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Knitting needles for beginners


We will tell you how to knit socks with knitting needles. Sledki are something like slippers, they resemble knitted socks, but they are knitted easier. They are comfortable to walk around the house, even if the floor is cold. You will be offered step-by-step instructions for beginners, with video tutorials, diagrams and descriptions.

There are several ways to knit socks with knitting needles: you can work with two knitting needles, four and also circular knitting needles. There are some simple socks, similar to rectangular slippers, which even a beginning knitter can knit. For this model, you will also find the appropriate master class.

The yarn should be chosen tight, but not too hard, so that the tracks take the necessary shape and provide decent comfort. It is best to use wool or wool blend yarn, with the addition of a certain percentage of synthetics. The wool is always warm in the cold and not hot in the summer, for which it is appreciated.

You can use yarn, adding it in 2-3 threads. It will make it even softer and warmer, and you can wear such socks much longer. Knitting needles, which are used for knitting, differ in numbers, meaning their diameter in millimeters. The thicker the thread, the larger the number of needles to use.

Try to knit a pattern with a large relief on the sole - traces will acquire another additional function from this - will serve as a foot massager. If you want slippers to be better kept on your feet, you can equip them with a strap that will perform the functions of a strap. To the edge of the slipper does not stretch, you can fix it, for which to crochet.

We will tell you how to knit socks and slippers, new models with patterned relief, bright colors, plain and in several colors. All new items, Sledky on two knitting needles, which will be discussed later, are suitable for your entire family - for children and adults.

We offer you a detailed video tutorial knitting sledkov:

Simple socks on two needles.

A thread can be taken any, knitting needles - No. 3. It all starts with a set of thirty needles on thirty needles. Next, we knit six rows with an ordinary garter stitch, facial loops. Next, knit facial satin, facial loops. Turn over knitting, and the next row knit with purl loops. So fit 14-16 rows. After that we form a heel ...

Sledky with a sole "pletenka".

The foot length is 23 cm, the heel height is 9 cm, the heel width is 6 cm. The size of the foot on which the tracks fit are 38-39, Caucasian half-woolen yarn is used (70% wool, the rest is acrylic), per 100 grams there are 150 meters. Knitting needles No. 3 were used. First row we collect 24 loops, then we knit six rows with a shawl pattern, after which another 7 loops are added. As a result, the needles get 31 loops.

Video lesson:

Sledky with a sole "pletenka".

The foot length is 23 cm, the heel height is 9 cm, the heel width is 6 cm. The size of the foot on which the tracks fit are 38-39, Caucasian half-woolen yarn is used (70% wool, the rest is acrylic), per 100 grams there are 150 meters. Knitting needles No. 3 were used. First row we collect 24 loops, then we knit six rows with a shawl pattern, after which another 7 loops are added. As a result, the needles get 31 loops.

Video lesson:

Sledki with knobs without seams.

They are designed for foot size 38-39. Used yarn consisting of 49% wool and 51% acrylic. In a 100-gram hank 240 meters of thread are placed. The needles on the line used the number 3.5 or 4, as well as 4 toe knitting needles and an additional needle for tying braids. A hook will be required for strapping. Work begins with the heels. On two spokes we collect 12 classic loops. Then purl and facial loops alternate - this is the formation of a pattern.

Sledki simple, comfortable and cozy.

Yarn used Karachai, needles number 3 circular. We collect on two spokes 30 loops. Next, the garter stitch runs six rows. Next, knitting is the front satin - 14 rows. When knitting from the back side, only purl loops are used. Who wants the tracks to go deeper, you can knit 16 rows. Further knitting is divided into three parts.

Sledki without seams.

Designed for 38-39th leg size. The yarn needs only 50-60 grams. Used wool blend yarn, where 49% wool accounts for 51% acrylic. A 100 gram skein contains 800 meters of yarn. We will knit in three threads. Spokes can be used no. 3.5 or 4. The model in the performance is quite simple. On two knitting needles we collect 31 loops, then we knit, alternating between purl and facial loops.

Homemade two-color slippers-sledki.

Designed for foot size 36-37. Used acrylic yarn, 100 grams of which 1600 meters of thread, folded eight times. Used yarn of two colors - black and blue. Spokes - 2.5 mm. We collect 66 loops with black thread and knit according to the scheme. The first two rows are facial loops. A nakid is made in the middle of the loops, along the edges, too, by one nakida. Back also knit facial loops.

Slippers-sledki with bows.

You can tie them in one evening. Leg size is 38-39. The yarn was taken Caucasian, two colors. The main one is pink, and for stripes it is green. Knitting needles used number 3. Recruit 18 loops main pink thread. We knit the first row with front loops except the last one, which knits with a purl loop. Turning knitting, we introduce a thread of a different color. And again knit facial loops 16 loops.

Fast tracks.

Leg size - 36-37. They are knitted from Caucasian yarn, which is 130 meters per 100 grams. One hundred grams of yarn will be enough. Its composition is 70% wool and 30% acrylic. Knitting needles used number 3. Traces can be associated with the picture and without it. The heel usually wears out the fastest, so here it is the final stage of work, and when it is worn, it is not a problem to bandage the heel.

