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How to choose a teether for teeth


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The appearance of a tooth in a child always causes severe pain and causes discomfort. At this time, the baby becomes especially irritable and restless, does not sleep well.

Adapt to this situation and feel comfortable will allow the best teethers for teeth, which will facilitate the torment of the baby. Thanks to them, the gums will be gently massaged and the production of saliva will normalize. Usually these products are used starting from 4 months.

But not each of them can be given to a child, we have prepared for you a rating of the most reliable options from completely different materials.

Teethers for teeth - which company is better to choose

The rating includes only proven and reliable companies that pay close attention to the quality and design of their products. France, USA, Russia, Japan will be able to please with excellent goods of such destination.

The list of leaders in the production of "assistants" of children in teething looks like this:

  1. CanpolBabies - Traditionally, the Polish company retains leadership in the market of children's products. She makes models of safe, hypoallergenic materials in the form of various birds and animals.
  2. HappyBaby - This is a well-known Russian company that produces mainly silicone and nylon products of average cost. She focuses on the brightness of the design, but not at the expense of product safety.
  3. Nuby - American brand, under which children's products are made. Its popularity is due to the wide choice of products and the fact that they all undergo rigorous testing before going on sale.
  4. Vulli - French manufacturer of products for children, which began its work in the middle of the 20th century. His products are distinguished by original design and high quality, so the price here is quite high.
  5. Pigeon - This brand offers Japanese products for kids and their parents. It differs from competitors in that it specializes in the production of training teethers.

When giving preference to any single brand, keep in mind that the most expensive is American and European products.

best teethers for teeth

When compiling the rating, the parents and specialists feedback found on the web was taken as the basis. In them we paid attention to the following nuances:

  • Ease of use of the product,
  • Materials
  • Baby Safety
  • Design,
  • Price,
  • Brand,
  • Dimensions
  • Type of,
  • Recommended age.

Best rattle teether

Canpol Babies Magic Wand - this name is fully justified, because it has an interesting design with a star on the end. Bright colors (pink, orange, white, blue) will attract any kid.

Despite the fact that the product is made of plastic, it does not break when dropped, is easy to clean and is safe for the child. Upset can only weight 100 g, which for infants will be uncomfortable.

But it can be used from birth, not only for teething, but also for the development of hand motor, visual and auditory memory. It is very important that the toy does not irritate the gums and cannot injure them due to the absence of sharp edges.


  • Quality material
  • Smells nothing
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe for gums.


  • Big sizes,
  • Baby hold her uncomfortable.

The best teether with water

The winner in this category was the products from Happy Baby with water. Reviews about her show that she quickly heats up in the sun, because of what it has to be cooled. At the same time, parents point to high-quality silicone material filled inside with water.

It gently massages the gums without disturbing the integrity of the mucous membranes. Convenient is the presence in the kit holder, which prevents the product from falling on the floor - it is attached to clothing. But the not very neat shape of a toy, which is inconvenient to hold in a small pen, can disappoint.

The manufacturer offers the freedom of choice in terms of colors, creating green, blue, pink models.


  • Several colors
  • Interesting design,
  • Medium hardness
  • Not lost due to the strap.


  • Big sizes,
  • Inconvenient to hold in your hand
  • Sometimes it causes allergies.

The most reliable bib with a teether

Nuby - This is the best teether for teeth in terms of versatility and convenience. It simultaneously performs the role of both a bib and a teether. The latter is located below, so it does not interfere with food intake.

It is made in the form of a multi-textured corner of green silicone. The advantage of the product is that it can be easily washed in a washing machine.

Thanks to such an interesting solution, the baby will never lose the product anywhere, and it will be quite simple to use it.


  • Versatility
  • Easy to use,
  • Interesting,
  • Qualitative,
  • Easy to wash,
  • Does not cause allergies.


  • Velcro eventually cease to attach to clothing,
  • The silicone part smells a little.

Cooling teether

Vulli Giraffe Sophie - among the top three sales on And it is not surprising, because it is made by hand, from selected materials of natural origin. It is based on rubber.

Additional components - glue and environmental dyes. The product is made in France. Many parents note that with its help it is possible to develop the child's sense organs from the day of birth. According to reviews, it relieves pain in the gums and soothes.

The teether conveniently lies in the children's handle.


  • Lightweight
  • Original,
  • Manual assembly
  • It smells good
  • Perfectly smooth.


The most popular dummy teether

Pigeon turned out to be in the lead due to the fact that he is quite solid, but at the same time not hard for the baby. The toy is suitable for children older than 4 months.

It has the ideal size for a small mouth and pens, and therefore it is very convenient to hold it. The material here is hypoallergenic plastic.

Parents like the shape of a dumbbell, but they are not always satisfied with a dim design, which is based on only two colors - green and yellow. Criticism can be on uneven sidewalls.


  • Small size
  • Little weight,
  • Convenient form.


Which teether for teeth is better to buy

If the baby is not even a year old, the presence of a handle for him will be meaningless. At this time, teasers are also very useful in the form of rattles. Here are some more tips for choosing them:

  • Material. It is desirable that the toy was made of hypoallergenic plastic or silicone. The wooden one is also suitable, but it is less durable because it becomes limp under the influence of the child’s saliva.
  • The form. For a walk, you can take the usual rings or beads, and when rocking a child, models in the form of rattles will do. Kids will not disregard products resembling animals and birds. But at the same time to keep them in a small pen is not always convenient.
  • The brand. It is necessary to choose products of famous brands, which is precisely described in our rating.
  • Design. In order for the child to like the model, it must be bright, from materials of yellow, pink, blue, green and other saturated colors.

The famous doctor Komarovsky will tell you in this video what kind of shape, color, density the teether should be:

Obviously, Vulli Sophie the Giraffe is the best teether for teeth in our ranking. It is completely safe for the health of the child, does not look like competitors and is effective in carrying out its tasks.

