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Symptoms and treatment of sinusitis in children of different ages


One of the most frequent reasons for visiting a otorhinolaryngologist is suspicion of child's sinusitis. Parents are afraid to miss a serious illness, especially if the cold is strong and long, and the treatment does not bring results. But does a runny nose always end with sinusitis, and who should be on guard so as not to miss a dangerous disease?

Special attention should be paid to the treatment of the disease when the diagnosis has already been made. Often doctors recommend puncture of the maxillary sinuses. There is an opinion among the people that if a child performs such a procedure once, the baby will become a regular visitor of the ENT office. Parents should understand how to properly treat sinusitis in a child, and whether it is possible to do it at home.

Not always a long runny nose speaks of the development of antritis. The causes of this condition are many, ranging from allergic reactions to various types of sinusitis. The concept of "sinusitis" means the inflammation of one or more paranasal sinuses. If the maxillary sinuses of the nose have been subjected to the pathological process, the disease is called sinusitis.


Not all parents know how to treat sinusitis in a child with allergies.

Meanwhile, endosonal electrophoresis procedures act not only on the infected sinuses, but also have antiallergic effect. A positive curative result is achieved due to the direct current, which contributes to the delivery of drugs to the sites of inflammation.

This procedure is prescribed for children from 3 years of age and has several advantages compared with other methods of therapy:

  • A high concentration of the drug substance goes directly to the focus of the disease, bypassing other areas.
  • The medicine has long been in the zone of inflammation.
  • The procedure is painless and does not damage the skin and mucous surfaces.
  • Allows you to enter into the nose immediately two solutions.
  • It is well tolerated by children because of the short, in 5-10 minutes, duration, lying on the couch.

With endosonal inhalation with various herbs or drugs, the aerosol is sprayed under the action of compressed air. Microscopic particles settle on the walls of the mucous membrane and perform two tasks at once:

  • affect the disease microflora,
  • remove the secret from the nose and sinuses.

As a medicine for spraying are used:

  • salt solutions, such as 1% sodium chloride solution,
  • alkaline, which easily liquefies purulent masses,
  • solutions with antibiotics, for example, furatsilin, or fluimucil, especially popular lately,
  • immunomodulators, which are most often used to restore immunity, or after taking a course of antibiotics.

Ultrahigh-frequency electromagnetic waves contribute to the immediate expansion of tissue capillaries in the sinuses, which causes a good outflow of fluid. And at the same time, increase the permeability of capillaries, reduce the inflammatory process, dissolve edema.

Physiotherapy is prescribed for acute sinusitis., and whether it is necessary to talk about the benefits, if it is prescribed even for babies from birth.

[box type = "warning"] It is important to remember! UHF procedure is categorically contraindicated even with a minimum increase in temperature, otherwise the disease will progress. [/ Box]


Washing - one of the first procedures that make a child with sinus at home. Of course, it is easiest to use sea water, but for a positive result and a quick recovery, they also take decoctions from medicinal plants, such as:

To properly prepare the tool, you need a tablespoon of herbs (you can make a mixture of several species) pour 250 ml of boiling water. Then put on the fire and bring to a boil. As soon as the composition boils, remove from heat and strain through gauze. Add purified water to the purified liquid in such a quantity that, as a result, the volume becomes one liter.

Using the syringe, the resulting decoction is injected into one nostril and discharged through the other.

How to cure sinusitis in the home quickly through inhalation? This question is not entirely correct, since this procedure is not a treatment, but a manipulation that relieves some of the symptoms.

Inhalations are also made on the basis of medicinal plants:

These herbs are known for their bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects on the body.

Preparing the broth is simple: a tablespoon of a plant or a few pour a glass of water. Once the composition is brewed, you need to ask the child to breathe over it for about ten minutes. From above, it is imperative to cover it with a towel and control that inhalation passes through the nose. You can also add eucalyptus essential oil or propolis tincture for better effect.

Warming up

Effective treatment of sinusitis in children takes place with the use of heating. In the people it is done with the help of hot boiled eggs. They are applied to both sides of the nose and kept to cool.

It is worth noting that this method is effective only in the early stages of the disease. If it has acquired a more severe form, then warming is categorically contraindicated, especially if pus has formed in the sinuses and there is a strong swelling.