Beautiful sledki-slippers.

They are connected very simply, with the front satin stitch, only on the neck is a rubber band. We start knitting not with a heel, but with a sock. Wool-based yarn to keep the sock warm. 100 grams contains 300 meters of thread. Need a yarn of the same color, needles No. 3.5 and a needle with a large eyelet to sew the product. It will have two seams. We collect 15 loops, then knit the first row of facial loops, the second purl. Next, set the markers and knit with the addition of loops.

The most simple sledki.

They knit on two knitting needles, not necessarily on circular ones. You can take any yarn that you have in the remnants. Color does not matter, as long as it is warm. These things are short-lived, so that from any remnants you can create a warm thing. It is only necessary to know the length and widest place of the foot. If the foot is wide, you can gain additional loops. For thick yarn need to recruit fewer loops. Acrylic yarn taken. We collect 34 loops.

Knitting tracks, knitting methods

There are several options for manufacturing Sledkov; novice needlewomen can master any of them.

  1. Circular knitting on five knitting needles, is that the loops are evenly distributed into 4 knitting needles, and the fifth one is knitted alternately, the product turns out seamless. The least suitable for beginners.
  2. Knitting on four knitting needles is the same circular, but the rows are knitted without the help of the fifth knitting needles, the tracks with this method of production are obtained without seams.
  3. The fastest and easiest way (for beginners) is knitting on two knitting needles, in this way you can knit both seamless patterns and those that require stitching.

To start knitting even a beginner, you should choose a soft but durable yarn; you should knit a sole with a double thread or add a kapron thread to the yarn. The correct selection of the needles is important, if the needles are too thick, the canvas will come loose, while the tracks should sit tight on the foot so as not to slide off the heel and keep warm.

The choice of the color of the yarn depends on the imagination of the beginning knitter, at the initial stage you can knit simple monochromatic socks, handkerchief or hosiery knitting, and as you master the skill, you can start experimenting with color combinations, shapes, create beautiful patterns and original ornaments for decoration. Check out our selection of beginner rinks.

Sledki needles for beginners, master class

Master class from Oksana Usmanova. The tracks are made of ALIZE DIVA yarn 100gr-350m (100% microfiber-acrylic), less than half a thread was needed, 4 stocking needles would be needed, a hook 1.3 for tying. The master class is also suitable for beginners.

Knitting tracks, easy knitting for beginners

Olga Yaroslavskaya will share with you a very easy way of knitting socklets for beginners and not only.

I will advertise this little sock for beginners:

  1. They fit in one web and there is not a single seam.
  2. Tightly "sit" on the leg, which allows them to be worn in shoes, without creating the inconvenience of tightness in lifting the legs.
  3. The probability of tying "out of size" is minimized.
  4. Easy to knit with any pattern.
  5. The model is suitable for men and women.
  6. It is possible to link the “reinforced” sole of the sled, which will significantly increase the life of the product. Use this method or not - you decide.

On sledki 44 size (for men) it took 100 grams of thick black yarn, 30 grams of green yarn and a bit of black "Iris".

On the needles number 3.5, she collected 15 loops and knitted a 25 cm (40 rub.) Knitting stitch with black yarn together with a thread “Iris”. Then, on the spoke, I selected a loop with the marker 8. Along the perimeter of the entire bounding rectangle, I put it on the knitting needles from the edges of the loop.

Knitting continued on the raised loops in a circle with facial loops (without the “Iris” thread), but reaching the loop marked with the marker, knitted 2 loops together to the marker, then 1 front with a marker, and 2 together after the marker. And so always in a circle to loop with marker 2 together and after loop with marker 2 together. After a set on all sides of the sole, I knit 3 p. black yarn face loops, then 2 p. green yarn again 3 p. black yarn.
9 p .: 2 persons. black yarn, 2 persons. green yarn.
10 p. as 9th r.
11.12, and 13 p. knitted black yarn face loops.
Then 2 p. green yarn, 8 p. black yarn and r. black yarn elastic 1 x 1.
Close the loop. Do not forget to reduce the loop in each p. (as I described above). Figure can be knit any.

Rectangular slippers - soles, knitting needles for beginners

It turns out to be quite simple to make slippers from an ordinary rectangular piece - socks for beginners. Look at the forum at Dariavna for a master class on knitting sledkov from Elena Gotlib. You will learn how you can tie cute slippers on two knitting needles. Even aspiring knitters will do the job.

Beginners' tracks “Lilac fog”

Photo master class from Olga Kolesnikova.

For knitting you need:

  • Kartopu Flora yarn (100g / 230m, 100% acrylic, Turkey) or another, suitable for the thickness of two contrasting colors
  • circular needles
  • strapping hook
  • awl
  • felt or fur insoles

Sledki on two needles for beginners, master - class

The author is Olga Kolesnikova.

For knitting you need:

  • Kartopu Flora yarn (100g / 230m, 100% acrylic, Turkey) or another, suitable for the thickness of two contrasting colors
  • circular needles 2 pairs
  • strapping hook

Sledki for beginners from three loops, master - class

This is a seamless trace!

