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The best beaches of Crete for families with children


Sandy beaches of Crete for families with children. Photos of beaches

Crete is famous for its sandy beaches, where you can safely swim and you can leave your children playing at the water. But not all beaches are suitable for families with children. because some people have so many people that you can lose yourself and lose children. We have chosen the best sandy beaches of Crete for families with children, and we invite you to see their description and photos. And which beach to choose you, you decide for yourself.

Beach - Vai
One of the best, and maybe the best, beach is Vai Beach!

On the beach you can rent umbrellas and deck chairs. Also on the beach there are wooden paths for tourists who can not or do not like to walk on the hot sand.
Not far from the beach there are cozy cafes and restaurants, overlooking the sea. They are among the palm trees and their leaves make your holiday more comfortable.
They say that it was on this beach that they shot an advertisement for chocolate Bounty! So what is really - heavenly pleasure on vacation!

Beach - Malia.
Malia Beach is a great place to relax. There is shallow sand and shallow water. The entrance to the water is smooth and without sharp depths.

There is a small island in the sea opposite the beach. On it is built the Transfiguration Church (Metamorphosis Sotiros). You can get here by boat or small boat.

Beach - Preveli.
A small beach called Preveli - the most famous beach of Crete.

The beach is very popular with holidaymakers with children. there are so many people here, that's why it is calmer here than on the neighboring beaches. But few people are not here because it is boring or not interesting, just on the neighboring beaches there is always music and dancing. Therefore, all young and energetic people rush there. And for tranquility and silence come to Preveli Beach.

And then you can look at the map, where the beaches listed above are located for families with children.

Beaches and resorts of Heraklion - the central region of Crete

In this largest area of ​​the island there are several wonderful resorts, positioning themselves as family run and providing all the necessary services for a comfortable children's holiday.

The beaches of the small resort of Gouves (18 km from Heraklion - the capital of the island) are pebbly and sandy, long and well equipped. Regularly awarded for cleanliness and ecology "Blue Flags". The sea is warm, the shore is shallow, the entrance to the water is gentle. But in windy weather due to the open coastline there are strong waves here.

The beaches of Kokkini Hani (15 km from Heraklion) are varied: spacious sand and pebble, well-equipped. But the main thing that attracts families with children here is the Water City water park located nearby.

Amoudara (8 km from Heraklion) - these are spacious sandy beaches, stretching for 5 kilometers in length. Excellent infrastructure and proximity to the sights and the capital have made this place extremely popular with holidaymakers.

The beaches of Agia Pelagia are a luxury resort located in a small bay (25 km from Heraklion). The sea, protected by rocky cliffs from the winds, is always calm. Sandy beach. But for children there is a serious inconvenience - the entrance to the water is not gentle, but rather sharp.

The resort village of Stalida with excellent infrastructure and a favorable location (from here it is convenient to get acquainted with all the sights in eastern Crete), with sandy wide beaches. Here, all the buildings in one or two floors, which organically fit into the mountain landscape. A village hotel offers comfortable and affordable accommodation. All this makes this resort convenient for a family relaxing holiday.

The resort Malia (near the resort of Stalis) is famous for its good sandy beach. There is no quay as such. And the entertainment zone is present in greater volume than in Stalis.

The beach of Hersonissos is rather narrow, with a good entry into the sea and the coast with large sand. The resort is very noisy, crowded, rave, recommended mainly for youth recreation. Vacationers with children, most likely, such a fun atmosphere is unlikely to enjoy. But if these circumstances do not confuse, here you can find good hotels with their own sandy beaches, convenient for family holidays.

Resorts and beaches of Lassithi - the most picturesque region of Crete

This is perhaps the sunniest, but also the most expensive region of the island in its eastern part, on the territory of which the stunning Mirabello Bay is located. It is washed from the northern part of the Cretan Sea, from the south - the Libyan Sea.

Its main resorts: Agios Nikolaos - the most beautiful picturesque coastal city of Crete (and the capital of the region), which is sometimes called the "Cretan Saint-Tropez", the luxurious and expensive Elounda and Ierapetra - is considered the southernmost city in Europe.

The beaches of Agios Nikolaos are very different: sandy and sandy-pebbly. But they are all calm, quiet and very clean. Most of them are surrounded by hotels.

The resort of Elounda often prefer to relax celebrities and the rich. It provides everything for a perfect comfortable rest, including children’s: the endless sea, diverse landscapes, magnificent hotels with equally luxurious beaches for family holidays, located in a small beautiful bay in a practically closed bay, well protected from the winds.

