dizziness.

For women, there is a special table of dosages. By her ladies with weighing up to 60 kg can drink at once up to 7 drops pathogen. If body weight is greater, it is allowed to take 10 drops.

Exceeding the dosage is not recommended, so as not to provoke negative reactions from the internal organs. According to the annotation effect does not have to wait long - it appears already after 15−20 minutes. A woman begins to experience sexual desire, her interest in a man increases significantly. The action of the pathogen lasts 2−3 hours, which is quite enough for the implementation of intimacy.

How much is the VCO in pharmacies

In pharmacies, you can purchase a product manufactured by A-BIOFABRIKA LLC. The stimulator is implemented on THE 9197−117−9249−2962−12. The cost of one bottle 25 mlcontaining about 30 doses - 900-1400 rubles. The remedy is not a medicine and is dispensed without a doctor's prescription. Classified as a dietary supplement.

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Women reviews

Catherine, 27 years old, Volgograd.After several years of family life, our intimacy became less vivid. It became difficult to choose the moment when the desire arises in both me and my spouse. A friend, having learned about my problem, recommended the horse pathogen. With him, I learned what a multiorgazm is. Inexpressible feeling - the skin reacts to even the slightest touch, and the prelude brings vivid impressions.

Anna, 31, Moscow.Emotional stress, the load associated with the new position did not allow me to relax, fatigue and irritability only accumulated over time. I became cold, practically did not react to caress. And once I realized that I could not put up with it anymore. After reviewing the reviews on the site, ordered the horse pathogen. Sex with him - as in his youth, when nothing can interfere with getting pleasure!

Catherine, 36 years old, Yekaterinburg.With age, the husband had problems with potency. A friend advised a natural remedy - Horse pathogen. The drug completely solved the problem, harmony returned to our relationship.

In most cases, the use of supplements allows to achieve the expected effect and open new facets of proximity. It is important not to forget that the decision on the use of stimulants of sexual desire must be taken independently, imperceptible mixing drops into the partner’s drinks is not permissible. The horse pathogen is able to quickly cope with the problem, but in the case of serious violations, it is necessary to go deeper into solving this issue so that sexual barriers do not further affect intimate life.