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The value of the name Catherine, Katerina, Katya

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Ekaterina Andreeva, TV presenter

  • Meaning of the name
  • Impact on the child

When lucky: Saturday

When there are problems: the environment

Important years of life: 43, 54

Lucky number: 54

What does the name Catherine mean?

Hearing that someone's name is Catherine, most often they recall the great Empress Catherine II. So, this name in the understanding of the majority will be endowed with something regal. Meanwhile, the meaning of the name Catherine is quite another.

This “royal” burden of responsibility sometimes haunts little Katya from her very childhood, leaving indelible traces on the characteristics of the already mature Catherine. Therefore, instead of a proud and majestic woman, those around her often see a shackled and indecisive person who can only sometimes lose her temper and lose her temper, often trying to simply remain less visible. Although this description of the character does not fit every Catherine.

After all, if Kate was lucky and her parents holly and cherished her as a child, they also taught to believe in themselves and not be afraid to be funny, a bright, light and cheerful person grows out of it, with whom it is pleasant to be literally everything.

After all, having won this difficult victory over herself, Katyusha becomes a very pleasant person, open, honest. Without being afraid of herself, believing in her own strength, she can achieve great success in her work and even in her own business.

Katya's true essence

To understand what the name Catherine means, you can dig into the history of origin. It came to us from the Greek language and was derived from the name "Aykaterine". The latter, in turn, was formed from the word "kataros". Translated from ancient Greek it is "true, immaculate, pure." Such an interpretation as it puts the owner of this name on a pedestal for universal admiration.

But she still doesn’t really like such close attention to her person - after all, she tends to be the best not for someone, but primarily for herself, and not at all because of this origin of the name. But Katerina Dmitrievna may well retreat from the principles and occasionally gossip or argue, sometimes trying to impose her opinion on others.

It was originally Greek, and later already Orthodox, the Russian name was very fond of the Slavs and was a long time, and now it is among the ten most popular names. The most esteemed in Orthodoxy is considered to be Catherine of Alexandria, the patroness of all brides, the intercessor of children, women and students. She is also the patroness of the cities of Krasnodar and Yekaterinburg.

Simple: Katya Complete: Ekaterina Laskovaya: Katyusha

It is always difficult for her to make decisions.

Since childhood, Katyusha is very self-willed and capricious. Often there is an “imp in a skirt” that cannot be left alone - it will turn everything upside down. In his youth, he suddenly becomes indecisive, and here parents often wonder where it came from. Even with a stunning appearance, Katya will doubt and delight in digging herself. Being dependent on the opinions of others, for no reason it will not show. It will always look like the opinion of other people does not interest her at all. At the same time, the owner of the patronymic Evgenievna loves to be in the center of attention.

Characteristics of the name Catherine is most often associated with this uncertainty, caution. It is difficult for her to decide on something.

She will be able to decide on an act only in some extreme situation.

Katyusha often looks as if detached, independent. “Protection” is of great importance for her - a reliable friend or girlfriend whom she will be able to trust unconditionally. That's when the girl will be really open.

Katya, especially Alekseevna, is usually calm and balanced, but thunder can suddenly burst out - and then it is better to stay away from her. All the accumulated negative will require a way out - and therefore outbursts of anger are stormy and fast.

Is it open or closed?

What does the name Catherine for its owner, it is not difficult to guess. In fact, Cach can be divided into two types. The first - active, fun, open. The latter, on the contrary, are closed, timid, confused. And those and others are united by indecision and self-doubt. Only if the former carefully conceal their weaknesses behind external activity, an easy disposition, ridiculousness and sociability, then the second fails.

Katerina always relies only on herself, it is difficult for her to ask for help. Although, possessing an outstanding mind, she really can cope with many problems on her own.

A woman with the simple name Catherine often seems impregnable, proud, too independent - like some kind of deity. In addition, many of the owners of this name are really very beautiful. However, this way often hides a little helpless and insecure girl who tries to isolate herself from the whole world with a wall of inaccessibility so that she will not be offended.