Vulizma Beach - a charming little lagoon with soft, fine golden sand, azure clear water, surrounded by bizarre rocks - is located 12 kilometers from Agios Nikolaos near the village of Kalo Chorio in Mirabello Bay. The entrance is very good, clean and flat bottom - the place is ideal for children.

If you are tired of advertised resorts and want to relax in solitude and silence, enjoy the distinctive charm of traditional fishing villages, you can go to the resorts of the western coast of Crete and even south.

The beaches of Ierapetra are magnificent and numerous. They stretched seven-kilometer strip along the coast of this southern city, rugged by picturesque secluded coves. The most western and most popular is well equipped, sandy, but the bottom is rocky. Katarades beach is covered with dark coarse sand, the bottom is also rocky. There are beaches covered with small gray pebbles mixed with sand. All of them are noted for the cleanliness and environmental friendliness of the “Blue Flags”.

The beach of Chrissi Island is a small piece of paradise, located in the Libyan Sea, with soft white sand, clear water, with a good flat and smooth entrance to the sea. There is a desire to compare it with tropical islands. Only in contrast to the palm trees, old Lebanese cedars grow here.

On the east coast of the Lassithi region there is a series of not very famous small resort villages with unique sandy beaches.

Vai beach is magnificent with soft sand and crystal clear water. Its main feature - next to it grows a real tropical forest of wild palm trees. Warm shallow water and a wonderful entrance to the water makes it very good for young children. And its popularity, especially in high season, just rolls over.

Makrigialos beach with fine, fine sand and always warm, shallow water is good for a beach holiday with children. It is small, but well equipped, and it has everything you need.

Lagufa beach is located in the same way as the previous one, on the coast of Makrigialos, close to large hotels in the lagoons, sheltered from the winds. Here, warm water and shallow water. It attracts tourists with children. In addition, the east coast is not so crowded, and here you can always find a quiet place.

Ammoudi beach is cozy, with golden fine sand, surrounded by white rocks. The bottom is sloping. But there is nowhere to hide from the sun, you must take an umbrella.

Sissy in the past, a simple fishing village is today a resort with several sandy beaches: Bufos, Kalimera Kriti.

Resorts and beaches of Chania - the greenest part of Crete

In this most western region of the island there is a mass of magnificent Cretan beaches many kilometers long — this is pink Elafonisi, snow-white Balos, Falasarna’s huge beach, and many other not-so-famous but equally charming beaches where you can relax with children.

In Chania for this all conditions - a large number of cozy bays, quiet and calm, sandy beaches with a good entrance to the sea, equipped beach areas with playgrounds and with simple but fun attractions.

Many kilometers of sandy beaches of amazing pink color are found only in Chania. And the most famous of them - Elafonisi. This beach is adored by children and their parents: small, warm, clear water, good gentle descent into the sea. Bathing here can be found already in April, because the water here is a little warmer than in other places on the island. Of the minuses - there is often a strong wind and sometimes crowded.

The magnificent beaches of Falasarna with snow-white soft sand with pink splashes and warm azure water, smooth entry into the sea - the best in Crete. There are 5 of them and they are located side by side, following the coast one by one. Their territory is huge and it is partially equipped. Because of the vast territory there is never crowded and you can always find a secluded place.

Wonderful beaches of Georgioupolis with a gentle safe approach, even for kids, are attracted to these places by families with children. The local unique flavor of the fishing village and pristine nature make these places even more attractive.

The beaches of Kavros are sandy, wide, clean, with shallow sea - the best that can be offered to kids. Of the shortcomings - in the open bay are often waves.

The sandy beach of Platanias with a length of 4 kilometers is well equipped and more than once was awarded the "Blue Flag". The resort is quite lively and popular.

Agia Marina is a small town and resort with a magnificent sandy beach. It is the largest on the island and the most comfortable with picturesque pine forests.

Kalamaki beach - sandy with a picturesque small bay and shallow bottom. Located in the village of Galatas.

The sandy beach of Agii Apostoli is located in two bays, well protected from the wind. The water is the purest, around there are beautiful rock formations and a picturesque small park with a pine grove.

Chrissi Akti Beach is a two bay with a sandy beach, divided by a picturesque hill. One of them, located to the west, with a smooth entrance into the water and shallow water.

Stavros beach with bright yellow sand, located in a beautiful, almost closed on all sides of the bay at the foot of the mountain in a quiet and peaceful village of Stavros (Akrotiri peninsula), is considered to be one of the best for family holidays in Chania, even with kids. It is always quiet and windless, convenient entrance to the sea, well-warmed water.

