A gift for February 14 to a new guy


This is not a simple matter - to choose a gift for a man for the Day of All Lovers. Pink hearts are good, but only for the holiday itself, and then valentines gather dust in the boxes or on the tables. In this compilation, we tried to combine romance and practicality so that the gift would remind of sincere care, and not of heart for a tick.

Neutral gift: a can of nuts

The expression "I’m nuts about you" means "I am crazy about you." Therefore, in the English-speaking countries, banks are presented with nuts full of nuts, with the appropriate inscription.

Not everyone speaks English, but hardly anyone will refuse a jar of salted pistachios. This is a neutral gift that will suit both your beloved, and father, and just friends.

Special paints for glass and ceramics are sold in stores for artists, and warm words lie in your heart.

For men with a sense of humor: dynamite

In this gift packaging is more important than content. “You're just dynamite!” - written on a heart-message. Well, it can be seen.

Packaging is made of foil, three sheets of colored double-sided paper, glue and lace. In the role of checkers can be any cylindrical objects - from stationery to packages of ascorbic acid.

Traditional gift: dry cologne diy

All that is flavored and that helps to smell good is a traditional gift. If shopping options are not satisfied (and this happens more often than we would like), take matters into your own hands. Personal fragrance in a special packaging with a declaration of love - not a gift?

This will require:

  • 2 teaspoons of beeswax,
  • 2 teaspoons of oil (coconut, almond, olive, grape seed),
  • 40–45 drops of essential oils (which you choose to your taste),
  • box for the finished flavor.

To begin, mix the essential oils in the right concentration in a small bowl. Note that in the solid form, the smell will soften. When you pick up a combination of flavors, go to the preparation of the base.

Melt the wax in a water bath, then pour the oil into it and mix. Remove the mixture from the heat and quickly pour in the essential oils. Hurry up: the wax hardens almost instantly.

Pour the mixture into the box. Do not forget to decorate it.

Gift without gift: sugar in the form of hearts

An option for those who usually do not celebrate Valentine's Day, but still want some kind of romance.

Plain sugar, lightly moistened with water, put in ice molds (hearts are just needed here) and let dry. If desired, add food coloring to the water. And with such sweet hearts, bring coffee to bed or just drink tea while watching a love movie.

A gift for two: edible tic-tac-toe

This gift belongs to the category of "for two" because it helps to spend a pleasant evening in the company of each other. To play tic-tac-toe you need to prepare a board and chips.

To make a board, spill a piece of white cardboard (or print a picture and paste it). And the chips will be edible. Make them from dough or from chocolate.

The dough is simple: prepare shortbread biscuits according to your favorite recipe, and bake it in the form of crosses and zeros.

For chocolate chips, take a few chocolate bars of your favorite variety, melt and pour into baking pans. Wait for the chocolate to harden, then transfer the chips into gift bags.

Entertainment is ready. Need to play on the desire, of course.

Snack: edible matches

For a gift you will need: bread straw, red lollipops, a beautiful box. Melt the lollipops in the microwave at low power, dip the ends of the breadsticks into the caramel mass in turn, and leave them to dry. Then put the finished "matches" in the box.

Do not forget to write a greeting in which the words "fire", "hot", "bright" will appear.

Heap of gifts: open strictly at a specified time

Valentine's Day helps to unite completely different gifts with one theme. If you bought, for example, movie tickets, a diary and a drill, then it is unlikely to put them in one box. These items are too far apart. To give everything at once is also not a brilliant idea: the addressee will not be able to appreciate every single thing. But to present gifts during the day is the way out.

Pack each gift in a separate box or envelope. Wrap in the same paper or cloth. Print and paste the plates with the time when you need to open a gift. Joy all day provided. And it is not at all necessary to take a package with hearts: red or crimson paper and so tell about love.

For those who did not have time to choose a gift

Run into the nearest store for a good chocolate and wrapping paper. Write a declaration of love. No ideas? Download ready-made templates for packing sweets (there are plenty of them on the Internet for every taste and color). A few minutes of working with scissors and glue - a holiday gift is ready.

If a man does not like sweets, go not for chocolate, but for an envelope and beautiful paper. Just write a declaration of love. Even if you talk about it every day. The main thing is to do everything sincerely and from the heart.

Top 10 gifts for a new guy on Valentine's Day

In this section you will find a list of the best gifts that can be presented to your beloved one on February 14, if you haven't met for a very long time.

  1. Romantic dinner.
  2. Picture by photo.
  3. Paired T-shirts.
  4. Certificate of impression.
  5. The book is a popular author.
  6. Cover on the phone with your joint photo.
  7. Heart shaped pair mugs.
  8. A set of chocolates with declarations of love.
  9. Erotic board game.
  10. Named wine glasses.

Romantic gift to a new guy for Valentine's Day

If you started dating only recently, your chosen one may still have doubts about the authenticity of feelings, so February 14 is an excellent reason to say “I love” with the help of a gift. Moreover, such confessions are never enough. In this section, you will learn how to make a romantic gift for a guy on Valentine's Day.