So, you need to dial 3 loops:

1 row: chrome, nakid, izn, nakid, chrome.
2 row: chrome, izn, nakid, persons, nakid, izn, krom.
3 row: chrome, persons, izn, nak, izn, nak, iz, persons, krom.
4 row: chrome, ws, persons, w, nak, persons, nak, ws, persons, w, chrome.

Nakida always knit always purl loop.
Top fit with 1x1 rubber band.
I got 73 loops on the needles.
The last time I did the nakida from the seamy side.

We divide into three parts 26-21-26, knit the toe like a heel on the middle 21 loops, grabbing the side until the loops on the side needles run out.

Now we begin to knit the side parts together with the sole, for this we type on the sides 12 loops, then we knit straight, not forgetting the first and last 5 loops to knit garter stitch.
I got 30 rows to the heel.
We knit the heel, the last few rows knit garter stitch.

The edge of the crocheted columns b / n, "pitch step".

Simple socks knitting needles for beginners

For knitting, you will need: needles straight 2 or 2.5 number, yarn wool mixture (it may be remnants - the main knotless their connection in the process of knitting, or joining a new thread at the beginning of a new row). We will knit on the size of the foot 36-38-the most popular female size, on the Cinderella also fit the size, but on the legs of the Princess a-39-41, it will be necessary to recruit more loops, and on the heel and foot more rows of knit. But let's start with the running size.

Simple step by step instructions

Even a novice in this business will be able to tie knitting tracks. Relatives and friends will appreciate the merit of handicraft. In addition, beautiful knitted socks on the needles is a handmade gift, for example, for New Year holidays or Christmas.

It is worthwhile to begin work with measuring the length of the foot, since it is from the size that you need to proceed when recruiting the required loops. The main thing is that the number was odd. Also, we must not forget that when knitting (regardless of the series), the first loop is always removed, and the last one is knitted in the wrong direction.

It is better to start knitting on 2 knitting needles (simple description) with a wool yarn in 2 additions. It will take:

  • yarn - 100 g,
  • needles number 3.

Type in 13 p., Knit 8 rows in a knotted pattern. Further:

  • 9 r: edging, 5 n. Garter stitch, nakid, persons., Again nakid, 5 s. Garter stitch, edging,
  • turn to the wrong side, follow the pattern, knitting the bows crossed,
  • in the front rows to knit nakid "before" and "after" garter knitting, thereby expanding the canvas, while on the needles will not 39 p,
  • count 9 loops in the middle (it will be a toe), to do this, tie: 15p, 2 pts together persons., unfold the canvas, knit 8-10 pts 2 pp. persons, turn the product. Thus, knit until only 9 main eyelets remain in the center,
  • then dial on the edge on both sides of the canvas by 18 p. On the knitting needles 45 p. should be formed with the calculation that the last one is edging,
  • 5 p. Garter, izn., 4 p. Harness, 21 persons.,
  • izn., 4 loops of a plait, izn., 5 plates, krom.,
  • knit forward - backward, shifting the pattern in every fourth row.

Knit 38−40 p, leaving 2 p. On the additional spoke. When tying out the harnesses in the next purl row, pick up 2 backup loops, knitting with regard to the figure.

Tie the heel, as well as the toe. Next, tie another 8 p. garter stitch, then - close the loop on the picture.

The result is quite a nice model. You can add bows or lay out the version of the original beads.

Footprints for children

A simple way to knit Sedky on two needles to kids will be able to master any mother. In contrast to slippers, the heels will stay well on their feet, and mothers will not have to worry that the child will suddenly catch a cold. For knitting pick up:

  • knitting needles (№ 3-4)
  • Natural wool threads - 100 g.

Type 36 loops, divide the knitting into 3 parts: knit 12 p. With front, 1 purl, 10 with facial, 1 purl, 12 with facial.

Tie a height of 15 cm, then - with a rubber band (1 person., 1 wear) 9–10 cm. In the next row, knit together with a purl every 2 loops, thereby reducing the number of loops by 2 times. Flip knitting. Repeat the same steps. Tighten the thread, hide the knots (using the hook).

Sledkov ready. It remains to supplement them from above with patterns of braids, flowers, bows of multicolored yarn.

Seamless slippers for babies

To work dial 32 p., Tie a number of rubber band - 1 person., 1 out. Next, make the first 14 paragraphs with a 1x1 rubber band, the following: nakid, persons., Nakid, a pair of faces., Then a nakid, again persons., Nakid, the last 14 items. - an eraser. Knit until the center is 9 p. Composed of individuals. and nakidov. On the sides will go gum. Knit according to the scheme:

  • 3 p. - comply with the figure, average 9 p. Knit wear.,
  • 4 p. - 14 p. - rezinochka 1x1, 3 persons., Again nakid, then 2 persons., Nakid, the rest of the loop - an elastic band,
  • 5 r. - repeat as 3,
  • 6−11 p. - as 5−7 p
  • 12, 13, 14 p - kerchief. It should turn 44 loops
  • 15 r. 22 points - persons., 2 more points by analogy, 2 persons., Jointly, turn the product,
  • 16 r. - knit 4, 5 and 6 p. Together, turn it over again.