Maronti Beach is an ideal place for toddlers and those who have not yet learned to swim. These are several beaches with sand in a large bay sheltered from the wind in the village, which has the same name. There is a very good flat bottom and a picturesque view of the White Mountains.

Loutraki Beach, as well as Maronti and Stavros, is a very suitable place for a beach holiday with children on warm, soft sand. Here, surprisingly clean and clear water, flat bottom, beautiful sand, quiet beach.

The beaches of Paleochora love to visit families with children for several reasons. Beaches as with soft sand, and covered with fine run-in not at all prickly pebbles stretched for several kilometers. There are always clean and clear coastal waters, gentle entry and good bottom. One of the beaches of this resort - Pahia Ammos - is well closed from the winds.

Kalives Beach - with a quiet calm sea, protected from the waves and winds from the north by the Akrotiri peninsula. One of its parts is covered with golden sand, the second - with small pebbles, regularly awarded with the "Blue Flag".

Kissamos is a resort town near the sea, far from tourist places (42 kilometers from Chania) for rest in peace and quiet with your child. There are a lot of hotels in Kissamos itself and its surroundings. They are mostly small, homely and cozy, relatively inexpensive.

Not far from Kissamos, there are the famous beaches of Elafonisi, Falasarna and the lagoon Balos.

Balos Bay is the most beautiful place in the Mediterranean, where three seas meet: the Mediterranean, the Cretan and the Ionian. The water in the bay is unique in its mineral composition, its color is quite unusual - bright azure with hues of turquoise, blue and green. The sand is pink and white, and the water is warm and absolutely transparent. According to many, this beautiful Mediterranean beach is convenient for families with children: shallow water, you can sunbathe, lying directly in the water on the sand.

Beaches and Resorts Rethymno

Due to its proximity to the capital and famous sights, the region of Rethymnon is considered a good resort destination for tourists. For a beach holiday, there are sandy, clean beaches of great length (16 km) with secluded coves, with a smooth slope of the seabed. On the coast there are many calm and quiet villages where you can spend unforgettable holidays with children.

Rethymno City (“Venice in the mountains”) is a beautiful city in Greece, striking lush greenery, flowers, beauty of landscapes with clean beaches. It is approximately equally removed from Chania and Heraklion.

In Rethymno, there is a good urban sandy beach near the promenade, quite comfortable and clean, with warm shallow water, with attractions and opportunities for outdoor activities.

To choose the city itself for living with children, perhaps it is not necessary - noisy. But a series of small seaside cozy villages located nearby, it is quite suitable for small tourists.

Sandy clean and equipped beaches in Adele in the resort area, located from Rethymnon to the east, is a good option for a relaxing beach holiday. But there are some disadvantages - the coastline is open, there is a strong wind and waves. In addition, when entering the water on some parts of the beach there are rocky areas. When choosing a hotel you need to clarify this fact.

Platanias is a quiet little resort village near Rethymno with sandy beaches for a secluded relaxing holiday.

Skaleta beach is sandy, well-equipped, positioned as a resort for a relaxing beach family holiday. In the village just a few hotels.

Panormo is a small resort village (22 kilometers from Rethymno) with a special authentic calm atmosphere and a popular place for families with children. The beaches are located in the bay, sheltered from the waves and wind, the bottom is gently sloping, the sea is shallow - what else is needed for a safe holiday with young children.

The four main sandy beaches of Bali are a place for contemplative, serene rest in an uncluttered atmosphere among green-covered mountain slopes in coves with clear and very clear water. There are never waves in the quietest bay Karavostasi (or Evita), which a mountain cape covers from the wind.

For vacationers in this area with children, one particular feature of the relief must be taken into account - steep slopes uphill to the resort location and descents back down to the sea.

Preveli beach is covered with small pebbles and is a natural landmark. There are beautiful sand dunes, amazing palm groves, beautiful sea and strange looking layered rocks.

Expert advice

The condition of the beach, along with a good hotel and convenient location - perhaps the main factors affecting our choice when we go to Crete with children. It remains only to choose the right resort and hotel, which will not allow to be disappointed, having gone to Crete with the whole family.

In order to understand how safe the entrance to the sea is, experts advise checking this parameter with the descriptions of a particular hotel. Or additionally request this information from the hotel or tour operators. Most often, on private beaches the entrance to the sea is always sandy (due to bulk sand). And from the descriptions it follows that most of the Cretan beaches in all respects meet the requirements imposed by parents when searching for a beach for children. Have a good rest!