  • Pair pillows - it can be halves of a heart, which together constitute a single whole or cute nominal pillows with a romantic inscription, for example, “Masha + Sasha = love”. They will be a reminder of the second half while you live separately, and when you move will be an excellent symbol of your union.
  • Wall clock in the shape of a heart with your photo - A good gift, suitable to hint at the feelings of a guy. Handing such a gift you can come up with a beautiful accompanying text, for example: “Every minute is with you the highest value for me”.
  • Romantic quest - the original way to make a declaration of love and have fun together. You can independently create tasks or order a gift set on the Internet, which will include: 3 different scenarios for a romantic game, a beautiful card, various riddles, rebuses, etc.
  • Magnetic board in the form of a heart - a touching gift to a young man. It will be especially relevant if you already live together. By placing this accessory on a refrigerator or other metal surface, you can write each other warm words and declarations of love. A nice bonus will be three colored crayons and a chalk holder that is already included in the kit.
  • Romantic diary for two - An interesting gift for a guy on February 14th. Such a diary will give you a wonderful opportunity - to turn your relationship into a fairy tale and to write down your story together for a long memory. To do this, you have at your disposal more than a thousand pages with thematic sections and lists of ideas for collaborative pastime.

Many men love to eat well, so on February 14 you can surprise your loved one with something delicious. If you already live together, bring him breakfast in bed. Even ordinary scrambled eggs can be given a heart shape and it will immediately become a festive dish. If you live separately, invite him to visit and serve dinner with your favorite dishes.

What to give a guy on February 14 to 500 rubles?

Many do not know what to give a guy, if the relationship is just beginning. The main thing is to follow the rules of etiquette, which say that at the beginning of a relationship, only not very expensive things are presented. A chic gift from a girl can confuse a man, especially if he does not have the opportunity to respond in kind. On the first joint Valentine's Day, we advise you to give your beloved one some nice knickknack, worth up to 500 rubles. The ideas of such gifts, see below.

  • Festive poster with your photos - an inexpensive, but original gift for February 14. To get such a cute poster, just upload your photos to a special website and place an order.
  • Thermocup with declaration of love - a cute and romantic way to say your feelings again. A large cup that is convenient for a man is completely covered with white hearts, some of which change to red when the liquid gets hot and form the inscription “I love U”.
  • Jar of love notes - A good selection of symbolic presentations to the new guy. You can make it yourself or order a ready-made set of a festive jar and ten romantic notes in the original version in the form of scrolls.
  • Romantic game - In online and offline gift stores you can find many such games. One of the most interesting variants of such a presentation is the game “100 ways to confess love”. You are offered two decks of cards with interesting ideas of pleasant impressions "for him" and for "her." In addition, the kit includes cute cards on which you can write to each other the most confidential confessions.
  • Board for visualizing desires - A great way to help your loved one make their dreams a reality. Such a set will help your beloved to deal with your desires, distributing them across different sectors and using your positive thinking and positive energy to start your presentation.

An inexpensive, but touching gift can always be made with your own hands. This can be a massage or erotic dance. Handmade lovers can make a valentine out of paper, sew it out of fabric or even tie it.

An original gift for a guy on Valentine's Day

It is always a good idea to make an original gift for your loved one on Valentine's Day. Such a thing will surprise and bring a lot of positive emotions. In this section you will find the most suitable ideas for original gifts for a new guy.

  • Toy Warmer - This is a cute and useful souvenir. You can give your “cat” or “bunny” a toy cat / hare that heats up in a microwave and then gives off its heat. It is pleasant to fall asleep with him when his girlfriend is not around, to warm his hands on him or to treat his nose and throat during their illness.
  • Set "The best man in the world" - a funny present for your beloved on February 14th, which consists of a T-shirt, pants and a cap with a saying that says “This is the best man in the world.” You will undoubtedly be pleased that the set is already packed in a beautiful gift bag.
  • Surprise gift "Alchemy of happiness" - this is perhaps the most unusual and mysterious thing, of all that you can give your beloved boyfriend. 5 beautiful surprise gifts will be waiting for him in a beautiful box. Which ones? Nobody knows. In any case, they can all bring joy and create a festive atmosphere.
  • Billboard with your photo and congratulations - Presentation option for those who love pleasant surprises and are not shy about expressing feelings in people. You can order such a gift at any advertising agency that provides such services. Choose a place for a surprise near the house of a young man or near his work.
  • Mittens for lovers - An unusual gift for a guy on February 14th. This is an ideal accessory for joint walks. The set consists of two single mittens and one common, in the form of a heart, to make it easier to hold hands, feeling the warmth of a loved one.

An original surprise will also be the decoration of his house or car. You can fill the room with balloons, hearts, or make a garland of thread and paper hearts. In addition, multi-colored paper hearts can be put in his car's box.

Practical gift for February 14 to a new guy

If you have just recently met, then on February 14 you can safely give a practical gift. After all, most men believe that the gift should benefit in everyday life. For rational and economic guys, choose one of the options presented in this section.

  • Plaid with hands for two - an original and cozy gift for your beloved, which will warm you in cold winter evenings and allow you to comfortably dine or switch the channel without pulling your hands out from under the rug. Such a blanket is pleasant in everyday life: it is easy to wash in a washing machine and dries quickly.
  • Handle multitool - the perfect gift for any man, able to solve many different problems. In the usual ballpoint pen there are extras: a ruler, a level, two screwdrivers and a stylus.
  • Native external battery - A great option that you can give a guy if he loves hunting, fishing, traveling, or just forays into nature. On the surface of the battery, you can put your names and greeting text. Such a gadget will help to charge any modern phone, e-book or tablet - all necessary adapters for different devices are included in the package.
  • Bevan (lamzack) - it is a convenient portable sofa bed which can be taken on the nature, on the beach and out of town. This is just the perfect option for compact furniture: it is inflated with one stroke, washable and easily withstand you together.
  • Laptop table - a pleasant and useful thing that you can give a new young man on February 14. Bamboo table with a cooling system will make the work at the computer comfortable and safe. A good idea would be to bring a romantic breakfast on it.

