Artificial menopause


All gynecological problems are interrelated with cyclical changes occurring in the female reproductive system. Exacerbations of pathologies are often exacerbated during menstruation, therefore, gynecology sometimes resort to medical suppression of ovarian function. This condition is called artificial climax.

This method of treatment can be used in women close to menopause, and those who have yet to become a mother. Menopause, created by artificial means, differs from the true one in that it is part of the treatment process that women need for medical reasons.

The essence of artificial menopause

Some gynecological diseases can not be cured without the correction of hormonal levels, for example, artificially reducing the amount of sex hormones in the body. The procedure is called artificial climax. It can be used for pathologies that depend on the hormonal background of a woman, for example, uterine bleeding, endometriosis and much more.

Artificial menopause essentially means stopping the work of the ovaries. It is called with the help of drugs whose task is to stop the production of sex hormones in a woman’s body. As a result, she has signs of menopause, and the main one is the cessation of menstrual bleeding.

The difference between artificial and natural climax is that it can be performed for women in reproductive age with the aim of therapeutic effects on the body. After the treatment is completed, menstrual function and reproductive abilities are restored in the woman's body. In this case, the duration of treatment should not exceed 6 months.

More recently, instead of drugs for artificial menopause, specialists used surgical removal of appendages, as a result of which women lost their reproductive function and physiological menopause occurred much earlier. Currently, the ovaries can be stopped in a less radical way - by taking drugs that suppress estrogen synthesis.

Indications and contraindications

Treatment with artificial menopause is used for the following gynecological pathologies:

  • myoma of the uterus,
  • endometriosis,
  • infertility,
  • uterine bleeding,
  • hormonal disorders,
  • malignant neoplasms of the female reproductive system.

The success of the treatment is achieved by temporarily stopping the ovaries. Against this background, there is no process of maturation of the egg, the endometrium in the uterus does not change, does not appear monthly. Hypertrophic changes in the inner lining of the uterus are smoothed, tumors are reduced in volume.

If the disease is severe enough, do not apply drugs for artificial menopause, and X-rays or surgical removal of the ovaries. With the radiation method, as with the drug, ovarian function can be restored.

Contraindications for artificial menopause are:

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • acute thrombosis and thrombophlebitis,
  • liver disease,
  • breast-feeding.

To date, artificial climax in gynecology is achieved in several ways. Each of them has its own characteristics.

Surgical method

It is considered the most radical of all known. Ovarian function is stopped forever by their complete resection (removal). Surgery is called oophorectomy. The indications for its conduct are oncological pathologies of the uterus, ovaries or breasts of the woman.

The consequences of artificial menopause in the surgical method are irreversible. In other words, a woman irretrievably loses her reproductive abilities.

Ray method

In this case, artificial menopause is achieved by x-ray irradiation of the ovaries. The indications for the radiation method are oncological diseases of the female reproductive system, blood diseases and some other conditions.

With the radiation method, recovery after artificial menopause is quite possible, but sometimes it happens partially. That is, the work of the ovaries can be restored, but not in full.

Drug method

With the drug method, a woman is introduced into a state of artificial menopause through the use of drugs - analogues of the hypothalamus hormones, which can temporarily stop the ovaries. This method is used for endometriosis, uterine myoma, in the treatment of infertility, including at the stages of preparing the patient for IVF. Read more about preparing for IVF →

Medical method is the most benign. After the end of the action of drugs is supposed to complete restoration of the functioning of the ovaries.

The work of the ovaries in artificial menopause stops abruptly, and in the case of the surgical menopause, instantly, unlike in true menopause, which develops over a long time.

The body suddenly loses the required amount of hormones, against which it begins to adapt to the situation. Therefore, signs of artificially induced menopause appear more clearly. By the time they appear, they are divided into two groups - early and late.

Early signs

Early symptoms of artificially induced menopause occur rapidly - on the first day after the start of treatment.

They manifest themselves in the form of the following symptoms:

  • vaginal mucosa dryness,
  • discomfort during intercourse,
  • increased sweating
  • dizziness,
  • headaches,
  • insomnia,
  • general weakness
  • deterioration of skin turgor,
  • pain when urinating,
  • decreased libido
  • anxiety, mood changes.

Late signs

Late symptoms of artificial menopause appear several months after the woman is introduced into this condition. These include:

  • deterioration of skin elasticity,
  • increased dryness and thinning of the dermis,
  • brittle hair and nails,
  • urinary tract infections,
  • urinary incontinence,
  • arterial hypertension,
  • atherosclerosis,
  • tendency to thrombosis,
  • osteoporosis.

You should not be afraid of the symptoms that develop during artificial menopause. As a rule, a woman has far from all the listed signs of menopause. Some even manage to avoid these unpleasant consequences.

Flow characteristics

Like true menopause, an artificially induced menopause is accompanied by specific concomitant symptoms. All of them are caused by the suddenness of hormonal changes.

The first symptom faced by women is hot flashes associated with a sharp increase in body temperature. This is followed by problems with calcium loss, with the result that many patients report worsening nails, skin and hair. To avoid this, drugs containing calcium are prescribed to minimize its loss.

Women note mood swings, which can be explained by an artificially created hormone imbalance. To alleviate this symptom, a specialist prescribes sedatives.

In addition to mood, libido also suffers. To reduce sexual desire and added severe dryness of the vaginal mucosa. Intimate life brings discomfort. Improve the situation will help lubricants and phytoestrogens. With a medical and radiation menopause, all these symptoms are temporary.

How to alleviate the condition?

Getting out of artificial menopause largely depends on the peculiarities of a woman’s health and her age, as well as psychological attitude. A positive attitude towards treatment will make it possible to survive this difficult period with minimal losses, without developing any violations and consequences. What can a woman do to alleviate her condition?

First, you need to pay attention to the diet. Only healthy and healthy food - cereals, fruits, vegetables, fish and dairy products should form the basis of the diet. Worsening health and lead to weight gain can fast carbohydrates, fatty and fried foods, coffee, alcohol and nicotine. Such food and bad habits can provoke hot flashes and high blood pressure.

Secondly, you need to try to avoid stress and unnecessary experiences. Escape from negative emotions and bad mood will help walking in the fresh air, favorite books, chatting with loved ones and much more. You can do physical exercises, such as yoga, Pilates, swimming - they have a beneficial effect on the state of the nervous system and have a general healing effect.

How to get out of artificial menopause?

Many women are interested in - how to get out of the artificial menopause right? The main thing is that the exit passes smoothly. For the full restoration of reproductive functions will take a lot of time.

The first periods after artificial menopause in most cases occur 1-4 months after the end of the medication. Sometimes it takes more time - for some women, menstruation occurs only after 10-12 months.

The first ovulation is observed in many patients within 2-3 months after the end of treatment. Pregnancy after an artificial menopause may occur immediately after the ovaries begin to function. But the situation when the patient became pregnant earlier than the second menstrual cycle after exiting menopause, is rare.

In any case, the chances for conception will be increased. Rested reproductive system begins to work more intensively, if we compare its condition with what it was before menopause.

After 2 months it is recommended to pass tests for the study of hormonal background, to determine its status after the treatment. If necessary, the doctor may prescribe medical correction.