Beaches and hotels

Going on a trip with children, the main thing they pay attention to is their place of residence. In the region of Chania, besides the capital of Chania itself, Stavros and Paleochora can be called the most suitable for family holidays. Local beaches are covered with sand and small pebbles, they are reliably protected from the winds. Thanks to the gentle entry into the sea, even babies there swim quite safely. There are few large complexes with children's pools, playgrounds and babysitting services at these resorts, they all fall into categories 4 and 5 * (for example, Cretan Pearl Resort & Spa, where the film “Greek Zorba” was made). The main part of the hotels - apartments or establishments with a basic set of services.

In the regions of Rethymnon and Heraklion, there are many more opportunities for family holidays. In Panormo and Hersonissos there is a good choice of hotels with an “all inclusive” system, there are also places where a children's menu is available for a fee. На тихом курорте Сталида, как будто созданном для семейного отдыха, очень хороший пляж с водными развлечениями, но нет магазинов с питанием для самых маленьких. За ним придется ехать в Херсониссос и Малью.

Песчаные пляжи Георгиуполиса и Кавроса простираются на 9 км до Ретимно. Вода в море на этих участках побережья прогревается медленнее, зато малышам вдоволь можно плескаться на мелководье. Детей постарше наверняка порадует поездка в мини-зоопарк Fun Park с контактной площадкой в Кавросе.

Покрытые вулканическим песком пляжи Бали привлекают семейных туристов прежде всего потому, что там редко дуют ветра и практически не бывает волн. Но городок находится в гористой местности. Из-за холмов и пригорков путь от отеля до моря превратится в полноценную тренировку, а, например, с колясками подниматься и спускаться по склонам неудобно. In Bali, mainly rent apartments, where you need to cook yourself. There are hotels with all-inclusive, but they are few.

In the Lassithi area, Agios Nikolaos and Elunda are considered suitable for children. Five-star hotels in these resorts are working on an "all inclusive" system. There are playgrounds, children's clubs with animators, babysitters and even a nursery for babies. Some "fours" can also offer a similar service. Unfortunately, there are no simpler places in institutions, so parents will have to independently organize catering and leisure activities for their children.

Especially praise the family hotel Domes of Elounda, owned by the Marriott chain. It is comfortable to relax even with tots about a year.


Most likely, very young children will not show interest in the sights of Crete and admire its natural beauty. More willingly, the guys will spend time in one of the island’s water parks: Acqua Plus (official website in English) and Star Beach (official website) in Hersonissos, Limnoupolis (official website in English) in Chania, Water City (official website) ) in the vicinity of Kokkini Hani. You can also go to the amusement parks of Children’s World in Geogyoupolis and Katerina in Heraklion, where more attractions are designed for children of 3-5 years old.

There are a couple of oceanariums on the island: Qretaquarium (off site) in Gouves and Aquaworld (off site in English) in Khersonissos. There, children will look at the exotic inhabitants of warm seas, turtles, snakes, lizards. Another interesting place is Dinosaur Park (official site in English) in Gouves. On the perimeter of the territory lay mock-ups of monsters that are made very realistic (they even growl). In addition, there is a museum with animal skeletons.

In the Labyrinth theme park (off. Site), created based on the myths of ancient Greece, the children are offered to put themselves in Theseus's place and walk along intricate paths, solving puzzles in search of a way out. There you can also ride quad bikes, visit a mini-zoo and a small botanical garden.

A very practical and pleasant for parents feature of the resorts of Crete - the presence of playgrounds with swings, trampolines, sandboxes, carousels and slides at taverns. They are small, but while adults enjoy a hearty lunch and Cretan wine, the guys can get busy with games and not get bored. Of course, this luxury is not in all institutions. They need a good search.

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We are going with a three-year-old child to the village of Bali at the same time. Last year, we specifically visited a swim on this beach and checked its suitability for kids. the beach is certainly not very long (well, although how to see, the very first one is quite large). But there are 4 different bays to choose from .. Protected from the wind .. sandy flat entrance. Longer beaches are usually not so protected from the winds. 009 / den-15 here you can read and see photos of beaches. 9 & Itemid = 1 and then one of the reviews, which will help to get a more complete picture of this village and its beaches.

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Why Crete?

Crete is surrounded by three seas: the Ionian, Libyan, Aegean (Cretan). In my opinion, the Cretan Sea, the warmest. From the reviews I know that many agree with me. Therefore, if you are going to rest with children at the beginning of summer, it is better to choose a resort on its coast.

The flight to Crete lasts a little more than three hours, you will not get tired with the kids. Next transfer to a comfortable bus, or a taxi. On the way to the hotel, the beauty of nature is striking: palms, picturesque trees, bushes. The sea of ​​colors, the names of many, I do not even know. A lot of fruit and olive trees. Children will be interested to look at pomegranates, oranges, lemons, hanging on the branches. Add to this the gentle sun, the pleasant sea breeze, the gorges, the mountains, the purest air. Voila, you're in paradise!