We hope our article has become useful for you. In it, we tried to collect all the best gift options for the new guy for February 14th. Regardless of your choice, do not forget about gentle words and kisses - they will be the best proof of feelings.

50 gift ideas for February 14th guy

Valentine's Day is a wonderful holiday that people in love have long been celebrating. If you have not yet decided how to please your loved one, use our advice. We have prepared 50 gift ideas for February 14th for a guy, among which you will definitely find a suitable option.

Cheap Guy Gift Ideas

For true feelings material values ​​are not of particular importance. Therefore, a loved one can be given an inexpensive but interesting gift. Additionally, you need to bake a delicious heart-shaped cake and come up with an original greeting.

Among the inexpensive presents for the Valentine's Day, which can be presented to a guy, are:

  1. Souvenir "Ship of happiness".
  2. Magnetic cloud-shaped key holder.
  3. Thermocup "Battery" or "Bulb".
  4. Personalized notebook for writing important ideas.
  5. Cool flash drive.
  6. Box-book "Mafia".
  7. Belt with the inscription "100% man."
  8. Metal puzzle.
  9. Road chess.
  10. Organizer on the car seat.

Ideas universal gifts

There are gifts that most men like. If you are guessing and no longer have the strength to choose a present for a guy on February 14, use our ideas:

  • ballpoint pen 6 in 1 - a functional product, to which men find proper application. With its help various tasks are solved. The ballpoint pen has a stylus, ruler, phillips and flat screwdriver, level. It is an ideal device for builders, architects, measurers,
  • credit razor - a compact product that fits in a wallet. It consists of a base and a removable machine. On the reverse side there is a mirror. The base provides slots for storing cassettes. The razor credit card is indispensable on a business trip and traveling,
  • schedule sticker - A great solution for anyone who wants to rationalize their time and constantly forgets about important things. The unusual diary is glued to any surface and looks stylish,
  • table punching bag - the best antidepressant of the 21st century. Stress firmly entered our lives. With the help of a punching bag, a man gets rid of the accumulated problems and gains calm,
  • car vacuum cleaner - A wonderful gift for a guy who has his own vehicle. With the help of a small device, a young man will be able to maintain order in the car,
  • gaming mouse - a product specifically designed for the gameplay. It is suitable for tagged shooting in shooters and for quick army control. The mouse has an ergonomic design and is equipped with lateral rubber pads,
  • external phone battery - a portable device that provides autonomous operation of the smartphone without charging from the network. You can take it with you on a long journey. External battery is extremely necessary when a person needs to always stay in touch,
  • smart watch - the perfect companion for digital gadget lovers. Изделие оснащается микрофоном, миниатюрным динамиком, камерой. В умных часах имеется музыкальный проигрыватель, слоты под SIM-карту и сенсорный экран.

Идеи оригинальных подарков любимому

Предлагаем ознакомиться с вариантами небанальных презентов, которые можно преподнести представителю сильного пола. We picked up the original gift ideas for February 14 for the guy:

  1. Men's sweatshirt with a print.
  2. Apron "Tarzan".
  3. Travel mug with a straw.
  4. Metal clip for money.
  5. Beautiful passport cover.
  6. Portrait from a photo.
  7. Travel case.
  8. Chocolate set "I love."
  9. Metal 3D puzzle.
  10. Pillow for hands "Mustache".

Ideas of romantic gifts for February 14

If your boyfriend loves romance, make him a pleasant surprise. Buy in the store a photo frame suitable for the winter holiday. Insert into it a photograph, which depicts a happy moment in your life. Present the product to your lover and tell about your feelings. The guy will look at the photo and remember you.

A great romantic gift is breakfast in bed. Cook an egg and give it a heart shape. For this you need a cardboard, a wooden stick and rubber bands. Bend the cardboard in half, put the unheated egg inside and press it with a stick. Then secure the structure around the edges with rubber bands. Leave the egg in this form for 10 minutes. After that, the structure is disassembled and the egg is cut. It turns out the two halves in the shape of a heart!

Even for breakfast, your loved one can cook sausages and scrambled eggs. Only not simple, but decorated in accordance with the winter holiday. Be creative and surprise the guy with your skills. Clear sausages, cut them in half, but do not reach the end. Seal the edges of the sausages with toothpicks. Fry them in the pan and pour the eggs inside. It turns out not only delicious, but also a very beautiful dish!

A guy can make coffee and attach a note with a declaration of love to the cup. If your loved one likes fruit, make an unusual salad. Slice kiwi, bananas, oranges and place slices on a plate in the shape of a heart.

A poncho for two is perfect as a romantic present. It is sewn of soft material, which gives a pleasant tactile sensations. Poncho for two brings people together and is used during meetings or home pastime. You can wear it and sit by the fire, on the bench.

To make in the relationship of new colors you can buy forfeits "Adult fun." This is an erotic game designed for couples in love. It gives a lot of unusual sensations.

Ideas for useful gifts for a young man

Every girl wants to please her lover and make him happy. Therefore, you need to choose what a person wants to get on Valentine's Day. Before buying a gift, ask by chance what the young man is dreaming about. This should be done long before the winter holiday. Then the guy will not guess why you ask leading questions.