The origin and meaning of the name Catherine

Catherine translates from Greek as "eternally pure," "immaculate." This is the most likely theory. There are also doubtful ones: as the version about the connection of the name with the Hellenic goddess of darkness and witchcraft Hecate ((ancient-Greek Ἑκάτη).

"Oxford Personal Name Dictionary" found the idea of ​​the relatedness of the names Catherine and Hecate unfounded

Transliteration, nicknames, short and diminutive forms

When making a passport, ordering goods in the online store or booking a hotel room, you may need to write a transliteration of the name: EKATERINA.

For social networks, you can use these nicknames: Kat Lady Kat ღ, ۩ katyusha ۩, ιιllιlι.ιl.KATYA.ιιllι, Ekaterina2018.

Diminutive forms of this name:

Abbreviated options: Katrya, Katyura, Katyukha, Katya, Katyaha, Katyasha, Rina.

Synonyms: Katharina, Katerina, Katrina, Katherine.

Suitable patronymic

Well combined with the name of Catherine patronymic, formed from the names of Greek origin: Alexandrovna, Alekseevna, Vasilievna, Denisovna, Konstantinovna.

The patronymic contains the genetic code transmitted from generation to generation.

Boris Khigir in the book “Female Names and Patronymic” notes that Ekaterina Davydovna possesses male character traits, likes to chat, cooks well and loves to receive guests. Ekaterina Markovna is impetuous, domineering, unpredictable, does not accept other people's advice, often quarrels with friends. For Ekaterina Nikolaevna, family comes first.

Patron Saint, dates of name day

The patron saint of Katya is the Great Martyr Catherine of Alexandria. She lived in an era of persecution of Christians. Believers turn to her with prayers during a difficult birth.

Previously, Catherine's Day was arranged to race on a sleigh, and in the evening they seduced.

Girls and women named Katerina have more than one angel's day per year: February 5 and 17, March 20, December 7 and 17.

Impact on fate and character

Catherine is principled, she always tries to do what is right, to tell the truth. Lies is considered a waste of time, a source of unnecessary problems.

I agree that Catherine is fair, honest girls. All my friends Kati are straightforward, intelligent, very beautiful. It is interesting to communicate with them. They have an opinion about everything. But most of all I appreciate them for their sincerity and keen sense of justice.

Characteristic name from the point of view of different researchers

The name Catherine is very popular, so many name researchers describe it.

Boris Higir writes that the appearance of a woman named by this name is deceptive. Katya is a hard-working, assertive careerist, but the lack of self-confidence that the lady hides behind impudence and insolence prevents her from reaching the top. And also, trying to appear more relaxed, free from prejudice, Catherine can drink too much at a party or start to smoke a lot. The husband doesn’t care for her soul, although the hostess from Katya is far from first-class. Raising children is not easy for her.

Between Japan and the Kuril Islands is the St. Catherine's Strait

Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima talk about the breadth and mobility of energy named after Catherine. The image of Empress Catherine the Great had a noticeable influence on its characteristics. If Katya feels that she does not correspond to the power of her name, then her self-esteem can become painful. If you can get rid of the desire to assert itself at any cost, Katerina will succeed in business and personal life.

The authors distinguish two types of Katherine: reticent, indecisive, and cheerful, talkative, not giving descent offenders. The differences are explained by the methods of education.

L. N. Tsymbalova highlights the defining features of Catherine: a brilliant mind, self-love. Katie's behavior depends on her mood. She copes with difficulties on her own, does not resort to the help of others. If the problem is not solved, it can spill anger in their relatives.

P.A. Florensky considered the name Catherine a female supplement named Nikolai.