Turn it off until 5 p. Remains, tying the faces. and adding 1 p. from the sides of the sides until the heel is completely closed.

Pull off the remaining 2 p., Hide the thread. Sledki seamlessly for children ready.

Children's slippers

Dial on the needles 30 p., Then knit according to the scheme:

  • 1−6 p. for the bar - individuals. hinges
  • 7−22 p. - Odd ranks tying people. loops, even - life,
  • 23−45 p. - to form a heel, for which to knit 19 facial loops, 21, 20 and 21 - together the faces., Turn the product,
  • 9 purl 10−11 together izn., Turn the product,
  • 9 facial, 10-11 together persons.,
  • alternate rows (front, purl) until there is 10 p. Heel ready.

For foot, dial 10 points from the sides of the heel. On the one hand, knit 20 p, get 10 p., On the other side, until 30 p. Is in work. Next, tie 31 rows of faces. satin stitch. For a sock, perform a decrease from about 5 rows.

Look at the figure, as the decrease. Next, you can proceed to vyvyazyvaniya top sledka to close the top, thereby picking up one loop with knitting sides in each row. Scheme:

  • 84 p. - 9 out., 10 p., Knit out of the sidewall,
  • 85 r. - 4 persons., 3 together, 3 persons., 1 p. To knit out of the sidewall,
  • 84−85 p. - repeat until the loops close, picking up 16–18 loops on each side. Children's slippers are ready.

Men's socks

Мужчины обязательно оценят работу, если связать тёплые тапочки без швов, которые не будут давить и натирать. Ноги всегда останутся в тепле. Подобрать:

  • 2 спицы № 3,
  • пряжу, 1 моток любого цвета.

Набрать 49 п., провязать 3 р. резинкой (1х1). Провязать 2−3 р. резинкой. Further:

  • накид, лицев., накид, лицев., пометить центральную петлю маркером,
  • накид, лиц., опять накид, 23 п. провязать резинкой,
  • связать ещё 5 р. по схеме платочного вязания, при этом следующий за ними ряд лишь до половины,
  • средние 7 п. — платочной схемой, при этом необходимо провязывать 2 совместно в завершении ряда.

Продолжать вязание до 7 центральных петелек. Набрать с обоих сторон резиночки по 14 п. для формирования пяточной части. Knit 2 together in each subsequent row. Close the loops. Sledkov ready.

Czech girls for girls

In the wardrobe of every girl beautiful knitted slippers will not be superfluous. In this work, it is important to take into account the size of the leg, which will determine the set of a certain number of loops. For adults, you need to get about 50 p. Approximately. Knit the top with a rubber band - 1x1, 10−15 p. Further:

  • start a garter knitting, dividing all the loops into 2 knitting needles and leaving 1p. centered
  • to knit 1 half, putting on caps,
  • knit central loop, cap,
  • tie the second half to the end, tying the depth of the slipper,
  • divide the work into 3 parts, highlighting the average 10−15 p. (this will be the sole),
  • knit middle loops, leaving 1 last loop and knitting with the first loop from the second half of the slipper,
  • turn the product around, knit again in the same way,
  • continue until medium loops form in the amount of - 15,
  • tie a few more rows
  • the remaining hinges pull off.

The first loop on the side of the slipper should be the completion of work.

Knitting on two needles

It will take yarn residues of 2 colors (preferably contrasting), for example, black and red. The work consists of knitting shortened rows, that is, in a large semicircle - from heel to heel. For knitting:

  • dial 25 knit needles,
  • 1-2 p. - shawl loop with black yarn,
  • 3-4 p. - 25 p. Bright red yarn,
  • 5−6 p. - 25 loops black,
  • 7−8 p. - 15 loops red,
  • 9−10 p. - 25 loops black,
  • 11−12 p. - 10 loops bright red,
  • 13−14 p. - 25 black loops,
  • 15 r. - 15 red loops.

Look at the picture, what happened as a result. As a result, beautiful soles with a simple pattern are ready.

Product version without seams

It will take an average yarn in thickness, the needles No. 3. The scheme of knitting sledkov on two needles without seams is as follows. Dial 51 points, the first and last loop in the series - knit the edge loop in each row from the wear:

  • 1 p. - 23 rubber loops. (1x1), nakid-faces. (2 times), nakid, 23 loop rubber,
  • 2 p. - 23 loop rubber band, 7p. izn., 23 gum,
  • 3 p. - 23 rubber., Nakid, 3 persons., Nakid, further 1 persons., Again nakid, 3 persons., Nakid, 23 elastics,
  • 4 p. - 23 gum, 11 out., 23 again gum,
  • 5 r. - 25 elastics, nakid, 5 persons., Again nakid and again persons., Nakid, 25 again an elastic band,
  • 6 p. - 20 gum, 15 out., 23 again with rubber,
  • 7 r. - 23 gum, nakid, 7 persons. (2 times), again nakid, 23 elastic band,
  • 8 r. - 23 rubber., 19 out., 23 gum.