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How to choose the best teether for teeth (with photos)

Already in the fourth month of life, some babies start to cut their first teeth. They have to go the hard way: to overcome the bone tissue and break through the gums of the crumbs.

Therefore, the eruption of milk teeth does not last a day or two, and they bring a lot of unpleasant sensations to the child. Gums swell, whine, any contact with them causes itching. The temperature of the infant may rise, abundant salivation begins, and vagaries appear.

During this period, the toddler can sleep badly during the day, often waking up at night, pulling into his mouth everything that gets in his field of vision. The child wants to eliminate discomfort by scratching the swollen gum. The people usually characterize the situation like this: “The little ones itch their teeth”.

Modern mothers on this score are lucky. There are quite a few devices for easing the crumbs of well-being today. But how to choose the best teethers for teeth?

What is a teether for teeth?

Teether is called a special toy for the baby, made of safe materials. The teether toy has a design that allows the child to nibble on its parts, massaging the gums and thus easing the itching during the teething of milk teeth.

With the help of a nibbler, the baby learns to chew, massaging the gums

The sequence and time of appearance of teeth are individual. For someone, the first tooth appears at four months, and for someone at seven. All of these options are the norm. The eruption rate is also different. Usually the very first lower central incisors appear. As soon as the first of them broke free, it’s time to offer the child a “try on a tooth” special teether..

The teether is a very useful toy. In the period of the appearance of the teeth, the crumb often becomes restless, gnawing at the hands, hard rattles. The teether relieves the discomfort in the baby's gums, relieves edema.


The stores offer a wide range of baby teethers for teeth.

Among all the diversity there are three functional categories.

  1. Conventional teethers.
  2. Teethers filled with water or special gel.
  3. Vibrating teethers to activate blood circulation in the gums.

Types of teethers in form and material

  • Simple silicone teether. Made in the form of a small bright toys (cars, boat, bunny, elephant, etc.). It is flat and has holes in it so that it is convenient for the child to grab it with his hand.
  • Teether in the form of tips on the finger. There are special pimples or soft bristles on it. Mom puts on such a nozzle and gently massages the baby's gums. However, not all children like this type of massage. Many prefer to simply bite their own fingers.
  • Universal Teether. Combines several functions. For example, teether and hanging toy. Such toys contain bright elements, rustling parts, smooth and rough plastic rings or other figures. They are placed above the crib or development mat, attached to the stroller. The child pulls bright details, feels the toy, scratches gums on special pendants.
  • Rattle teether It has a convenient shape or a special handle, thanks to which the baby holds the toy in his hand, rattles it and gnaws the parts specially provided for this purpose. The device develops fine motor skills.
  • Dummy teether. Made in the form of a pacifier. This option is very convenient for walking. Attach the teether to the baby's clothes with a special clothespin with a chain, and the personal rodent will always be with the baby.
  • Cooling teether. Most effective for itchy gums. It is filled with gel or purified water. Put the toy in the fridge for an hour and then give it to the baby. The coolness will remove the discomfort.
  • Teether with vibration. It activates blood circulation in the gums. The mechanism inside starts to vibrate at the first bite. Usually children are delighted with such a vibration.

Basic selection criteria

When choosing a teether, you should pay attention to some features. Among the rich and colorful range it is important to find a suitable one. Here a lot depends not only on the individual preferences of the karapuz, but also on what teeth are cut..

  1. Crèche 4-6 months, in which the central incisors appear, simple models from soft silicone that are easy to grab into the hand are most suitable.
  2. When the incisors of the toddler begin to erupt, it is better to offer him a rodent, which has an oval shape and medium stiffness.
  3. When the molars appear, the baby will like the teether, the design of which involves the stimulation of distant gums. And it should already be quite tough.

Teething sequence in children


Manufacturers of children's products showed maximum imagination in the manufacture of teethers. Their great variety: soothers, rings, books, fruits and berries, rattles.

The more interesting and brighter the rodent, the better. Multifunctional models are also on sale. For example, some toys are equipped with special pendants made of soft plastic or rubber. The child will gnaw them with great desire.

Focus on safety

Do not forget to pay attention to the size of the teether. It should not be too small, so that inadvertently the baby does not put it completely in his mouth.

It is necessary to ensure the integrity of the device. If the teether material began to crumble, you cannot give it to the child.

Choose several models depending on the type of teeth being cut.

TOP-5 quality teethers

Which teether is better than others? There is no single answer. Still, the choice of this device is individual. Someone likes soft rubberized material, someone gel filler and massage pimples. For older kids fit more rigid models.

World manufacturers of children's products have released a wide range of children's teethers. The choice is for the parents of the little researcher and, of course, for himself. The best option would be to acquire several toys at once. The child will get acquainted with them and choose the most convenient for him at the moment.

Nuby teethers have won the trust of many moms. They are made in the form of bright contrasting toys. Kids love them. These teethers are universal, develop horizons, imaginative thinking and finger motility. Nuby toys are suitable for children from 3 months, made from silicone, soft and rubberized plastic.

Tommee tippee

The English company Tommee tippee produces excellent models of teethers for medium teeth. Such models contain several options for surfaces, allowing the kid to choose your favorite.

The company manufactures teethers from safety rubberized plastic. Products are recommended for use from 4 months of age.

Vulli - Sophie's Giraffe, Sham Mushroom

The French company Vulli produces favorite models of teething toys. Sophie's giraffe and Sham mushroom are considered the most popular. Their interesting design and functionality like both children and mothers.

They are safe and cute. These models have become real favorites among kids. Material - natural rubber plus food-based paint. There are no age restrictions for use.

Bright starts

The American brand Bright Starts specializes in teethers for the little ones. The main material is silicone, plus an environmentally friendly soft plastic. Toys rattles love kids.

