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Uralit U - instructions for use, composition, indications, release form, analogues and price


Inside, the granulate is dissolved in a glass of water and drunk. Before each dose, the urine pH is measured, and then the dose is determined. The average daily dose is 10 g (4 scoops), taken in the morning and in the afternoon - 1 scoop, in the evening - 2 scoops taking into account the pH of fresh urine: for urolithiasis and uricosuria 6.2–6.8, for cystine stones - 7.5–8.5, with cytostatic treatment - at least 7, for porphyria - 7.2–7.5. Properly selected dose provides pH values ​​within the specified range, at higher pH values ​​of urine, the daily dose in the evening intake should be reduced by 1/2 measuring spoons, if the pH values ​​are lower, increase the dose by 1/2 measuring spoons.

Precautionary measures

It is recommended to constantly monitor the urine pH (for example, using special indicator paper with a pH range of 7.2–9.7). The simultaneous administration of digitalis or sodium-poor diets requires that the average daily dose contains about 1.75 g (44 mmol) of potassium and 1 g (44 mmol) of sodium.

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The composition of Uralit

Uralite is a fine-grained granules intended for the preparation of oral solution. Have a light orange color, packaged in plastic containers of 280 g. The composition of the granules per one scoop (2.5 g) in the table:

Potassium Sodium Chloride Hydrate Citrate (active ingredient)

Excipients: sunset sunset dye (E 110), lemon oil, hydrated water.

pharmachologic effect

The composition of Uralit includes salts of strong bases, which in combination with weak acids neutralize the increase in acidity of urine, which leads to the metabolism of acid components. An excess of bases derived from alkali ions, excreted by the kidneys, makes urine pH more alkaline. Citrate is derived, which prevents the formation of kidney stones.

Neutralization or alkalization can be achieved by oral alkaline nitrates. The dissolution of uric acid stones (stones) was confirmed by x-ray method. The serum bicarbonate level is a citrate excretion regulator. A negatively charged excess of base leads to alkalosis due to a change in intracellular acidity. It reduces absorption and increases calcium excretion.

These two mechanisms of Uralit reduce the activity of calcium oxalate, because citrate in a weakly alkaline medium forms stable complexes with calcium, counteracting the excessive saturation of the lithogenic components of urine. Citrate ions best of all physiologically suppress the crystallization of calcium oxalates and phosphates, their aggregation.

The therapeutic effect of the drug is achieved with cystinuria and the formation of cytine stones (the solubility of cystine increases), treatment with cytostatics (elimination of uric acid increases), prevention of the formation of uric acid stones. Uralite improves the protective effect due to the increased solubility of cytostatics, methotrexate. The tool is used in late porphyria, eliminates decarboxylase deficiency, contributes to the transformation of uroporphyrinogen into coproporphyrinogen.

Release form and composition

Uralit-U is available in the form of granules for preparation of the solution for oral administration: fine-grained, light orange in color, having a specific odor, ready-to-use solution is clear, light orange, with a specific odor (280 g each in polypropylene containers, in a cardboard bundle 1 vial complete with measuring spoon, clip, control calendar and indicator paper).

The composition of 2.5 g (1 scoop) granules:

  • active ingredient: hexacalium-hexane-trihydro-pentacitrate (6: 6: 3: 5) (potassium sodium hydrocitrate) - 2.4277 g,
  • auxiliary components: lemon oil, hydrated water of the active substance, E 110 (dye sun-setting).


  • chronic or acute renal failure,
  • chronic urinary tract infections that are caused by bacteria that break down urea (the risk of struvite stones),
  • metabolic alkalosis,
  • acute dehydration,
  • hereditary episodic weakness,
  • low salt diet
  • urine pH above 7 and simultaneous insufficiency of adrenal function or the presence of poorly controlled diabetes mellitus,
  • children's age up to 12 years (there is not enough clinical experience with the drug in this age group),
  • hypersensitivity to the drug.

Relative (Uralit-U is used with caution):

  • severe liver dysfunction,
  • pregnancy,
  • breastfeeding period.

Dosing and Administration

Uralit-U is taken orally, after eating, dissolving the granules in a glass of water.