Continue until all loops have been removed. Must remain in the end 2. Pull the thread. Another sledok seamlessly tie the same.

Fishnet with additional ties

Needles number 4, 2 green buttons, yarn - green moss. Start knitting need to tape. Knit - facial loops, and the heel, sole and toe turn out ribbed, if knit alternately with a rubber band - 2 persons., 2 out. In the work to follow the instructions:

  • for the future tie, you need to dial 6 loops, knit 60 rows of people. satin stitch
  • add another 13 points in each row on both sides to make 32 loops,
  • increase the number of loops by 2 times to get 64 loops,
  • knit 1 row of individuals.,
  • knit ribbed rubber band up to 16 cm up
  • then - facial, knitting in the first row of 2 p. together with the front,
  • reduce by 13 points on both sides so that the needles make 6 points,
  • to knit up another 6 rows,
  • to make a loop, for which to tie 2 paragraphs together persons., nakid, 2 persons. (it will be a place for a button),
  • to knit 3 more rows of people. P,
  • close the remaining hinges.

It remains to give the Czechs with ties a stable shape. Fold the cut part in half. Overlap the ribbons at each other on the left edge of the slipper. Sew tape to the right edge in the composition of the front loops, which will be the front seam. Sew a button. Similarly, to associate the second sledok. The original and warm model of the Sledkov for everyday wear on cold days is ready.

Simple but Important Tips

To better hold the slippers on the foot, you can sew ribbons from the sides. To create a massage on the soles, you can associate the soles with a ribbed pattern. In order to avoid stretching the edges of the tracks, it is desirable to tie a crochet. To wear slippers for a long time, it is better to knit in 2 threads, adding durable synthetics to the heel.

Sledki are considered to be an average product between slippers and socks, since they do not have a hard sole, and the fit is low. Handmade products are always warm and cozy. They are sure to come in handy in the winter frost to all family members. Considering simple tips and reading master classes (step-by-step instructions), even beginning needlewomen will be able to cope with the work.

Dog's Footprints

Children's slippers should have a set of qualities that are different from adult models, so knitted slippers are often performed with an imitation of funny little faces or berries. Tie them in the form of dogs to please the boy or girl, and follow the step by step photos.

Materials and tools:

  1. Mixed yarn, wool with acrylic.
  2. Yarn "weed".
  3. The needles circular number 2.5, and stockings for toe.
  4. Ready plastic eyes.

Work is performed by the front satin stitch and garter.

Step by step description:

Handicraft technology is simple, so any aspiring craftswoman will cope with it. Get to work with the upper zone. For one year, do a foot length of 12 cm, for two 14 cm. In the example, the foot marks are 15 cm, which corresponds to a child of three years. Type 44 loops mixed yarn, perform 3 rows of garter stitch, and then 8 rows of grass.

Knit on 12 medium loops, laying the sides on circular knitting needles. Make the toe length up to the little finger. In the example, this is 22 rows, and you make to measure your baby's feet.

Now reduce the loops, knitting along the edges of the front rows three times, 2 times together with the front loop (LP). The wrong side is done by pattern. On the stocking needle left 6 loops. Cut the yarn. To knit the side parts, type from the outer side loops 14 units each (on both sides of the sling). Knit on circular needles from the place where the beginning of the toe-nose. Tie off the yarn to the blue thread. In total, there are 66 loops (16 pending from the sides, 14 dialed along the edge, and 6 nozzle loops). Knit 10 rows with a simple thread, then 4 with grass, and again with 2 rows of blue mixed yarn.

The sole make on eight loops in the center with the following technique:

  1. Knit 36 ​​PL, then 2 together PL.
  2. Turn the work, remove 1 loop, then 6 PL, 2 together purl loop (PI), again turn knitting.
  3. Perform a garter stitch on the sole, provyazyvaya on 2 together LP in the front rows, and 2 PI on the wrong side, too, together.
  4. As a result, the number of extreme loops is reduced, while 4 units remain, and the sole length is about 15 cm.

Start making heel, while on the central spoke there are 8 loops of the sole, and 4 side loops = 16 each.

  1. Remove the 1st loop of the central zone, the rest perform the LP.
  2. The last two loops of the center and one side part are together with the LP.
  3. Expand the work, remove the first loop, knit the LP, and the last 2 loops of the central part tie together the PI with one loop from the side knitting needle.
  4. Continue this work technique by performing three LPs together on the Sledka face, and 3 PIs on the wrong side.
  5. When there is only one loop, tighten the yarn, and sew the heel of the track.

Make double ears, where the bottom of the wool, and the top of the grass. Dial 5 loops, tie 14 rows of garter stitch, then perform from the edges of 2 together of the LP, until 3 loops remain. Close them. Make 2 ears of wool and two of grass, connect with each other, and sew to the tracks.

Video: Dog slippers

This video tutorial will help you to make socks with knitting needles for children, which will remind your child a cute little dog. The example shows shoes for a kid of three years. If you reduce the number of loops and do the calculations, you can make a model for newborns with a foot length of 8-9 cm, or for a year of 11.5-12 cm.