Condition after treatment

Most women even before the treatment start worrying about the way out of such a state as artificial menopause. Undoubtedly, the work of the ovaries will be restored, but for their rehabilitation it will take several months. The first menstruation will begin 4-8 weeks after the last injection of the drug, and ovulation a little later - in 8-14 weeks. Already in the second cycle, a long-awaited pregnancy may occur after the end of artificial menopause, if the treatment was carried out for this purpose.

Also, artificial menopause has a positive effect on the health of those women who wanted to get rid of gynecological diseases with it. Expect a 100% cure is not worth it, but the foci of endometriosis, as a rule, are reduced, and the growth of tumors stops. Libido in almost all patients returns to normal.

Artificial menopause sometimes becomes the only way to treat the pathologies of the hormone-dependent reproductive system. Properly chosen treatment regimen gives a favorable prognosis for recovery - the diseases go into the remission stage, and the hormonal status of the body is normalized. The main task of a woman is to adhere to all appointments of a specialist, because the challenge of medicinal menopause is a serious procedure that requires medical supervision.

Author: Olga Rogozhkina, obstetrician-gynecologist,
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The causes of artificial menopause

Climax is a physiological process of changes in the reproductive system of a woman, during which involutive processes take place in the body. These changes occur primarily with the reproductive system, but since it is continuously associated with the normal functioning of other organs, these changes affect the whole organism. The hormonal background of the female body is very diverse and provides not only the functioning of the female genital organs, but also affects the metabolism. Therefore, hormonal changes in menopause lead to changes in the whole body. Under normal conditions, menopause comes gradually and has several stages in its development:

  1. premenopause - a period of 45 years before menopause,
  2. menopause - the period of the last menstruation, the average age is about fifty years,
  3. postmenopause is the period from the last menstruation to the end of a woman’s life.

All these periods are characterized by successive changes in the body, so that all organs and systems can adapt to such changes. With artificial climax, an important distinctive feature of this menopause is a dramatic change in hormonal levels, which may affect the functioning of other systems.

The main reasons for using artificial menopause as a treatment method are diseases of the female reproductive system. These include uterine fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, infertility, hormone-dependent malignant diseases of the uterus and appendages.

The main mechanism of action of artificial menopause on the course of these diseases is a sharp violation of the hormonal background, which is accompanied by a change in the growth and development of diseases. Normally, the level of estrogen in the physiological climax decreases gradually. The most specific changes occur in the ovaries in the form of atresia of the follicles, destruction of the membranes, the death of oocytes and the preservation of only stroma, which helps reduce the amount of secreting estrogen. This in turn breaks the feedback with the hypothalamus, which increases the changes more. Stimulation of the pituitary gland is reduced and the secretion of follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones is disrupted, which leads to an anovulatory cycle without the release of an egg cell. As a result of all these processes, there is no sufficient concentration of hormones and their alternation for the onset of the next normal menstruation, and menstruation does not occur. At the same time, the processes in the peripheral cells of the body gradually reduce their activity and “get used” to the estrogen deficiency.

The pathogenesis of the development of artificial menopause is almost identical, but has its own characteristics. At the same time, in the ovaries, against the background of a decrease in the level of estrogens, atresia of the follicles, destruction of the membranes and the death of oocytes do not occur, since these changes are abrupt. There is only a delay in the release of the egg from the follicle, that is, ovulation does not occur against the background of normal ovarian function and cortical structures regulating the ovario-menstrual cycle. At the same time, there are corresponding changes in the uterus and other organs, since the general hormonal background changes and this affects the peripheral systems. Therefore, the output of the artificial menopause may be normal and the menstrual function can be fully restored.

The main pathogenetic features of artificial menopause in various pathologies are as follows:

  1. Uterine fibroids is a benign disease of the uterus, which is accompanied by a high proliferative activity of the myometrium cells with the formation of a voluminous structure in the uterine cavity. This disease is hormone-dependent, that is, the stimulus of such active reproduction is the female sex hormones. Therefore, to reduce the growth of myoma structures, it is necessary to reduce the amount of hormones that support their development. Artificial climax in myoma thus contributes to the regression of fibroids and allows for further treatment methods, such as surgical treatment of fibroids.
  2. Endometriosis is a disease whose essence lies in the appearance of foci of the endometrium not only in the uterus, but also outside it, which is accompanied by cyclic changes in these areas in the form of menstruation, regardless of localization. Normally, the proliferation of such cells is provided by the level of estrogen and the physiological climax leads to a complete recovery of the woman, since the level of these hormones decreases. Therefore, by artificially reducing the level of estrogen, endometriosis can be completely cured, which is used as the basis of conservative treatment.
  3. Ovarian cysts are benign non-proliferating ovarian neoplasms, which have a thin wall and fluid inside, or the contents of a cyst may not be liquid, but heterogeneous, for example, sections of the same endometriosis. At the same time, the cyst is prone to growth in accordance with the proliferative activity of the cells under the influence of hormonal changes in the ovary. Therefore, artificial menopause can lead to regression of a cyst or to a decrease in its size.
  4. Infertility is a common problem for many women, one of the reasons for which may be hormonal imbalance. This can occur when the luteal phase is deficient, which leads to anovulatory cycles, so the woman cannot become pregnant, because the egg does not come out of the follicle. Therefore, artificial menopause can help reduce the level of estrogen, and then stimulate the rupture of the follicle. Sometimes artificial menopause is used for reproductive technologies - in vitro fertilization. Then, hypoestrogenism is stimulated, that is, artificial menopause, and then progestin hormones are sharply given, which facilitates the release of several eggs at once, then they are extracted and fertilized, which increases the chances of successful implantation of several eggs at once and their development.
  5. Злокачественные гормонозависимые заболевания часто требуют передоперационного искусственного климакса для уменьшения массы опухолевых клеток, либо операция может способствовать развитию искусственного климакса из-за удаления яичников. Тогда этот процесс необратим и необходима коррекция гормонального фона.

Основные препараты для искусственного климакса – это агонисты гонадотропинг-рилизинг факторов. These drugs contribute to the regulation of hormonal levels by isolating statins, which inhibit the synthesis of estrogen and progesterone, which reduces their blood levels and regulatory ability. Representatives of this group of drugs are the following:

  • Diferelin or Triptorelin - the drug is used from 3 days of the menstrual cycle for six months to 3.75 milligrams.
  • Goserelin - applied for six months to 3.6 milligrams subcutaneously.
  • Buserelin - 200 micrograms in the nose twice a day, a course of six months.
  • Zoladex - from the 1st to the 5th day of the injection cycle.

Symptoms of artificial menopause

All changes in the body of a woman with artificial climax are associated with a violation of the amount of hormones and their insufficient function, which occurs quite sharply. Normally, estrogens and progesterone regulate the functioning of the nervous system, bone tissue, cardiovascular system, and mineral metabolism. During artificial menopause, the level of estrogens decreases, their regulatory effect on the vascular tone of the brain and peripheral tissues decreases, which in turn contributes to the disruption of the adrenal glands. A high level of catecholamines contributes to a change in pressure, causes heartbeat and vegetative reactions in the form of a sensation of hot flashes, a sensation of hot face. In the body, the extratypic sources of estrogen synthesis begin to be activated - this is adipose tissue, as well as the adrenal cortex, which causes an increased synthesis of androgens, leptin, and mineralocorticoids. They have other undesirable effects in the form of obesity, masculinization, decreased libido, as well as water and sodium retention, which affects the development of hypertension. These symptoms may develop suddenly and may be the first signs of artificial menopause.