To dissolve uric acid stones and prevent their re-formation, take 10 granules (4 scoops) of the drug per day. The daily dose is divided into 3 doses: 1 measuring spoon in the morning and afternoon, and 2 measuring spoons in the evening. The pH of fresh urine should be 6.2–6.8.

If urine pH is less than 6.2, the daily dose of the drug should be increased by 1 /2 measuring spoons. An additional dose must be taken along with the evening taking the drug. With a urine pH of more than 6.8, the daily dose is reduced by 1 /2 measuring spoons by reducing the evening dose of Uralit-U.

With a correctly selected dose, the pH of fresh urine before consuming the solution of the drug is within the optimum range (6.2–6.8).

To prevent the formation of calcium-containing stones take 5-7.5 g (2-3 scoops) of granules per day once (in the evening). With a low pH value of fresh urine, the dose should be increased to 7.5–11.25 g (3-4.5 spoons) of the drug per day in 2-3 doses. It is desirable to maintain the urine pH at 7.0, it is not recommended to allow pH values ​​below 6.2 or above 7.4.

Regular measurement of the pH of fresh urine helps to prevent the formation of uric acid and calcium-containing stones.

To determine the acidity of urine, before each administration of Uralit-U, the following steps should be taken: take a test strip and, holding it with a clamp, wet it with fresh urine. Then compare the color of the wet strip with the attached color chart and note the pH value printed under the identical color. After this, it is required to record in the control calendar the calculated pH value and the number of taken medicine spoons. The control calendar should be taken with you at each appointment with the attending physician.

special instructions

The use of Uralit-U should not be the only event in the treatment and prevention of stone formation. The drug should be combined with a diet, increased fluid intake, etc.

Before starting treatment, it is necessary to exclude the presence of all associated diseases for which the formation of kidney stones is possible. This applies, inter alia, to cases of specific therapy (malignant neoplasms, parathyroid adenoma, etc.).

Before the first dose of Uralit-U, the kidney function should be checked and the serum concentration of electrolytes should be determined. If there is a suspicion of renal tubular acidosis, it is necessary to determine the acid-base status.

Dye sunset sun, which is part of the drug, can cause allergic reactions, including bronchial asthma in persons with hypersensitivity. Such a reaction is more often observed in patients with hypersensitivity to acetylsalicylic acid.

During therapy with cytostatics, Uralit-U administration helps to prevent an increase in the concentration of uric acid. In addition, the alkaline pH of urine has a protective effect, reducing the aggressiveness of cytotoxic metabolites and increasing the solubility of cytostatics and their metabolites. It is necessary to maintain the pH level below 7.0.

Information for patients on a low salt diet: 1 g of Uralit-U contains 0.1 g or 4.4 mmol of sodium (corresponding to 0.26 g of sodium chloride).

The drug does not affect the ability of patients to drive vehicles and work with mechanisms that require increased concentration of attention and speed of reaction.

Drug interaction

With any increase in the concentration of extracellular potassium, the effect of cardiac glycosides is weakened, and with a decrease in the concentration of potassium, their arrhythmogenic effect is enhanced.

Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, aldosterone antagonists, non-narcotic analgesics, potassium-saving diuretics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs reduce the excretion of potassium by the kidneys. It should be borne in mind that 1 g of the drug contains 0.172 g or 4.4 mmol of potassium.

With the simultaneous use of Uralit-U with aluminum-containing preparations, it is possible to enhance the absorption of aluminum, therefore the interval between their intakes should be at least 2 hours.

Information about analogues Uralita-U is missing.

Packaging, form, composition

The drug "Uralite" is produced in the form of granules. It is intended for the preparation of oral solution.

This medicine contains hexacalium-hexane-trihydrogen-citrate complex. It is produced in a carton box, where one can is placed with a medicinal substance, as well as a measuring spoon, indicator paper and a control calendar.

Indications for use

  • dissolution of uric acid stones
  • preventing the formation of uric acid and calcium-containing stones, as well as mixed stones: calcium oxalate / calcium phosphate or calcium oxalate / uric acid (relapse prevention),
  • the need for alkalinization of urine (gout, cytostatic therapy, late porphyria).