We have prepared many useful gift ideas for February 14:

  • laptop table - buy in the store a product made of bamboo, and complemented by a cooling system. Well, if the adjustment of the legs,
  • wine storage bar - stands for one bottle and several glasses are on sale. You can choose a product made in the form of a barrel on wheels, an airplane, a guitar. The wine storage bar will appeal to a guy who often invites guests,
  • picnic set - a good solution for outdoor recreation. The range of products is huge. You can purchase a picnic basket woven from a rod. This set includes numerous elements
  • sports accessories - If your boyfriend runs in the morning, buy him a case for his hand. This is a useful product with which you can listen to music during workouts. The cover protects your smartphone from moisture, scratches and bumps,
  • gift set consisting of a pen, key fob and business card holders- a wonderful gift for a business person. All products are made in the same style. They emphasize the image of a man and give him solidity,
  • instant print camera - an innovative device, thanks to which photos are taken in minutes. You no longer need to look for a studio and wait until the pictures are ready. With this camera, this issue is resolved as quickly as possible,
  • office golf set - on sale there are sets placed in a wooden and leather case. This is a great gift for a guy who enjoys an interesting game. The set includes a club, a hole and a few balls.

DIY gift ideas

The guy on February 14, you can hand a postcard created by himself. We offer to use the original idea of ​​making the valentine “We are together”. To work you need a cardboard, pen, glue and a small joint photograph. The postcard is created in several stages:

  • the cardboard is bent in half,
  • on the outside of the cardboard window is drawn to the size of the photo, which is then cut,
  • a photo is glued to the inside of the cardboard opposite the window,
  • Additionally, the name of the young man and the declaration of love are written on the cardboard. Hearts are also drawn, and the postcard is decorated with decorative elements.

On Valentine's Day, your beloved one can give an unusual certificate. Become a goldfish for a young man and fulfill several desires. Find a gift certificate template on the Internet and print it. Come up with interesting desires that you can fulfill. For example, erotic dance, cooking your favorite dish, a gentle kiss, forgiveness of all offenses.

Write your wishes on the certificate. Design it in accordance with the theme of the holiday. Glue red hearts to the paper or use the scrapbooking technique. Roll the certificate into a roll and tie a scarlet ribbon. When presenting a gift, say that you want to become a goldfish that fulfills secret desires. The guy will be surprised at such a gift and will accept it with pleasure. He will understand that for his sake you are ready for almost everything.

Take advantage of our gift ideas for February 14th for the guy. Choose a gift that will please the recipient and show your love. Watch a romantic movie with a young man with a glass of wine in his hands, stroll through the city park and talk about your future life. We wish you to spend the Valentine's Day unforgettably and interesting!

"Made with love", or do-it-yourself gifts

If you do not know what to give a guy for February 14, then the best solution will be a gift made with your own hands. He will symbolize your sincere attitude to the second half, and also will not leave indifferent any man. You can:

  • Bake a cookie according to your favorite recipe, gently put it in a beautiful cup with the inscription "Favorite" (or with a photo of your beloved, or a joint selfie) and put it near your chosen one's bed.

To make the gift look cute, decorate the composition with paper hearts fixed on toothpicks. It will be a delicious and cute gift that a man will appreciate.

Tape the windshield of the car of your chosen one with a declaration of love, and then go unnoticed. To surprise was a pleasant, supplement your gift certificate for washing the vehicle!

Prepare an aromatic heart-shaped pizza, carefully lay it out on a large platter and write a declaration of love on a plate, using ketchup or mayonnaise sauce. You can also add this inexpensive present with a bottle of light “intoxicating”, on the label of which there will be a photo of your beloved and his initials. Believe that no one has ever given such a gift to your boyfriend!

Take self-adhesive leaves and write greetings, declarations of love and qualities for which you value your partner on each of them. These messages can be stuck on the mirror in the bathroom so that they imitate the valentine. Such an unusual gift, though inexpensive, but forever remains in the memory of the person who received it.

Make a cool jar "100 reasons why I chose You!". To do this, take the usual one-liter jar, paste it with colored paper, and put the notes with your confessions inside. Complement the present with a cup of aromatic coffee and a passionate dance in beautiful clothes.

You can stick on the bank such inscription:

No expensive gift can not replace the warmth, sincerity and cozy atmosphere at home. Therefore, try to spend Valentine's day alone with your loved one, never ceasing to amaze him with your attention and care.

Decorate your bedroom with balloons, make a collage of joint photos or order pillowcases with the image of your couple. Such a gift to your beloved boy for February 14 will be surely enjoyed, will lift your spirits and set up a romantic mood.

Gifts for real men - indifferent will not remain

If you choose a gift to your beloved husband for the day of lovers, then our following tips are guaranteed to help with this. We offer to buy:

  1. Exclusive wine set "Heart", including a gold-plated cork and a corkscrew. This is a man's gift that will be relevant on any occasion or at a thematic feast. Moreover, it can act as a kind of hint that you are counting on frequent romantic dinners together.

Paired gifts (t-shirts, pillows, bracelets). Such a gift will always remind your beloved about you.

Certificate for visiting a brow bar or barbershop. Thus hint to his young man that with a new haircut or beard styling, he gets the opportunity to re-fall in love with you, as well as significantly improve your image.

A box of Love is chewing gums that will bring back even an adult man to childhood memories. Your chosen one can collect a whole series of content inserts, for which you can also donate a special collector's album.