The first symptoms of artificial menopause can also often be non-specific, and can manifest vegetative and emotional changes. At the same time, the processes of emotional instability are clearly pronounced, which occurs due to dysregulation of the processes of excitation and inhibition in the central nervous system. This is manifested by increased mental lability, irritability, depression, sleep disturbance in the form of drowsiness or insomnia. Significantly reduced performance and endurance, fatigue, reduced libido. Sex with artificial climax also suffers, because in addition to a decrease in libido, there are emotional changes in the form of an aging sensation of the body. Also, there is dry skin of the genital organs, itching, unpleasant sensation during sexual intercourse. All this may further aggravate intimate relationships with her husband, so it is necessary to control the activity of treatment and the severity of such changes.

Sometimes the symptoms of artificial menopause can manifest in the form of pathology from other organs and systems, due to a sharp decrease in hormonal levels. Therefore, often such changes come to the fore. The cardiovascular system suffers due to hypercatecholaminemia, which is characterized by arrhythmias in the form of interruptions in the work of the heart, paroxysmal tachycardia. The processes of regulation of vascular tone are disturbed, which contributes to periods of peripheral vasospasm, an increase in peripheral resistance and an increase in blood pressure. Also arterial hypertension contributes to the retention of sodium and water and an increase in circulating blood volume.

Disruption of hormonal balance during menopause causes a metabolic disorder in the form of hypercholesterolemia, dyslipidemia. This is an unfavorable sign and therefore often in this period ischemic heart disease and angina.

Another serious disorder occurs with bone tissue. Reducing the level of estrogen contributes to the removal of calcium from the bones, the violation of its absorption in the intestine and the development of osteoporosis. This causes clinical manifestations in the form of pain in the legs, fatigue, muscle twitches.

All these conditions must be corrected, and since the treatment of pathologies on the principle of introducing a woman into an artificial menopause lasts for 3-6 months, it is necessary to control all the processes of the body.

Monthly after artificial menopause should fully recover, in case of correct and timely exit from menopause. But in the first three months there may be minor changes in the form of heavy menstruation or scanty discharge. But in any case, this must also be carefully monitored.

Exit from artificial menopause should be gradual, drugs should be gradually taken with a decrease in dose until the onset of menstruation, and then gradually cancel. After treatment, hormonal screening should be carried out and the amount of the main hormones should be determined, since it is possible that correction will be required.

Complications and consequences

The consequences of artificial menopause may be ovarian atresia or an involution of the endometrial functional ball, which happens with prolonged improper treatment. Then it becomes very difficult to restore a normal cycle. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent such conditions by properly managing patients with timely exit from artificial menopause.

The prognosis for recovery in the case of using artificial menopause, as a treatment method, is positive, because it can be a very effective method if used correctly.

Artificial menopause is one of the effective methods of treating certain diseases that are hormone-dependent. It is very important to adhere to the basic recommendations regarding the administration of drugs and the correction of the general condition, since hormonal treatment is a very complex method and requires constant monitoring.

What is artificial climax?

Artificial menopause is a necessary measure, which doctors resort to in treating certain gynecological diseases, such as fibroids and uterine fibroids, endometriosis. In healthy women, menopause occurs between 45 and 50 years due to the extinction of the reproductive system. During this period, due to hormonal adjustment, irritability, hot flashes and other unpleasant symptoms appear.

Medical menopause allows the reproductive system to rest. The basis of this process is the temporary cessation of the functioning of the ovaries, and, therefore, the suspension of the production of the egg, the development of the endometrium. Monthly after artificial menopause does not begin, and overgrown areas of the mucous membrane of the reproductive organ are reduced in size and over time atrophy.

Because of the drug menopause, the body is rebuilt. The woman is worried about the unpleasant symptoms caused by hormonal changes: hot flashes, severe headaches, emotional instability, dry mucous membranes (including the vagina) and skin, decreased libido. Similar symptoms occur during natural menopause.

To cause menopause artificially in several ways. If the pathology is severe enough, then ovaries are removed, after which the woman can no longer have children. Artificial menopause is provoked by exposing the ovaries to x-rays, as well as by other gentle methods, which can later restore the patient's reproductive health.

What diseases are treated with artificial menopause

The cause of many gynecological pathologies is a hormonal disorder in the female body. At the same time, some diseases of the reproductive system provoke a change in the level of hormones. To correct the violations found, you can resort to artificial climax - the temporary suspension of the ovaries.

Endometriosis, uterine fibroids and fibroids are abnormalities that appear due to the activity of estrogen produced by the ovaries. As a result of a malfunction that has arisen in the reproductive system, the uterus mucosa grows. You can stop this process by means of a drug-induced menopause affecting menstrual function.

Endometriosis, fibroids, and uterine fibroids are aggravated by the large amount of estradiol in a woman’s body. Due to artificial climax, the level of estradiol in the blood decreases significantly, and menstruation and endometrial growth also stop. Medical menopause significantly improves the health of a woman, and also allows her to prepare for pregnancy, including tests for infections.

Artificial Menopause Preparations

The decision about drug menopause must be made by a doctor. Drugs intended to suspend reproductive function are not freely available. As a rule, gynecologists recommend using the following medications for hormonal therapy: Buserelin, Zoladex, and others. Most often, for the treatment of diseases, the injection of artificial menopause is made with one of the indicated medicines or a special composition in the form of a nasal spray is used.

Injections are placed in courses every 27-30 days. All drugs that cause artificial menopause, suppress the secretion of pituitary LH and FSH, suspending the ovaries. The duration of therapy is from 2 to 6 months. Sometimes patients are not prescribed the medicines mentioned above, but gestagens, antigonadotropic agents or oral contraceptives.

If during the age of menopause, you can take drugs to combat unpleasant symptoms, then with artificial menopause, this can not be done. Otherwise, the result of therapy will not. However, a specialist may prescribe phytoestrogens, vitamin-mineral complexes, calcium supplements. It is desirable for the patient to lead a correct lifestyle, to fully feed in order to reduce the negative effects of treatment.

Consequences of drug menopause

Artificial menopause preparations have a temporary effect, therefore, after they are taken, restoration of the reproductive function is possible. Depending on the state of health of the woman, it can take 6-8 weeks from the end of the course or 3-4 months to normalize ovarian work. Ovulation usually occurs 2-3.5 months after the end of hormone therapy.

Drug menopause does not guarantee complete recovery, but significantly reduces benign tumors, reduces the effects of endometriosis, resulting from the functioning of the ovaries. In addition, this therapy does not provoke an increase in body weight and a noticeable decrease in sexual desire. Since, after an artificial climax, the ovaries begin to work hard, conception may occur as early as the first ovulation.

The consequences of drug menopause are unpleasant, but are temporary. Recovery after treatment takes not much time, pregnancy is allowed at the earliest opportunity. It should be remembered that checking hormonal levels for several months after leaving artificial menopause can show unreliable results.

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What medications make menopause up to term?