With the help of such a teether, the child learns to focus attention, to be diligent. The product develops finger motor skills. It can be used from birth.

Happy baby

The British firm Happy baby presented a teether on the market with a special clip-hair clip, which depicts a funny bear. The teether itself is made of soft, safe rubber of a soft texture and filled with purified water for anesthetic effect. He really likes children. Can be used from 4 months.

Operation Tips

  • The teether should not become a way to speed up the appearance of teeth, give it to the baby as needed.
  • If swollen gums cause great anxiety and the whims of a baby, help him by massaging them with your clean finger, putting a special silicone massage brush over it. This will help alleviate the condition of the crumbs.
  • If you purchased a teether, but the son or daughter refuses to nibble, do not be discouraged. As soon as the need arises, the kids themselves will learn a new toy.
  • It is very important to always wash the teether with baby soap or detergent for baby supplies before giving the crumbs. Toddlers often use the rodent as a toy, so it can be anywhere: on the floor, in the food, in the pocket. Strictly monitor hygiene. To dry the toy should be in the air naturally.

Precautionary measures

So that the baby was always safe, and the favorite teether served for a long time, you must follow simple rules.

  • Products with cooling elements should be kept in the refrigeration (not freezing) chamber for no more than an hour.
  • You can not warm a toy, dry it in the oven, boil or wash it in the dishwasher.
  • Do not use a damaged teether.

Teethers may be ineffective and even dangerous to the health of the child.

  • matched for age, too rigid
  • made of non-certified materials (usually from can be recognized by an unpleasant smell),
  • having removable parts
  • operated without following the instructions for use.

Teethers are very useful devices. They facilitate the baby's discomfort from the appearance of the first milk teeth, develop thinking, concentrate attention, improve the fine motor skills of the fingers.With the help of a variety of toy-teethers, the baby explores the world around him.

Following a number of simple rules, you can easily choose a rodent that will appeal to your toddler.

Then the difficult period of eruption will bring you not tears and whims, but the new achievements of the little naturalist and his radiant smiles are far from toothless ...

Teether for teeth which one is better to choose? Views and reviews

Often the process of teething in the baby is accompanied by unpleasant sensations due to pain and swelling of the gums. You can help your child and eliminate uncomfortable symptoms without even using medication.

For this, a teether is perfect - a special device that a baby can nibble and scratch on his gums. They are different in shape, color and different materials of manufacture. Many parents think about how to choose the right teether for teeth.

Which is better than the rest of the crumbs? Much in this matter depends on the age and individual characteristics of the child.

Why do you need a teether?

Teethers can not affect the speed of the appearance of teeth, but they can easily facilitate this process and make it not so painful. They can distract the child from unpleasant feelings a little and at least briefly interest him. Such devices (quality, of course) are made of safe materials that can in no way harm the health of the baby.

Teethers with liquid can be cooled in the refrigerator and then given to the baby. Low material temperature relieves pain and reduces swelling. Many teethers have massage elements that children can scratch their gums about. Also teether develops fine motor skills of the baby. With it, children can learn to hold objects and shift them from one hand to another.

How to choose the right teether for teeth? Which is better for the rest of the child? This issue should be addressed individually in each case, taking into account the age and personal characteristics of the child.

How to understand that teeth begin to cut?

Eruption is a long process, it can last several months. There are some signs that indirectly indicate that the appearance of teeth in a child, most likely, is just around the corner:

  • production of saliva increases, which the child cannot swallow completely, and it flows out of the oral cavity,
  • the baby often touches his ears (this symptom can sometimes also indicate otitis, so it is important to monitor the general condition of the child and other symptoms),
  • the child may refuse earlier favorite food and behave restlessly during feeding,
  • the infant’s sleep and general behavior worsens, it becomes more capricious,
  • sometimes fever and gum swelling are possible.

Loose stools and runny nose are also one of the possible teething symptoms, but they can also indicate an infectious disease of the child, so in this case (as with high body temperature), pediatrician consultation is always necessary.

How to choose a teether, depending on the age of the child?

Teethers for children of different ages are distinguished by their size, shape and material. This principle should be guided by choosing a teether for teeth. What is the best category to choose this device? In total there are 3 of them:

  • Category 1 - for the lower front teeth.
  • 2 category - for the upper central teeth.
  • Category 3 - for distant teeth.

For the smallest, simple models in the form of silicone or rubberized rings that will be comfortable for the kid to hold in hand are perfect. For the upper incisors the same models and special soothers, as well as products in the form of small toys, will fit.

During the appearance of all other teeth, you can use teethers, which are designed for older children. They can be made in the form of educational toys that can interest the child. An important detail is the size of the product. It must be large so that the child does not swallow it, and at the same time compact to reach the farthest corners of the child's mouth.

Dummy teether

There are such types of teethers, which are made in the form of pacifiers. They are very convenient for very young children, who still have a difficult time holding an object in their hands for a long time. In size, such teethers are slightly larger than a regular pacifier, and the nipple itself is made of corrugated latex or silicone with massage pimples.

The advantages of this product:

  • a familiar shape for a child, so it's easier to get used to such a teether,
  • hygiene due to the fact that such "pacifiers" are most often sold with protective caps and, as a rule, they can be boiled,
  • It is convenient to take the product with you for a walk, because you can attach it with a special ribbon to the child’s clothes and not be afraid that the device will fall or be lost.

Such pacifiers, due to their shape, are convenient at stages 1 and 2 of the eruption of the central teeth. And for older kids, it is preferable to use other products that are easier to nibble with their whole mouth (besides, they are usually much larger in size).

Teethers: Which is better? Photos of some models and description of materials

Now there are many things that make it easier for parents to care for a child. One of them is a teether for teeth. Which is better to choose from for your child? First, you need to focus on the material from which this product is made.

