Dandelion jam step by step recipe with photos


Year of the year, spring is sometimes marked by the awakening of life. This magical time you want to extend, hide in a bottle and get into the winter cold, when there is not enough heat. This dream can be translated into reality. Dandelion jam is a delicious dandelion treat that has many beneficial properties, contains vitamins and can be an effective remedy.

How useful dandelion jam

Few people suspect that the most common dandelion plant contains vitamin B, tocopherol, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron. Therefore, dandelion jam can help treat liver, lymph node inflammation, hepatitis, hemorrhoids, cholecystitis, and bladder diseases. By dandelion jam, harmful substances can be removed from the body, thereby clearing the intestines from toxins and parasites.

However, there are contraindications. Dandelion jam is contraindicated for iodine sensitive. Experts do not recommend to use jam and with the exacerbation of gastritis, bladder stones. It is worth noting that dandelion absorbs both useful and harmful substances, so you need to collect the plant only in environmentally friendly places.

How to use

For the treatment of diseases, dandelion honey must be taken 5 times a day with tea, adding 3-5 teaspoons of delicacy. Due to the presence of many biologically active substances, there will be more benefit from such a natural tasty medicine than from many synthetic preparations. However, it can be consumed in the same way as any other sweetness - tea, jam, etc.

How to make dandelion jam

To make amber jam (photos of this color can be found in any search engine) you need to collect 400-450 heads of dandelions, of which the product is cooked. It is best to collect the main ingredient at noon, when the flower heads are fully opened. Before starting the preparation, the inflorescences should be thoroughly washed, thereby cleaning them from dust and small insects. The consistency of the finished dish should resemble honey, if you doubt the resulting color - find a photo on the Internet for verification. Store dandelion honey in the fridge.

You can cook a treat in any vessel designed for food processing: a conventional saucepan, basin or stainless steel product, copper. Cooked in an enamel pot can be immediately put to cool in the same container, in other vessels - poured into glass jars, which you must first wash, rinse with boiling water, and dry.

Dandelion Jam Recipes

Preparing a spring delicacy does not require an excessive amount of energy, collecting flowers heads takes 20-30 minutes, and the separation of green petals takes less than an hour. Prepare a tasty dish from 12 to 24 hours. There are quite a few recipes for cooking sweets: traditional jam, with lemons, oranges, cherry leaf, without cooking. You just need to choose the one that suits you and follow the recipe.


  • Cooking time: 12 hours
  • Servings: 1 serving.
  • Calorie dishes: 191 kcal.
  • Purpose: use during the day.
  • Cuisine: national homemade.
  • Difficulty of preparation: easy

Cooking such a dish can be done by both an experienced chef and a novice. Jam has a low calorie content, it is prepared from only three ingredients: dandelions, sugar, water, so this dandelion sweetness will suit people who are watching their figure, vegetarians. The traditional dandelion jam recipe is the easiest to prepare.

  • Dandelion inflorescences - 200 pcs.,
  • sugar - 700 g,
  • water - 0.5 l.

  1. Collect the required number of plants, rinse the flowers, then dry.
  2. Pre-separated yellow inflorescences from green leaves pour two or three glasses of water.
  3. Put the mixture on a small fire, bring to a boil, boil for 10-12 minutes, stirring occasionally. At the end of the broth should take a yellowish color, if you doubt the correct color, find a photo on the Internet.
  4. Remove the pan from the heat, cover with a lid, leave to infuse for 3-5 hours.
  5. After this delicacy should be a greenish color. In order for it to become more transparent, you need to strain the broth through a sieve. The remaining flowers squeeze in pure gauze.
  6. Add 3.5 cups of sugar, put on fire. It is recommended to stir until sugar is completely dissolved. After the broth boils, leave it on low heat for 30 minutes. So the liquid will evaporate, the finished jam will be amber.

  • Cooking time: 12 hours
  • Servings: 1 serving.
  • Calorie dishes: 200 kcal.
  • Purpose: use during the day.
  • Cuisine: national homemade.
  • The difficulty of preparation: easy.