Interpreting the meaning of each letter in the name

All the letters in the name Catherine have a certain semantic and emotional nuance:

  • "E" endows a person with both simplicity of soul and ambition, as well as talkativeness, insight.
  • “K” - mystery, ability to keep other people's secrets, hard work, willpower, endurance, perfectionism.
  • "A" - activity, energy, dedication, leadership skills, organizational skills.
  • “T” is a passion for diversity, developed intuition, emotionality, creative talents, love of truth.
  • “E” - repeating, the letter “e” enhances the qualities inherent in the first letter of this name.
  • “P” - loyalty to this word and life principles, the desire to bring what has been started to the end, the excitement, the ability to see the essence of things, without being deceived by a beautiful facade.
  • "And" - subtle spirituality, impressionability, peacefulness, great taste.
  • “H” is a critical mindset, the ability to make informed decisions, clarity in relationships: both in love and in friendships.
  • "A" in the end - touchiness, inability to accept criticism in his own address, arrogance, capriciousness.

Little Kate is active, sensible, sociable, easily makes friends. In the games, Katenka always turned me on. She begins to speak and read early. The girl is ambitious and conceited, tends to be first in everything: first in the kindergarten, after - in the school. As the best and most responsible student, the girl is often chosen as a class leader.

Disadvantages girl's character: capriciousness, touchiness, vanity.

Little Katya often recites poems to guests in anticipation of applause and gifts.

Youth and adult life

In her youth, Kati’s entourage is mostly weak-minded, driven people who see her as a leader, not a friend. Because of the habit of harshly judging people, lack of tact, Catherine often pushes away those who could be true friends to her. She does not recognize any authority over herself.

Significant years for Katerina are those containing the numbers 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88, 96.

Adult Catherine learns to smooth out conflicts, becomes diplomatic, hones oratory. She learns to restrain her stormy temperament, she has organizational skills. Its popularity is growing, strong people are beginning to reach out to it. Things are going uphill.

Katya has strong immunity, but there are problems with the level of hormones. Health deteriorates at puberty. At this time, you need to carefully monitor the state of health of the girl.

Work and hobby

Catherine on the shoulder any work. Women with this name become journalists, broadcasters, manage engineering and economic departments. Katerina is a valuable employee. She is executive and active, works for the result if she feels her own benefit.

In her free time, Kate loves to read

Love and marriage

Catherine's personal life is not easy. Relationships in youth - a series of disappointments, separations, quarrels and reconciliations. Some are frightened off by the heavy character of Catherine. She is in the eternal search for the ideal - a noble, strong, pliable knight.

Despite the frenzied popularity of the opposite field, Katya has few people who dare to trust her enough to let him into her life. To please this woman is difficult. In her husband, she seeks to gain support, close in spirit of man.

Often Catherine marry by calculation, but they are not interested in money alone. The husband should treat her like a princess: to indulge, to lavish with generous gifts. But she should also take care of her beautiful prince, which will preserve the strength of the bonds.

The more identical consonants in the name of a woman and her lover, the better their compatibility.

Impact on the name of the seasons

Catherine, born in the fall, serious, demanding, reasonable, strong, stubborn, fair. This romantic and sexy lady has no end of fans, but the habit of controlling everything can ruin a relationship.

Winter Kate is taciturn, she does not like the rush and bustle. Tendency to intrigue, pride, pride prevent a woman to create a strong alliance. However, for loved ones, she is ready for anything.

Winter Catherine prefers to spend the evening not at a party, but with a cup of tea by the burning fireplace

Spring Katya is a homebody, she does not like going to nightclubs, to parties, but she welcomes guests with pleasure. He communicates with friends regularly, but he is kept somewhat detached. Getting married is usually late - for a long time can not find a suitable partner. Her beloved spouse and children become for her the center of the universe. If you can't get a baby, Katerina is not against adoption.

Katyusha, born in one of the summer months, never sits still, in childhood she is a real fear. Men are attracted to a woman's beauty, interpersonal skills, vigor, self-confidence. Spouse does not like in Catherine the soul.

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer

Katerina with the sign of Aries firmly knows what she wants from life, and persistently achieves her goal. But the impulsive nature sometimes prevents a girl from thinking rationally, as a result she makes serious mistakes.

Taurus - a lady neat, responsible, able to turn the world. She is appreciated by colleagues and bosses. The man who won it considers himself to be a winner, not realizing that he has fallen into a cleverly placed network.