Most often teethers are made from latex and silicone. The first material is softer and more pleasant to the touch, but the service life of objects made from it is small. Silicone is tough, but the truth is, the service life of products made from it is much longer.

There is one detail that must be considered when choosing a teether for teeth. What is the best material for this product is, in fact, not so important. The main indicator is the absence of bisphenol (BPA).

It is a toxic substance that poisons the human nervous and reproductive system. It is dangerous even in small doses, so on the packaging of many certified products you can often find the mark "does not contain BPA."

This is one of the guarantees of product quality.

Teether requirements

When deciding for yourself which one is better to choose a teether for teeth, one should remember that this product must meet the following requirements:

  • be comfortable in size and fit the age of the child so that he can easily hold the device in his little hands,
  • easy to resist washing and sterilization
  • to be made of harmless and non-toxic materials,
  • do not contain small parts that a child can bite or swallow,
  • to be light, because if you accidentally fall on a baby’s head, a heavy object can injure or injure him.

And, of course, the most important condition for the teether is that he should like the child, interest him and evoke positive emotions.

Parents often wonder which teether is best. Reviews show that everything is individual, and, unfortunately, there can be no universal advice on this issue.

But many mothers noticed that small teethers of calm colors are interesting to children aged 4-5 months, while older children prefer these products of large sizes and bright shades.

Feedback from parents confirms that often you need to try several devices in order to understand which one is better. A teether for teeth can be liked by one child, but it’s not at all like the other (even the mothers of twins noticed this).

Most parents say that their children did not immediately understand what to do with the teether. Therefore, at the beginning of their use, they put the product into the child’s hand and gave it to nibble instead of nipples. Usually this helped to teach the baby to the teether and to explain to him how to handle him correctly.

Wood teethers

Wooden products that help relieve the pain of teething are much less common than silicone and latex counterparts. This type of teether has both advantages and disadvantages. Their advantages include:

  • naturalness
  • durability,
  • harmlessness (subject to proper manufacturing techniques).

The disadvantage of these teethers is that they dry for a long time and are difficult to sterilize. In case of insufficient polishing, the product may have notches that can scratch the gums of the child. Quality wooden teethers are covered with safe dyes that are not toxic to babies.

Finger strap brushes

There is a variety of teethers that a child cannot use on its own. These are silicone or latex brushes with small villi. They are put on the finger of mom or dad and they scratch their teeth of their offspring. Usually, children love this procedure, it seems to them funny, and parents at this time alleviate the pain and discomfort of the baby.

One more plus of such a product is multifunctionality. After the appearance of the first teeth, this brush can be used for the first hygienic cleansing procedures.

Vibrating Teethers

There is a modification of silicone and rubber teethers, which, in addition to the massage surface, have a vibrating element. It works at the moment when the child begins to nibble the product. The teether vibrates and massages the inflamed gums, which slightly reduces pain and discomfort.

Many of these products have water inside, so they can be cooled in the refrigerator and then contribute a little to the "freezing" of pain.

The main thing in the operation of such a device is to change the battery in a timely manner and ensure that it does not deteriorate and does not accidentally flow out.

This is important because the child nibbles this product, and toxic substances should not be allowed to enter its surface.

The teether is a useful toy that the baby nibbles to relieve the discomfort during teething.

The teether is a useful toy that the baby nibbles and bites to relieve itching and discomfort when teething. In the recent past, the baby teether was replaced with crackers, drying and pieces of bacon. And even if this accessory is not capable of affecting the speed at which teeth appear, it makes the process less painful for the child.

How to understand that a child is teething

Teething in a child lasts not a day or two, or even a month. This is a long and not always pronounced process, delivering unpleasant sensations to the crumbs. Sometimes it is difficult to determine that a baby will get a tooth soon. Experienced parents identify a number of signs that indicate the appearance of teeth in children:

  • increase in saliva,
  • swelling of the gums, accompanied by fever,
  • the child behaves restlessly during feeding and refuses favorite food,
  • deterioration in sleep and behavior of the baby,
  • the child is naughty and pulls into his mouth that comes into view.

To alleviate the suffering of the kid is capable of a special powder, gel or ointment. If you don’t want to stuff your baby with medicines one more time, a special baby teether can be the solution.

Baby teether: which one is better?

There are several types of baby teethers, differing in shape, size, materials of manufacture and the effect of alleviating painful symptoms.

  1. Cooling teethers are toys, in which there is water or baby-safe gel. The tasks of the cooling rodent are to cool the gums, relieve pain, prevent swelling and itching in the oral cavity. Before giving such a toy to a child, it should be held in the refrigerator for at least an hour.
  2. Silicone teether on the finger - baby nozzle, complemented by special bristles and pimples. Mom puts a rodent on her finger and gently massages the gums of the crumbs to reduce itching.
  3. The rattle teether can have a variety of forms. For example, remind a bunch of keys, each element of which has a different surface details. The teether toy not only eliminates the itching of the gums, but also helps develop the fine motor skills of the child.
  4. A vibrating teether works well for massaging gums. The toy is battery powered and starts to vibrate at the first bite.
  5. Teether teether - an alternative to the classic pacifier. You can use it at home and during a walk. The surface of the accessory is resistant to bites, and water or gel is often used as a filler.
  6. Teether-book is useful when the child has the first teeth. Relief corners of such a toy can easily withstand the attack of the baby's gums, and bright pictures for a long time carry away.

Wooden, silicone or rubber: what teethers to buy

Manufacturers of accessories for children use a variety of materials for the manufacture of high-quality teethers. Experienced parents: the best teethers:

  • Silicone teether with high rigidity, tasteless, odorless and easy to clean and sterilize
  • wooden teether, distinguished by naturalness, environmental safety and durability,
  • a soft teether made of rubber or latex (synthetic or natural), which is distinguished not only by its special softness, but also by its flexibility.