Crete charges with its energy, it's cozy here for everyone. An ideal place for a family holiday. And the locals are incredibly friendly, do not doubt that in every cafe, you will be fed to the heap. By the way, it is worthwhile to learn from them measured and calm, which we all lack so much.

Crete resorts

Crete has four main parts: Chania, Heraklion, Lassithi, Rethymnon. Features resorts:

  1. Heraklion is the most famous district. There are many fortresses, temples and the same, known to all, Knossos with the labyrinth of the Minotaur. Older kids will clearly enjoy such exciting excursions. The beaches here are sandy, clean. The only negative is the deep sea, literally from the first steps. But you can find shallow coves, lagoons.
  2. Rethymno - “the soul of Crete”, which preserved its ancient appearance with tiled roofs, cobbled streets, ancient mosques and churches. This part of the island has the best beaches, stunning valleys and open views.
  3. Lissiti is located in the eastern part of the island. It is washed by the Libyan and Cretan seas. The sunniest part, and therefore warm. But at the same time and the most expensive. It is here that there are fashionable resorts and hotels, excellent beaches, including the paradise beach "Vai" (we all know it from the advertising "Bounty"). If funds allow, choose a resort for families with children here.
  4. Chania is the most green part with ancient streets, natural sights, ancient temples and the popular Greek resort of Bali. The sea is calm, the water is crystal clear. It is interesting to rest here for both adult children and toddlers.

When is it better to go on holiday?

On Crete, the weather is never changeable. Nothing prevents a beach holiday. From April the rains stop and the summer heat begins. But the sea is still cool, it warms up by mid-May.
July-August is distinguished by African heat. But from the end of August a pleasant coolness begins, while the sea remains warm.

Conclusion: it is better to go to Crete with children from mid-May to July or from mid-August to October.

What about entertainment?

On Crete, an abundance of attractions, it is a fact. But children need entertainment, otherwise they will get bored. Unfortunately, there are not so many of them here.

  • For example, you can visit one of the marine aquariums. Particularly impressive is CRETAquarium. The aquarium is located near Heraklion. You and the kids will get acquainted with the many marine inhabitants, only fish here are more than 2500 species! The glass tanks of the aquarium maximally repeat the sea reliefs. It feels like you are in the deep sea. And it is so interesting to observe how the inhabitants of the sea dash back and forth. Even a skeptic will not hold back a smile. What uh talk about babies!
  • Or visit the aquaworld aquarium terrarium, where they pick up all abandoned turtles, aquatic animals. You will spend an interesting tour, telling with great love about their pets.
  • Water parks will not leave indifferent any child. Between Hersonissos and Heraklion is the largest Water City water park with ponds, playgrounds, entertainment for children of any age and thirteen pools.
  • Family Park "Labyrinth" area of ​​1300 square meters. m will please not only the labyrinth, but also a cinema, a themed cafe in the form of an ancient Greek city, attractions. The park is located in the vicinity of Hersonissos.

Hotels for families with children

Some good hotels for holidays with children in Crete:

  • Sirens Beach 4 * (Chersonissos-Malia). Family hotel on the first line with a high rating. Gorgeous sandy beach, clear sea with a smooth sunset. Decent animation, kids club, playgrounds, good swimming pools.
  • Grecotel Club Marine Palace Suites 4 * (Panormo). For kids there are excellent conditions. Specially equipped children's pool filled with sea water. There is a playground. Teenagers will enjoy the Grecoland Club with lots of fun. If you have a baby, a stroller is available for rent. Want to relax? At your service qualified nannies.
  • Plakias Suites. Advantages: self-catering apartments. In the courtyard for little visitors there is a wonderful green lawn. Located near the beach. True, there are no reviews from Russian tourists, but the Europeans are very pleased.
  • Nana Beach Resort Hersonissos 4 * (Chersonissos). The hotel has a good location, within walking distance of Stalida (shops, pharmacies, etc.). Several beaches, fenced off from the waves lagoon (in the photo below, it is clearly visible). Children's animation Family Club. Entertainment for teens.

What to look for when choosing?

Holidays with children will cause less trouble if you choose certain criteria when choosing a resort and a hotel:

  • Short transfer from the airport.
  • The proximity of the hotel to the sea.
  • Sandy beach without waves with a gentle sunset into the sea.
  • The availability of shops and pharmacies within walking distance from the hotel.
  • Power system "all inclusive" at the hotel.
  • Children's table in the hotel.
  • The presence of Russian animation in the hotel.