The finished jam with lemon tastes different from the traditionally baked delicacy. Lemon gives broth more characteristic taste with a hint of sourness. If you are not a sweet tooth, but traditional jam is sugary for you, a lemon treat will fix it: add less sugar when making it. The method of preparation of both types of sweets is almost identical.

Cooking process

We collect dandelions in an environmentally clean area, away from roads and hazardous businesses. Choose well-opened yellow flowers and cut off at the base of the head.

Blown to this adventure will not be happy and they close quickly enough, so it should be.

The resulting flowers must be well washed with running water.

Next, fill our dandelions with clean water. And insist 24 hours. This is necessary in order to leave the bitterness and the milky juice.

Next, squeeze the flowers and put them in a saucepan, in which we will cook them.

Fill our dandelions with 1 liter of clean water. Mine and scald lemon. He will deal with the skin.

Cut a lemon and send it to the company to dandelions. Stir well. Put this mixture on medium heat and cook for about 30 minutes.

After this time, we get a rich herbal decoction with a specific smell. We need to remove it from heat, cover and insist for 6 hours at room temperature.

After 6 hours, filter the broth through gauze in several layers, squeeze. Cake removed.

Here is a golden liquid remains after this procedure.

We return it back to the pot and add sugar.

Cook over medium heat until you get the right consistency. But not less than half an hour. The longer you cook - the thicker the jam. Remember that after cooling, it will thicken.

The finished jam is poured into sterile jars.

Dandelion jam is ready! It is wonderful, golden, reminiscent of young honey. It is sometimes called “dandelion honey”.

The shelf life of this jam: 1 month in the refrigerator without seaming. And 1 year rolled up, in a dark cool place.

Let's find out how useful dandelion jam and how to use it properly, so as not to harm.

Dandelion jam benefit and harm and how to use

No wonder "dandelion honey" since ancient times was considered a healing product. Its impact is very mild, but tangible.

Its beneficial properties are:

  • stimulates the immune system and strengthens the body
  • relieves inflammation
  • protects and cleans the liver and ducts (choleretic)
  • bactericidal and antiviral
  • treats the digestive tract, improves the intestinal microflora
  • anti-stress

Damage to dandelion jam can cause, if you do not pay attention to contraindications (about them just below).

Apply it according to this scheme:

For the treatment of acute respiratory diseases

1 tsp 3 times a day. Duration of reception is 10 days.

Like any medicine, although tasty, dandelion jam has contraindications:

  • children up to 5 years
  • diabetes
  • allergy
  • acute gastritis
  • ulcer
  • gallbladder stones

It would be best if before enrollment you enlist the support of a specialist.

Preparation of flowers for jam

Before you start preparing one of the recipes, you need to ensure that the basic product is enough. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the process of preparation. This does not require special knowledge, but still minimal skills are needed.

When preparing the plant for processing, the following recommendations should be observed:

  • Collection of inflorescences must be made during the period of their flowering. Preference should be given to the noon time, because at this very moment each dandelion is maximally opened and fed with solar energy.
  • Going for a decent product is in the woods and on the lawn. They are as clean as possible and contain more vitamins and minerals.
  • It is better to collect flowers in sunny weather. Ideally, there should be no rain for at least a couple of days. In this case, a greater amount of nectar will be stored in the flowers.
  • For jam, only fully open inflorescences are needed.
  • When cooking flowers are used. Sepals should be removed completely.
  • Each flower must be carefully checked for dirt and insects. Strong streams of water will lead to the loss of more nectar. But, nevertheless, it is better to remove external dust in order not to harm the quality characteristics of the final product.

Having learned the basic rules of collecting flowers, it is worth choosing the perfect recipe for making incredibly tasty delicacies for the whole family.

A simple recipe for dandelion jam

At first glance, this delicacy seems exotic. But, having tried it at least once, you will forever give your heart to this unpretentious product. And most importantly, to create this culinary masterpiece does not require special knowledge and skills. The main desire to create something extraordinary and special.

  • Dandelion inflorescences - 500 pieces.
  • Distilled water - 1.2 liters.
  • Sugar - 1.2 kilograms.