Teethers for children: instructions for selection, depending on age

When choosing a baby teether for teeth, it is important to consider what kind of tooth is cut in a child. So, when the baby has central incisors, it is better for parents to choose simple models made of soft silicone or latex, having a special slot for placing the toy in the child's handle. If pre-molars are cut in crumbs, oval teethers of medium hardness with special protrusions to stimulate the lateral gums should be preferred. A baby with a distant molar teeth will soon be offered a hard teether with fabric elements that absorb abundantly saliva.

Regardless of the age of the baby, the number of teeth that have already appeared and the intensity of pain, it is important to consider the following toy parameters when choosing a teether:

  1. the possibility of washing and sterilizing devices,
  2. the harmlessness of the material from which the baby teether is made,
  3. the absence of small elements that the child is able to bite off and swallow,
  4. low weight and no sharp corners,
  5. matching the size of the accessory to the age of the baby,
  6. the brighter the baby teether, the greater the interest the device will arouse in the child.

The best teethers for teeth: manufacturers rating

An important criterion for choosing a teether is the manufacturer. Avent products are renowned for their marvelous quality. Teethers for the teeth of this company are made of safe materials and performed in the form of animals or simple figures. Avents toys are divided into teething stages, which facilitates the choice of accessories by inexperienced parents.

The teether for the front teeth of Tommee Tippee is in great demand, on special grooves of which an anesthetic gel is applied to enhance the effect.

Nuby bright teethers not only effectively cope with the task, but also develop horizons, imagination, finger motor skills and children's creative thinking thanks to their intricate shapes.

The French company Vulli is known to mothers and babies with funny teething toys, the brightest of which are Sira giraffe and Sham mushroom. The list of reliable rodent manufacturers also includes such companies: Nuk, Canpol, Happy baby and Doctor Brown’s.

When buying a baby teether, it is important to understand that the selected option may not like the child. Therefore, it is better to stock up on several types of teethers, differing in materials, rigidity and shape.

Requirements for teething toys in children

A child can use any object he has under his arm to actively scratch his swollen and itchy gums. But it is safer to choose a special teether for teeth, which will help the teeth to erupt and not hurt the crumbs. Therefore, you need to know the requirements that apply to such products:

  • The absence of sharp parts, angles - in order to avoid injury to the gums and the skin of the child's face.
  • The absence of washable paint - so that they do not fall into the child's mouth.
  • Sufficient strength - so that the baby could not bite off a piece of the product with cut teeth.
  • The possibility of thorough disinfection - the toy must be washed frequently so that the microbes accumulating on its surface do not provoke inflammation in the oral cavity.
  • Safety of the material - so that it does not cause allergies and does not lead to other consequences dangerous for the child.
  • Convenient form - if the baby can not easily handle the toy and keep it in handles, he does not want to use it.

As a material for the manufacture of toys for teething, rubber, silicone or plastic is most often used, but there are also cloth, wooden, amber toys. The material used should be easy to clean and dry quickly.

Современные зубные прорезыватели не только устраняют дискомфорт, но и способствуют развитию сенсорных способностей и моторики ребенка, тренируя его зрение, слух и тактильные ощущения благодаря наличию разноцветных рельефных деталей и издаваемым звукам.

Виды зубных прорезывателей

Сегодня игрушки для прорезывания зубов продаются повсюду: их можно приобрести в каждой аптеке или в детском магазине. The situation is more complicated with the choice of a particular product, since their range is incredibly diverse. The most famous varieties of teethers are:

  • Finger Teether (on the picture). Moms wear this nozzle on their finger and massage the child's gums with it. Before the procedure, you need to wash not only the product, but also hands.
  • Teether teether. This kind of nipples will calm the child and eliminate the discomfort from the erupting teeth. But it is better to use it only if the baby is used to using a regular pacifier.
  • Silicone teether for teeth. There are many models of silicone teething toys on sale. They are used during the eruption of the front incisors of the smallest children and can be part of complex toys containing other bright game elements that help the baby explore the world.
  • Wooden teether for teeth. Very durable toys of different shapes and models, made of beech, juniper or maple wood.
  • Cooling teethers, filled with water or a special gel. When cooled in advance, they slowly give off cold, which reduces itching in the gums.
  • Vibrating teethers. Equipped with a simple vibration mechanism that helps to scratch the itchy gums of a child. Battery operated.
  • Anesthetic TeethersIn the design of which cavities are provided for setting up children's anesthetic ointments.

Does your child need him?

The teether is a very useful toy. In the period of the appearance of the teeth, the crumb often becomes restless, gnawing at the hands, hard rattles. The teether relieves the discomfort in the baby's gums, relieves edema.

Children love the bright color and interesting shape of the toy. The kid gladly holds it in his hands, developing a grasping reflex.

Models with internal filling

Teethers can be filled with purified water or gel. A popular option - teethers with sea water inside. If such a toy eats through the first sharp tooth of a baby, sea water will soothe the inflamed gum tissue.

Manufacturers of children's products showed maximum imagination in the manufacture of teethers. Their great variety: soothers, rings, books, fruits and berries, rattles.

The more interesting and brighter the rodent, the better. Multifunctional models are also on sale. For example, some toys are equipped with special pendants made of soft plastic or rubber. The child will gnaw them with great desire.

Do not forget to pay attention to the size of the teether. It should not be too small, so that inadvertently the baby does not put it completely in his mouth.

It is necessary to ensure the integrity of the device. If the teether material began to crumble, you cannot give it to the child.

Well, and, of course, it is important how well the manufacturer has a good reputation. Avent, Nuk, Nuby, Doctor Brown`s, Happy baby, Tommee tippee, Canpol are famous for the quality of their products.