The twin is active, witty, quick-witted, on his mind. Friends often compare it with sly chanterelle. Katya of this sign easily makes acquaintances, but because of frequent travels she does not have time to really get close to anyone.

Cancer is romantic, tender, emotional and is looking for a husband to match. She becomes an exemplary spouse. A woman appreciates peace and stability, including material. Dislikes noisy companies.

Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio

Lioness - passionate, ardent nature. Says in the eyes of everything that thinks. She strives to make useful acquaintances for mercenary reasons. Skillfully manipulates people. Not every guy is able to stay with such a woman for a long time.

Virgo is practical, self-confident, purposeful, selfish. Alien indecision annoys her. She quickly climbs the career ladder. Only a decisive, temperamental partner can give up a leading role in a relationship.

Scales - optimist, dreamer. She is soft, modest, sincere. The second half is met after a series of short novels.

Scorpio is hot-tempered, prickly. It is difficult to communicate with her, she has few or no friends. Gentle and sensitive happens only with dear people. The husband of this woman should have patience and strength of mind.

Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Fish

Sagittarius is a resilient, bright girl. Mistakes are considered valuable life experiences, so they rarely knock her out of the rut. Do not forgive treason, betrayal.

Capricorn has a great sense of humor. Her mood is changeable: cheerfulness can turn into anger in the blink of an eye. Avoids serious relationships, prefers short novels without commitment.

The first hundred-dollar bills were called “Katenka” - they depicted a portrait of Catherine II.

Aquarius is a romantic, dreamy beauty. Waiting for a meeting with his ideal rejects one suitor for another. She is better off alone than with anyone, as Omar Khayyam advised.

Fish are looking for reliability and understanding in their spouse. Before marriage, men change like gloves. The actions of the girl of this sign are dictated by rationality and prudence.

Poems and songs

Kate devoted a lot of poems and songs. So, Robert Rozhdestvensky has a work called “Daughter”, Valentina Berestov - “Grandma Katia”, Sasha Cherny “About Katyusha”, and Sergey Mikhalkov - “Fashionable dress”.

Brought as a gift to Kate
Foreign souvenir -
Amazing dress!
The whole world is reflected in it.
At random dozens of words -
All city names:
These are only sleeves!
On the back: “MADRID”, “ISTANBUL”,
On the chest: "MARSEILLE", "MILAN",
On the hem, from top to bottom:
How to wear this dress
Everyone is trying to stick.
All fit: - Hello, Kate!
Can I read a dress?
What to answer the question?
Katya is angry to tears.
А мальчишки Кате вслед:
— Вы — учебник или нет?!
Ну, а модницы-подружки,
Что завидуют друг дружке,
Те торопятся спросить:
— Дашь нам платье поносить?
Только папа хмурит взгляд,
Сувениру он не рад:
— Это просто ерунда,
Вперемешку города:
Тут — Бомбей, а Дели — там?!
Рядом с Дели Амстердам?!
If you memorize it,
You can get a deuce!

Sergey Mikhalkov


In Sasha Cherny's poem, the siskin drinks coffee at Katyusha

Agnia Barto composed the poem "Kate":

We are whole morning
Tinkering with sprouts,
We planted them
Do it yourself
Me and grandma together
Planted seedlings
And Kate went
With a friend in the garden.
Then we had to
Fight weeds,
We snatched them
Do it yourself
Grandma and I dragged us
Full watering cans
And Kate was sitting
In the garden on the bench.
- Are you on the bench
Sit like someone else? -
And Kate said:
I'm waiting for the harvest.

Agniya Barto


Songs about Katya, Katyusha are sung by such performers as Andrei Derzhavin, Vladimir Vysotsky, Mikhail Krug, Alexander Novikov, Vladimir Asmolov, Lev Leshchenko, Boris Grebenshchikov.

Video: Oleg Yakovlev - “Hello, Katya”

Katerina rhymes with such words as "submarine", "nectarine", Katyusha - with "listen", "soul", Katya - with "Dad", "bed".