Today, various medicines can be used for artificial menopause, both in the form of injection solutions, as well as in the form of a spray and tablets. These drugs can be purchased without a prescription, but their independent use is strictly prohibited. Most often, gynecologists prescribe the following drugs for artificial menopause:

  • Diferelin - the beginning of the use of the 3 day menstrual cycle. Course duration up to 6 months.
  • Goserelin - is applied subcutaneously, the course is not more than 6 months.
  • Buserelin - nasal spray, a course 2 times a day for no longer than 6 months.
  • Zoladex - Injection, used from 1 to 5 day of the menstrual cycle.
  • Duphaston - tablets for artificial menopause containing homologues of gestogens.

Muratova Anna Eduardovna

Psychologist, online consultant. Specialist from the website

That just created almost the same topic. but you beat me. I have a situation like yours, only I already after lapora, removed a cyst, burned the foci of endometriosis, I was prescribed 4 injections of the Lyukrin Depot so that there was no relapse, I am also very afraid of the arts. climax, and also very afraid to get fat, but one injection has already set, after the first injection, there should not be any special side effects, although who knows, I just had very little time after it, only 2 days, so I can not say anything .

Yes, everything will be fine. My friend had exactly the same situation, now she is healthy, she hasn’t recovered a single gram, and even on the contrary has lost weight. In fact, artificial climacter wasn’t introduced to you until the end of life.

Lera, yes, I also hope that everything will be fine with me, but it’s still scary, they just don’t guarantee that after these injections the disease will not happen again.

My friend also had the same story, she was then 26, now she is 30, there are no external changes, and she didn’t recover when she was given these injections, although she was also afraid of that.

and I was assigned a zolodex, my topic is also here, here I am also sitting and shaking. but I'm afraid of relapse terribly. so if you have surgery, you have to go to the end!

They found a fibroma in a friend and also stopped her monthly injections for several years. She didn’t get better at all, the only sideline - she stopped wanting sex. Now, however, she makes up for lost things, everything is fine with her. and you. Author, be sure everything will be fine!

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Hello. I passed in 2000 through 6 injections of Diferelin. After the first one there was a powerful bleeding (the doctor then said that it happens). Then the menopause began :). It is unpleasant, but nothing fatal: dryness and irritation of the skin - I had to switch to fatty creams, problems with thermoregulation - threw it into fever, then into cold, tides of nausea - nausea and weakness appear and it seems that right now you will faint and fall off in 3 seconds passes abruptly. I repeat, it is unpleasant, but nothing particularly terrible. For me, 2 operations before that were much worse. After the cancellation in a month or 2 - I do not remember anymore - a normal cycle began. After that, it was necessary to give birth, but I was not able to completely. So now I don’t know how my endometriosis is doing - I scored hard on the doctors. Judging by the sensations during menstruation, everything could return to normal. (((The remote effects of the drug do not seem to be visible (ttt). So do not be afraid. The main thing is to understand what you want to receive as a result of treatment. This is not a way to get rid of endometriosis, this is a temporary pause. What you will do after that is better to think in advance

by the way: no weight changes

Thank you all for your wishes and support. I’m most worried about these flushes and sweating, I’m generally very disturbing in life, I often have panic attacks, so I’m afraid I’ll get over the coils on this menopause. Well, I'm afraid to get better, I already have a small inclination to completeness, no matter how it turns into a big one, because when the harmonies are working, you can at least go to the treadmill, but still your body will pick up.

Same, yes, I also noted in your Temko, but I don’t shine with special awareness, I only know for sure that you can’t leave it, in my opinion you need to prick for at least 2 months. (But everything of course depends on the particular case). turned out to be. Tell me, did the doctor not offer you OK instead of menopause? I heard that there is such an alternative.

My acquaintance was injected into artificial climacteric endometriosis and the terrible bleeding was. Entered into the arts. menopause (she was 26 then) Depot-check. I don’t remember how many shots were done. She didn’t get a weight, on the contrary, she lost weight. Now sued the doctor, the cat. introduced her to menopause. She also doesn’t have children, but she really wants it. So, Elena, think before making a decision about menopause. honestly, I didn’t expect that her ovaries would not turn on: (((. I am 33 years old, also problems, but for some reason my doctor was afraid to introduce me into artificial climax. I asked her myself if I could in art. Climax it is necessary? ". She answered that it is better not to risk so far," and he has a lot of side effects ", she told me.

I have a friend of the arts. menopause. In any case, apparently, it has not changed.

I have a friend /// - so you or your friend?

I have already written to the theme "Zolodex" that these shots didn’t help me. Passed through it, and all in vain. After 2 years, she underwent a second operation with the same, practically diagnosed. Then she took OK. She even lost weight. carefully watched nutrition and weight. But its endometriosis has not cured. And here are the symptoms of a lawsuit. menopause appear periodically. It seems to me that these are the consequences of injections.

14, and you and after OK relapsed happened? Ie. it means nothing can help at all. and how to be? on laparah long not stretch, and you will lose the ovaries, and then the eternal natural menopause

Unsubscribed already in the topic about Zoladex. No tides or side effects - even amazing. There were 3 shots. Все восстановилось. Мне 31 год.

Перед эко практически каждой второй блокируют работу яичников, вызывая искусственный климакс. В простом длинном протоколе ненадолго на треть месяца, но при сложных случаях и до полугода. Ничего страшного не происходит. Яичники отдыхают, а потом работают лучше.

сейчас пиявок многие практикуют для лечения яичников

13. У МОЕЙ приятельницы.

After the operation to remove the fibroids, I had an artificial climax for 4 months, I did not gain weight, only the tides were torturing, in the summer it is harder to suffer in the heat, it is easier in the winter. They made three shots of Buserilin, it is cheaper, and Zoladex is said to be easier to carry, but it is more expensive.

The author, I was not offered hormones, right after the Laporas were assigned to put injections at the Lyukrin Depot, as the doctor said that the first stage of treatment was over, i.e. done lapara, now the second stage of the arts. climax, and then try to preserve, but I do not plan a pregnancy, so I sit and suffer, if I don’t save, as soon as the ovaries begin to work normally, and everything will come out again, the vicious circle turns out (((

Elena, i.e. not hormones, but ok

Same, I also do not plan pregnancy, but I want to live normally. And I’m afraid of menopause, I don’t have many years, even though they say that young climax should be better tolerated, but FIG knows what will become of me later.

Former 7. I for example don’t know why they assigned me these injections, I don’t plan to give birth, just to “delay” the repetition process, I don’t understand the meaning of putting these injections, if after them it’s all the same, everything repeats? (((

And for me with endometriosis, OK not appointed. Only "Duphaston" or "Utrozhestan." Laparo had already done once. And small foci on the neck were squeezed with vagilum. And which O.K. prescribed? there are so many of them.

Zhanna, and "Duphaston" or "Utrozhestan" isn’t OK

I, no, it's not. These are preparations containing only progesterone. There is also estrogen.

ja nahodit zenko prihoditsa terpet /////

I have already had two shots of deferlin. I feel good. only sometimes it gets very hot, even on the street in the cold I sweat. Cool. But all this for a good cause. I really want to get pregnant and give birth to a baby. So to achieve the goal I will go through any obstacles. for example, artificial climax.

after laparis, endometriosis of the terminal cells + endometritis of the uterus was found. treatment 4 prick diferelin. the tides were. unstable mood. In general, nothing good. on the 86th day after the last injection, menstruation came, and in the aftermath of the long-awaited pregnancy. Now my daughter is 2 months old!