Any important points should be clarified when booking. Some hotels charge extra for baby food, others may not have a children's table, but many adult dishes are fine for children. Find out in advance whether there is a menu for cereals, boiled vegetables, dairy products. Read reviews, ask questions in the forums, there you can always find the latest information.

For kids up to the age of one, take the baby food with you. In the shops of Greece is often impossible to find the mixture of the required brands.

Holidays with children in Crete will bring real pleasure, if you plan everything correctly. The island has all the conditions, but you need to carefully consider the choice of the beach and the hotel.

To visit Greece, a Schengen visa is required. How to get it, you can read here.

Have you already rested on Crete? Write about your experience, share with other tips, just describe how you liked the resort, hotel, beach. Your review will necessarily be placed in the “Travels of Readers” section. Read more about this here.

Want to choose another country for your trip? Perhaps you will be helped by information about where to go to relax on the sea in the summer of 2017? For those who do not want to get out with their children far away, I recommend finding out what is interesting and useful for a vacation in the Crimea for children and adults?

Want to know more about travel, sign up for blog updates and get the latest information written by real people. Always glad to see you on a visit. See you soon!

What to look for first

Most of the hotels in Crete organize holidays with children on the highest level. When choosing a place to stay, please note:

  • Location After a long flight, getting a few more hours to spend the night is not a pleasant prospect. One of the main criteria - proximity to the sea, because because of it, and go mainly to Crete with children. The closer it is to the hotel, the better. Ideal option - the first coastline.

Unleash the children, they would spend the night by the sea.

  • State of the beach. Prefer hotel with a sandy beach. Fine, if the territory is fenced. Find out in advance whether there are sun loungers, umbrellas, chaise lounges, whether they are issued free of charge or not, and the main thing is how gentle the entrance to the sea is.
  • The presence (absence) of baby food in the hotel. This is one of the basic requirements for a hotel with children. The menu must include fruits and vegetables, fresh dairy products, cereals. Well, if the room will be with a separate kitchen. The staff will provide you with everything you need to feed your baby: high chair, bottles, sterilizers.

In Greece, the baby just will not go hungry.

  • Children's infrastructure. The hotel should be equipped with a playground, a pool for kids, a club of interests.
  • Hotel category. The most comfortable hotels for families are 3, 4 and 5 stars. The most budget hotel from this category - 3 *.
  • Landscaping. A huge plus will be a large amount of greenery at the hotel. On a hot day, the baby can be put to sleep in a stroller in the shade of the trees or play active games on the spacious lawn. Be sure to read the reviews on the Internet, look through the photo gallery on the official website.

Under the shade of trees you can hide in a hot day.
Photo:[email protected]

  • Can I rent a cot, pram, walker, bicycle, etc. A good hotel provides guests with children a pot, a baby bath, a baby monitor.
  • Is there point of care. Anything can happen to children. And you must be sure that your child will have emergency help in case of poisoning, injury or sunstroke.

Crete Beaches - General Description

Crete from all sides is washed by waters of different areas of the Mediterranean Sea:

  • On the north coast of the island is the Cretan Sea. This is the most favorite place for travelers with children, since it is here that most of the sandy beaches with convenient entry into the water. At the Aegean Sea, one drawback - in the summer, on the northern coast are often waves,
  • From the south, Crete is washed by the calm Libyan Sea. The water temperature in it is several degrees lower than the previous one, and the coast for the most part consists of mountains. There are practically no beaches in this area, and those places where you can relax near the water are covered with fine pebbles or black sand. If in the north of the island you are overtaken by waves, feel free to come to the Libyan Sea - there will be calm,
  • The Ionian Sea surrounds the island from the west. If you belong to those who want to come home with beautiful photos from the best beaches of Crete, this area is for you. The shallow and warm sea stands out among others with its color, or rather, with a variety of colors, since at the same time you can see up to 17 shades of water on it. Also, the west coast is famous for its pink beaches. If in the north of the island there will be a storm, then in the Ionian Sea, most likely, too.

The beach season in Crete lasts from May to November. The best time to rest on the island is autumn, during this period the air temperature rises to 27 ° C (in spring + 20- + 24 ° C, in summer to + 31 ° C), and the water warms up to 25 ° C (in spring to + 22 ° C, in the summer to + 27 ° C).

The best beaches of Crete - we list by name

One of the most beautiful beaches of the island is located in the western part of Crete, on the island of the same name. The calm and clear sea in this place has different depths - both adults and children will find a suitable option. Entry into the water is gradual and safe, there are no stones or slabs nearby, the coast is covered with white and pink sand.

