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Titan Gel - a divorce or the truth? Intimate gel for men Titan gel: instructions for use, reviews


Many men are not confident because of the size of their dignity. Titan Gel to increase penis can be the means that gives you the size you need, as well as improve your abilities in bed. It is very popular in the CIS countries, because it can be acquired without a doctor's prescription. If you don’t like exercises or devices for penis enlargement, you don’t want to lie on the operating table and want to achieve results in record time - pay attention to this particular tool.

Titan Gel has a natural basis, so it can in no way harm the sexual sphere. It can be ordered completely anonymously, so no one will know what exactly came to you by mail. The cream combines several functions at once, which cannot be achieved from a single analogue. The results of the use of the drug - about 4 cm to the previous size, increased libido and normalization of hormonal levels. It is possible to use means and one-time, for an instant raising of a potentiality.

Indications for use

Means for increasing the member Titan Gel is a drug designed to solve such delicate problems as the small size of the sexual organ. Approximately 30% of all representatives of the stronger sex encounters it, but less than a percent decides to take some kind of action. If intimate relationships constantly become the cause of quarrels or divorces of partners, it is worth buying this dietary supplement. Indications for its use are:

  • Unsatisfactory dignity
  • Decreased sex drive to the opposite sex
  • Inability to satisfy partner
  • Dissatisfaction with the quantity and quality of sperm
  • The presence of premature ejaculations

Using Titan gel, a man can achieve a solution to all these problems. Even an absolutely healthy representative of a strong half of humanity will not interfere with taking a course with this gel in order to carry out the prevention of urinogenital diseases and to make your penis longer and thicker.

This tool can be used as a lubricant, applied to increase libido before sexual intercourse, used with exercises to achieve greater results.

You should not expect from Titan Gel instant enlargement of the penis, you have to perform the procedure for its application for more than one month to achieve the desired effect. Be prepared to devote 10 minutes daily to this action and will be rewarded with the title of alpha male in bed.

How does the gel work?

As mentioned earlier, the drug is able to increase the size of manhood and increase potency. Various components work for these functions, which we will write about later. Now let's see how exactly one and the second process occurs.

For penis enlargement. For several weeks in the penis there are processes for the formation of new cells, the expansion of tissues and the development of blood vessels. The cream has a very light texture, thanks to which it quickly reaches the cavernous (cavernous) bodies, the penis stem consists of them. It is in them that there are blood vessels that, filled with blood, lead to an erection. By increasing blood circulation, metabolic processes and stretching, there is a gradual increase in the number of tissues.

New cells appear slowly, at first there will be an increase in diameter, and only then in length. In addition, the penis sensitivity and erection hardness will increase, because vascular walls will strengthen and their elasticity will increase. Sex hormones will also have an impact, the production of which will significantly increase with the start of the use of Titan Gel. Consider the work by week:

  1. In the first or second week, the length of the term may increase to 1 cm, but the effect may be temporary and disappear in about an hour.
  2. At 2-3 weeks, a significant increase in diameter begins to occur, and the length becomes constant. The member takes the correct anatomical appearance, improves potency, sensitivity
  3. A month later, the penis should be larger to 5 cm, the duration of sexual intercourse should increase, etc.

About what useful properties will bring Titan Gel for potency and how it happens below.

To increase potency. Thanks to the active ingredients in the cream, blood circulation in the small pelvis and the functioning of the genital organs are primarily improved. Plant extracts stimulate the endocrine glands, they produce more hormones, and the most important of them is testosterone, which is responsible for potency, sperm quality, duration and persistence of erection. Penis tissues are saturated with nutrients, thereby improving the work of nerve endings. In addition to the above, Titan Gel is capable of:

  • Increase self-esteem men
  • Extend intimacy up to 2 times
  • Helps to recover faster after sex
  • Makes orgasms brighter

All of these properties would be impossible without the components of the tool.

The composition of the tool

As part of the cream to increase the member Titan Gel has only natural plant and animal components, so it has no side effects or contraindications. The components of the medication are:

  1. Peruvian Maca Fills the body with energy, increases blood flow to the genitals, strengthens the immune system. It is able to resist diseases of the genitourinary system, contains amino acids necessary for the production of testosterone, has a positive effect on the prostate
  2. Goryanka. She is responsible for the stability of an erection, its duration, increases sexual desire. The extract of this plant activates the work of the testes, which are responsible for the secretion, thereby increasing the potency, increases blood circulation and helps the cavernous bodies more filled with blood, expanding blood vessels
  3. Thistle. The other name of the herb is tartarnik, it has been used for raising libido for a long time. The substances contained in it dilute the blood, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, improve metabolism, calm the nervous system and excite. One of its main features is to increase testosterone synthesis.
  4. Elastin. This substance helps to increase the elasticity of the tissues of the penis, increases the susceptibility of receptors on the skin surface.
  5. Protein hydrolyzate. Necessary for the process of stretching and the formation of new cells, because relaxes the tissues, making them more susceptible from the outside
  6. Antlers deer. A unique component that helps to cope with impotence and infertility. They have a rich chemical composition, due to which they remove inflammatory processes, increase efficiency, strengthen the body. They make the skin of the penis younger, tone it up, and help the blood to get even into small capillaries.