Choose several models depending on the type of teeth being cut.

Teethers - types of teethers, tips on choosing

When a child is teething, it’s not just that it’s not only the baby itself, due to severe itching of the gums, but also to all members of the household, as the children become very capricious, sleep badly at night, do not let the fists out of their mouths. Unpleasant sensations from cutting teeth help to brighten up special anesthetic gels and special teethers for teeth. Also, teethers help to form the correct bite, improve and develop fine motor skills of hands and prepare the child for the process of chewing.

The main purpose of teethers is gum massage. Massage helps to reduce discomfort in the gums and causes a rush of blood to the massaged area, speeding up the process of spitting teeth. Despite the fact that the teethers have one goal, they themselves are very different from each other. Different types of teethers are designed for different ages and can serve various additional purposes.

If you are going to buy a teether to your child, then you certainly need to think about the comfort and health of your beloved child. The fact is that a poor substandard product is likely to cause allergies in a child, and an unsuccessfully selected model will simply lie around. How to avoid such mistakes when choosing? Below you will learn about some important nuances.

What are the teethers

Material. Teethers are made of silicone, latex, may be made of plastic, thermoplastic rubber, wooden. Latex is considered the softest, and all because they are more elastic. However, the disadvantage of such a product is that it wears out faster. Pay attention to the fact that a solid product does not contribute to the formation of an abnormal bite - it must have an anatomical shape.

Purpose Manufacturers take into account that the teeth of a child are cut consistently, and produce teethers of various types, which are necessary for a certain stage of growth of teeth and their location:

  • Stage # 1 - the product relieves pain when the front lower teeth appear,
  • Stage 2 - the product is intended for the upper front teeth,
  • Stage 3 - lateral and long teeth,
  • Universal. Suitable in all cases.

For the smallest (up to 3 months), there are teethers that help to massage the gums and cut through the upper and lower teeth (incisors). From 4 to 6 months - options for teething premolars. From half a year - for back teeth (molars).

There are also universal species that perform all the functions listed above. In any case, on the packaging of the product you can always read the relevant information.

Article about teething first teeth -

Security. When choosing the right model for your baby, always pay attention to its unduly hard parts, as they may cause injury. Do not take too bright, with “acidic” tint teethers - dyes in their composition may be of poor quality and lead to poisoning or allergic reactions due to their toxicity. Of course, the product must be durable, so that the baby could not bite off part of it and swallow it.

Shape and size. Do not purchase too large or small teethers for teeth, as they are uncomfortable for the child, and he will simply refuse them. And the shape and size of the product should be suitable for baby's mouth, in addition, the teether should lie well on the gums. As for the bumps, bumps and other irregularities, it is quite normal - the child usually “scratches” teeth about them. Usually the teether is made in the form of a ring or other geometric shapes. Often, manufacturers, seeking to attract the attention of children, create products in the form of animals or fruits.

There are also tips with a tiny brush that parents put on their finger and massage the gums of the child with them. In addition, the market offers infill teethers (plain water or a special gel), which relieves pain and reduces swelling, and gum-stimulated battery options — when turned on, the device starts to vibrate, leading to improved microcirculation in the gums.

  • Silicone / latex. Classic teethers. They can be in the form of any geometric figures. Designed to ensure that the child "scratched" about her sore gums. Silicone teethers for teeth are very soft, so they are best suited for babies 3 - 5 months, that is, when the teeth are just starting to be cut. Features of silicone are such that dust, pet dander and various small household trash very easily adhere to this material. This means that parents need to follow the purity of the silicone teether with increased zeal,
  • Fingertip with a brush. Mom puts the product on her finger and massages the karapuzu gums. Teethers-nozzles, by the way, do not please all children, despite the fact that they enjoy their fingers,
  • Rattles-teethers and toys-teethers. Options such teethers great variety. The teether in this case is an element of a rattle, a plastic or even a soft toy. As a rule, these elements are made of soft plastic or rubber, may have a different texture for an additional massage effect. The calculation in this case is that children love to pull in the mouth all their toys. Attempting to combine business with pleasure is often successful. Such teethers are suitable for babies over six months old, who are already confidently manipulating objects,
  • Cooling with water or gel. Such teethers are made of rubber and filled with distilled water or a special gel. They can be in the form of abstract figures or animals. As a rule, there is always a handle so that the child can comfortably hold this useful toy. Before giving the teether to the baby, it must be cooled. To do this, he must lie in the main chamber of the refrigerator for no more than an hour. The cold slightly numb the gums. The content of such a teether is safe for the baby, so you can not worry that the crumb will bite through the rubber. Because of the filler, such teethers are quite heavy, so they are suitable for older children. Famous brands - Nuby, Avent, Bright Starts, Nuk,
  • With vibration. It looks like a normal rubber teether, but if you slightly bite it, vibration starts. These teethers are equipped with a simple mechanism and a battery. Vibration enhances the massage effect of the teether, and even the babies are interested in the process itself,
  • Teether teats They can be made of plastic, rubber, silicone. The point is that in their form these teethers resemble pacifiers. The nipple itself, intended for biting, can have different relief protrusions, it can be volumetric or flat. Such teethers are suitable for babies who are "friends" with a pacifier,
  • Teether books. The book allows you to take the baby and scratch your teeth 🙂

Photo gallery (clickable)

a cap on the finger with a liquid cooling plastic with a rattle nipple rattle with vibration silicone book

Komarovsky about teethers

  1. The teether should be safe for the baby. The security guarantee in this case will be a credible manufacturer who complies with all requirements for the production of children's goods.
  2. Choose a teether based on the age and capabilities of the crumbs. Regardless of the type of teether, it must be “proportioned” with the child: it is easy to fit in his handle and mouth. In addition, the baby should be clear what to do with this item, and it is interesting to "use" it. So, for a three-month crumbs, a complex toy with teethers may not yet be available, but for a one-year-old a simple rattle-teether is no longer interesting.
  3. Try different models of teethers within the age of the child. You can never say in advance which teether your crumb will like.
  4. Do not forget about the rules of hygiene and regularly handle the teether.
  5. Do not be discouraged if your baby prefers his finger or any other toy to all the fashionable teethers. The most important thing is that the child can get relief during the period of teething.