The number of people on the beach is great at any time of the year. The majority of tourists come here by bus, so the peak of the visit to Elafonisi is 11-16 hours.

From the infrastructure on the beach there are toilets and changing rooms, paid umbrellas and sun beds. From public institutions - only a small cafe (in the menu drinks and sandwiches / hot dogs), there are no organized entertainment centers. Because of the large number of tourists, access to amenities often requires a queue to stand, and many café products diverge even before the evening comes. Before leaving, we advise you to stock up on food and water, as well as take an umbrella or awning with you (almost no natural shade).

Important! If you go to the beach by car, be careful and save time - a narrow, partly dirt road with frequent traffic jams leads to Elafonisi. There is no organized parking at this place.


The sandy wild beach with wonderful views is also located in the western part of the island. This place is a paradise for lovers of peaceful rest and unspoiled nature. The juniper forest is located right by the sea, a little further away there are hills and black stones, and in the distance you can see massive mountains.

There are practically no tourists on Kedrodasos, but this place is popular with locals. Those who wish to admire the beautiful landscapes need to take into account that there is no infrastructure at all on the beach, therefore water, food, creams and other things should be taken only with you.

Kedrodasos water is warm and clear. In summer, there is often a strong wind blowing, which is why the waves rise in the sea. Junipers create a single shadow on the beach, but they are often surrounded by large slabs or stones.

The main disadvantage of the beach is the inconvenient location. It is located 40 km from the city of Kissamos, it can only be reached by car on a dirt road or on foot (30 minutes from Elafonisi on rugged terrain).

Marble Beach got its name due to the beautiful caves located near the coast. This is the best place for snorkeling and diving, many tourists attribute it to the list of must-see attractions of Crete.

Marmara is a small beach, not designed for a large number of tourists. Only a few dozen paid lounges and umbrellas fit here, an excellent tavern with low prices and delicious food, and a boat rental area. The beach is covered with small pebbles, entry into the water is comfortable here, waves are rare. Very picturesque place.

Note! There are no roads leading to the island, so you can get here either by boat (departing regularly from Loutro, 7 km away), or on foot if you are on the right part of the island.

Laguna Balos

This is not just the most beautiful beach of Crete, the lagoon Balos is a true symbol of the island. Фото, снятые в этом месте, где сходятся воедино три моря, украшают половину магнитиков и брелоков Греции, а впечатления и виды, которые ждут вас здесь, навсегда украсят вашу память.

Один из лучших пляжей Крита расположен в одноимённой бухте, поэтому добраться сюда – задача не из лёгких. Единственный транспорт, который ходит до лагуны – это такси или арендованный автомобиль (Важно: дорога возле пляжа платная), но также сюда можно доплыть на корабле в составе экскурсии.

Small Balos is covered with a thin layer of pink sand, under which is small and large pebbles. Umbrellas and chaise lounges are placed throughout its area, which can be rented for a fee. The sea in this place is very warm, but shallow, which can not but rejoice families with children.

Infrastructure on the beach is not developed, but tourists do not come here for this. If you also want to take a photo of the most beautiful beach of Crete, going up to the observation deck, walk a little towards the parking area - here is a greater overview and more safely.

Tip! Take with you special slippers for swimming or shale, as there are small stones near the shore and at the bottom of the sea. Also, do not forget the water, food and hats.

Skinaria is the best beach in Crete for snorkeling lovers. Here, near Plakias, in crystal-clear water, surrounded by sheer cliffs, beautiful algae grow, hundreds of small fish live, and even octopus swim. The real attraction of the beach is the scuba diving center, which attracts divers from around the world.

Skinaria occupies a small area covered with volcanic plates. There is free parking for cars, an excellent tavern Garden tavern, known for its affordable prices and delicious dishes from fresh produce, a small number of sun beds (2 € / day) and umbrellas (1 €). Sunset in the sea is rocky, but safe. There are often waves on Skinaria, so for a holiday with small children it’s worth choosing another beach. Not far from the coast there are small lakes with fresh water from mountain springs - a better place for picturesque photos.

Shaitan Limani

This beach is designed for active tourists, who climb the steep hills under the hot sun seems like a good adventure. At the foot of the mountain there is a piece of turquoise water - this is the Aegean Sea, surrounded on all sides by stones.

This place is not intended for long swims, sunbathing or water entertainment - people come here for new impressions and inspirations. Do not be surprised if you do not find a cafe or changing rooms here - the infrastructure in this place is absolutely not developed.