An affordable, harmless and easy-to-use remedy is propolis ointment, which has become famous for its antibacterial effects. It is applied in a small amount on a cotton cord and inserted into the nostrils. Five minutes later removed.

These are the ways to treat sinusitis in children at home. But most importantly, at this time the child rested a lot, in his diet were foods rich in vitamins. You also need to make sure that he takes a lot of liquid (water, tea, compote).

Sinusitis can occur for several reasons, so there are such types of it:

  • rhinogenous - appears as a result of a cold,
  • traumatic - occurs when the deformation of the septum,
  • odontogenic - development provokes diseases of the teeth,
  • hematogenous - occurs due to the effect of infection.

Most often there is sinusitis in a child of 3 years. Symptoms can be seen such:

  • nasal discharge with purulent admixture,
  • reduced appetite
  • lethargy,
  • increased capriciousness
  • fever,
  • puffiness in eyelids and cheeks.


To avoid this disease, you need to do everything possible to strengthen the immunity of the child. In addition to a healthy balanced diet, physical exertion, and hardening, it is helpful to follow some simple rules:

  1. In the nursery should always be an appropriate microclimate.
  2. At the slightest manifestation of the disease of the nasopharynx, you should immediately take action and not wait for the passing itself. Do not ignore trips to the dentist, because carious processes can be a provocateur manifestation of sinusitis.
  3. Should be abandoned frequent use of vasoconstrictor drugs. An excellent replacement for them is saline.
  4. For prevention, you can periodically massage the active points in the area of ​​the facial area.

To protect the child from such diseases, every parent needs to remember that proper nutrition, measured physical exertion and fresh air are the guarantee of their child's health!

Magnetic therapy

With the swelling of the mucous will manage to cope through magnetic therapy. Magnetic floors have a positive effect on the processes of tissue nutrition, eliminate painful sensations.

The duration of the therapeutic course is 15 days. Each procedure lasts about 25 minutes, although the exact time is set by the doctor for each patient individually.

Due to the magnet, the membranes of each cell become more permeable, as a result of which the intake of leukocytes to the inflammatory focus increases, and the microorganisms that have caused it to be the causative agents are destroyed.

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Manipulations are carried out as follows:

  • First of all, the nose is cleared of mucus by flushing with saline.
  • Electrodes are applied on the nasal wings (from two sides).
  • The device turns on.

Already the first sessions significantly reduce the number of nasal secretions and normalize the respiratory process.

However, you should remember about some contraindications to this method of treatment:

  • if a person is prone to nosebleeds,
  • if the patient is wearing a pacemaker and has severe heart disease,
  • in the presence of purulent inflammations.

Understandably, such physiotherapy for sinus is carried out in stationary conditions due to the fact that special equipment is needed, and the procedure must be managed by a qualified medical specialist.

Each magnetic therapy procedure takes about half an hour.


One of the effective treatments for sinusitis is physiotherapy. It is best carried out in conjunction with the intake of drugs, if they are needed. The procedure is painless, so in most cases, children tolerate it positively.

There are different types of physiotherapy procedures:

  • Lamp sollux.
  • UHF (ultrashort electromagnetic waves) and microwave therapy (ultra-frequency electromagnetic waves).
  • UV irradiation.
  • Toki Bernard.
  • Electrophoresis of drugs.
  • Ultrasound.
  • Inhalation.
  • Sinus catheter YAMIK (Markov and Kozlov Yaroslavl).

UV irradiation

Mercury-quartz lamp irradiation is used for colds and infectious diseases. The general course of treatment of sinusitis is 4-5 procedures. The duration of one procedure is 10-15 minutes. The front, back and side surfaces of the child are irradiated.

UV irradiation can be used from the first days of life.

  • allergic reaction to ultraviolet rays,
  • diathesis,
  • allergic rhinitis,
  • tuberculosis,
  • kidney inflammation,
  • recent vaccination or tuberculin test.


Ultrasound has an analgesic and micromassaging effect. The duration of the procedure is 5-10 minutes, the course is 10-15 procedures. Children's age for therapy is unlimited.

Ultrasound machine

  • acute infectious diseases
  • fever,
  • neurosis,
  • diseases of the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems
  • eye diseases
  • hypertension.

With the help of inhalers (nebulizers), you can enter drugs by spraying. Inhalation spend 4-5 times a day for 30-40 days.