A more complete composition can be found in the instructions or on the website. Be sure to read it to avoid allergic reactions.

Gel benefits

At Titan Gel you can find a lot of advantages. It can be used in various ways, it is versatile and completely safe. Among the advantages of funds noted:

  • The ability to improve sperm quality, increase sperm motility
  • Improving the quality of intimate relationships
  • Increase the effect of the pump and extender
  • Positive effect on men's health
  • Prolonging intercourse
  • No contraindications
  • Ability to use as a lubricant

With Titan Gelem, the representative of the stronger sex will be able to get rid of early ejaculation, lack of desire, lack of erection, or the inability to preserve it. Regular use of the substance will allow to increase the sexual organ up to 5 cm, and in such a short period of time only surgery can bring such a result.

Instructions for use

Method of application Titan Gel has several directions. For a one-time increase in potency, the cream is applied in half an hour, which allows you to get rid of the problems of premature ejaculation or a drop in erection during sex. You can be sure that he does not harm the partner. Usually the drug is used as follows:

  1. Take a bath beforehand and thoroughly wipe the sexual organ.
  2. Squeeze a little mass on the arm or penis and massage massage start rubbing over the entire surface.
  3. Try doing exercises like putting your thumb and forefinger around and driving up and down.
  4. Continue for 10 minutes until the gel is completely absorbed.
  5. Wash your hands well after all actions.

The duration of therapy is one month, but a second course can be done after 1 week break. It is advisable to repeat the procedure at the same time. One package of the product should be enough for just a month of use, but you can order two for the safety net. Store the package in a dry and dark place, the temperature of which does not exceed 25 degrees.

Contraindications and possible side effects

Among the prohibitions on the use of Titan Gel for penis enlargement, the instruction notes only individual intolerance to the components of the remedy. Also, it can not be applied to women and minors. As for side effects, the manufacturer writes that those were not noted. Perhaps only the appearance of allergic reactions in the form of skin rash, itching and a slight burning sensation, but to avoid them is easy if you carefully read the composition.

Some users said that they had a heightened sensitivity of the head of the penis, so this side effect should also be borne in mind. If you do not know what substance you are allergic to, you can put a little cream on the elbow bend and wait 10 minutes. If after the time does not appear any redness or other reactions, you can safely use the gel.

How to purchase the tool?

Buy Titan Gel to increase member, many men advise on its official website, because there is a minimum cost, and there is a chance to get to the share or sale. To place an order you need:

  • Fill out the form of the buyer
  • Wait for the operator to call the number you specified.
  • Pick up the parcel at the post office or from the courier and pay

In order not to fall for the scammers, act in this way. It is very difficult to find in pharmacies Titan Gel, therefore, in order not to waste your time and money, it is better to go directly to the manufacturer's website.

Opinion of experts

Doctors know that today on the market you can find a large number of sprays, creams and pills that increase the penis or increase the potency. However, they all have a significant difference from Titan Gel - they can perform only one function and are not designed for something more. Doctors confirm that the medicine has a safe effect, therefore, they give it a positive assessment. However, many of them do not recommend using the gel more often than indicated in the instructions.

Kulikov I.P., andrologist:

"Among all methods of penis enlargement, I would advise this one - gel application. It gives a natural increase, it has natural components. Results of clinical trials prove that the drug is effective and can help men of any age and health condition. I want to note that young people are younger than 20 years of need for Titan Gele is not, because the restructuring of their body is still not over, and the hormones are still getting better. Talk to your doctor if you really need to suffer because of surgery or and buying incomprehensible devices when there is a working drug. I advise buying every second patient and none of them have regretted their purchase. "

Customer Reviews

Some men noted that they did not wait for an instantaneous action from the gel, but after ten minutes the potency actually increased. Among the results of use in the reviews, they wrote that someone had a penis that could increase to 5 cm, while others had no more than 2x. buyers advise to carry out several treatment sessions in order to consolidate or increase the effect. Those who believe that Titan Gel is a divorce can watch the video or read the comments of real buyers on the official website of the product or various forums.