Sledky shoes for the little dancer

This MC describes in detail how to make children's socks, knitted with the shape of sports Czeches for dancing lessons. They are suitable for a child of 5-6 years.

To work, prepare:

  1. Thick milky threads, 50 grams (wool 100%, 120 m / 100g).
  2. Spokes number 3, stockings.
  3. Hook number 3.
  4. Centimeter.

Needlework is performed using the patterns of the front surface, and the relief pattern alternating a number of PI and two rows of LP. Take measurements of heel height, foot from the heel to the end of the little finger, and foot circumference in a wide area. Consider a phased needlework technique that starts with a heel, like knitting socks. This method will not cause difficulties, and is carried out step by step:

  1. Type two needles of 20 loops, where 8 will go to the center of the heel, 6 units each on its side zones.
  2. Perform heel height 11 rows of stocking.
  3. Divide it into 3 parts, and in the 12th row start decreasing the number of units. Make the heel a classic technique, as in socks. At the same time, make the loops of the middle zone, and knit together the extreme loops of the center and side parts, creating a shape.

It will turn out nicely if to decorate Czeches with a bright flower.

Sledky with decorations

Consider knitting small shoes for a newborn from 0 to 3 months.

It will take 50 grams of cotton yarn, needles number 4, and felt pieces of different colors for decoration. The knitting density is 22 loops and 40 rows = 10 x 10 cm.

Working process:

  1. Type 14 loops for the sole, and carry out 15 rows with garter stitch, increasing the loops around the edges of 1, 3, 5, 7 rows, and reducing their number in the same order in 9, 11, 13, and 15 rows (14 pieces will remain too).
  2. From the 16th row, perform the top slippers. Type 5 loops for the heel, tie 19 LPs, and add 17, 19, 21 and 23 rows for the toe at the beginning.
  3. In the 24th, close 10 loops, and follow to the end of the PI.
  4. In the 25th should be only LP.
  5. 26th row -2 PL, IP to the end.
  6. From the 27th to the 30th knit as the 25th and 26th rows (repeating 2 times).
  7. 31 row only LP.
  8. In 32 type 10 loops, tie 23 LP. Reduce the number of loops at the beginning of the 33, 35, 37, and 39 rows = 19 loops. Close the last loops.

Rectangle out

Not everyone knows that it is possible to make stylish socks with ordinary knitting needles from ordinary rectangular canvases. On the one hand slippers are decorated with beautiful strapping. Begin the job with a smaller rectangle. For children's tracks, choose bright colors of threads, and the result will appeal to the baby.

Ideas for knitting

We offer you interesting models from which you can choose a product to your liking.

Such sledki it will turn out to connect in a set, for mother and the daughter or all children. It is only necessary to withstand the dimensions of the legs.

And this elegant model will appeal to a teenager girl.

No mother will not pass by bright slippers.

This option mimics the little funny ducklings, and is distinguished by originality against all the rest.

Slippers similar to the sun are knitted of goat down and decorated with laces.

The product with a jacquard doggy pattern is made from the toe, and is knitted in accordance with the pattern of the ornament on the four needles in a circle.

Simple socks on two needles with description

These simple tracks knit quickly on two knitting needles! You will not need a lot of yarn, there will be enough remnants of yarn of two contrasting colors.

We knit them in a large semicircle from heel to heel in short rows. We collect 25 loops, binding - the garter.

Description and scheme of work

1-2 pp .: black yarn 25 eyelets,

3-4 pp .: red yarn 20 loops,

5-6 pp .: black yarn 25 eyelets,

7-8 pp: red yarn 15 loops,

9-10 pp .: black yarn 25 eyelets,

11-12 pp .: red yarn 10 eyelets,

13-14 pp .: black 25 loops,

15-16 red 15.

And so on. As a result, it should turn out like this:

The product is sewn around the edges. Beautiful socks with simple patterns are ready!

Selection of materials

Selecting yarn for knitting sledkov, it is recommended to opt for a material containing wool. There is a group of 100% wool threads, but they have a rather high cost and it will not be logical to acquire such material for Sled tracks.

If knitting of sledkov is done in autumn or spring time, then it is recommended to opt for cotton threads, because it will not be so hot to walk in socks made of such material.

Knitting sledkov on two or four knitting needles is possible, their sizes should be small, ideal ones would be №2.5 and №3.

Knitting with two knitting needles

When knitting sledkov on two needles, the size of which will be 37-38, it is recommended to opt for half-woolen or synthetic threads of medium thickness. Take a pair of needles number 3. You can use threads of the same color or combine several shades.

Further, so that the knitting was successful, an instruction was developed for beginning knitters:

  • on the needle dials 30 loops,
  • the first row is knitted using only facial loops,
  • the second row is knitted using only purl loops,
  • presented actions are repeated up to 14-16 rows,
  • begin to shape the heel.

Sledki for children without seam

There are many different ways of knitting Sledkov knitting needles, but in the case of a child, the most relevant will be the use of the seamless knitting method.