1. Collect all the inflorescences in one cup. Each must be fully disclosed. Faded instances to remove.

2.Fill the tank with water. Leave for one to two hours. During this period bitterness will completely disappear.

3. Drain the water. Add sugar. To fill with water. Stir.

4. Let the sugar dissolve completely, leaving it for one hour. Pour the contents into a deep pan with a thick bottom.

5.Put on fire. Constantly stirring, bring to a boil. After the mass boils keep on fire for at least 40-50 minutes. Periodically it is necessary to mix the contents.

6. Remove the container from the stove. Allow to cool completely. Using a colander it is good to separate the liquid from the inflorescences. If necessary, flowers should be pressed.

7. Pour sugar juice into pan. Put on the burner for 90 minutes. Stir periodically.

8. Sterilize the cans or prepare them with soda and alcohol solution.

9. Pour the jam. Screw the cap on.

10. The product obtained is incredibly tasty and healthy.

Such preparation can easily stand for several years. It can be opened as needed, as a simple delicacy, and for therapeutic purposes.

Lemon Jam

This recipe is incredibly popular for the cold season, when viral infections rage with special force. Enriching the body with essential vitamins will help to increase immunity and increase vitality. Moreover, the taste of this dandelion jam is at its best.

  • Dandelion inflorescences - 250 pieces.
  • Filtered water - 0.5 liters.
  • Lemon is a fruit.
  • Cane sugar - 900 grams.

Output - 0.6 liters.

1. Assemble high-grade dandelions in an ecologically clean place.

2. Wash the inflorescences and soak to remove bitterness for 12-24 hours.

3. Drain the liquid and squeeze the inflorescences.

4. Cut lemon slices pour to the inflorescences. Add water. Put on a slow fire. After boiling boil for 25 minutes.

5. Remove from heat. Cool it down. Insist about 4 hours. Strain.

6. Pour into pan. Add sugar. Put on a slow fire. Boil. Boil for about 10 minutes. Leave to infuse. Bring to a boil again. Boil for about 5 minutes. If the product turned out the necessary consistency, then it can be removed from the fire. It is not recommended to add more sugar, as the jam can be candied.

7. The product is obtained in amber color, thick.

8. Pour a useful delicacy on pre-cooked cans.

This option can be perfectly consumed as a whisk with tea, and as a filling for cakes or pies.

With citric acid

Experimenting with flavors and getting something original is always real. Especially if you can significantly improve the taste of the product. The proposed option is not only tasty, but also allows you to create an unusual product.

  • Dandelion inflorescences - 1.2 kilograms.
  • Sugar sand - 1.2 kilograms.
  • Citric acid - 0.6 tsp.
  • Filtered water - 1.2 liters.

Output - 1.5 liters.

1. Assemble dandelions. Good bust. Pour clean water for a day. If they fade, you'll have to repeat the process.

2. Add citric acid according to the recipe. Increasing the amount is prohibited.

3. Bring water to a boil. Add inflorescences and lemon. Boil. Boil on a slight flame for about half an hour.

4. At broth honey aroma turns out. Properly decant. As such, it can be used to prevent severe muscle pain.

5. Add sugar. Put on the fire separator and boil, stirring constantly for 40-50 minutes. During this time, the healing qualities will increase, and the taste will be much higher. Over an hour of restraining is prohibited

6.Po sterilized and dried banks distribute the broth.

Connoisseurs of saturation can hold this delicacy on the stove for about an hour. During this time, the liquid will digest, and the jam will become even more sunny and tasty.

With orange

Citrus perfectly shade any tastes. It is important not to overdo the components initially, so that the output will be a really tasty and healthy product.

  • Dandelion petals - 800 grams.
  • Orange fruit.
  • Sugar - 2.5 kilograms.
  • Water - 1.8 liters.

Output - 2.5 liters.

1. Petals gently separated from the legs. To preserve the taste is recommended to tear only pure inflorescences. In this case, you can avoid additional washing and removal of pollen with nectar.

2. To separate petals from inflorescences, using scissors or hands. Inflorescences do not throw out. They will go for a special decoction.