Far from always, parents generally manage to teach a baby to nibble teethers. Some offer drying, hard vegetables for children, such as carrots. If the child does not receive additional foods, it is undesirable to use food for teething. In the end, you can just temporarily increase control over the cleanliness of all the toys and pens of the baby: let him gnaw at any rattle or his fist.

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Is it possible to replace the teether with fruit or vegetables?

Many grandmothers often give advice to young parents about how they helped babies with teething in the old days. Given that special devices did not exist before, they used the available tools. In the course most were bagels, an apple or a carrot. But is it safe?

Given that food can crumble, they should not be given to eliminate the discomfort of those children who already have teeth. But even if the baby simply scratches his gums against an apple or a carrot, this can also be dangerous for him. When sucking fruit or vegetable juice is released. Even in small quantities, but sometimes it can cause allergies. This is especially dangerous for babies up to six months, because the supplements are introduced only in 6 months (until that time, it is advisable for the child to receive only breast milk or a mixture and water). It is better to understand and choose which is better teether for teeth made of artificial materials and use it.

Teether for teeth: which one is better, types of products and their features

The smallest children are best to use the teethers of simple forms (in the form of a circle, an oval). Sometimes they also have a rattle built in to attract the attention of the child. It is necessary to pay attention to the material of such a necessary product for children, as a teether for teeth. Which one is better? For each child, as practice shows, you need your own version: someone likes silicone or wood, and someone - latex.

Older children can be offered larger size teethers, as well as similar products with fabric elements. They perfectly absorb a large amount of saliva and are pleasant to the touch for the hands of the baby.

Caring parents want their child to get the best quality teether for teeth. Which is better and how to choose the perfect device for the baby? You can try to buy several inexpensive models of different types and look at the reaction of the child, because this product still needs to be changed periodically for safety and hygiene.

How to choose a teether for teeth?

The appearance of teeth is quite a painful process for a child. To facilitate the baby’s condition and speed up the eruption process somewhat, special gels with anesthetic effect and teethers are used. The article will tell you about the types of baby teethers and how to select and prepare them correctly before use.

Types of teethers for teeth - advantages and disadvantages of different models in the table

Baby teethers have a massage effect on the gums, improve blood circulation, eliminate painful sensations during teeth cutting.

All models of teethers are divided into 3 categories:

  • for the front teeth (incisors) - teether stage 1,
  • To facilitate the appearance of middle teeth (canines and first molars), teethers of Stage 2 are suitable,
  • Teethers 3 stages, designed to facilitate the eruption of the rear teeth (second root).

When choosing a teether for your baby, you should consider what material it is made of and what teeth it is designed for. And also you should pay attention to the presence of additional features in the teether (for example, there are models of rodents for the development of fine motor skills).

Table number 1. Description of different types of baby teethers for teeth.

Pros: Latex models are soft, can be used by children from 3 to 5 months. Silicone rodents are durable and reliable.

Cons: Latex material quickly and easily accumulates dust, lint, pet hair, etc. Silicone teethers harsh.

Pros: Additional close communication with the crumbs, control over the process of teething teeth.

Cons: Not all kids this procedure is a pleasure, because the child himself is better to know where he needs to be massaged and how.

Pros: Teething toys - the ability to combine business with pleasure. They contribute to the development of fine motor skills.

Cons: Not suitable for babies under 6 months.

Pros: Cold is a good, though not the only, remedy for teething pain.

Cons: Mostly used by children older than 6 months, because they are quite heavy.

Pros: The interest of the baby in the process, enhancing the effect of massage.

Cons: It is required to periodically change the battery.

Pluses: Used both as a nipple and as a teether at the same time.

Cons: Suitable mainly for babies who use a pacifier.

For front teeth

Pros: The main advantage is the durability of the product and its naturalness.

Which teethers are better for teeth: an overview of popular models in the table

Table number 2. Survey of popular baby teethers.

It is very important to choose the right teether for teeth. To do this, before buying you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Material. It must fully comply with the safety requirements, which is displayed in the certificate of conformity. Silicone models have neither smell, nor taste, rather rigid, capable of withstanding high temperatures. Latex teethers: soft, flexible and elastic, can be painted in bright colors to attract the attention of the baby. Plastic models: solid, bright, colored, very durable, easy to clean. Wooden teethers: durable, solid, natural. Textile - the softest teethers, light and comfortable, well absorb secreted drool, at the same time it is unhygienic. Textile sweepers can be used for children not older than 6 months, regularly conducting their processing.
  2. The form.It can be any number: from simple circles and ovals to geometric shapes. It is also possible to manufacture teethers in the form of animals and various items. The main thing that the form was comfortable for the baby.
  3. Security. Safety is paramount, so pay attention to the size of the product, since a small one can fit completely in your mouth, and heavy and hard ones can cause injury to your baby. The teether should be whole, the material should not crumble, and the content, if present, should not flow out. The presence of protruding corners and sharp edges, as well as hazardous substances and odors.
  4. Filling. It is necessary in the teether for a cooling effect. However, there is always a risk that the baby will gnaw the product and the contents may fall inside the digestive tract, so the contents of the teether must be completely safe. In this connection, sea or distilled water or a special gel is used as a filler.

How to cool a teether for teeth?

Pre-prepared teether is placed in the main section of the refrigerator and kept there for no more than an hour, then given to the child.