Dissolution and prevention of recurrence of the formation of uric acid stones

In this case, the daily dose is usually 4 scoops (10 g of granules) per day. It is divided into 3 doses and taken after meals: 1 measuring spoon in the morning and afternoon, and 2 measuring spoons in the evening. It is necessary to monitor the pH of fresh urine, which should not exceed the range of 6.2–6.8.

If the pH value is less than the lower limit of the specified range, the daily dose is increased by 0.5 measuring spoons, which is added to the evening reception Uralita-U. At pH above the upper limit of the specified range, 0.5 measuring spoon is taken away from the daily dose, reducing the evening dose.

The dose is considered to be properly selected if the pH of fresh urine before taking the medicine is within this range. In order to prevent the formation of uric acid stones, it is recommended to regularly check the urine pH.

Prevention of the formation of calcium-containing kidney stones

The daily dose of Uralit-U is 2-3 measuring spoons (5-7.5 g of granules), taken once in the evening. The desired pH value in this case is 7, while it is necessary to carefully monitor that this indicator is within the range of 6.2–7.4.

With a very low pH value of urine, the daily dose is increased to 3-4.5 measuring spoons, which are divided into 2-3 doses throughout the day after meals.

Continuous monitoring of pH and / or urine citrates and appropriate adjustment of the individual dose is recommended.

Other diagnoses

For other indications for receiving Uralit-U daily dose of 4 scoops (10 g) of granules per day. It is divided into 3 doses: 1 measuring spoon of the drug in the morning and in the afternoon, and 2 measuring spoons in the evening after meals. In this case, the pH of fresh urine should be within:

  • 7.2–7.5 - with late skin porphyria,
  • 7.5–8.5 - with cystine stones,
  • at least 7 - during cytostatic therapy.

If necessary, the daily dose is increased or decreased by adding or removing 0.5 scoop from the evening dose. The standard duration of treatment is 1–6 months.

The mechanism of action of the drug

What is a granulate like Uralit-U? Instructions for use informs that the drug is used to prevent the formation and dissolution of existing urinary stones.

The considered agent is a mixture of strong alkalis (salts), which are combined with acids (weaker).

When mixed with ordinary water, the granulate dissociates into ions, continuously maintains an alkaline urine reaction, and also regulates the pH (at the level of 6.2-7.5).

This acidity allows uric acid salts to remain dissolved and not form stones. It is in this that the nephrolithic properties of this agent are manifested.


According to experts, the patient's response to the considered drug is dose-dependent. Alkalosis reduces the absorption of citrate in the tubules of the kidneys, and also increases its excretion. It should be noted that in this case calcium excretion decreases with urine.

Uralit medicine is almost completely absorbed from the digestive tract. Its bioavailability is about 100%. The whole drug is metabolized in the human body, and is excreted with the urine.

In the process of therapy with this tool, no change in the gas or electrolyte composition of the blood occurs.

Drug "Uralit-U": instructions for use

Before using the drug for the treatment of urolithiasis, it should first be dissolved in a glass of plain water.

The dosage of this medication is selected individually, depending on the reaction of fresh urine. It is determined using indicator papers, which, together with the medicine, are placed in a cardboard box. This process is carried out before each administration of the granulate. To do this, the indicator is soaked in urine and compared with the color scale for two minutes. This will allow you to determine the acidity in the range of 5.4-7.4.

In the treatment of late porphyria and cystine stones, it is necessary to use a special indicator with a pH range of 7.2-9.7.

The average dosage of this tool is 4 scoops per day. In this case, one should drink in the morning, one in the afternoon and two in the evening.

It is extremely important to maintain the level of acidity within the required range:

  • with urolithiasis or the so-called uricosuria - 6.2-6.8,
  • in the presence of cystine stones - 7.5-8.5,
  • with skin porphyria - 7.2-7.5,
  • with cytostatic therapy, exactly 7.0.

In that case, if the obtained pH values ​​are above the norm, the dosage is reduced. Evening taking the drug do less by ½ dosage spoons.