Shaitan Limani is one of the few beaches that can be reached by bus. Ticket price - from 3 euros, sent three times a day from the Bus Station Chania station. The beach is located 22 kilometers east of Chania and is part of the Akrotiri peninsula.

Important! Be sure to go to Shaitan Limani in comfortable shoes.

This is not just the best beach in Greek Crete, it’s part of a beautiful ancient resort of the same name, located 50 km from Chania. Here, on the long sandy coast, the Blue Flag of Europe has been adorned for several years, awarded to him for cleanliness. It is here that the joyful cries of little travelers are heard daily, and adult tourists admire the beautiful sunsets.

The beach is fully equipped for the convenience of travelers, of which there are many at any time of the year. There are sun beds and umbrellas, toilets, changing rooms, volleyball court, boat rental zone. Nearby there are two cafes where you can taste the best dishes of Cretan cuisine.

Getting to Flasarna is quite simple - a bus goes here. If you go on a rented car, be calm, since the road is straight and asphalt, a small serpentine will be only at the end of the road.

Sunset on the sea at Flasarne is very convenient - sandy and flat. The depth increases gradually and for a long time, therefore it is very popular among families with children. The only disadvantage of the beach is the water temperature, as it is always a few degrees colder here than in other parts of Crete.

This beautiful place with crystal clear water does not fall into the category of the best beaches of Crete for families with children, but is definitely a favorite of snorkeling and diving. In the deep transparent sea, surrounded by three sheer cliffs, live hundreds of small fish that swim up close to the shore, as there are few tourists in this place.

Triopetra is completely tailored to the needs of guests - there are umbrellas and lounge chairs, showers, toilets, a large parking lot, several taverns and cafes. The road at the entrance to the beach is convenient (located in the city of Plakias), despite the tortuosity, it is quite wide and safe. Sometimes there is a strong wind that blows small pebbles, but usually it stops within an hour.

Ask a tourist who has been to Greece, where Crete has the best beach and sea to hear the coveted “Kutsunari”. Covered with small pebbles, with a convenient entry into the water and excellent infrastructure, it attracts hundreds of people every day.

Getting to Kutsunari, located 7 km from the resort of Yerapetra, is quite simple. Regular buses leave the city regularly, and you can take a car or taxi along a dirt road directly to the water.

Bored on the wide coast you will not succeed: there are 3 hotels, many cafes and taverns, a diving club and a water entertainment center. It is very interesting to swim with a mask, as the calm sea in this region is simply teeming with various aquatic inhabitants. Not far from the beach is the campsite of the same name.


Beautiful Greek word for a complex of beaches, located 5 km east of Paleochora. Here, on a wide and clean coast, everyone will find a place for their liking: pebbles or sand, a wild beach without amenities or sunbathing on comfortable sun beds, pacified enjoying the calm sea or jumping into the water from the rocks.

You can get to Gialiskari by bus or car (the roads are narrow and winding, official parking is paid). The beach is surrounded by mountains and hills, in some places coniferous trees give a natural shade. The water on Gialiskari is warm, the sunset is gently sloping, here you can have a great rest with small children. From entertainment: catamarans, boats, jet skis, snorkeling.


A small beach and one of the best in Crete. High mountains, the purest beautiful water and a lot of greenery - such views do not even dream in beautiful dreams.

The deep but warm sea scares off travelers with small children from Karavostavosti. Entry into the water is convenient, the coast is covered with small pebbles. Near the beach there are high cliffs with panoramic views of the most beautiful places of Crete. From entertainment - a tavern and a diving center (there is an underwater bridge and many interesting places for research). The beach has all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay.

Note! Karavavostavi is not suitable for budget travelers, since there is no place to spread a towel or a rug - you need to rent sun beds + umbrellas for rent for 7 euros per day.

Completes our list of the best beaches of Crete (Greece) Kokkini, located in the village of Matala, in the south of the island. Its peculiarity is that the main visitors here are nudists, resting in the shade of the trees and enjoying the warm sea waves.

To get to Kokkini, you need to move the mountain, which is a significant obstacle for many tourists. But those who have managed to cope with this barrier, receive an award in view of the cleanest coast, crystal clear water and amazing landscapes. There are caves that are interesting for snorkeling lovers, high cliffs with the best panoramas of Crete - for photographers and red sand with beautiful stones around for those who just came to relax.

Important! Of all the infrastructure in Kokkini, only a small cafe with high prices is represented, so take everything you need for a holiday from home.

The best beaches of Crete are what will forever remain in your memory. Have a good trip!

The beaches of the Greek island of Crete, described in this article, are marked on the map in Russian.