Using the freezer to cool the product is not worth it, because the material can quickly become unsuitable for use by the baby, keeping such a "rodent" is also problematic, because the baby’s hands will freeze, and the burning cold will not give good results, but rather increase gum soreness, and can also lead to colds.

Teether for teeth, which company to choose - people's rating

The birth of a child absolutely for every mummy is a joyful and long-awaited event. For nine long months, a woman is waiting for the day when, finally, her baby is born. And all this time he dreams about how he will help him, develop and learn this big world.

But with the birth of a baby in the life of a young mommy, not only joy is added, but also additional efforts. Indeed, sooner or later, the first teeth begin to appear in a child. And for most kids, this process does not cause the most pleasant feelings. You can even say discomfort, and in some cases even severe pain.

Exactly in such difficult moments for the baby, he usually cries very much, and absolutely for any reason. And in order to help him at least a little, moms are recommended to get special teethers. Because they help to get rid of the pain and slightly reduce the swelling of the gums, due to the fact that they give the baby some kind of opportunity to scratch the teeth that have just started cutting.

But the main problem for a young mom is the choice of this kind of accessory. Since there is simply a huge amount of them. And among themselves they can differ in a form, color, a material and even an estimated age category.

There are even so-called universal teethers. They perform their main function and at the same time are a kind of rattle. In addition, teethers can be with all sorts of sound and even lighting effects.

But which teether for teeth to buy? Here we will try to figure it out.

Teether coolees

This teether is one of the main representatives of the company. Dr Brown’s. It can be given to children from the age of three months. Because it is made of quality materials.

Pay attention to the fact that this accessory has absolutely no chemical odors and tastes. Its main feature is the cooling of inflamed baby gums. In addition, it has a very bright and comfortable design.

Despite all its advantages, it has a fairly reasonable price.

And he has only two drawbacks: it is too hard, and it can also collect dust on itself, therefore it should be washed very often.

Baby Teether Panda

It is produced by Hevea, which works exclusively with rubber. Therefore, as you already understood, this teether is made of this material.

Its main task is to massage the gums. As a result, it greatly facilitates the child the whole process of the appearance of teeth. This teether does not contain any extra details at all. Using it, the child will never have an allergy, because it has a 100% rubber compound.

But this accessory is very expensive. Also note that this teether can not be frozen, otherwise it will deteriorate.

Cherry Tooth Cooling Ring

This teether, is one of the representatives of the well-known company Chicoo. According to buyers, this representative of such a popular company is the best teether.

Due to the fact that it is filled with gel inside, it has a kind of cooling effect. But only it must first be put in the freezer. In addition, the child will be very comfortable to keep it in a small pen. The teether has very bright colors that simply can not leave the child indifferent.

Its only drawback is that it can not be washed in hot water.

Vibrating Teether Lion

This teether is made in the USA from rubber and plastic. Due to vibration, it significantly improves blood circulation, as well as reduces discomfort during the growth period of the first teeth. In addition to its main function, it also improves the so-called motility of the hands of your child. But the cost of such a teether is very high. It is also necessary to periodically change the batteries in it.

Rattle teether

Its main function is to reduce the level of itching gums. It has a very bright design that attracts almost all kids. In addition, it affects the development of visual perception of crumbs. Which in turn is just as important. Everything else has an affordable price.

But due to the presence of small details the cleaning process is very complicated. Therefore, it is very difficult to wash such a teether.

Rattle krabik

This baby teether for the first zubikov includes musical and light accompaniment. That just can not not like a little curious baby. Yes, and keep it will be very convenient.

It also contributes to the development of the attention of your baby. And due to its relief surface it significantly accelerates the process of the appearance of teeth.

The main disadvantage of this type of teether is its weight. Therefore, it will be difficult for a small child to hold it in a pen. Also, the washing process can be attributed to the disadvantages, since this teether has a relief surface, it will take much longer to wash it. In addition, it needs periodic battery replacement.

Baby teether giraffe

This is one of the representatives of the French company Vulli. It is made exclusively from rubber, and the manufacturing process is entirely manual. To give color to the teether, only food dyes are used, which are fully safe for children. You can use such a teether right from the first days.

The main feature of this children's accessory is its design and unusual color. The main function is to reduce pain during the growth of small teeth, as well as the removal of inflammation from the gums.

It is absolutely safe for your babies. But the price of such a teether is simply exorbitant. The main drawback is the fact that recently a huge number of various fakes have appeared on the market. Therefore, it will be quite difficult to buy a really high-quality teether.

Tooth ring

This device is perfect for kids whose parents intend to use only natural materials. Because this is probably the only wooden teether. Here you can only use it from one year. Because he is very tough.

This baby teether has excellent antimicrobial properties. In addition, due to the small size of the baby it will be very convenient to hold it in the handle and nibble. Yes, and it does not require special care, it will be enough to wipe it with a damp cloth.

And from the drawbacks only that it should not be given to children under one year old.

Teether Orbit

Having bought this silicone teether for teeth, you present to your child a real simulator for small fingers. Moreover, it is relatively expensive. And the presence of a huge number of different spirals will help your child develop fine motor skills.

In addition, this teether will help your baby as quickly as possible to cope with discomfort that has arisen in the gums.

The presence of small parts in large quantities significantly complicate the process of washing.

Latex teether

This kind of baby teether is primarily a kind of cooling discharge. That is why before you need to use it, you should put it in the refrigerator for half an hour. This accessory can be given to children from the age of three months.

Due to a kind of cooling effect, it will help your child to quickly cope with discomfort. Moreover, the child will be able to keep it on his own. And its relief surface will massage the gums, thereby improving blood circulation.

Please note that this teether is strictly forbidden to boil, otherwise it will simply lose its shape. It also needs to be washed very often, because it quickly collects dust on itself.