3. Green stems pour water. Put on a slow fire. Boil for half an hour.

4. On a fine grater, grind the zest from the whole orange.

5. Squeeze the juice out of the fruit.

6. Skip the hot decoction of the green parts through a colander. Add petals, juice and zest. Place on fire divider. Boil for half an hour, stir continuously. Pour the sugar. To stir thoroughly. Send on fire for another forty minutes.

7. If you want to skip the jam through a colander. Connoisseurs of rich taste prefer the option with petals.

A simple and quick recipe will delight lovers of sweets. And the combination of several tastes will create just a unique palette.

A great recipe for all experiment lovers. The result is always excellent. Moreover, such marmalade can always please both loved ones and guests. And taking into account the fact that dandelion jam in such an interpretation is always perfect for pies, then it is definitely worth a try.

  • Dandelion inflorescences - 150 pieces.
  • Filtered water - a couple of liters.
  • Sugar sand - 0.9 kilograms.
  • Rhubarb stalks - 4 pieces.
  • Lemon fruit.

Output - 1.5 liters.

1. Rhubarb stalks, rinse, remove the peel, cut into small pieces.

2. Put the rhubarb stalks in a deep pan. Squeeze lemon juice. Petals with dandelions placed there too. Pour in water. Put on a slow fire and cook for at least forty minutes, stir constantly. Remove from heat. Let it stand. Strain through a colander covered with gauze.

3. Put the liquid on the fire and add sugar. Boil for at least 10 minutes. Density to choose according to preferences. The longer the cook, the more dense the product becomes.

Beautiful syrup or thick jam look great in a glass container. And the flavor and taste are incredibly high, so every connoisseur will like it.

With lemons and oranges

Diversify the taste palette and create a treat, from which all, without exception, will delight is incredibly simple. To do this, you should arm yourself with the proposed recipe and try it out in practice. The result will exceed any expectations.

  • Dandelion inflorescences - 250 units.
  • Orange fruit.
  • Lemon fruit.
  • Sugar sand - 500 grams.
  • Distilled water - 400 milliliters.

1. Assemble dandelions. Rinse thoroughly. Soak in clean water for a day. Water drained.

2. Fruit rinse. Cut into small pieces. Remove bones.

3. Put the water to boil. Pour flowers and citrus. Boil. Boil for 20 minutes. Insist for half an hour. Strain.

4. Pour broth into the container. Put on the fire. Boil. Add sugar. Boil, stirring continuously for 20-40 minutes. The time depends on the required syrup consistency.

5. Distribute received nectar to beautiful containers.

A simple recipe. But the enthusiasm received when removing the sample, a huge amount.

With pectin

Pectin will help to diversify now the usual delicacy. Он отлично усваивается и дарит необычные вкусовые оттенки. Ценители сладкого от такого варианта придут в восторг.

  • Соцветия одуванчиков – 400 единиц.
  • Вода фильтрованная – полтора литра.
  • Сахар песок – 1,5 килограмма.
  • Пектин порошковый – 5 столовых ложек.
  • Плод лимона.

Выход – 2,5 литра.

1.Промыть и перебрать цветки. To fill with water. Boil. Boil 10 minutes. Remove from heat and cool.

2. Close the container with a lid. Leave to infuse for 12 hours. Strain through cheesecloth.

3.Put on fire. Heat up Add sugar and boil. Skim. Boil for about 10 minutes.

4. To cool down. Pour pectin. Put on a slow fire. Gradually, the mass will begin to thicken. Remove. Insist. Add juice of one lemon.

A great option for fans of experiments and unusual sweet desserts.

Cold preserves

In this version of the preparation of dandelion jam contains an incredible amount of vitamins and minerals. This is due to the fact that there is no heat treatment and whole flowers are used along with the legs.

  • Whole dandelions - 300 pieces.
  • Sugar - to taste.
  • Flower honey - 0.3 liters.

Output - 0.5 liters.

1. Carefully sort out the flowers. Remove all unnecessary. Place in a blender and recycle.

2. In a washed jar pour natural honey about 50 milligrams. Layer of dandelions. Honey again. Alternate the layers until the tank is completely filled.