Catherine is one of the twenty most popular names in Russia. The characteristics of this name are influenced by the seasons, the signs of the zodiac, the patron saint of the planet and other astrological symbols.


Good, simple and gentle name. There are many not very pronounced positive signs. In any case, this woman is active, reliable and bright. Relying only on her own strength, she often neglects others, although she herself does not have the power to allow her to solve all her problems. It is characterized by the absence of spiritual subtlety, some “thick-skinnedness”, and its temperament can often be defined as phlegmatic. She is beautiful, but it is impossible to call her passionate in nature, perhaps the definition “cool” most of all fits her. She has enough willpower to solve everyday household and family problems, and a more difficult task may well drive her to a dead end. Caring, but deep attachment, as a rule, does not feel for anyone. Not petty, generous, sociable, loves the spectacle and entertainment, but nothing is selflessly given, always "keeps a distance." Changes in fate, poverty and wealth perceives calmly, her reaction is balanced and restrained.

Catherine is not bypassed by male attention, but even here she shows her feelings very moderately, and in the family she becomes a good housewife and a caring mother. Children grow up usually equally balanced and owning themselves. She can achieve significant success in work, is conscientious and diligent, but it is unlikely she will bring something new or surprise with unusual behavior.

Katya is faster and more mobile than Catherine, and otherwise is like an adult: she is just as calm and restrained, in general she does not have rash actions, and the general style of behavior established in her youth does not change in the future.

In the last century, the name Katya, Katerina was very popular. Even common denominations appeared: Katya - a doll, asking Katya - flogging, katerinit - getting rich, preying (most likely because the “katenka” were hundred-dollar bills with a portrait of Catherine II - big money at that time).

Catherine's colors are cold green, red and blue.

CATHERINE (abbr. Katya)

From the Greek "Katharios" - pure, immaculate.

In the view of most people, the "royal" name. It seems that even in its sounding a certain stateliness and imperiousness are concluded. Alas, the characters of ordinary women named by this name have almost nothing to do with this performance. Catherine is already a child on her mind. She is thrifty and a little greedy. If Katenka was visiting, a candy or an apple would surely be in her pockets upon returning home - surely there will be someone who is touched by Katya’s mind and intelligence. Katya is proud of herself, painfully endures someone's superiority, in the class she is one of the best students and seeks to be friends with those who make up the “elite” of the class, use power or authority.

Marriage and compatibility of the name "Catherine"

He has an indecisive character, said, in particular, concerns the "spring" Yekaterinburg. Bravado, extravagance in behavior and clothes is not such a rare occurrence in Katya, this is especially evident in extreme situations. Catherine does not get married for a long time, although her fans are more than enough. She will focus her attention on the person who is close to her in psychological makeup. Catherine's anxiety, her inner anxiety is aggravated on the most insignificant occasions, which may cause impulsive, at first glance, actions. Catherine needs a husband who would help her to feel confident in life. Catherine - fantasy, they have a well-developed imagination. They are usually well established in life, however, the hostess, they are far from exemplary. They also do not always manage to properly raise their children.

They manage well enough in any kind of activity; they don’t give preference in choosing a profession. Believe the predictions of astrologers and palmists, can refer to psychics. Predisposed to lung disease.

The marriage of Catherine with Peter, Semyon, Vitaly, Denis, Pavel, Anton will be successful. Unsuccessfully - with Victor, Cyril, Nikolai, Jacob.

Catherine, Katerina

Meaning and origin of the name: "Pure, Immaculate" (Greek)

The power of the name and character: The first thing that strikes the eye in the power of the name is its extraordinary breadth and mobility. At the same time, the full form - Catherine - sounds so wide that it often prevents Katya from manifesting mobility to the full. Something like a river, going to the wide reach, slows down its run. In addition, the prominent Russian empress Catherine the Great plays a significant role. Of course, such a bright personality is able to influence the character of his more modest namesake, but there is a greater prevalence of the name. In short, it is unlikely that those around her even suspect any majestic features in Kate, but she herself can experience her inconsistency with the strength of her name, which can make her vanity rather painful.