Please tell me, is the early menopause because of what could it be? Because of a postponed abortion?

Only today, after the menopause, it began, not for the full 6 months it lasted. Saw Janine continuously, as soon as the reception stopped, on the trail. day began menstruation.
Neither of which was super-terrible, sometimes nausea, dizziness, in the subway is bad, but only the first 3 months of admission.
After M will go to the ultrasound. And sooooo hope everything will turn out.
Do not be afraid of this word - climax, and the terms but which prescribe contraceptives, the main thing is to have a result, but you can survive it too!

I am 27 years old.
I had an operation on July 14, cysts of both ovaries were removed, endometriosis was burned, the ovaries were saved.
The doctor after the operation said that for 3 months it is necessary to stop the period (I understood this and there is an artificial menopause). But the first menstruation (during which I was supposed to start pricking shots) did not start, I panicked a month later, went to an ultrasound, said the ovaries with a pea .. nothing works for you AT ALL (the consequences of the operation). Parallel to this, the tides began, and all the other symptoms of menopause. the doctor throws up his hands. I appointed Duphaston, I drank the whole pack. unchanged, the tides are becoming more and more .. I feel very bad ..
What to do. Is it treated at all, or is this process irreversible? Maybe someone heard about it?

The first time I heard about this, one friend had a similar experience after hormone treatment. Most likely, you need to wake up the ovaries again .. She was given a massage of the ovaries and in parallel saw what herbs. Try sanatoriums to find a similar massage of the abdomen in the area of ​​the ovaries. after this = th massage she had 2 times a month.

45 years. I had an operation, I had fibroma, and I was cut out all the female organs, respectively, I had a natural climax. At the moment I feel that there is some change in the body. Tell me what to do in such situations

45 years. I had an operation, I had fibroma, and I was cut out all the female organs, respectively, I had a natural climax. At the moment I feel that there is some change in the body. Tell me what to do in such situations

Svetlana! I’ve also removed everything to 39; I was prescribed femoston 1.5 I need advice and necessarily substitution therapy! Later it will be easier to undergo aging menopause!

Hello to all. Girls, please do not panic. All will succeed, just need to believe. Do not bother with bad thoughts. I went to the gynecologist a year ago because of severe abdominal pain during menstruation, which was accompanied by a temperature of 40 and fainting, a shorter doctor to diagnose it: functional cysts, prescribed duphaston and Lindined, I threw out money for medicines , on the doctor, the result is zero. But fate would have it, so I got to another doctor, the diagnosis was established: 2 endometrial cysts, need surgery. The operation was done, the cysts were removed, now I am giving 3 injections to the Lyukrin Depot, only 4, then 6 months have to sit on Zanin and only then can I think about the baby !! I feel normal, only hot flashes and sweating. In short, girls believe, everything will work out.

I am 30 years old. A year ago there was a laparoscopy: removed endometrial cysts, dissected adhesions. Next appointed Diferelin (made 2 shots). The result is pitiable: Climax! Ovaries do not work! I accept HRT. The most offensive is that there are no children, but my husband and I both wanted and wanted! But the doctors offer only a donor egg, and it moves like this! So, think a hundred times before agreeing to such treatment.

45 years. I had an operation, I had fibroma, and I was cut out all the female organs, respectively, I had a natural climax. At the moment I feel that there is some change in the body. Tell me what to do in such situations
How do you feel now?
I had the same problem. After operation.

Hi! I came out of an artificial menopause for 93 days (from the last injection, there were three of them), and now the “monsters” are hiding again for 7 days already. Bought a test - nothing.

Tell your story. Attempts to become pregnant have lasted for 6 years, all specialists have passed, including immunologists and geneticists, no one has seen any particular reason for infertility. When the doctor decided on IVF, having made an ultrasound, I saw 2 cysts, said that it is impossible to stimulate the ovaries with them. He was also very surprised that none of the specialists at my unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant (including insemination) never sent me to laparoscopy. Well, in this way there was a reason to go for this operation, I had to remove these cysts and at the same time examine the abdominal cavity. Now, having gone through all this, I want, girls, to urge you not to waste time and go to Lapar! I found endometriosis! And there were no signs, no pains, it turned out that they had been glued together with endometriosis fibrias, which were at the end of the tubes next to the ovary. I tried so long and now I live with the hope that this was the reason for my failures!
The operation was painless for me. On Monday, they operated on, on Tuesday, exactly 24 hours later, I went home! Absolutely nothing is terrible. Then, in order to suppress the relapse of endometriosis, 3 expensive injections were given to me. Decapeptil Depot, there was an artificial menopause. Believe me, this is also no big deal! There were hot flushes every 20 minutes. And that's it! Neither a bad mood, nor weight gain, dryness with PA was only a couple of weeks √ nothing from the side was anymore. The only thing that menopause podzanyanulsya a little, I began to worry. But exactly 110 days after the last injection came monthly. So everything is OK! I didn’t succeed in getting pregnant, only the second full-fledged cycle went, but I’m just sure that after such an operation and I will succeed in everything very soon! I also bought myself a mini-microscope to determine ovulation, it is much cheaper than running every time to monitor! So I am fully armed and believe in victory! I wish you all the fulfillment of a long-awaited dream.

36 years old, no children. I have a multinodular myoma, glandular hyperplasia of the endometrium. I was going to IVF even paid for the procedure, a month before the procedure began, the doctor advised Regulon to drink (for what, so I did not understand), he caused terrible bleeding, which, by the end of 2 months, could not stop with anything (tranexam, chloride injections, etc.) d.). I was not taken to hospital scraping as the endometrium was not pronounced. As a result, the doctor of the diagnostic center appointed 6 months Beserelin depot, which only could stop the bleeding, felt good except for the tide. I put down the Buserelin Depot for 3 months (3 months of artificial menopause), the last injection is 28.05.11. Now I wait, when the cycle will be restored. Very afraid that the cycle can neither be restored. I'd like to start the procedure of IVF. Advise how to quickly restore the cycle.

They found a fibroma in a friend and also stopped her monthly injections for several years. She didn’t get better at all, the only sideline - she stopped wanting sex. Now, however, she makes up for lost things, everything is fine with her. and you. Author, be sure everything will be fine!

I am 36 years old. In 2002, I was treated with spray over the detected endometriosis with buserelin. Lasted for 6 months, did not observe any side effects, treated it as a reliable contraceptive,). And so 2011., I'm after lapar, and again endometriosis. I have not gone anywhere :(. Again they will enter into menopause, I hope everything will go as easily as last time, and various drugs have been added. I’m planning a second pregnancy, while the attempts were unsuccessful, apparently due to endometriosis, now I’ll go to victory of the end, especially in menopause, I was already and not afraid of him!

Hello to all. I'm 6 years old trying to get pregnant. For years I have been diagnosed on the ultrasound with various diagnoses — endometrial hyperplasia, endometrial polyps, synechia. for a long time going and going for a hysteroscopy. total-adenomyosis of 2 degrees ((((artificial menopause 63 days in a row -Zhanin, then it’s OK -3 months. I already accept 2 blister moods excellent-monstrik nothing hurts-even lost weight))) I want to reapply after treatment go on hysteroscopy and pipe testing. I want a baby

Removed the uterus and appendages, began temptation. menopause. Tell pozhkylusta whether you need to take some kind of preporaty to maintain the body. Who faced such a problem. Thanks Tatyana. I am 48 years old.