If the pH is lower, the amount of the drug is increased by the same volume.

Side effects

Now you know how to take Uralit-U. According to the patient reviews, this remedy is fairly well tolerated. Although in rare cases, taking an oral solution can cause nausea, flatulence, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Typically, these adverse reactions are their own.

Uralit-U medication: analogues and patient reviews

What can replace the considered drug? In terms of chemical composition and therapeutic effect, the analogues of this product are: "Fitolysin Plus", "Cyston", "Fitolit", "Citation", "Rendesmol", "Uro-Gran".

According to the reviews, Uralit-U is a highly effective drug that copes quite well with the task. Many patients report that after a month's treatment, the stones are completely eliminated from the patient’s body. However, it should be noted that this process is often accompanied by a laxative effect, which brings considerable discomfort to the patient.

Indications for use

According to the instructions, Uralit-U contributes to the dissolution of kidney stones, is effective in the presence of stones in the bladder. The tool is intended to prevent the formation of urolithiasis (suppresses the process that triggers the formation of uric acid stones, which include calcium). The active components of the drug can alkalize urine in gout, late porphyria, therapy with cytostatics.

Use during pregnancy

Uralit-U can be used during childbirth, there is no evidence of negative effects on the fetus. The tool includes substances found in the human body, so the dosage and method of application may not change for pregnant women.Before starting therapy, consult a doctor.

Instructions for use and dosage

Ready solution of the drug is recommended to be taken after a meal. To prepare Uralit-U requires 250 ml of water per one scoop of the product (2.5 grams). The prepared liquid has a light orange tint, a specific aroma.

Selection of a specific dosage depends on the acidity of the patient's urine. The indicator paper will help determine the desired indicator, which is included in the kit to the medication. For convenience, hold the fixture with a special clip. Check the color of the bar with the chart, determine the urine pH. In the control calendar, write down the indicator, the dosage of Uralit-U.

Learn about the structure and basic functions of the kidneys in the human body.

How to treat cystitis with pills? Review of effective drugs look in this article.

The instruction indicates the recommended dosage for dissolving already existing calculi, preventing relapse, given the acidity of the patient's fresh urine:

  • 6.2–6.8 is the recommended daily dose of four scoops per day (10 grams). Divide the amount of the drug into three steps: one spoonful in the morning and daytime, in the evening - 2 spoons,
  • less than 6.2 - the patient is shown reception 4.5 spoons, of which the first two are taken in the morning and evening, the remaining 2.5 spoons are consumed in the evening,
  • above 6.8 - the patient needs to take 3.5 spoons of the remedy. Divide the medication in three parts: 1 spoon in the morning and evening, 1.5 in the evening.

As a preventive measure, the manufacturer recommends using several measuring spoons per day (take one time in the evening after a meal). If urine acidity is reduced, increase the dose to 4.5 spoons, divide into three doses. The acidity of fresh urine in this case is recommended to be kept in the range of 6.2-7.4. If you find any health problems, using the medication, visit a doctor.

Analogues of the drug

If Uralit-U for some reason did not fit, the doctor recommends replacing the medicine with another drug. The pharmacological industry produces several products of the same effect:

  • Pepperminder Includes natural ingredients, contributes to the natural discharge of small stones in urolithiasis,
  • Fitolysin. The tool copes with infectious, inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract, accompanying the course of urolithiasis,
  • Cyston. Promotes the dissolution of stones caused by uric acid, urates, oxalates, phosphates. The tool is used as an adjuvant therapy for urinary tract infections.

Before replacing the main drug, consult your doctor.

Cost and storage conditions

The cost of the drug depends on the place of purchase. The average price of Uralit-U is about 1085 rubles per package, with a volume of 280 grams.

Store the product in a tightly closed container, the temperature is not more than twenty-five degrees. Keep the medicine away from children. The expiration date of the medicine is indicated on the package (5 years from the date of manufacture), and is available on prescription

Uralit-U shows excellent results, rarely causes side effects, which has earned a lot of positive feedback from patients. Acceptable price, convenient use - huge advantages in the "piggy bank" medication.