Allows you to deliver drugs in the most remote areas of the maxillary sinuses.

  • use of essential oils (you can not fill them in a nebulizer),
  • heat,
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Laser therapy

Recently, laser therapy has been particularly popular. In state clinics, of course, you are unlikely to encounter such an option (there is simply no adequate equipment for it), but private hospitals actively offer and advertise this treatment.

The therapeutic effect in this case is determined by the power as well as the spectrum of the light wave. The doctor carries out the introduction of special electrodes directly into the sinuses of a person who has sinusitis. To enhance the laser effect, they approach the mucous membranes.

Here are the main effects that can be achieved with the help of such physiotherapy with sinusitis:

  • strengthening immunity - both local and general,
  • the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms - including those that caused inflammation,
  • improvement of microcirculation,
  • decrease puffiness.

And once you manage to cope with the swelling, it means that breathing returns to normal and the patient feels much better.

However, laser therapy is prohibited in some cases:

  • if a person has serious diseases related to the circulatory system,
  • in the presence of malignant tumors.

The procedure is not cheap, if we talk about its cost, but it is considered very useful. Unpleasant and painful sensations during its implementation does not occur. For the duration of the session does not take much time.

Laser therapy helps kill the pathogens that cause the disease.

You may have heard about the benefits of treating antritis with ultraviolet radiation. Thanks to it, biologically active substances are activated, and therefore it is possible to achieve:

  • reduce headaches
  • accelerating cell regeneration
  • destruction of pathogenic bacteria,
  • leukocyte activation.

But physiotherapy is undesirable when:

  • oncological diseases
  • high sensitivity to UV,
  • presence of purulent inflammations,
  • high temperatures,
  • tendency to nasal bleeding,
  • vascular fragility and problems with blood clotting.

During irradiation, sterile tubes are used. The stabilization of the parameters of the medical specialist can be achieved by heating the lamp (it lasts for several minutes).

UFO procedure for sinus takes a few minutes

Mud therapy

Another option for physiotherapy for sinusitis may be associated with mud therapy. In particular, we are talking about special warming compresses, which are made from mud.

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Such compresses are applied to the region of the maxillary sinuses. It is known about the ability of therapeutic mud to release hydrogen sulfide with iodine. Thereby:

  • development of pathogenic microorganisms that multiply in the patient’s sinuses is suppressed,
  • abdominal cramps due to muscular tension are removed,
  • improves the overall condition of the patient.

Of course, this procedure alone does not cure the inflammation of the maxillary sinuses, but after it is performed, the patient becomes much easier.

Mud therapy relieves the patient, but does not in itself lead to recovery.

Light therapy

Physical procedures for sinus in children and adults may be associated with phototherapy. This implies, first of all, the use of infrared radiation produced by a special lamp, which is called Sollux.

With the help of such light therapy:

  • it turns out to be bactericidal,
  • tissues heat up and expand blood vessels
  • active outflow of contents accumulated in the sinuses begins (including pus),
  • inflammation is removed, swelling is reduced, and the patient's well-being improves.

That is, the benefits of this therapeutic method is obvious. Naturally, its implementation is possible only with the availability of appropriate equipment.

When light therapy uses a special device Sollux

Diadynamic therapy

The benefit of diadynamic therapy is that diadynamic currents, passing through the sinuses, contract the muscles, as well as the walls of blood vessels:

  • taking off, thus, spasms,
  • reducing puffiness
  • eliminating pain.

The procedure is aimed at stopping pain impulses, but you should be aware of contraindications for which it is not carried out:

  • the presence of tumors
  • personal intolerance associated with electric shock,
  • tendency to nosebleeds
  • impaired skin sensitivity
  • purulent processes.

To improve local immunity, such manipulations also have some positive effects.

Diadynamic therapy for antritis has a positive effect on the immunity of the patient


If you experience symptoms of sinusitis, be sure to rinse your nose. For this it is recommended to use medicinal decoctions of chamomile or saline. Also carrying out washing can be carried out by means of such means:

  • warm mineral water
  • weak green tea
  • infusion of black currant leaves,
  • propolis infusion.

All of these tools can be used a maximum of 1-2 times a day, because they can lead to increased dryness of mucous membranes. As a result, there is a risk of the appearance of various pathologies.