I am 38 years old. Almost everything was removed - only one ovary remained. After the operation 2 months passed, severe pain in the joints began. If anyone came across - tell me what to do. Thank you and I wish you all not to panic!

Concept definition

What is artificial menopause? This is a medical reduction of hormones to stop menstruation. This is a kind of emergency, which should not be used unnecessarily, as there is an intervention in the body, which affects the physical and emotional state of the woman. So why do we need such a procedure?

Indications for the procedure

Hormones in women are produced in the ovaries. During artificial menopause, the ovaries relax, as does the entire reproductive system as a whole. For such a step, there are special indications:

  • Myoma. This is a tumor in the uterus that has the risk of developing into cancer. With artificial climax, fibroids usually shrink in size. It is up to the doctor to decide whether to do this during menopause, because sometimes it does not bring results.
  • Ovarian cyst. The phenomenon caused by hormonal failure. With the artificial stopping of menstrual cyst can resolve themselves.
  • Fibroma. A tumor in the uterus, whose treatment is similar to myoma. Doctors sometimes recommend stopping menstruation.
  • Uterine bleeding is also associated with the failure of hormones. Artificial menopause improves the process.

Uterine secretions can be a sign of serious illness. At the first manifestations, consult a doctor in order to avoid malignant tumors.

  • Infertility. If the doctors have checked and eliminated all possible reasons for infertility, and pregnancy does not occur, doctors recommend giving rest to the reproductive function through artificial menopause.
  • Endometriosis. In this case, the procedure is rarely used.

We can conclude that artificial menopause is a rest for the female system, which leads to a temporary halt in production:

Medical climax

The safest kind of artificial menopause. After it, there is a full recovery and there is an opportunity to have children. Usually prescribed treatment or pills or injections. Common drugs to stop menstruation:

  • Zoladex
  • Buserelin,
  • Lucrin
  • Diferelin.

The scheme is prescribed by the doctor. It is usually 27-30 days. Preparations exist in the form of injections. Injections are administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly. Before the procedure, heat the syringe in your hand. It is better to do them in the hospital under the supervision of medical staff.

In case of drug treatment, a woman is prescribed vitamins in parallel. Usually Aevita is enough for good health.

Never stop menstruation by buying drugs yourself. Without the appointment of specialists, you can run irreversible processes in the body.

Possible consequences of the procedure

Of course, one should not expect that such a serious intervention will pass without a trace for the organism. The consequences will be. Their severity depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

After treatment, a withdrawal from artificial menopause occurs. Menopause ends immediately after the woman stops taking the pills. However, recovery takes much longer.

When a fake menopause occurs, the hormones suddenly fall almost below zero. Will it remain unnoticed by the body? Of course not. He can immediately fall into shock and experience severe stress. According to studies, about 60% of women undergoing menopause have a number of complications. Possible consequences:

  • tides
  • sleep disturbances
  • migraine,
  • depression,
  • irritability,
  • pain in the legs and arms
  • lack of libido,
  • vaginal dryness
  • discharge,
  • exacerbations of chronic diseases
  • hair, nails, skin change their appearance,
  • pain of the urinary system.

You should not be afraid, but you do not need to ignore. Such serious consequences are not all. 14% of women tolerate this procedure easily. Note that not all of the above manifestations come immediately.

Features of therapy

Therapy is chosen depending on how the artificial menopause was caused. If we talk about surgical menopause, therapy is very important, which replaces the missing hormones. The scheme is chosen individually, treatment can not be abruptly interrupted. With depression due to the loss of the ability to give birth, a visit to a psychologist is included in the therapy.

When the menopause medication prescribed homeopathic medicines, vitamins, minerals, sedatives. With this kind of menopause, it does not reach the late signs, and the woman easily returns to the normal rhythm of life.

The state of the body after treatment

Exiting artificial menopause is what excites most women who have resorted to this type of treatment. In fact, a full system recovery takes a maximum of 4 months, or even earlier. Those who have been treated for infertility, are experiencing, when will ovulation come? There were cases that the pregnancy came on the second cycle. And monthly began 6 weeks after the start.

Those who were treated for tumor processes, notice that the neoplasms and foci have decreased, the treatment gave the desired result.

Menstruation after leaving menopause

As mentioned earlier, menstruation is sure to come: from whom earlier, who later, but she will. On average, ovulation occurs in two to four months. The reproductive system after such a break is full of strength and ready for conception.

The nature of menstruation after an artificial menopause usually changes. They become not so plentiful, not painful. Their duration decreases.

So, despite the majority of prejudices and fears around artificial climax, this procedure leads to a good result, and for some, this is the only chance to become parents.

Artificial menopause: effects, recovery, drugs. -

All gynecological problems are interrelated with cyclical changes occurring in the female reproductive system. Exacerbations of pathologies are often exacerbated during menstruation, therefore, gynecology sometimes resort to medical suppression of ovarian function. This condition is called artificial climax.

This method of treatment can be used in women close to menopause, and those who have yet to become a mother. Menopause, created by artificial means, differs from the true one in that it is part of the treatment process that women need for medical reasons.

Artificial menopause, how to cause menopause drugs

Climax is the gradual extinction of reproductive function against the background of a decrease in hormone production. During this period, a woman experiences many different unpleasant symptoms, from a bad mood to heart pain.This occurs at the age of about 40-45 years, so each woman is apprehensively awaiting the period of menopause, and is trying to delay this moment in various ways.

But in some cases it becomes necessary to artificially suppress ovarian function, in which case a similar condition arises - artificial menopause. Artificial menopause is the process of suppressing the production of female sex hormones - estrogens through medical intervention.

Ways to achieve this state:

  • surgical - resection of the ovaries,
  • radiological - ovarian irradiation,
  • drug - with the help of drugs that suppress ovarian function.

Ovaries are removed in case of benign and malignant tumors, injury to the ovary. Radiation therapy is used in oncology, in case of impossibility of surgical intervention, as well as in combination with drug treatment. If both ovaries are removed or irradiated, the natural uterine cycle is disturbed, menopause occurs. These changes are irreversible, further replacement therapy is necessary.

Indications for hormonal changes

Endometriosis is the appearance of foci of tissue similar to the endometrium in atypical places outside the uterus. This tissue undergoes the same cyclic changes that occur in the uterus. The location of the focus distinguish between genital and extragenital endometriosis. In the latter case, in addition to internal and external genital organs, other organs and systems of the body are also affected.

It is believed that intrauterine surgical manipulations (abortion, curettage, cesarean section) contribute to endometrial germination in the thickness of the uterus wall and spread to other organs of the reproductive system, and with blood and lymph flow, the cells enter other tissues. This hormone-dependent disease occurs at the age of 20-45 years, that is, in the reproductive period. As in the typical endometrium, in the foci of endometriosis there are estrogen receptors, and under the action of estrogens it grows. To suppress the production of estrogen and artificial menopause is called.

Myoma is a benign hormone-dependent tumor of the uterine muscle tissue. The growth of myometrium is provoked by estrogens and progesterone produced in excess. The growth of muscle tissue is similar to their hypertrophy during pregnancy. There are simple fibroids and proliferating (with the possibility of growth of myoma nodes). Uterine fibroids is also an indication to induce artificial menopause.