3. If desired, you can cook with sugar. In this case, it should be stored in a cool place. Jam turns greenish tint.

4. Place containers in a cool place. The product, prepared with honey, is worth eating for a week, and sugar can and be tolerated for several months.

A great option to stock up on the sea of ​​vitamins for the winter and maintain your immunity level.

For many who have ever tried such a delicacy, it becomes a favorite. Just try something new and dandelion jam will be a great dessert for any feast.

Cooking Instructions

From several tested options dandelion jam I have defined for myself the perfect! It turns out almost dandelion honey.

My leading recipe looks like this: only the yellow part of the flowers is used, the flowers do not wash, in order to preserve the pollen and the flowers themselves do not boil in sugar, but only their decoction is boiled and fewer flowers are required. The variant when the flowers are boiled in sugar is also tasty, but then after pressing and filtering, some of the sugar simply disappears, remaining on the cake - pressed flowers.

Collect dandelions in a clean place on a sunny day.

You can adapt yourself and collect immediately the yellow part of the flowers without green leaves, but I collect together with the sepals, because then I still sort them out for insects, etc. and without the sepal, the flower is falling apart.

Go through the flowers and cut off the main dense green part of the cup.

As a result, there will be yellow petals with pollen.

Put the flowers in the pot, add lemon slices. Lemon should be dried, i.e. do not taste bitter

Bring mass to a boil and cook for 5 minutes over medium heat.

Then leave the flowers to infuse in this water, for example, at night in a cool place.

Squeeze and strain the flowering mass.

In the resulting dandelion water, add sugar.

Before boiling, you need to constantly stir the mass to dissolve the sugar, and then boil it over medium heat with occasional stirring to the desired degree of thickness, but no less than half an hour.

Pour the finished dandelion jam into clean containers: jars and bottles.

Dandelion jam is tasty and fragrant, with a consistency like fresh honey.

Fruit drinks from such jam are very tasty, especially with carbonated mineral water.
It turns out almost dandelion lemonade.


  1. We collect dandelions in the spring in the forests and fields. (Please do not take the dandelions that grow near the roads - there are so many nasty things from cars!).
  • It is best to start cooking the jam on the same day when you collect the flowers - dandelions should be (at least) not too dried up). We need only the flowers themselves (without stems). Thoroughly wash them under running water.
  • Cut off or gently tear off the volumetric green part of the flower.
  • Sprinkle sugar in a saucepan. Fill with water. We put on the fire and boil the syrup. Stir constantly. As soon as the sugar is completely dissolved and the mass has run out, the syrup is ready.
  • Add our dandelions. Add lemon juice (or citric acid).
  • Mix our jam and cook for 20 minutes after boiling. It should boil gently for the entire 20 minutes.
  • After that, give the jam to cool, and leave for the night, insist.
    The next day bring the jam to a boil. Give boil 10-15 minutes. Here you can play with a touch of taste - add a little more lemon juice, for example, or cherry leaves for flavor.
  • We give him a good cool - the jam will be a beautiful, golden honey color.
  • We filter the cooked mass using a fine sieve or gauze.
  • This is how the finished jam, or dandelion honey will look like
  • Serve to the table! The finished jam is stored in a glass jar in the refrigerator.
  • P.S. With the remaining "cake" you can brew flavored tea! Just pour the flowers with boiling water and give insist.
  • Strain and dandelion tea is ready!

Now you know how to make dandelion jam. Enjoy your meal!

Dandelion jam: recipe with photos

In the spring from April to June, a wonderful time comes when you can not only enjoy the beauty of dandelion flowering, but also make delicious homemade jam, which some people call honey, and not for nothing, because the taste of dandelion jam really resembles honey, and the beneficial properties of this product very extensive. Therefore, let's not be lazy and cook dandelion jam together using the simplest cooking recipe with a photo and step-by-step description.

Dandelion Honey Recipe

We will cook jam or honey from dandelion flowers with lemon. As practice has shown, this nuance helps give a richer taste to the delicacy, and besides this it is very pleasant to feel small pieces of lemon in the mouth, although this is again an amateur.