Both men and women in their responses write about the drug to increase the penis only good. The weaker sex notes that it has become much easier for their boyfriends or husbands to bring them to orgasm, and the sensations for themselves have improved significantly. Young guys write that they became giants in bed, despite their inexperience, and middle-aged men received a burst of energy for sex. If you come across a negative review, most likely, the person purchased a fake or used the gel incorrectly. To prevent this from happening, carefully read the instructions and buy the product only from official distributors.

How does Titan Gel work?

The manufacturers of the gel explain that it is possible to achieve an increase in the penis by increasing the blood flow in the pelvic area. The effectiveness of the tool is due to the fact that the caverns that make up the cavernous tissue of the cavernous body of the male penis, under the action of the gel are filled with blood, stretch and increase in size. As a result, the diameter and length of the sexual organ itself increases. And the best result can be achieved by applying the gel at a time when the male member is in a "working" state.

Titan Gel: composition

Penis Enhancer is made from natural ingredients that do not adversely affect the male body.

So, the composition of the gel is as follows:

  • Thistle. This plant is characterized by its ability to increase blood circulation and increase testosterone production. As you know, with a low rate of this hormone to achieve good potency is impossible. Positive is also the fact that the thistle does not contain toxic substances and carcinogens. Therefore, the use of gel in large quantities can not harm the body.
  • Goryanka provides dilation of blood vessels of the penis, enhancing the blood supply to the body and improving erection. The properties of Goryanka also include the ability to stimulate the production of adrenaline, norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin. All these substances are responsible for male libido.
  • Lichen extract increases blood supply to the penis, which contributes to faster tissue regeneration and the growth of healthy cells. With proper use of gel "Titan" manufacturer guarantees increased potency and improved erectile function.
  • Maca Peruvian. It has an aphrodisiac effect, that is, it contributes to the normalization of erectile function, increases sexual desire in men, increases efficiency and vitality. In addition, the medicinal plant improves the quality of sperm, namely, increases the number and motility of sperm.

Of the excipients in the gel are: triethanolamine, elastin, hydrolyzed proteins and amino acids. Despite the fact that all these substances are of synthetic origin, they are absolutely harmless.

Titan Gel Application

The tool for penis enlargement is simple and easy to use. In addition, for its application is required to spend a minimum of time.

However, in order to achieve the desired result, you should follow certain rules:

  1. Before applying the cream is recommended to perform hygienic procedures. The penis must be thoroughly washed and wiped dry with a clean towel.
  2. The manufacturer recommends applying the cream to the erect penis, as this will increase blood flow and cause the walls of the cavities to be straightened. The state of erection is a prerequisite for the use of the gel. The efficiency of the use of the agent and the final result depend on this.
  3. Titan Gel is applied in a small amount on the base of the penis, after which it is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the organ with light massaging movements using the thumb and index fingers.
  4. In general, the rubbing procedure should last for at least 15 minutes, since the success of applying the cream depends on it.
  5. After application, it is recommended to make sexual contact, which will allow the walls of the cavities to stretch well, and accordingly, to increase the penis faster and fix the result.
  6. The multiplicity of applying the gel "Titan" is 1 time per day.

Since the use of the drug can cause allergic reactions to the constituent substances, you should first apply a small amount of the product on the inner surface of the elbow and wait a few hours. In the absence of burning, itching and redness, you can begin to use the gel "Titan" on the penis.

How does the effect

The effectiveness of any means, including the one under consideration, may differ in each specific case. This is explained by the individual characteristics of the organism. In the case of the gel "Titan" manufacturer reports that visible results can be observed after 2 weeks of use. За это время улучшается чувствительность головки, эрекция становится более продолжительной, а сам половой орган начинает увеличиваться как в длину, так и в толщину.After 3 weeks they promise a more noticeable increase in the penis, the acquisition of the correct anatomical shape, as well as a significant increase in the duration of sexual intercourse. After a month of using the gel member is increased by at least 3 cm, its diameter thickens. In addition, the orgasm becomes brighter and longer.

In the end, advertising promises to improve the quality of sexual life, not only men, but also his partner. And the effect of the use of a miracle tool is not temporary, and is fixed for life, therefore, re-conducting the course is not required.

Contraindications and precautions

Since Titan Gel, about which you can read different reviews, is made from natural raw materials, the safety of its use should not cause concern. The only contraindication to the use of the gel is individual sensitivity to its components. To avoid negative reactions, prior to using the drug, it is desirable to conduct an allergic test in the manner described above.

It is important to note that Titan Gel interacts not only with the male sexual organ, but also comes into contact with the vaginal mucosa of the woman during intimate intimacy. For this reason, it will not be superfluous to check the tolerance of the gel to the partner.