Infertility - the inability to conceive and give birth to a child in the reproductive age for 12 months. May occur due to lack of ovulation with a lack of progesterone. It can also be used drugs for artificial menopause, as they suppress the production of estrogen, there is an increase in the concentration of progesterone and ovulation happens.

Drugs used to suppress estrogen production

Medical menopause contributes to a change in the normal menstrual cycle. Experts recommend the use of three groups of drugs. Analogues of gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH), gestagens and antigonadotropic drugs:

  1. Buserelin, Zoladex, Diferelin - drugs that cause a decrease in the concentration of estradiol in the blood serum. With constant use comes amenorrhea - the absence of menstruation and the state of artificial menopause.
  2. Drug 17 OPK, Duphaston - synthetic progesterone analogues. Under their influence reduces the risk of endometrial hyperplasia.
  3. Danazol - reduces the production of follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones of the pituitary gland, suppresses ovulation.

The duration of exposure to these drugs are divided into the following forms:

  • Depot form - is used injecting once in a large dose, its action lasts an average of two months.
  • Daily-form - gradual exposure to small doses, in the form of daily use of the drug containing the active substance.

The duration of treatment is personal in nature, it is the period from 3 to 6 months, which are set individually by a specialist. It all depends on the severity of the disease and the final result, which the attending physician wants to achieve. The use of such drugs for more than 6 months is not practiced. To alleviate the condition and eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of artificial menopause, add-back therapy (cover therapy) is performed in parallel.

The use of these drugs can reduce the proliferation (cell proliferation), thereby reducing the manifestations of endometriosis, and contributes to the regression of hormone-dependent tumors. It is believed that GnRH agonists affect not only the pituitary gland, reducing the secretion of gonadotropic hormones that regulate the work of the ovaries, but also directly on the tumor at the intercellular level.

Symptoms of menopause

In the state of artificial menopause, the same changes occur in the body as in the case of natural, but given that the menopause caused by medication occurs much faster, the symptoms may be more sensitive. The woman is worried about hot flashes, excessive sweating, dizziness, tachycardia, irritability, and dryness in the vagina.

In the process of natural extinction of the sexual function, which is accompanied first by irregularity, and then by the complete cessation of menstruation, changes in the body and other organs and systems occur:

  • Osteoporosis occurs, characterized by bone fragility.
  • The cardiovascular system suffers, it can manifest arterial hypertension, tachycardia, attacks of angina pectoris.
  • The disorder of the neuropsychic sphere is also clearly manifested in the majority of women who entered the period of menopause.

Drug menopause will not cause such serious changes in the body, it is temporary. The normal menstrual cycle is restored after the end of treatment, and all changes that occurred during menopause gradually disappear.

Relief of symptoms

During the period of natural menopause, hormone replacement therapy is used to relieve menopause symptoms. In the case of an artificially induced condition, cover therapy is performed. Improvement of the condition can also be achieved by indirect methods aimed at alleviating each individual symptom.

To relieve the sensation of heat and hot flashes, it is not necessary to take a hot bath, go to the bath or sauna, it is better to wash under a cool shower.

To avoid excessive irritability helps walking in the fresh air, playing sports, chatting with friends and loved ones. You can get rid of stress by creating comfortable living conditions around you. It is good if there is a conditioner or humidifier in the room where the woman lives and works.

Adjusting your diet, you must eliminate fatty, fried, spicy, coffee and alcohol, because these products can cause a feeling of rising temperatures. It is advisable to quit smoking.

It will be useful to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, fish and seafood, drink cool drinks, clean water is better.

During intercourse, you can use special lubricants, which are absolutely safe, but very well moisturize the vaginal mucosa, which helps to obtain pleasure, unlike sensations during sexual intercourse during dryness. Increased prelude time, calm atmosphere and pleasant relaxation will allow you to feel the joy of life, despite the illness and serious treatment.

The choice of clothes and linen should be directed to products made from natural materials of a comfortable cut, synthetic lace underwear, tight models, and incised straps are excluded.

What's next?

Exiting artificial menopause should be gradual. After the abolition of prescribed medications, the normal functioning of the ovaries is restored after 1-3 months, depending on the form of the drug used. The uterine cycle enters again in its usual terms, a woman may well become pregnant and give birth to a long-awaited healthy baby. For some, this can happen already on the first or third ovulation, in others a little later.

After an artificial climax, the woman’s life returns to its normal course, the disease is defeated or suspended. Therefore, do not be afraid to use this method of treatment for serious diseases.

The statement that the climacteric period will not end, the libido and reproductive function will not be restored, deep and irreversible pathological processes will begin in the body, it has long been refuted and translated into the category of myths.

If the prescriptions and recommendations of the doctor are observed, in the absence of stress and fear, with a positive outlook on life, the treatment will pass unnoticed and calmly, and at the same time, a serious illness will recede and will allow you to accomplish many planned or unfinished business.

Artificial menopause (menopause) - how to cause medical drugs?

At 45-50 years old, the woman's body begins to rebuild - gradually the functions of the reproductive system are inhibited, which is called menopause. In some cases, there is a need for premature "disconnection" of the ovaries. To carry out such an artificial menopause can be either surgically or by medication. Why is this done, and what drugs are used for this?

Why do you need to provoke premature menopause?

The consequences of interfering with the hormonal background of a woman are difficult to predict, therefore the menopause is provoked only in extreme cases. The main objective of this procedure is the treatment of a number of gynecological diseases, the activity of sex hormones for which can lead to complications. In addition, artificial menopause is invoked as one of the measures to prepare for in vitro fertilization.

Climax as a method of therapy is prescribed for the following diseases:

Female sex hormones - estrogen and progesterone - play a crucial role in the development of these diseases. They affect tissues in the organs of the reproductive system and provoke the expansion of foci of pathological growth of the endometrium or the proliferation of tumors. Since hormones are produced by the ovaries, their work has to be depressed in order to stop the progression of the disease. When this stops ovulation and menstruation, the reproductive system rests.

In the treatment of hormonal infertility, the level of estrogen is reduced in order to provoke a rupture of the follicle and the release of the egg. With IVF, following hypoestrogenic therapy, a sharp increase in progesterone levels occurs, which results in several eggs being released at once, which increases the chances of successful fertilization.

In cases of particularly severe disease or late diagnosis, when a temporary change in the hormonal background no longer helps, they resort to a surgical or radiological method of provoking menopause — the ovaries are removed or x-rayed. However, in most cases, it is possible to induce artificial menopause with medication. In any case, the changes will be dramatic compared with the natural menopause, so the woman needs to prepare for certain consequences for the body.

Used medicines

Most often, in order to cause a drug-induced menopause, drugs are used that block the production of lyutropin and follitropin by the pituitary gland - hormones responsible for the production of estrogen in the ovaries. This group of medications include:

  • Diferelin - is used starting from the 3rd day of the cycle for half a year. Injections are made of 3.75 mg of the drug.

  • Zoladex - from 1 to 5 day of the menstrual cycle in the form of injections.

  • Buserelin - available in the form of a nasal spray, applied twice a day for six months.

  • Goserelin - subcutaneous injections for 6 months.