This will not necessarily take place consciously, rather, even Katya will just gradually feel the need to assert herself, and here a great deal will depend on her upbringing and living conditions. In its internal energy, the name does not incline Catherine to aggression and a long accumulation of tension, and therefore there is little chance that in childhood her conflict with parents or other caregivers will be too protracted. This leads to the fact that there are two main types among Yekaterinburg. If Kati’s upbringing conditions were too harsh, she could grow up to be a rather closed person, while behind her outward calm one could catch signs of an acute inferiority complex, which would result in Kati’s shyness, shyness and even indecision. With such a character she will live very, very difficult.

However, another type of character is much more common when Catherine’s activity and mobility are reflected in her desire to assert herself. Such Katya can make an impression of a very self-confident person, although, most likely, it will be only a mask, behind which there is a vulnerable and kind soul. However, it can open only in a too deep conflict or when confronted with a very serious life difficulty. For the rest of the time, Katya is quite a sociable and cheerful person, able to hold herself and in case of something to stand up for herself. Only the closest friends will know about her spiritual experiences, and, perhaps, the husband, whose choice Katya usually takes very seriously, trying to find the necessary support in him. Here, it is desirable for her to remember that her husband is also a living person, and therefore also needs a certain care. If this does not happen for a long time, then Catherine’s marital happiness might one day suddenly collapse.

It is possible that her self-esteem will grow into ambitious aspirations with age, and she will resolutely begin to make her career. She can be very helpful in this if, instead of hiding her resentment in the depths of her soul, she will simply try to save her own pride from pain. In this case, the breadth of Catherine’s soul will ensure her success not only in business, but also in her personal life.

Secrets of communication: In communicating with Kate, her ego should always be considered. However, more often she well understands kind humor, and she herself is not averse to joking. But if you manage to talk to her heart to heart, then it is quite possible, you will be genuinely surprised to discover in her invisible surrounding qualities.

Name trace in history:

A fourteen-year-old girl, almost as a child, arrived in Russia, Sofia Frederick Anhalt-Zerbst, in order to marry the heir to the throne, and not thinking that she herself would someday become the great empress Catherine II (1729–1796). Coming from a well-born, but very poor family, Catherine was not burdened with knowledge and poorly oriented in the surrounding reality. However, once in the cold and hostile atmosphere of the palace, in another country, where she, in fact, was not needed by anyone and did not understand her language, Catherine did not lose her. Soon she had to come to terms with the fact that her husband was not a fairy-tale prince, but a capricious child with sadistic ways that everyone around her expected only one thing - the birth of an heir, and that she could not talk to anyone in person.

It was here that the iron will of the future empress, who began by learning the Russian language brilliantly and then taking up self-education, manifested itself. Knowledge of psychology prompted her the only right tactics: in the palace she was friendly with everyone, up to the last cook, spent most of the money on gifts and gradually managed to win over the sympathies of others. Without this ability to fascinate people, take care of them, she would never have been able to accomplish a palace coup in 1762 and, having overthrown her husband, sit herself on the Russian throne. Catherine did achieve the impossible: she forced everyone to forget about her non-Russian origin, despite the fact that “in the depths of her soul, every Russian loves not a single foreigner”.

Only after becoming empress, Catherine from an obedient princess turned into an imperious autocrat, but few could accuse her of injustice - demanding of others, she made the highest demands on herself. Her dream took an average of five hours a day, the rest of the time was spent on public affairs, correspondence, writing books and articles.

Only as a woman already in age, the empress went into all serious things. “Men at twenty are making love more passionately, but at thirty are much better,” she argued, and her love affairs are the basis of many books and historical novels. Nevertheless, although Catherine's love affairs had some influence on her policies, until the end of her days she remained strong and domineering, the first figure in the state and one of the most educated women of her time. Catherine accepted her new homeland with all its paradoxes, without ceasing, however, they were surprised: “Everything is in secret in Russia, but there are no secrets!”.