In this case, you need to follow this plan:

Natural threads are selected, needles of size No. 3 or No. 4 are taken. 36 loops are recruited; in the course of the work, they are divided into three parts: 12 loops are knitted with facial ones, 1 with purl, 10 with facial, 1 with purl, and 12 with facial. Thus, about 14-15 centimeters are knitted.

Another 10 centimeters of work is tied with a pattern of elastic - 1 facial loop alternates with 1 purl.

The number of loops is reduced by half. For this, on the front side of the picture, the two loops are knitted as one, the purl knit is knitted in the same way as it was knitted. The actions are repeated once more, after which the thread is tightened in the loop.

Using the remaining threads, you need to pull off the sledka, in this case, it is recommended to use the hook.

If a knitter has a sufficient level of skill, then creating socks can use completely different patterns: braids, alternating several patterns.

Making seamless nubs

In this case, to create sledkov need thread, 49% consisting of wool and 51%, consisting of acrylic. It is necessary to select them on the basis that in 100 grams of a skein, 240 meters of thread are placed.

Regarding the knitting needles, here it is necessary to give preference to the fact that on the fishing line, No. 3.5 or No. 4. In addition, you will need 4 pieces of toe knitting needles and an additional knitting needle to knit braids. To carry out the harness should stock up with a hook.

Knitting need to start from the heel. Initially, 12 loops are dialed into two spokes, after which the formation of a pattern begins (alternately 1 facial and then 1 purl loop). Thus, 22 rows are connected. After that, using a knitting needle, you need to tie another row.

Further actions must be performed strictly following the description in the video.

Before you start knitting the presented socks, you need to study in detail on the Internet various photos of knitted sledkov, having selected the most favorite version, you can begin to get acquainted with the scheme of its knitting.

At this stage of time, there are numerous videos on the Internet, where the knitting process is presented step by step, so even a beginning knitter can easily create her first tracks.

Materials and tools for knitting children's Czech:

  • 50 g of thick milky-colored yarn (100% wool, 250 m per 100 g),
  • set of sock knitting needles No. 3,
  • hook,
  • centimeter

The main pattern: the front surface (front rows - facial, purl - purl loops, when knitting in a circle - all loops are facial)

Relief pattern (alternation of one row of purl loops and two rows of faces)

Perform measurements of the foot. I measure:

  • - heel height
  • - the length of the foot from the heel to the tip of the little finger,
  • - foot girth at the widest point.

Knitting baby sledkov begin with knitting heels, the same as in ordinary socks.

How to knit heel sledka, sock, Czech

1. On two spokes I type 20 loops at the rate of 8 loops - in the middle of the heel and 6 loops each - on the side of the heel.

2. I knit 11 rows of the front surface (heel height).

I divide loops into 3 parts (side loops - 6 loops each, central - 8 loops). In the 12th purl row, I proceed to lowering the loops to form a heel of a sled.

3. I knit the first two parts of the heel loops (6 side and 7 central loops). I knit the 8th central and adjacent 1st side loop together with the purl.

4. Without completing the row, I turn the work to the front side and take off the first loop, without knitting.

5. I knit a loop of the central part of the heel. At the same time, I knit the last of them and the first side loop adjacent to it together with the front one.

6. I turn the knitting again, not reaching the end of the row and take off the first loop without knitting.

7. I knit a loop of the central part of the heel. I knit the last central loop and adjacent 1st side loop with the wrong side.

8. Next, I make a decrease in the same order, until all the side loops of the heel of the sled are closed on the spoke, and 8 central loops remain on the needles.

9. From the hem loops on the side of the heel I type 7 loops on one side

Note! When loops are set, the working thread should be on the wrong side of the connected heel of the sled, and the loops will be pulled out on the front side.

Thus, the total number of loops on the needles becomes equal to 22, and I continue to knit the front satin stitch.

10. In the 17th row from the gum I type on an additional needle 8 air loops and close the knitting into a circle.

11. I knit in a circle 2 rows of the front surface.

12. Since I decided to knit an exact copy of Grandma Nyura's Czechs for my daughter, it's time to make embossed stripes on the toe of knitted sledkov. To do this, in the 3rd row of dialed air loops, I knit 8 loops in the center of the sling instead of the front ones in the back.

13. Далее продолжаю вязание лицевой гладью, провязывая в каждом 3-м ряду 8 центральных петель изнаночными еще 3 раза. В результате получаю заветные четыре полосочки на носках чешек:

14. Провязав последний ряд рельефного узора, вяжу еще 4 ряда лицевой гладью.

На этом этапе работы длина следка должна быть равной расстоянию от пятки до кончика мизинца ребенка. При необходимости увеличьте или уменьшите количество связанных рядов в зависимости от размера детской ножки.

Убавление петель вязаного следка

15. Для формирования носочка следка убавляю петли, провязывая:

  • — на первой спице – 2 первых петли вместе лицевой,

  • — на второй спице – 2 последних петли вместе лицевой,

  • — на третьей спице – как на первой,
  • - on the fourth spoke - as on the second.

16. Diminish the loops in each row in this way until one loop is left on the needles. I translate the loops into two knitting needles and knit them 2 each face up. The remaining 2 loops also knit together the front.