Dates of admission may vary depending on the individual characteristics, so self-treatment should not be involved. Only a qualified specialist can take into account all factors and prescribe a suitable course of treatment.

Artificial menopause can be caused not only by exposure to the pituitary gland, but also with the help of preparations containing homologs of gestagens (sex hormones). These medicines include Norkolut, Duphaston, Vizanna.

Another group of drugs - steroid antiestrogens, that is, androgens, synthetic male sex hormones. They are contained in Danazole, Danola, Danogen, etc. These remedies are cheaper, but less effective and not suitable for everyone. If used improperly, temporary menopause can become permanent - the ovaries will not recover after stopping the drug.

The safest option, with virtually no side effects, is the regular intake of oral contraceptives, which also acts to inhibit the reproductive function of the body. However, the effectiveness of this method is the lowest.

Surgical treatment of gynecological diseases has been and remains the most effective, but with early and correct diagnosis, medical menopause can also stop the disease. The main thing - it is exactly follow the recommendations of the attending physician.

Consequences of artificial menopause

During artificial menopause, the level of estrogen in the blood drops to almost zero, despite the fact that these are sex hormones, they have an influence on all systems in the body. Therefore, the woman's well-being will seriously deteriorate. The following symptoms of menopause occur:

  • Hot flashes. They consist in the fact that a woman sharply throws herself into a fever, sweat acts on her body, and her skin turns red. Tides may have different intensity depending on the drug used and the characteristics of the organism, but to some extent occur in all. May not go after the exit of menopause. The condition is very unpleasant, but it will not be possible to alleviate it with the help of replacement therapy, as in the case of natural menopause, as this will bring the treatment to nothing.
  • Mood swings, emotional disturbances. Irritability, depression.
  • Insomnia.
  • Dry mucous membranes.
  • Reduced sexual desire.

Thus, drugs for artificial menopause most strongly affect the psyche. This is due to the fact that, together with the work of the reproductive system, the regulation of the central nervous system is disturbed due to interference with hormones. The nervous system becomes unstable, which leads to a variety of problems.

Can be affected and the cardiovascular system. This is expressed in various arrhythmias, primarily in tachycardia attacks. In addition, blood pressure rises.

Calcium begins to leach from the bones. So that this does not lead to serious problems with the musculoskeletal system, it is recommended to combine treatment with calcium and vitamin D3, which helps it to be absorbed better.

How to improve well-being?

Since it is impossible to use hormonal preparations in order to reduce the side effects caused by artificial menopause, one has to resort to various non-drug methods.

Feel better you can, following a healthy diet. In the diet should include fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals, fish. Less fast carbs. It is necessary to exclude sweets, flour products, potato dishes. It will help a complete rejection of alcohol and other bad habits, which only increase the tides.

In addition, the following recommendations will help:

  • Consume more fluid. Not hot drinks, but ordinary cool water. However, you should not overdo it - because of menopause, water retention may occur, which leads to an increase in blood volume in the body and an increase in blood pressure.
  • Use homeopathic remedies, usually prescribed during natural climax.
  • Take phytoestrogens (Klimadinon) and herbal sedatives.
  • Engage in physical culture, yoga, more walking in the fresh air.
  • Try to avoid stress.

The air in the room should always be fresh and humid enough so that the tides caused by menopause recur as little as possible.

Exit from drug menopause

Exit artificial climax should be smooth. It can take a long time to restore the reproductive function of the body. As a rule, the first menstruation occurs 1–4 months after the last dose of the drug, depending on its form. However, in some cases, recovery may take much longer - up to a year.

The first ovulation occurs 8–14 weeks after completion of the course of medication. Already in this ovulation pregnancy is possible after an artificial menopause. Although it is more likely that getting pregnant will succeed no sooner than the second cycle after exiting menopause. Rather, it will happen sooner than later, since the rested reproductive system begins to work more actively compared with the state before menopause.

After a couple of months, you should be tested for hormone levels to make sure that the hormones are back to normal. If something goes wrong, you will need to make an adjustment with medication.

Artificial menopause is often the only possible way to treat various hormonal diseases of the reproductive system. При правильно спланированной терапии прогноз благоприятный — гормональный фон полностью восстановится, а заболевания уйдут в ремиссию.The main thing is to follow the instructions of the doctor exactly, because calling a medical menopause is a complicated procedure that requires constant professional monitoring.

Treatment with artificial menopause

All gynecological ailments are somehow tied to the regular changes that occur in the reproductive system. Exacerbations and the development of diseases increases with menstruation.

Therefore, in the treatment of some of them, drug suppression of ovarian function, that is, artificial menopause, is used. This method is used in women approaching menopause and in those who are just waiting for motherhood.

The essence of therapeutic menopause

Most gynecological diseases are hormonal in nature. These substances at each stage of development of the organism are present in a certain amount. Any failure can cause the onset of the disease, then the sex hormones contribute to its development. Dependence can be the opposite when the active components change the balance under the influence of the disease.

Female hormones are produced by several organs, but the ovaries play a dominant role in this. They also ensure the normal cyclic development of the reproductive system, that is, the maturation of the germ cell and the renewal of the inner lining of the uterus.

Artificial menopause is a sharp temporary suspension of the ovaries. This need is caused by:

Diseases occur with direct exposure to estrogens, which instead of the normal development of the genital organs contribute to the multiplication of uterine mucous membrane cells or benign neoplasms. Reducing the level of hormones with the help of drugs deprives the overgrown tissues of feeding, but also affects the menstrual function.

In severe diseases, premature menopause is arranged by removing the ovaries or exposing them to x-rays. In the second case, the work of the organs can be restored.

Signs of Artificial Menopause

On the main manifestation of this method of treatment has already been said, this is the absence of menstruation. But women receiving such therapy are worried about the deterioration of well-being and disturbing thoughts about it, because everyone thinks that it should become easier.

But the fact is that the means used for this purpose minimize the amount of sex hormones. Therefore, the menopause of artificial symptoms is comparable to those that a woman endures when the body develops naturally in 45-55 years:

  • Hot flashes and headaches reaching migraines. Occasionally, the upper part of the body, including the face, appears to be scalded with boiling water, the skin turns red, there is abundant sweat,
  • Sharp emotional drops. A woman wants to tear and throw for no apparent reason, then weep without a reason. From this one step to depression,
  • Dry mucous membranes and skin. An artificially induced deficiency of estrogens, which make the outer membranes of the body elastic and, where necessary, moist, leads to peeling and itching,
  • Reduced sexual desire. Artificial medicinal menopause makes this side of life uninteresting, “marital responsibility” in the negative sense of words, and the process itself is painful due to the lack of natural vaginal lubrication.

Menstruation after exiting menopause

Usually, diseases requiring an introduction to the state of drug menopause are disturbed by heavy menstruation with painful manifestations. There are also bleeding between them, which take away a lot of power.

Monthly after artificial menopause in comparison with what was before, become more orderly. The volume of discharge is normalized, as is the duration of the critical period.

Artificial hormone-induced menopause in many causes fear and rejection. Women are afraid to grow old early or not to bear the burden of this period. It is not pleasant in it, but it is available to everyone to go through the symptoms under the supervision of a doctor. But this treatment helps some avoid the operation, while for others it becomes the only chance of motherhood.