A miniature set of screwdrivers or wrenches that will help your boyfriend in household chores. There are special kits for the car, which include a compact jack, an air freshener in the cabin and a silicone pad for fixing the mobile phone on the panel.

Cinema tickets for a funny comedy (men rarely prefer melodramas), KVN or a romantic visit to the planetarium. Agree that being under the stars, and I want to confess in love.

"Gentleman's set of James Bond", which must be opened with his teeth in case of emergency. This is a cool gift with a "twist" that can cheer your boyfriend.

Such kits usually include:
- a pack of condoms,
- Shaver,
- napkins,
- a box with chewing gum,
- peppermint,
- Matchbox.
Such a gift can be used as an element of decor, placed on a shelf in the room.

It can be supplemented with the following:
- small flash drive,
- torch,
- multitool,
- “credit card knife”,
+ "Check book of fulfillment of desires."

An exclusive date - the best holiday for two

It may be dinner in an unusual restaurantWhere you have not been together - a place where food is served in complete darkness, a restaurant with molecular or Korean cuisine, a raw food cafe.

Hunt for the most delicious burgers in the city or taste “Mojito” in all the bars in your area (and then make a rating).

Saint Valentine patronizes lovers, so you can have a joint rest. February is a cold month, so buying a three-day sea tour would be an ideal option. Agree that it will be an unforgettable pastime, which will forever remain in your memory and strengthen the relationship within the couple.

If you do not want to spend money, then arrange a romantic dinner at home. You can diversify the evening with a board game 18+ and watching your favorite movie.

Unusual presentation of gifts - make up a calendar of surprises

If you have purchased several gifts for your man (movie or KVN tickets, a diary and portable speakers), then donating them all together will be wrong. These items are too far apart. Agree that in this case, the young man may be confused by the number of surprises and will not appreciate each of them.

We came up with a way out from the current situation - to present the presents all day long, without ceasing to amaze your soulmate.

To do this, pack all the presents in colored paper or foil, stick papers on them with timein which the box can be opened. His gifts should be put in a visible place so that your man can see them immediately. He will be able to unpack another gift every hour.

The joy and anticipation of surprises for the whole day will be provided, and your young man will appreciate your creative approach.

“Your best present is me!” - we give ourselves

Arrange an unforgettable game for your partner so that Valentine's Day will remain in his memory for a long time.

For this surprise, sign all gifts with numbers from 2 to 10, and leave the first number with you. Give your partner an instruction which states that:

  1. need to look for gifts throughout the apartment,
  2. If you have not found the gift number 1, then you can not open other gifts.
When your boyfriend gets tired of searching and finds all bundles with gifts, attach the number with the first number to his neckline. When he notices him, you can start hugging, kissing and unfolding the rest of the surprises.

Another original presentation presentation “I twist, twist, want to confuse”, for the implementation of which you will need a bright adhesive tape.

For this surprise you need to prepare in advance:

  1. a note should be attached to the beginning of the tape indicating that this thread will lead to the most desired gift,
  2. the man’s task is to unravel the ribbon and find a gift
  3. in the course of tangling the ribbon throughout the apartment, you can leave small hints or notes, as well as small surprises,
  4. you will need to hide in a secluded place at the end of the search operation, holding the final end of the tape.

Tip! Try to wrap the ribbon as many items in the room as possible, creating a kind of maze. This will increase the search time and fully enjoy the fun show!

When your man comes to the end of the ribbon, he will receive his most desired gift - you!

How exactly to present a spicy gift in the form of yourself to your chosen one? Buy beautiful lingerie and lace bows, which are glued all over your body and on your clothes. Well, what your dear will do with such a present is up to you!

Making a "fairy tale" for two

We have prepared for you 2 bonuses, two creative gift ideas for February 14th.

Surprise your spouse or boyfriend with a collector's book edition by filling out heart-shaped sheets. You do not need to cut anything, because the leaves just bend. This book will look unusual, luxurious and romantic. Watch the video:

Give him a picture of threads and nails in the shape of a heart - it looks like a full-fledged gift to her husband or boyfriend on February 14, while being quite inexpensive.

Or create a FLIP BOOK (a small book with pictures, which when turned over, creates the illusion of movement).

Do not be afraid to experiment and amaze your partner, creating a fairy tale only for two!

Delicious and edible gifts

As everyone knows, the path to the heart is through the stomach. Therefore, you can try to make a surprise for February 14 guy and cook a culinary masterpiece. It is very appropriate to bake a cake or a heart-shaped cake. If you do not really shine culinary talents, you can simply buy candy in the shape of a heart.

You can also be creative. Prepare a dessert, and on a card you can write - “You are like a pie. The form is always the same, but you never know with which filling. ”

In addition to sweets, men love meat very much. So for dinner, cook a delicious big steak, and to make it look more romantic, with a sauce, draw a heart on it.

Romantic evening can be organized very quickly. For this we will need sushi, cookies or sandwiches. They can put a heart on a tray or a plate - and boldly invite a loved one to the table.

If you live together, then surprise your loved one with a breakfast. This may be an elementary scrambled eggs, but on a plate with mayonnaise and ketchup you can draw a whole picture and a declaration of love. And sandwiches, of course, in the form of hearts.