So, proceed to cooking.

To begin with, it's over, we will go to the field or lawn and collect the required number of flowers. It is probably unnecessary to remind that it is necessary to collect dandelions in a clean area, away from the roads, since such a neighborhood negatively affects the quality of any plant and becomes unsuitable for human consumption.

We will prepare dandelion jam (honey) for 300 pcs. colors. Therefore, when you collect flowers, remember a song from the Tilimilitrimidiyu cartoon “Once a daisy, two daisies” 🙂 and just as fun gather up the number of dandelion inflorescences you need.

Collect only flowers, stems and leaves can be used to prepare a rejuvenating mask, or you can make a delicious spring salad from dandelion leaves.

Now we need to separate the petals from the sepals, as the latter can give bitterness to the jam.

It is better to do the separation by cutting the dandelion “ass”, and then removing the petals.

When plucking the process, of course, goes faster, but there are a lot of green leaves.

For cleaning 100 pcs. dandelions took me about 20-25 minutes.

At this stage, we should get this dandelion mass.

Now put everything in a saucepan, fill it with water and set on medium heat.

When a decoction of dandelions boils, reduce the heat and let it boil for 5-7 minutes, not more. In some recipes, it is recommended to cook dandelions for up to 30 minutes, I can confidently state that in this case it is unnecessary, since 5 minutes is enough for the flowers to steam and for 24 hours they will infuse in the broth and give everything they need.

Now turn off the fire and leave the decoction for a day.

Then we filter the contents through a colander or gauze, squeeze the cake well.

We get a yellowish decoction.

Finely chop the lemon along with the zest.

Put it in dandelion nectar.

Now we put everything on medium heat and add sugar.

Stir the contents of the pan until sugar dissolves.

When the mass boils, reduce the heat to minimum and boil about 1 hour. Then give the syrup to cool, and carry out the procedure of boiling 2 more times.

Jam can be considered ready when its consistency is reminiscent of fresh and sticky bee honey.

Now we fill in a delicacy in pure banks and we cork with covers.

Keep dandelion jam, as well as any other jam.

Useful properties of dandelions

Dandelion in its beneficial properties can be safely called a useful plant, medicinal dandelion even equate to ginseng. Of course the dandelion root is most useful, but the flowers and leaves have antioxidant properties, perfectly cleanse the body of parasites, help in the fight against constipation, hypertension, anemia, arthritis, cholecystitis, hemorrhoids and many other diseases. It is indicated to take as a prophylactic against bronchitis and to strengthen the body. In addition, this valuable plant is accessible to almost everyone. Highly recommend tea from all parts of the dandelion.

And for long-term storage is quite suitable jam. Of course, when cooking, not all nutrients are preserved, but still it is a useful dessert that tastes like honey. Very tasty is the jam with pancakes. And if you use it as a medicine, it is best to dissolve 1 tbsp. jam in a glass of warm water and drink in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast.


- Dandelion flowers - 400 pcs.

The best time to collect flowers is in the middle of a sunny day, it is at this time that they are most open. Like all medicinal herbs, try to look for remote places and cities that are environmentally friendly. The best thing to “hunt” for dandelions is to go out with scissors, since we will only need yellow flowers. Cut them off as shown in the photo.

In order not to lose the most valuable substances that are in pollen and nectar, I recommend not to wash the collected flowers, but immediately soak in cold water and leave overnight for bitterness to disappear.

Drain the water, pour dandelions with 1 liter of fresh water and cook the flowers for 10 minutes on low heat.

Cut the lemons together with the zest and peel into large pieces, add to the jam and boil it all together for about 20 minutes.

Now filter the resulting syrup, squeeze the petals. It turns out a broth dull yellow color.

Do not worry, add sugar, stir and boil for another 30-40 minutes.

Jam turns transparent, beautiful dark yellow color, like honey and sooo delicious.

Want to be healthy? Then do not be lazy and run to collect dandelions.

And, of course, do not forget to share this information with your friends.