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Levitra positive and negative feedback from doctors


Levitra tablets active ingredient which vardenafil - an excellent pharmaceutical agent to maintain erection. The manufacturer, in the course of creating a new inhibitor, pursued two main goals - to achieve a better effect (compared to branded counterparts), and to reduce side effects. We state the fact that the main idea was a success, and the popularity of the drug is growing with cosmic speed. Doctors prescribe Levitra, if the patient is diagnosed with impotence or difficulty with the onset of erection. Not only a mild effect on the body, but also the price of pills can make men happy.

Erectile dysfunction is an unpleasant moment, and usually, few are willing to recognize the problem right away. In men, a temporary inability to achieve an erection, as well as difficulty in having sexual intercourse, has a negative effect on self-esteem. A new drug allows you to eliminate not only the medical factor of sexual organ dysfunction, but also becomes the optimal solution for maintaining psychological balance. We offer to find out what Levitra can do, what is the exact instructions for use, the price and possible side effects when taking the drug.

Main advantages

The drug Levitra is effective only with sexual stimulation during sexual intercourse. Therefore, we can say that a man should have sexual desire, that is, an intact libido, and pills will help with the physiological side of the issue. Of course, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules of taking pills, or act strictly according to the instructions of the urologist (if you have the courage to appear to a specialist beforehand). There are a number of irrefutable advantages:

  • The action of this inhibitor is recognized as the most powerful. Even if the signs of erectile dysfunction in patients are on a conditional verge, followed by complete impotence, Levitra tablets will help in 90 percent of cases. For example, Viagra, this indicator is not more than 80 percent,
  • The standard dose of vardenafil is 10 mg. If you compare with inhibitors analogues - this is the smallest therapeutic dose, without losing a stable and desired effect (for comparison, Viagra or Cialis will need 500 and 40 mg, respectively),
  • The effect of the active substance is optimal in time - from 8 to 10 hours, that is enough for a romantic night, and the number of sexual acts is not limited in this interval. For example, Viagra works within 4-5 hours, and you may need to take an extra pill. The drug Cialis, on the contrary, is more “long-lasting”, and is designed for a half-day sexual marathon (the effect of the inhibitor is up to 36 hours or more). But it can be inconvenient on weekdays, when, after a night sexual meeting, it is necessary to go to work,
  • Due to the minimum dose of the active substance in the tablet (as compared to the analogues), side effects are also minimized,
  • Levitra fast-acting drug - the minimum time for the onset of a full erection is only 10 minutes. The maximum time is half an hour
  • Normally combined with alcohol (with moderate doses of the latter), and with food (that is, a romantic dinner will not interfere with the subsequent stormy night). For comparison, Viagra must be taken on an empty stomach, otherwise the effect of the tablets comes after the deadline specified in the abstract.

Convenient pharmaceutical form (tablet) will not cause discomfort when used. The required dose was taken into account by the manufacturer initially, and even half a pill can be prescribed to older men (after 60 years of age). After testing, in each individual case, the dose may be increased.

Recommendations regarding the admission of Levitra

I would like to draw attention to several facts that will allow you to take the drug more consciously, and achieve the maximum effect.

  • Reviews of doctors Levitra has positive, because it marked its mild effect on the body. The peak of functioning comes about an hour after taking the pill. This time is necessary for complete dissolution and absorption into the blood. All subsequent time (during penis stimulation), the level of exposure does not decrease, and the duration of action corresponds to that stated by the manufacturer, the bar,
  • Depending on the age of the man, Levitra begins to act either after 10 minutes or after 30. It will not take longer, according to the results of preliminary testing,
  • Fatty food will only affect the time of removal of the drug from the body (prolong it for an hour), but it will not affect the main function (achieving a full erection),
  • Free access and sale of Levitra in pharmacies testifies to the safety of funds,
  • Official instructions and doctors urologists declare that the use of pills is possible, even if erectile dysfunction is expressed strongly. Simply, the action of Levitra, in this case, it is better to supplement the basic course of the necessary therapy,
  • According to research, there is a full recovery of potency (for the prevailing number of subjects), if the course of admission exceeds 30 days,
  • Prescribed the drug and in the presence of another problem, namely to delay ejaculation. This is what helps to prolong the time of sexual intercourse, and sequential reusable reception fixes the effect.