Intimate gifts

This day sets everyone up for an erotic touch. Therefore, you can arrange a "romantic" for February 14 guy with new toys. And just in this situation, an intimate gift will be as out of place. He will give a little spice to your evening. The simplest and most useful gift is underwear with a declaration of love or an interesting pattern. And there are a lot of such products with inscriptions now. But if you have special wishes - just buy underwear and order an individual print. This can be done at any photo salon.

Even if you are embarrassed to go to the sex shop - it does not matter: there are many online stores that deliver any goods to your home. To give such a gift is best loved with an erotic dance.

You can surprise a young man with pajamas for two.

This is a special group of gifts, you can not go into details. They do not brag and do not show friends. What is bought in a specialty store, is intended only for two lovers. Therefore, discard shyness, close the bedroom, and then a wonderful day will smoothly turn into a passionate night for two lovers.

Attention as a gift

Если вопрос, что можно подарить парню на 14 февраля, замучил, а идей нет, просто презентуйте свою любовь и внимание. Ведь приятные эмоции и внимание очень необходимо всем, и мужчины не являются исключением. Поэтому необязательно покупать дорогостоящие подарки, самое главное и ценное просто невозможно оценить деньгами.

Если у Вас хорошо развита фантазия и чувство слога - напишите стих. It can describe how, when and where your first meeting, date, first kiss took place. The most elementary thing is to simply buy a “valentine”, it is sold in all stores and kiosks. But the most valuable will be the one that you do with your own hands. She will carry a special energy.

Another idea is to make a plasticine cactus, but instead of needles, place the skewers with hearts. At the center of this entire structure, hoist your joint photo. Original, beautiful and inexpensive.

This gift is suitable for those who have the name Svyatoslav. Take a jar, and put there many, many glow sticks. The jar can be wrapped in beautiful paper to make it look more presentable. It is necessary to give it with such words - “You are my star, you are my little light!” It looks very beautiful and original.

A gift for computer scientists

Recently, more and more often guys are programmers, or simply those who cannot imagine their life without a computer. This category requires special gifts. It may just be computer trivia that will facilitate their daily lives. The main thing, remember one thing - no hearts and pink shades, everything should be in a classic simple style. A great option is a flash drive with a large amount of memory or just a new mouse. It will be original to present a stand under tea, or the desktop conditioner. Believe me, choosing gifts for the guy for February 14, the main thing is to remember about his interests. And even the smallest flash drive will bring him much joy.

Gifts for sports guys

The twenty first century is characterized by the fact that people switch to proper nutrition and begin to massively engage in their health and sports. Therefore, there are ideas for February 14 a guy who is interested in sports. A gift for a young person should further stimulate him to remain in good physical shape, and in no case should he give up the sport. It would be great if, being engaged in the hall, the guy will look at your gift and remember you. So a great idea would be to give him a ball, weights, an expander, a dumbbell, or some other sports equipment. A gift that a guy will never forget is a horizontal bar that you can set up together at home and improve together.

If the guy already has such things, you can simply buy a sports uniform or a T-shirt with the original inscription. A more budget option - sea bath salt, relaxing shower gel.

More interest options

If you still have the question that you can give a guy for February 14, then let's divide the young people into several categories according to their interests. There are guys who are happy with any gift and generally love small surprises. Then search in advance and find a business card holder, a purse (of course, inside should be your joint photo), a passport cover. It seems a trifle, and sometimes these things are not enough for convenience. You can also write a poetic greeting to the guy on February 14.

It is much easier for young smokers to pick a gift. This may be a cigarette case or an expensive lighter. You can also engrave your initials or the date of acquaintance on it. If a young man smokes cigars, it may be a pack of his favorites.

For people who love adrenaline and can not live without mountains - a flashlight, a compass, a sleeping bag or a knife with the inscription (declaration of love or a romantic quote about loyalty).

Fans of their cars can give air fragrance, a CD with your favorite music or a car mug for coffee.

A leather belt will never be superfluous for anyone. So he is a wonderful gift on this holiday.

If your young man is fond of artistic creativity, give him a set of pencils. But not just like that, on each of them write the original declaration of love. Why? Just because your love is as bright and colorful as a rainbow.

Author's gifts

It's nice to make a gift on February 14th with your own hands. But this section is for those who have free time, desire and a little imagination.

For lovers of embroidery. Instead of buying a regular postcard in a store, simply embroider it.

Buy a set of candles, each wrap a ribbon and fasten a piece of paper. On each write what gives you love. It can be confidence, communication, warmth, reliability, joy, calm and so on. This is all individually, you know.

Also, this idea can be realized with fruit. On each stick on a double-sided tape a piece of paper and write on it what gives you love, or just what your young man associates with you. After that, cut the fruit into a salad for a romantic dinner.

It is not always easy to pick up or arrange gifts for a guy on February 14th. Therefore, another difficult idea to execute, but very remarkable. The inscription "I love you" to make with the help of threads and nails. She will have to tinker, of course, but it's worth it.

Romantic and tender gifts

You might think that candles are trite, but when you turn off the lights, and a path from them goes from the corridor to the bedroom, it looks very romantic. And it will be even better if a table with wine, glasses and fruit is set in the bedroom. In the bathroom, too, a lot of candles, foam, and pleasant music sounds. A man will remember such a gift for a long time. If you are already being romantic and tender for 100%, then still distribute rose petals or make an inscription on the floor.

There are cases when a couple cannot be together on such a day. Then take a set of candles and send them a package with a note. The text can be like this - "When it gets dark, light the candles and turn off the lights, dial the bath and turn on this disk." On the CD you can record your own confession and a selection of your favorite songs and melodies.