Where can I buy Titan Gel and how much does it cost

Advertising the gel, which is replete with the Internet, states that today there are many fakes of this tool. Therefore, it is recommended to acquire it from official representatives, who guarantee the reliability of the gel and the complete anonymity of its acquisition. It should be noted that it is impossible to buy Titan Gel in pharmacies, as usual drugs. It is sold only through the Internet.

By visiting the sites involved in advertising and selling this tool, you can read promising information, as well as rave reviews about Titan Gel. The price of funds from sellers is always promotional and with a 50% discount is 990 rubles. For many men who are puzzled by the problem of a small genital organ, such a proposal is instantaneous.

But is everything really rosy? Titan Gel - a divorce or the truth?

Why it is worth trying

Take advantage of this cream today is available to everyone, both student and businessman. Competent statement helps to understand an unknowing person. A clear sequence of actions contains detailed instructions, following it with regular use, the manufacturer guarantees:

  • the projected increase in member in volume,
  • increase the sensitivity of nerve endings on the head of the penis,
  • increase the duration of sexual intercourse,
  • increased erection
  • the elimination of discomfort in the vagina at the partner,
  • full satisfaction of both partners during intercourse
  • sensation of a bright and repeated orgasm,
  • feeling of complete confidence in their own strength and capabilities.

It was possible to achieve results without surgery, the painful effects of pumps and vacuum extenders.

Cream Titan gel for men: instructions for use

The tool can be applied without age restrictions from the age of sixteen. According to the survey, more than 95% of patients received the desired effect after the first course of treatment with cream, which is four weeks. Apply the cream topically - on the penis once a day before bedtime, manipulations are performed in the following sequence:

  1. Take a shower with hypo-allergenic soap or shampoo.
  2. Wipe dry treated areas
  3. Apply the cream evenly, starting from the head of the penis to the base

After the procedure, it is necessary to lie for at least one hour until the active components of the medication are fully assimilated. During the course it is not recommended to wear tight underwear, the pant material should not be synthetic.

When exposed to the active components, the blood vessels of the corpus cavernosum expand, therefore, in the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, it is necessary to consult with your doctor in addition.

Effects of application

Best results Titan Gel gives, if not just put it on the surface of the penis (although this approach to treatment is also relevant), but do it simultaneously with the training of the penis. To do everything correctly and do not harm the genitals, you can watch a video of how to use Titan Gel, where experts will prompt the sequence and rules of training, as well as point out the typical mistakes made by men working to increase the size of the penis.

How to use Titan Gel? Quite simply: the tool is simply applied over the entire length of the penis, and with soft massaging movements, fingers folded into a ring (in the form of an OK sign) are distributed along the entire length.

After that, he starts rubbing himself with stimulating movements so that the penis comes to the state of half-erection. It is recommended to begin such manipulations from the top of the penis, gradually approaching its head.

According to the instructions of the doctors explaining how to properly use Titan Gel, the number of repetitions of the training should not exceed 3.

The fact that the composition of Titan gel is almost completely absent artificial components, makes it an indispensable tool for anyone who dreams of a healthy and active sex life. Having figured out how to use Titan Gel, you can only increase the penis by at least a centimeter in just a few 5-minute workouts, and after a month of systematic training with Titan Gel, it can even become 3 cm longer.

For men who are interested in how to take Titan Gel, doctors recommend that you first get acquainted with the instructions for the medication. It is also worth considering that with proper use of the gel purchased on the official website, it should be enough for a course of treatment of 4 weeks.

Where to buy, prices

With the appearance of the official site, it has ceased to be a headache, where to buy the famous Titan gel to residents of the post-Soviet space.

The cost in the table below for potential customers from CIS countries is convincing of the availability and popularity of the drug.

When making an order form, you must specify the contact and personal data, choose a payment method. The client can buy the cream in the national currency. Shipping cost is negotiated individually.

After watching the video, how to use Titan Gel for men, and making sure of the high effectiveness of a natural remedy, you will certainly want to buy it. We recommend making an order only on the official website, where the manufacturer controls each batch and sets fair prices without additional charges (sometimes even promotions are held, during which Titan Gel can be purchased at a discount of up to 50%).

After learning how to use Titan Gel, you probably realized that the main secret of the drug is a special percentage of the extracts used in its manufacture. Manufacturers keep their recipe in the strictest confidence, so you can not get the results described using analogues or fake products with the same name.

Although many sites explain how to use Titan Gel, you should not trust their offers to buy the tool at a low price if it differs from the rates of the official site. Most likely, in this case we are talking about a poor-quality fake that could seriously harm your health.