We draw attention to the fact that the only pharmaceutical dosage form of the drug is tablets. Therefore, if you are offered to buy drops or capsules, do not spend on a deliberate fake.

The drug Levitra instructions for use is absolutely simple and straightforward. The pill is simply swallowed whole, and washed down with water (by analogy with the usual medication).

This is elementary! To return and repeatedly strengthen the potency, you need every evening.

Even if sexual contact occurs within a few hours, after taking it, the effect will not diminish. The main thing is to follow the general recommendations regarding the time of exposure to the body. How to take Levitra, you understand, it remains to talk about how the drug looks on sale.

Sex therapist: Semyon Gromov (positive review)

Levitra helps to eliminate problems associated with the violation of the correct response of the sexual organ to natural sexual stimulation. Poor erection appears with poor circulation in the genitals.

Under the action of the drug, the blood flow increases, fills the penis and there is such a condition of the penis, which should be under normal arousal.

Levitra alone does not provoke an erection, but only helps to maintain the natural process at the right level. Gentle action, without risk to well-being.

You do not know what drug will suit you? Sets of probes allow you to choose the most effective drug and at the same time save your money!

Sex therapist: Nikita Kulikov (positive review)

The drug helps to eliminate the problems associated with the sexual organ.

The clinical effect of Levitra deserves to be advised to patients. Men often self-prescribed pills, and then they feel even worse and turn to doctors for help. Means which include Vardenafil sparingly affect the patient's organs, fulfilling the main task of restoring an erection.

When other pills have a short-term healing effect, Levitra is not dependent on sexual activity, supports high-quality sex with rare use (1 dose per week for the prevention of symptoms of impotence). Enough a few mg of the drug and you can forget about sexual ailments.

Sex therapist: Arthur Shilov (negative review)

One of the main reasons why you should not get involved in the drug Levitra, is its composition. The incoming component of vardenafil is a medicinal substance of active action. Those men who need the effect "here and now", it is quite suitable.

But we must not forget that there can be many causes of poor erection:

    lifestyle (food, bad habits),

lack of vitamins and hormones

Eliminate all causes of the tablet is not able to. Here you need a comprehensive treatment. Such a problem can easily handle additive Furunbao Super.

Rich plant composition provides the body:

Sexologist, Vladislav Yermolov

The drug allows you to achieve a full erection

Levitra is a modern medicine for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. I can recommend it to middle-aged people at the first manifestations of impotence. The action means moderate. This means that it rarely causes overstimulation, as well as other adverse reactions from the nervous system.

Before analogues Levitra has special advantages:

The drug is known for its active influence on the bloodstream in the reproductive system. It contributes to the achievement of a full erection, has a prolonging property, increases the duration of sex from two to five times.

The disadvantage of Levitra is poor compatibility with medicinal products. While taking any medication I do not recommend using this stimulant. Begin treatment with Levitra several weeks after the end of the therapeutic course.

Sexologist, Andrei Terekhov

Hello! Levitra, I recommend using for serious violations in sexual function. These include a complete inability to maintain an erection (in other words, the symptoms of impotence).

Levitra struggles with problems in the intimate sphere of life as follows:

The main advantage of Levitra, I think safe action on the psychological state of a person. Under the action of medication, arousal is increased, but at the same time, there remains a minimal risk of disturbances from the nervous system. As a characteristic, I can single out a long effect that lasts about eight to ten hours.

Levitra has the following disadvantages:

  1. danger in the presence of diseases of the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, liver,
  2. increased likelihood of adverse reactions with daily use,
  3. the risk of dizziness, headache, cramps in the temples.

Doctor sexopathologist Sergey Donchik

Levitra is a synthetic product from a famous German company. Produced in Germany, it has a high-quality prolonging effect. The functions of the drug include: an increase in the duration of an erection, an increase in sexual arousal, the elimination of symptoms of an early eruption of a seed.

  • causes maximum tissue blood supply,
  • promotes a rapid increase in male libido,
  • tones the nervous system,
  • not addictive even with regular use.

The drug can drink men who have problems with erectile function in various forms of its manifestation.