17. Close the remaining loop. I pull the working thread on the wrong side of the sled and fasten.

18. I tie crochet edges with two rows of single crochets, picking up the loops from the hem.

What happens immediately after the first Czech is connected? Of course, fitting!

The second children's trail knit is similar to the first.

These are the children's Czechs I have turned out.

If you want to make knitted Czech knitting needles more elegant, for example, for a matinee or a performance on the stage, you can decorate them with a crocheted flower or a flower made of tapes using kanzashi technique.

And since children's socks are knitted very simply and quickly, after knitting cheshki for kindergarten, my soft homemade slippers from acrylic yarn were immediately born.

And now our little dancer can show her ballet steps and houses.

Improve your knitting skills with HobbyMama!

nice, simple, practical Master class, as always, at the height - everything is clear and understandable Len, nothing to complain about ... Well done!

Helen, you can even find fault with the portrait of Dzhokonda. But as far as practicality and simplicity are concerned, you cannot refuse the knitting with this knitting needles! My personal best is a pair of children’s size 15 sledki in 40 minutes

Here I will argue with you to find fault with the portrait of Gioconda. Only Leonardo da Vinci has the moral right to either find fault with the author himself or the creator ... I generally hold the opinion: do not like it - do it yourself better! but did, then remember that there are those who do not like your creation at all for objective or subjective reasons

Well, this is from the field of philosophy. When you knit children's Czech shoes, you don’t think about such serious things

How to tie a simple sock-socks without a seam

For the work we need:

  • yarn of medium thickness (we used thin, 50 grams per 150 meters, but in two additions) - 1.5 skeins,
  • needles number 3.

How to tie beautiful socks, heels: description and master class

We type 40 loops with needles and then follow the scheme described below.

1 p.: * 1 p. n., 1 and. P. *, from * to *.

2 p.: Knit 18 items according to figure, nak., 1 l. n., nak., 2 l. n. (central n.), nak., 1 l. n., nak., 1 l. p., then in the picture.

3 p.: According to fig. (all nak. and the intervals between them knit worn out.).

Here you can clearly see two central loops. In the center, we carry out the nakida before the central points and after them.

We continue to work with knitting.

We knit until we get 10 nak., Then 6 facial rows.

Tied up 6 pp. persons. but 6th p. only to the middle. Now knit only average 5 pet.

Knit 5 p., 5 and 6 p. Together. Turn the work. Again 5 l. Clauses 5 and 6 together.

Close the sock like this:

We continue knitting in the same way until all the loops, in addition to the average 5, are finished.

In one of the side loops (as in the photo below) we knit 5 p. With needles.

Fifth pet. and the one that was taken from the corner, knit together. We turn the knitting, again take a loop from the corner and do the same.

When we knit everything to the end, the needles will be only 5 n .:

It remains to close the heel and tie everything to the end. Upstairs you need to close all the items and remove the ends of the threads.

That's it, socks for beginners are ready!

How to tie a heel

We type 30 p. And then follow the following scheme.

1-6 pp .: l. p. We have a plank:

7-22 pp .: alternately l. claim and and. p. (odd pp. - lp, even - p. p.).

Now proceed to the formation of the heels from 23 to 41 pp.

Knit 19 liters. p., 20 and 21 p. knit together persons., turn knitting.

Now 9 and. n., 10 and 11 n. knit izn. together, we turn the work.

Again 9 l. n., 10 and 11 n. vm. individuals.

Alternating faces. and izn. pp., knit until the moment when we will have 10 loops. Heel bound.

On the working needle, we need to dial 10 points from the side of the heel. Turn knitting, knit 20 p. And recruit. 10 points on the other side of the heel. We should have 30 points on the spoke.

31 p.: Facial smoothness.

If you want to knit socks with socks on a larger foot size, leave 4 cm down. That is, persons. R. knit until about 4 cm to the tip of the big toe.

Getting down to perform downgrades. In the case of our size, this is the 75th row of mating: 7 liters. Clause 3 Clause vm. 10 l. n., 3 n. vm., 7 l. P.

77 p.: 6 l. n., 3 n. vm., 8 l. n., 3 n. vm., 6 l. P.

79 p.: 5 l. n., 3 n. vm., 6 l. n., 3 n. vm., 5 l. P.

81 p.: 4 l. n., 3 n. vm., 4 l. n., 3 n. vm., 4 l. P.

83 p.: 3 l. n., 3 n. vm., 2 n. vm., 3 n. vm., 3 l. p. You should have 9 p. on the spoke. Increments will look something like this:

Top sledkov

Close the top, picking up one loop of side knitting in each of the rows. With proper knitting the top you get a "pigtail" pattern.

84 p.: 9 and. p., 10th we snatch from the side.

85 p.: 4 l. n., 3 n. vm., 3 l. n. + 1 from the side.

Repeat 84-85 pp., Until we close the top. As a rule, 15-18 loops on both sides are enough.

Children's socks-socks with a beautiful pattern "pigtail" are ready!

Our lesson today has come to an end. We hope you will be able to knit one or more models of slippers. 😉 In the meantime, stock up on yarn, this is not the last MK on this topic. 😉