It is also not necessary to purchase the drug in online stores, indicating that they are partners of the manufacturer. In fact, Titan Gel of the original production, which will help you achieve your goals, can be found only in one place - on the official website, where you will also be told how to properly use Titan Gel, what are the advantages and features of the tool.

Bright penis enlargement agent

The Internet is full of "real" creams and gels, which in the shortest possible time will turn any man into Hercules in an intimate field. Colorful websites offering to order right now are completely anonymous, with a wonderful discount that is about to cease to operate. And if you buy several tubes at once, then the discount will become even more attractive.

The names of these tools are different, although the composition is similar. And if it is necessary to investigate the selling sites, then suddenly it will be found that the pictures are the same, and even the handsome gray-haired doctor with no surname and name guarantees that this particular tool will help. Maxi Size, Power Life and Titan Gel with them - a divorce or the truth? As stated on the selling sites, "the chief doctor of the urology department of the Central Clinical Hospital №23" confirms with enthusiasm. The search for the mysterious doctor through Google did not give anything.

Titan Gel: instruction

How to use this tool? The gel should be rubbed into the erect penis daily for half an hour. In this case, the seller guarantees that within a week you will notice an increase in member by one centimeter. Within four weeks, five centimeters of length will be added, one and a half to two centimeters of thickness, the duration of sexual intercourse will increase by several times, the orgasm alone will last more than five minutes.

It is significant that if someone claims in the comments that the remedy did not help him, there is certainly a user who indicates that it takes at least six months to use the gel to achieve the desired effect. There is a significant discrepancy.

Opinion doctors

Unique Titan Gel - true or false? Is he really that effective? This question is to ask the doctors. Here you need to be careful, because the selling sites already have enthusiastic confirmations of the nameless chief doctor from Moscow, and also reports about the positive research results of the Japanese company Ajinomoto. True, this is a company that mainly produces food, including monosodium glutamate. Ajinomoto has no relation to sexology.

Doctors for their part argue that no cream or gel can not cause the growth of any organ of the human body. If the claimed remedy worked that way, then not only the penis would increase by five centimeters, but also the hand with which this penis was rubbed.

Nevertheless, "Gel Titan" can be used as a lubricant, it really facilitates gliding during sexual intercourse. The composition of the product is likely to improve the condition of the skin of the penis, provided that you are not allergic to the components. And this is not excluded, the same triethanolamine may well cause an allergic reaction.

Why does this help?

There are certainly people who claim that Titan Gel for men really helps. How is this explained? First of all, one cannot dismiss such a powerful phenomenon as the placebo effect. Consider more.

An erection is not regulated by muscular effort, and the size of an erect penis largely depends on the usefulness of filling the cavernous bodies with blood. What does this content depend on? Largely on the mental state of a man. After applying the magic cream, the man can calm down, the tension goes away and, as a result, we get a more confident erection.

Why does this not help?

Let's say frankly - if the size of the penis could be increased, just smearing it with a special cream, it would increase everything, and very quickly. At the moment there is only one way to drastically increase the size of the penis, and this is only a surgical operation. However, many sexologists give men simple advice: if you want to increase the penis, it is worth losing weight. Compared with the blasted body, a member of normal size will certainly look small. In addition, part of its length is hidden in the fat folds.

Men passionately want to know everything about the tool Titan Gel - divorce or truth, helps or does not help? Surprisingly, even if an authoritative doctor firmly says that this is not true, there remains a naive belief in magic and a miraculous “and suddenly it will help.”

Where do positive reviews come from?

If you study all kinds of network resources, it seems that in vain we slander on such a wonderful tool that can turn any man into a real sex giant. The abundance of positive reviews is amazing. Who writes them?

It should be noted that articles of praise on a given topic are usually accompanied by a banner or a link, on which anyone can purchase Titan Gel. Divorce or the truth? Everything is simple - an affiliate program. You place a link, bring a buyer, get a reward. One average copywriter is able to write about fifty positive reviews in different styles in just three hours of work, and the owners of sites that host links of the affiliate program are happy to order this service.

Where is the goldmine?

Magical resizing usually involves three parameters. Long-distance merchants offer penis enlargement for men, breast augmentation and waist reduction for women, and all this with approximately similar means. The names will be different, the methods of application are similar, the results are the same. The lack of results, as is known, is also a result. As one of the deceived buyers said, “it didn't get any worse.” Indeed, in modern times this is already a plus.

An unsure man will certainly look for a way to increase penis size. Swallow pills, buy vacuum pumps, practice a mysterious intimate gymnastics, hang a load to the genitals. In light of all the above, Titan Gel is not so terrible, the price only bites - for a tube in which only 100 ml will have to pay from 600 to 1000 rubles. Depending on the discounts that good sellers will certainly provide, especially if the buyer is full of sweet hopes, he will decide to purchase funds for half a year.