  1. there is a risk of adverse reactions (headache is often observed),
  2. when taken with alcoholic beverages acts much worse
  3. causes serious adverse reactions in overdose.

I do not recommend using Levitra in old age, as it exerts pressure on the heart muscle. If you do not have serious health problems, take the drug up to three times a week. If necessary, reduce the dose by half.

Sexologist, Maxim Sokolov

Do not take the drug with other medications.

I prescribe Levitra to those patients who come to me with complaints of erectile dysfunction. Product fights sexual dysfunctionwhich is observed in the disorder of hormonal background and chronic diseases in the reproductive system. Not infrequently, it develops with age.

To Levitra made it possible to get a quality result, carefully follow the rules of admission. Do not use it daily, do not increase the dose in an independent manner, do not take the product with other medications, limit the use of alcoholic beverages.

I think the most important advantage of Levitra is a high level of efficiency. The drug increases sexual activity even with androgen deficiency. Despite the powerful composition, it has a mild effect. When properly administered, Levitra is tolerated easily and without adverse reactions.

Before treatment, it is worth considering the disadvantages of this product:

  • a large list of contraindications for health reasons,
  • increased risk of adverse reactions when combined with alcohol,
  • poor tolerance in old age.

The disadvantages, perhaps, are the high load on the cardiovascular system.

Sex therapist Anatoly Abdulov

The use of Levitra is indicated for men who have problems with erectile function. I advise you to try the action of the remedy in the event of early ejaculation and weak erection.

Additionally, the drug increases energy and helps to achieve strong potency, so that a person is able to perform a number of full-fledged sexual acts. The duration of sex while taking Levitra is increased three times.

An important advantage is that the drug suppresses early ejaculation without reducing the sensitivity of organs. Moreover, under the action of Levitra, this figure rises, due to which the excitement becomes more pronounced, and the orgasm manifests itself much stronger.

The disadvantage when taking Levitra is the presence of a wide list of contraindications. They are listed in the instructions with which you must read without fail.

Do not take the product for an allergic reaction, age restrictions, and the presence of a number of inflammatory diseases. The drug is forbidden to use along with nitric oxide, organic nitrates, alpha and beta blockers. Consider this before treatment.

Customer Reviews

    I accept Levitra when I get nervous or tired. The moral and physical forces are running out, and marital duty to fulfill is a sacred cause. With a tablet, everything goes well.

    Well, that the peasants have something to help. Levitra is a divine tablet. Thanks to her, the spouse is always in shape, and no longer a young boy, and the heart can be naughty. Only Levitra is safe for him.

    Levitra: reviews of doctors and contraindications

    Reviews of doctors about Levitra and contraindications to the use of this drug are described in detail in the instructions. In most cases, levitra tablets have positive recommendations not only from ordinary men and women, but also from specialists. Below you can find real reviews from specialists in the field of urology and sexology.

    Levitra: a real review from the urologist-andrologist

    Konstantin Nikolaevich, urologist-andrologist: Practice shows that a man taking Levitra and taking into account the contraindication with side effects, can expect a long sexual intercourse without misunderstandings.

    Among the contraindications, I can single out only individual intolerance and severe problems with the heart, kidneys and blood vessels. For most healthy men, one tablet of levitra per day doesn’t hurt. As a result of systematic use, blood circulation is improved in the corpus cavernosum of the penis, a stable erection occurs.

    A big plus of the drug is the low price and the possibility of regular use without the effect of addiction and the need to switch to stronger drugs.

    In our clinic, we regularly offer patients original Levitra pills that improve erectile function in men (by the way, often a woman also applies for a drug for her husband, unfortunately, the stronger sex rarely trust doctors).

    Levitra tablets have many advantages: a small number of contraindications, the ability to take already from 18 years of age and the rapid onset of effect (approximately 20 minutes after ingestion).

    Of course, with strong violations of erectile function, I, as an experienced doctor with many years of experience, recommend more serious drugs, but with minor violations Levitra brings a positive effect.

    I warn all patients: there is a contraindication - you can not take the drug at the same time with alcoholic beverages, otherwise there is an adverse effect on the liver. In extreme cases, you can drink a glass of weak wine, but no more.

    A few years ago we did not hear about the drug, after it went on sale, but there were no objective results of research on its reception. However, today I can confidently recommend to my patients the use of this stimulator of potency.