On a plate, you can write a declaration of love in several languages ​​and take a picture of a loved one with her. Then say these words: "These inscriptions can be wiped off with alcohol, but our love is not going anywhere, IT IS! That's why I did not write these words on a postcard that you can save. It makes no sense, because your love is not air, but in our hearts. It is intangible, not visible, but huge as the ocean, or even the whole Universe. And, of course, it cannot be expressed in any language of the world. "

Gifts for all occasions

We all know that boys do not grow up. In childhood they love to play constructor, and with age nothing changes. Guys are especially fond of what can be assembled and disassembled. The most excellent option is a Swiss knife. In it, the guys will find absolutely everything - a bottle opener, scissors, a ruler, a screwdriver, and so on. Let's just say: this gift will come to the rescue in any situation.

If you still know the guy badly and could not definitively learn about his hobbies, give him a box for leisure. There you can invest lessons in bowling, billiards, parachuting, riding course. With such a gift you will not lose exactly and spend time with interest together.

So what do we have?

I think, after reading this article, you will determine exactly what you can give a guy for February 14th. It's all very simple. First you need to deal with the interests of the young man and make a gift for his hobbies. If not, you can write a poem, embroider a card, or arrange a beautiful romantic evening for two. For lovers of extreme sports and its own category of gifts. Traffic regulations, parachute lessons, etc. The main thing is to remember that the gift should be from the heart and made with good intentions. Therefore, wishes for the February 14 guy: appreciate your girlfriend, she tries very hard and worries when choosing a gift for you.

Expensive attention!

On Valentine's Day, it is not necessary to buy expensive gifts. On this day, attention, love and affection is more appreciated than the cost of the gift. Even an inexpensive trinket in the form of a romantic heart should be presented in such a way that a ray of happiness will play in the eyes of the beloved. There are gifts that can not be bought, but they are very expensive!

The most affordable and most symbolic gift for a guy on Valentine's Day - Valentine. Beloved guy can buy a beautiful card with a declaration of love or make a congratulatory heart with your own hands. The balloon in the shape of a heart will look original if you put in it many, many leaves with words of love turned to the object of your feelings.

Another unusual idea is a cactus in love. In order not to destroy a living plant, it is better to fashion a similarity of plasticine cactus and fix it in a small pot. From paper, you need to cut a few beautiful hearts, stick them to the toothpicks and stick them with sharp ends in a plasticine flower. If you wish, you can put your own photo in the middle of the central heart.

Talented girls will not be difficult to prepare a song for your loved one and congratulate him with a personal performance. If there is no voice, and the poems in my head do not add up, you can make the guy attack from declarations of love. For example, every hour to send him an SMS-message with gentle words or whisper them in your ear if a friend is nearby. You can also write a lot of notes and put them in prominent places and in the pockets of the guy. If the feelings are mutual, it will surely give him pleasure.

Tasty gifts

It is difficult to find a man indifferent to delicious food. February 14 is an excellent occasion to pamper your loved one with delicacies and show him your culinary skills. You can cook anything: cookies, cake, pizza, pie, pancakes or jelly. The most important thing is to give the dish a heart shape, and if it is not possible, draw a heart with cream or mayonnaise.

Girls who cannot cook themselves should not stand aside either. Even slices of sausage or sushi can be laid out on a plate in the shape of a heart, turning them into a romantic dish! In a pinch, a beautiful cake with hearts from a pastry shop will fit.

Useful gifts for the computer

If a small amount of money is left in your wallet for a present to your beloved boyfriend, then you should first go to a computer store. Most young people do not think their lives without a computer, so gifts from this area will always be useful.

The most win-win USB stick, size in this case matters, but attention should be paid to the size of the memory - the bigger it is, the more joy there will be in the eyes of a loved one. Despite the romantic mood, you should not buy a heart-shaped USB flash drive, it is better to complement the gift with a romantic postcard, and choose a carrier of memory in a strict men's style.

The guy who is still confused in the wires of a computer mouse, you can give a comfortable wireless mouse for Valentine's Day. If there is not enough money for a mouse, you will have to stop on a rug with a cool pattern or choose a rug with an anatomical pillow for your hand.

Now it is easy to find a useful trinket that works from USB. The guy will appreciate the warming cup stand with a USB hub, a miniature keyboard vacuum cleaner, a compact fridge for cooling a jar of cola or a desktop air conditioner that saves you in the summer heat. To take care of a dear person, you can buy stylish computer glasses that prevent eye fatigue as a gift.

Gifts for a strong guy

Every girl wants to see a protector in her boyfriend. To be able to hide behind the broad back of your beloved and walk without fear along dark streets with him, you need to give a friend an expander, dumbbells, a press fixture or horizontal bar installed in a doorway for February 14.

For a sports guy, you can buy a T-shirt or shorts for training, good sports socks or leggings for playing football for Valentine's Day. The right gift for any athlete is a massage gel for the body that reduces muscle tension and fatigue.

By and large, on Valentine's Day, you can give almost everything. A beloved boy will be happy to receive a leather belt or an original passport cover, automatic umbrella or wallet, a good key chain or a stylish key holder, a cigarette case or a cigarette lighter as a gift.

It is appropriate for a student to present an unusual pen, for a travel lover - a folding knife, a compass or a flashlight. If a friend drives a car, then you can buy something useful for the car, for example, a car mug, a cup holder, a curtain, or air fragrance.