How are the creators of this panacea justified from all men's problems? It's simple. If the tool did not help you, you bought a fake from scammers, and now you need to urgently correct this mistake by paying again for the most "original original." And when he does not bring the desired centimeters, it will surely turn out that you used it incorrectly. After all, you need to rub a half hour in the erect penis. If an erection disappears, it is no longer considered. It is important that the flow of customers is not depleted. More businessmen, alas, are not interested in anything.

What is the reality

Those who are seriously thinking about the issue of penis enlargement should clarify one important point. In fact, no creams and ointments are not able to increase the size of manhood. This information will be able to confirm any real doctor. In addition, to understand that these tools do not work, you can carefully examine the anatomy of the male body.

Today, the problem of a small genital can be solved only with the help of a surgical operation. Titan Gel, reviews of which in most cases, custom, although it is safe, but as it turns out, it is completely useless in action. You will be convinced of this finally when you read reviews on more serious resources and forums, and not where you are urged to buy this “magic” product.

Therefore, the answer to the question of whether Titan Gel - a divorce or the truth, apparently, is obvious.


Of course, if you have extra funds, you can be convinced of the ineffectiveness of the gel on your own experience. But anyway, do not forget that even the most ideal size of man’s dignity does not compensate for and does not replace such really important things as love, mutual understanding and mutual respect.


  • Peruvian maca is considered a powerful natural aphrodisiac, enhances the blood supply of the cavernous bodies, increases potency, stimulates the activity of fibroblasts that synthesize the body's building cells, including collagen and elastin fibers,
  • Lichen juice promotes active blood circulation in the penis, fills the cavernous bodies with blood, increases the size of the sexual organ, fights local inflammation, has antiviral and antibacterial effects, and inhibits microbial growth,
  • Goryanka enhances spermatogenesis, has a positive effect on male fertility and reproductive health, contains saponins, flavonoids, glycosides, which restore the functional activity of testes responsible for testosterone production, maintaining a stable interest in intimacy,
  • Thistle provides an active flow of blood with nutrients, oxygen to the genitals, frees tissues from free radicals and toxic substances, reduces inflammation, prevents the appearance of urogenital infections, chronic diseases of the urinary organs,
  • Protein hydrolyzate is a source of building elements, takes part in the male reproductive system, increases the elasticity of tissues, enhances the effect of other active ingredients.

All components of the composition are carefully selected, are in a certain ratio and actively interact with each other. Plant substances have a cumulative effect, so the tool take courses. Приемлемая цена Титан Геля дает возможность каждому мужчину изменить к лучшему свою сексуальную жизнь, побороть старые комплексы и радоваться новым открывшимся возможностям.

Полезные свойства

Титан Гель влияет положительно не только на размер пениса, но и на здоровье мужчины, его настроение и качество эрекции:

  • повышает либидо,
  • усиливает сексуальные ощущения,
  • увеличивает продолжительность полового акта,
  • возвращает уверенность в себе,
  • повышает сексуальную активность.

Many men do not want to talk about the use of these drugs to their partners. Because of this, they are afraid to buy Titan Gel in pharmacies, where you can accidentally meet friends and get into an awkward situation. You may have a little secret from your wife or loved one. The local drug has no sharp smell, does not leave obvious marks on the skin after use. It is quickly absorbed, when used, there are no discomfort in the form of a burning sensation.

Experts speak about this tool. Since it contains substances that stimulate an erection, many men managed to restore potency without the use of potent and expensive drugs.

In the doctors' reviews about Titan Gele, one can meet sincere surprise with the onset of the effect. This inspires many men who are unhappy with the size of their penis and have erection problems. Previously, it was impossible to find an alternative to genital enlargement surgery. And although plastic surgery and gives quick results, but it does not guarantee that a man can quickly get used to the changed penis. Often, such drastic changes only weaken an erection. Titan Gel works differently, and the effect of penis enlargement is not accompanied by additional risks. In 2 months of use, it is possible to get closer to the cherished goal, but without sudden surges and injuries. An operation can be done at any time, but this risk is justified only with significant anatomical defects and a very small penis, which can only be increased operatively. If you are missing several centimeters for happiness and confidence, you should try Titan Gel.

Application features and instructions

Use the tool according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. He is rubbed into the erect member with massage movements 10 minutes before intimate intimacy. After a while, the man feels a rush of blood, the desire for intimacy may increase. But not everyone will have a reaction like this: herbal preparations accumulate their effect, and the expected effect comes after a while. Use means daily, without a long break. Long intervals between use may reduce effectiveness. If you decide to buy Titan Gel, then use it 4-8 weeks regularly. The first results can be seen in a few weeks.