    The only restriction is: if a man drives a car, I do not recommend taking Levitra on days when he is driving (this is not a contraindication, but a precautionary measure, as long as there is not enough information about the effect of the drug on concentration).

    One pill begins to act approximately 15 minutes after ingestion, I advise you to drink it with plain water for a “cleaner” result. After that, you can achieve a real effect only under the condition of sexual arousal (this allows you to avoid awkward situations).

    As a doctor, I also recommend that you undergo a full medical examination before taking the medication, especially if you have heart and kidney problems, as well as if you are prone to allergic reactions.

    Лично я рекомендую принимать только оригинальную Левитру (многие мои коллеги-врачи назначают БАДы, однако, судя по отзывам, побочных эффектов от них несколько больше, нежели от оригинала).

    Перед применением внимательно ознакомьтесь с противопоказаниями и инструкцией, не стоит искать самые низкие цены, следует стараться найти подлинный препарат от производителя с сертификатами (в отзывах многие мужчины жалуются на подделки, на побочные эффекты, хотя противопоказаний к приему не было).

    I prescribe the drug to patients who have problems in intimate life with women, as well as diseases of the reproductive system (in this case, Levitra comes as an addition to the main course).

    Contraindications to receive Levitra

    The main contraindication is individual intolerance to the active substance. There are other contraindications:

    1. minor age
    2. heart, liver and kidney problems
    3. a significant contraindication - taking antiviral and psychotropic drugs,
    4. another contraindication - taking drugs with nitrates,
    5. Levitra is contraindicated in elderly patients (over 70 years),
    6. the doctor does not prescribe the drug for congenital deformities of the genital organ (relative contraindication).

    If you have any contraindications, your doctor may prescribe another medicine with a more benign effect.

    Thus, the drug Levitra is a stimulant of potency with a real effect and a minimum number of contraindications. You can buy such a medicine at an affordable price from the manufacturer.

    Urologist: Zolotover Konstantin (positive review)

    Levitra is a real panacea for such an unpleasant disease as erectile dysfunction. That is why I always advise this drug to all my patients. I get feedback only in a positive way, so I can say with confidence that Levitra is one of the most efficient and quality drugs for the treatment of male impotence. Indian analogue is no different to the drug of the same name of German production.

    Of course, except for the price, which is much lower for a drug made in India. I recommend Levitra to patients with HIV infection with caution, since due to taking immunostimulating drugs, undesirable side effects.

    Levitra has rightly earned a reputation as a decent drug in the fight against a delicate male problem and, in my opinion, is a good combination of high quality and acceptable cost.

    Urologist: Sergey Shamraev (positive review)

    Our department got acquainted with Levitra relatively recently: a representative of a pharmacological company offered us her as a test drug. The result from the use of the test version of the drug did not take long to wait, because Levitra easily coped with the male problem of many of our patients. Since then, we actively assign Levitra as the main drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction men.

    But I recommend to men who are drivers to take the drug in those days when no driving is not planned. The fact is that the effect of the composition of the drug while driving a vehicle has not yet been studied. Also I do not advise take a full therapeutic dose for men suffering from kidney disease with pronounced manifestations. If the impairment of the functional abilities of the kidneys is not serious, I do not correct the dose and mode of taking Levitra tablets.

    Urologist: Igor Akinshevich (positive review)

    The drug is taken to treat erectile dysfunction.

    With a problem like lack of erection, men mostly middle-aged men come to our department. I assign Levitra and the problem loses its relevance. Why Levitra? Despite the fact that I know a lot of drugs that are used for therapy erectile dysfunction - a drug such as Levitra, can not be compared with its counterparts.

    Rich plant composition provides the body:


    After taking the drug inside vardenafil is rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. When taken on an empty stomach Cmax in blood plasma can be reached after 15 minutes, but in 90% of cases, on average, after 60 minutes (from 30 to 120 minutes). Absolute bioavailability is about 15%. In the recommended dose range (5-20 mg), the value of AUC and Cmax in blood plasma increases in proportion to the dose.