The most gentle gift to a guy for February 14 - attention

The word "dear" in relation to such a gift does not need to be interpreted literally, because in this case, it is not meant its value. And this must be taken into account, considering what to give a guy for Valentine's Day. A cute bauble, to which gentle words and kisses are attached, will be more pleasant than a status thing presented “without a soul”. Bring him a cup of tea with a valentine instead of a napkin, tie a scarf, put a chocolate bar in a briefcase - such tiny signs of attention, and how many feelings they have!

When they say that some gifts for February 14 to her boyfriend cannot be bought, it is meant that part of them that does not belong to the material world. After receiving a gift, your loved one tries, but cannot hide his happiness? So everything worked out!

The easiest and traditional gift for this day is Valentine. If you think that to give a guy on February 14 - consider this as one of the possible options. Of course, you can buy it in the store - on the eve of the holiday from all sorts of hearts just in the eyes dazzled.

But it will still be better if you make a simple card, but with your own hands, with words of love coming from your heart. Homemade gift for the best guy on February 14 will be released much more sincere than ready. An excellent idea for congratulations can be a bag with hearts, and on each such heart - warm words.

Doubt what to give a guy on February 14? Unusual thing!

Is your boyfriend a big original? Is it impossible to find him a “shop” gift? So do not yield to him and donate ... a cactus. You can use a live plant or its imitation of clay. In order for a cactus to become “in love”, you need to attach a lot of small or several larger hearts to its needles (or toothpicks if the plant is not real). This is probably the most unusual of all that you can give a guy on Valentine's Day. At the top, like a Christmas star, attach a heart with your own photo of a giftmaker. Original? Not that word!

Unique gift for the guy on February 14: talents and fans

Know how and love to sing? Use this talent for congratulations. It will be especially effective if a song of his own composition is presented as a gift. The problem that giving a guy for Valentine's Day will then be solved by you. However, the touching work of a famous singer is also quite suitable. Naturally, if it is about love, and certainly happy.

If you don’t have singing abilities, you don’t need to worry - come up with a lot of text messages with confessions and send them to your young man about once per hour — more often, perhaps, but not worth it — then the question “what to give to a guy for February 14” grow into a question, how can he not get bored. Little notes, laid out in conspicuous places in the home and scattered in the pockets, will also be an excellent sign of attention - in the end, let the surrounding people envy such passion.

When you are wondering what to give a guy for February 14th, choose a snack!

To an intelligent woman it is clear through what is the path to the heart of a man. This special day is an excellent occasion to show your culinary talents. So if you haven't figured out what to give the guy for Valentine's Day, grab a cookbook. You can make something sweet (jelly, cake, souffle or cake), but you can - and savory (salad, pizza, pie), the main thing in this business - the form. Of course, heart.

If the cooking is very bad, you can simply cook an egg for breakfast, make a heart out of the sausage and pour out the egg in the middle, and this will also be perceived as a gift to the guy for February 14th. You can also make sandwiches of the appropriate form - it’s really quite simple. Even pre-purchased cakes with festive attributes, served in bed and complemented by a cup of coffee - this is a great gift.

Think what to give a guy for Valentine's Day? Look in the computer store

Almost all the representatives of the stronger sex are very attached to their computer friend and will certainly appreciate some gadget purchased specifically for them. But if this presentation option is chosen, what to give the guy for Valentine's Day?

Completely safe option - a flash drive with a large amount of memory. Just do not need to throw at something pink / with hearts. Valentine's Day is just one of 365 of the year, so if you want your gift to be used, buy a smart, elegant flash drive. And make a gift out of it with the help of an attached valentine, in which you can fully express all the emotions that have engulfed you.

If there is enough money, then the problem is that giving a guy for Valentine's Day immediately becomes smaller. So, you can buy a wireless mouse. Даже если пока молодой человек в ней не нуждается, мышка – это почти расходный материал, как и такой аксессуар к ней, как коврик. Он тоже является отличным вариантом для подарка.

Защитник и спортсмен: что подарить парню на День святого Валентина

Спортивные подарки на 14 февраля парню тоже отлично подойдут – они подчеркнут, что вы видите в своем молодом человеке сильное плечо и надежного защитника. А уж вариантов таких подарков – не перечесть. These are sports equipment (dumbbells, expanders, etc.), clothing, and various care products (for example, an ointment that helps with bruises, sprains, etc. - this is how you will also show your health to your dear person).

If your young man is fond of tourism, the problem that giving a guy for Valentine's Day is solved even easier - a folding knife, a good diode flashlight, and even an inflatable pad will surely delight and come in handy for your favorite guy.

The wealth of choice: what to give a guy on February 14

In general, for Valentine's Day there are no restrictions on the choice of the subject. Although a cigarette case, key chain or wallet - most importantly, with sincere feeling and attention to his personality. So a gift for a guy on Valentine's Day should be chosen according to his interests. If an avid motorist buy something for a cherished car, a fisherman tackles, and a football fan is a thing with the symbols of his favorite team, this will be a true declaration of love.

An intimate gift for a guy on Valentine's Day: embarrassment - no!

This is a very special category of gifts that are not accepted to show off among friends. What is bought in “adult” stores is intended only for two, so thinking about what to give the guy for Valentine's Day, drop the shyness ... Close the bedroom door and show a present to the one for which it was bought - and the day will quietly turn into a beautiful night so you will not be left without a present.