Real customer reviews

If you carefully review the customer reviews about Titan Gele, you will understand that the tool really works.
Reviews are collected by the automatic service "OTZOVISTA" to collect comments from social networks:

Maxim (VKontanka)
Drug bought on this site. Order came quickly, with an expiration date, everything is fine. Means I use the third week and while it is very happy. There is an increase in size, which is mostly noticeable during erection. I did not even think that the effect would be exactly like that! Thanks for the drug!

Sergey Ivanovich (Odnoklassniki)
I am far from being a young man, but this drug helped me strengthen my erection. I noticed that the problems with the prostate were not so obvious. I like the way the remedy works - gently, gradually, without harm to the heart. For men after 50 years is important. Take care of yourself, and the potency can be restored without chemistry, which is also expensive.

Gleb Viktorovich (Twitter)
To be honest, I didn’t believe in home methods for increasing penis. But the price of Titan gel is so I would say ridiculous that I decided to try. And he was stunned by the fact that after 2 weeks he could have been a lot more in bed than before. I can’t say anything about the size, it’s too early to draw conclusions.

Alexander P. (VKontakte)
I bought the gel on the portal. Delivered in perfect condition. I rubbed it according to the instructions, I immediately feel a pleasant acceleration of blood, as if my strength is growing. I already like the effect. A friend enjoys longer, says that the size increases in 1-2 months, the main thing is regularity.

The popularity of Titan Gel is growing, as evidenced by the increasing demand of buyers. Men gradually learn about this tool, are interested in each other's effectiveness and want to test it for themselves. In online pharmacies, the cost of Titan gel comes up to 2500-3000 rubles.

On our website you can purchase a product with a 50% discount for just 990 rubles. There is no such price on any other resource. Hurry up to buy a full course!

Where can I get Titan Gel?

It is recommended to buy Titan Gel on the official website, without the risk of acquiring a fake. Do not take the product from your hands or use other dubious ways to buy. You can order Titan Gel here, the product is certified, has all the declared useful properties, has official instructions. Check it out in advance.

Short description

According to the manufacturer, his unique product can increase the intimate organ by 4-5 cm per month of regular use.

For this man does not need to perform any exercises or use various devices. Although they can enhance the effect of the gel.

The tool, presented in the form of a gel, has many advantages over other similar products. Men can personally get acquainted with its following advantages:

  • High guarantee of getting the desired result.
  • No serious side effects that may be hazardous to health.
  • The content of natural ingredients.
  • Significant increase in erection and opportunities for men in bed.
  • The feeling of complete satisfaction after intimacy.

Thanks to the ointment to increase the parameters of the penis, a man can fully enjoy intimacy with his partner for a long time.

Composition of Titan Gel

The product contains only natural ingredients that are completely safe for the health of men. The effect of each substance was tested in a clinical setting. In addition, almost all of them are repeatedly used to create other creams and gels for penis enlargement.

In the composition of natural remedies such components prevail:

  1. Thistle. It activates the production of the hormone testosterone, which has a positive effect on male potency.
  2. Goryanka. Helps to restore weakened sexual desire and increase male libido. This component is contained in the product in large quantities. It is thanks to him that the density and quantity of seed material increases.
  3. Peruvian Maca. The plant is used in medicine for many years. It effectively deals with impotence and impaired erectile dysfunction. This component is popularly called grass for sex, as it really improves the quality of the intimate life of a man. Maca has a good effect on potency and the immune system. It also helps to improve blood circulation in the pelvic area and stimulates male libido.
  4. Lichen juice extract. Component several times increases blood flow to the genitals. It helps the pelvic muscles to relax. All this leads to an improvement in intimate life by increasing the sexual activity of men.
  5. Triethanolamine. Responsible for increasing the duration of sexual intercourse. Thanks to him, the problem of premature ejaculation is solved.

This is not a complete list of components that are in the gel.

Those compounds that do not fall into it, do not differ strongly pronounced effect.

They have virtually no effect on the human body when they work separately. But in combination with other substances, these components are very useful for the intimate organ and the functioning of the reproductive system.


The possibility of simultaneous use of the jelkging technique and gel-like means for increasing the male organ is allowed. To do this, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Care must be taken to ensure that the member is in a semi-erect state. If the erection is too strong, then you should wait a little time so that she has time to decrease. If she rises during exercise, you will need to take breaks.
  2. The member must be lubricated with gel prior to training.
  3. In the first week, you need to make 200-300 approaches within 15 minutes. In the second week, their number remains the same, but the time for the procedure is only 10 minutes. During the third week it is required to increase the approaches to 500 times, which should be completed within 20 minutes.
  4. If during the workout the gel is completely absorbed or dry, you will need to re-apply it.