    The clinical effect is realized before reaching Cmax. Onset of action after oral administration in a dose of 20 mg and 10 mg - 10 min, which provides an erection sufficient for penetration and successful completion of sexual intercourse in 34% and 40% of patients with mild and moderately mild erectile dysfunction, respectively. After 25 min, the effect occurs in 53% and 50% of patients, respectively, which coincides with the onset of the drug in the blood and the rapid increase in its concentration. Duration of action - 8-12 hours.

    When taken with normal food containing no more than 30% fat, pharmacokinetic parameters of vardenafil (Cmaxreaching time CmaxAUC) do not change.

    When taking vardenafil simultaneously with food containing large amounts of fat (57%), the absorption rate decreases with increasing time to reach Cmax up to 60 min, and Cmax in plasma, on average is reduced by 20% without significant changes in AUC.

    Medium Vd vardenafil in the equilibrium state of pharmacokinetic parameters averages 208 liters, which demonstrates its good distribution in the tissues. The binding of vardenafil and its main metabolite (M1) to plasma proteins is up to 95%, is reversible and does not depend on the total concentration of the drug.

    Based on the results of measuring the content of vardenafil in the semen of healthy men 90 minutes after ingestion, it can be assumed that no more than 0.00012% of the received dose can be determined in the semen of patients.

    Vardenafil is metabolized in the liver with the participation of mainly CYP3A4, as well as CYP3A5 and CYP2C9. Average t1/2 vardenafil is 4–5 hours and M1 is about 4 hours. The blood contains a glucuronide in the form of a conjugate (glucuronic acid), which is part of the metabolite M1. The concentration of the rest of the M1 (non-glucuronic) is 26% of the concentration of the active substance. The selectivity profile for PDE in M1 is similar to that for vardenafil, the in vitro ability of M1 to suppress PDE5 is 28% compared to vardenafil, which corresponds to 7% of the drug's effectiveness.

    The total clearance of vardenafil is 56 l / h, the final T1/2 - about 4-5 hours. After oral administration, vardenafil is excreted in the form of metabolites mainly through the intestines - 91-95%, to a lesser extent by the kidneys - 2-6%.

    Pharmacokinetics in special clinical situations

    In healthy elderly men (≥65 years old), hepatic clearance of vardenafil is reduced compared with young (≤ 45 years old). On average, the AUC in the elderly is increased by 52%. However, differences in efficacy and safety of the drug in patients of elderly and young age are not observed.

    In patients with mild (CK> 55–80 ml / min) and moderate (CK> 30–50 ml / min) degree of renal dysfunction, the pharmacokinetic parameters of vardenafil are comparable to those in healthy people. In severe impaired renal function (CK ® (10 mg) when taken 24-1 hours before taking nitroglycerin (400 µg sublingually) does not cause an increase in its hypotensive effect, at a dose of 20 mg 1-4 hours before the use of nitrates (400 µg sublingually ) enhances their hypotensive effect, but when prescribed for 24 hours, the strengthening of the hypotensive effect does not occur.

    Vardenafil (20 mg) does not change the AUC and C valuesmax glibenclamide (glyburide at a dose of 3.5 mg) when used together and vice versa.

    Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic interactions (effects on prothrombin time and coagulation factors II, VII, X) are not observed with the combination of vardenafil (20 mg) with warfarin (25 mg).

    There is no significant pharmacokinetic interaction between Levitra (20 mg) and nifedipine (30 or 60 mg): vardenafil causes an additional decrease in systolic and diastolic blood pressure in the supine position by an average of 5.9 mm Hg. Art. and 5.2 mmHg. Art. respectively.

    Since it is known that alpha-blockers cause a decrease in blood pressure, especially postural hypotension and syncope, the issue of interaction between alpha-blockers and Levitra when used together is carefully studied. Two studies of drug interactions were conducted with healthy volunteers with normal blood pressure who received alpha-blockers tamsulosin or terazosin with a rapid increase in doses up to or near the maximum for 14 days or less. After adding Levitra to the resulting therapy, hypotension developed in a significant number of study participants. Among those receiving terazosia, hypotension (systolic blood pressure in a standing position below 85 mmHg) developed more often if Levitra ® and terazosin were administered so as to achieve a coincidence Cmax in time than in the event that Cmax diverged in time by 6 hours. These studies may have limited clinical significance, since they were conducted with the participation of healthy volunteers, as well as after forced titration of doses (thus, the study participants could not achieve stabilization of blood pressure while taking alpha blockers).