This method of increasing manhood is designed for 3 weeks. After completing the full course, it will be possible to evaluate the achieved result.

With massage

An intimate organ size product works well with massage techniques. To achieve a positive effect of therapy, it is advisable to adhere to the following sequence of actions:

  1. Massage start to do on a relaxed member.
  2. Originally required to wrap 2 fingers head. The clamp should be such that the blood circulates calmly in the area.
  3. After you need to hold the stretching until a slight discomfort. At the fixed point is required to hold the body for 5 minutes. After 1 minute is given to relax the tension. After that, repeat the action.
  4. Now you can apply the gel and rub it on the penis until completely absorbed.
  5. Next, you should proceed to massaging the body in a circular motion. It takes about 30 actions to restore the blood flow to the intimate area.
  6. After it is required to repeat the massage from the very beginning to this stage for 5 times. Constantly need to change the direction of stretching down and up, left and right.

With extender

When working with the extender, many experts recommend the use of lubricants.

As such, this gel can be applied to increase manhood.

Apply it to the penis immediately before putting on a stretcher.

All manipulations should be performed in the following sequence:

  1. It is necessary to wash and rub the intimate organ with a dry towel.
  2. Next on the penis, you need to apply a little gel, then rub it with massage movements.
  3. Before putting on the extender, make sure that the product is completely absorbed. Otherwise the device will constantly slide off, delivering this a strong inconvenience.
  4. The member must be securely fixed in the device, and then unscrew the spokes to the maximum possible distance. If in the process there are pain, you will need to loosen the tension of the structure.

An ointment for penis enlargement can be used with a pump that performs the same function. In this case, the following steps are required:

  1. First you need to warm up the intimate body with towels soaked in hot water. You can also achieve this effect with the help of a manual massage using gel-like means.
  2. After applying the gel, you can put on the pump and start pumping air out of it.
  3. At first, the duration of the exercise should not exceed 2 minutes. After this, the time of exposure of the pump to the organ can be increased to 10 minutes per 1 approach.
  4. The number of approaches should not exceed 45 minutes in total.

In order not to cause harm to health, it is necessary to take mandatory breaks between approaches and in no case do not exceed the permissible duration of the impact of the pump on the penis.

Side effects and contraindications

When using this tool, men can not worry about the appearance of side effects. The natural components of this product are well perceived by the body, and therefore do not cause negative reactions.

Contraindications to the use of the gel can be the following states:

  • Hypersensitivity to the components of the tool.
  • High pressure.
  • Blood clotting disorder.
  • The presence of damage on the skin of an intimate organ.

In other cases, you can safely put the product on the member, without fear of the occurrence of negative consequences.

Titan Gele Reviews

Many experts have already managed to leave feedback on the modern tool, which is intended to increase the parameters of the intimate organ.

Most of them came to the conclusion that it is indeed one of the best products of such a plan among those that various companies can offer today.

Men who are familiar with this product, note its high efficiency. The tool helped them to increase penis size. They also noticed significant improvements in potency and their capabilities in bed.

There are not so many negative reviews about this tool. All because it actually copes with its main task. In addition, the gel is completely safe for health.

As evidence, the results of numerous studies were presented, during which the effect of the components of the product on the human body was studied.

It is important to buy a tool only on the official website, since there are so many fakes on the market.

Negative reviews about Titan Gel

The best evidence of the effectiveness of the drug - the views of real buyers. Men leave both positive and negative opinions about Titan Gela.
On this page you can leave your feedback and comments about the drug Titan Gel. You can share your impressions and emotions associated with the use of the gel. Perhaps it turned out to be completely ineffective or you purchased a fake. We post any of your comments. Your opinions will help other people make the right choice.
Also here you can ask any questions about the drug and get answers to them.


Very little received the result (Of course, there is no talk of any increase. It did not happen. I didn’t use it all the time, I always smeared it once and I can’t say that it somehow influenced desire .. Yes, the penis instantly got up, not so as usual, but exactly animal desire, as everyone writes, did not appear. And in centimeters it was like that (I didn’t arrange delivery, the package went a very long time, I really wanted to call to find out where my gel was. I don’t know this is all a divorce or Titan Gel really helps, but it really didn’t help me at all.


I did not like at all. The gel smells unpleasant, some kind of sticky, is absorbed for a long time. There is no particular effect. Yes, in general, there is no effect. There was no instruction, came without a box, in general there was some shit, honestly. I did not even use it to the end, so the tube is worth it. Sorry for the discarded money.