    Studies of Levitra drug interactions were also conducted in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), receiving stable doses of tamsulosin or terazosin. When prescribing Levitra in doses of 5, 10 or 20 mg to patients receiving stable doses of tamsulosin, there was no further decrease in the average level of blood pressure. With simultaneous administration of Levitra in a dose of 5 mg and tamsulosin at a dose of 0.4 mg, ortrostatic hypotension was observed in 2 of 21 patients with a drop in systolic blood pressure below 85 mm Hg. Art. When taking Levitra in a dose of 5 mg and tamsulosin with a 6-hour interval, orthostatic systolic hypotension with a drop in blood pressure of less than 85 mm Hg. Art. also developed in 2 of 21 patients. In a subsequent study, the simultaneous administration of Levitra in doses of 10 mg and 20 mg and tamsulosin in doses of 0.4 mg and 0.8 mg of cases of orthostatic drop in systolic blood pressure below 85 mm Hg. Art. not registered. With the simultaneous appointment of Levitra in a dose of 5 mg and terazosin in doses of 5 mg or 10 mg in one of 21 patients symptomatic postural hypotension was observed. When taking Levitra in a dose of 5 mg and terazosin with an interval of 6 hours, there were no cases of a fall in blood pressure. The results should be taken into account when deciding on the timing of prescribing.

    The combined appointment of Levitra and alpha-blockers is permissible only if there are stable blood pressure indices against the background of taking alpha-blockers, while Levitra should be prescribed in the minimum recommended dose of 5 mg. Levitra should not be taken at the same time with alpha-blockers, with the exception of tamsulosin, which can be taken at the same time as Levitra.

    The simultaneous use of digoxin (0.375 mg) and Levitra (20 mg) every other day for more than 14 days is not accompanied by drug interactions.

    A single dose of Maalox (antacid, magnesium hydroxide / aluminum hydroxide) does not affect the AUC and C valuesmax vardenafil

    The bioavailability of vardenafil (20 mg) is also not impaired when it is combined with histamine N blockers.2-ranitidine receptors (150 mg 2 times / day) and cimetidine (400 mg 2 times / day).

    Levitra ® (10 mg and 20 mg) does not affect the duration of bleeding when used as monotherapy and in combination with acetylsalicylic acid in a low dose (2 tab. 81 mg).

    Levitra ® (20 mg) does not potentiate the hypotensive effect of ethanol (0.5 g / kg body weight), the pharmacokinetics of vardenafil is not disturbed.

    Acetylsalicylic acid, ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers, diuretics and hypoglycemic drugs (sulfonylurea and metformin), weak CYP3A4 inhibitors do not affect the pharmacokinetics of vardenafil.

    Side effect

    On the part of the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system: ≥10% - headache, ≥1% - dizziness, ≥0.1% - 0.01% - ® (like other drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction), the doctor must evaluate the state of the cardiovascular system because there is a risk of heart complications during sexual activity.

    Vardenafil has vasodilating properties, which may be accompanied by a slight or moderate decrease in blood pressure.

    Patients with obstruction of outflow tracts from the left ventricle, for example, with aortic stenosis, idiopathic hypertrophic subaortic stenosis, may be sensitive to the action of vasodilators, including PDE5 inhibitors.

    In men who do not show sexual activity, due to concomitant cardiovascular disease, drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction are not prescribed.

    Since Levitra ® in therapeutic doses (10 mg) causes prolongation of the QT interval, the drug should not be administered to patients with congenital prolongation of the QT interval and those taking antiarrhythmic drugs of class IA (quinidine, procainamide) or class III (amiodarone, sotalol).

    The safety and effectiveness of vardenafil in combination with other drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction has not been studied, so their combined use is not recommended.

    The safety of vardenafil has not been investigated and its use is not recommended in the following groups of patients: severe liver dysfunction, end-stage renal disease requiring hemodialysis, hypotension (systolic pressure alone) Another patient review

    I had problems with potency, I decided to buy myself Levitra. From my own experience of using this drug, I can say that it acts very effectively and continuously. In general, the problem with potency solves perfectly, I recommend.