Have the babies helped your baby feeding bottles?


Colic in babies - the eternal torment for moms. But there are many ways to help a child by making his life happier and calmer. One of them is an anti-colic bottle.

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The digestive system of the newborn only learns to work, adapts. Adaptation does not always go smoothly. In children, there is increased gas formation and pain in the abdomen. Any discomfort is harmful to endure, and this affects the health of the child. Sympathy and empathy to the child cause emotional fatigue from parents, exhausting psychologically. A constant crying does not rest.

Colic cannot be ignored and taken for granted. They need and can be fought.

What it is?

If the reason for the colic is that the child swallows air, it will be easy to correct the situation. The anti-colic bottle allows you to optimize the feeding process so that air does not get into the baby's digestive system.

This device has a special design, thanks to which the nipple is completely filled with food. It usually consists of a bottle equipped with a pressure equalization system, nipples and a fixing ring. As a result, the baby absorbs only the mixture or milk. At the same time, the risk of swallowing air is reduced to zero.

How to understand that a product with an anti-colic system will help in your case? Watch the baby. If, after eating, his stomach swells, he starts gas formation and he starts to cry, then the cause of colic is in the wrong approach to feeding. Buy an anti-colic bottle - and the problem will be solved.

Other ways to deal with colic

Try other methods of getting rid of colic:

  • diet,
  • holding the baby "post" after feeding,
  • proper attachment to the chest,
  • special drink
  • warming,
  • massage.

The cause of pain in the tummy of the crumbs may be errors in the mother's diet. Review your diet and strictly follow the menu prescribed by your doctor. Chocolate, soda, fast food - all this affects the composition of breast milk and the health of the child. Give up your favorite "harm" in favor of the child.

Do not forget to regularly massage the baby tummy. This can be done:

  • palm clockwise
  • several times lift and squeeze the baby’s legs to the belly,
  • to shake on the fitball, putting the little belly down.

Soothes colic and the skin-to-skin method, pressing the baby’s naked tummy to the mother’s bare stomach. This will calm the nervous system of the baby, and at the same time warm it with “live” warmth.

You can use a warm heating pad or products made of natural wool, such as a wool sweater.

Decoction of fennel, dill water and children's herbal tea will also help to save the baby from discomfort, but they should be used as a last resort, and only with the permission of the doctor.

As you can see, helping a child to cope with colic is real, and after three months this unpleasant phenomenon, as a rule, disappears.

Which bottle to choose?

Today, there are many types of anti-colic bottles on sale. They vary in design, shape, price, materials and sizes.

Products usually have a curved shape for optimal filling of the nipple with a mixture or milk. But this does not completely solve the problem, since it does not create a vacuum in the bottle.

In modern devices make a special valve. It can be located:

  • At the bottom - to open the hole, turn the bottom.
  • In the upper part - the holes are in a special ring and "skirt" nipples.
  • As part of the reservoir valve system, a special device consisting of an air tube and a ring that supplies air from below.

The effectiveness of the anti-colic system is enhanced if you use replaceable nipples or nipples with adjustable flow.

When buying a bottle for baby antikolikovoy sure to study the composition of the product. It should not contain phthalates, PVC, bisphenol.

Do not trust only the labels on the labels, conduct a visual inspection to ensure that the product is safe. For example, a bottle of PVC has a bluish tint, and dents on it acquire a milky color.

A quality and safe vessel for feeding a child can be made from:

  • polypropylene (matt white),
  • polyethersulfone (transparent, but with a golden hue),
  • glass,
  • surgical silicone.

It is believed that glass products are the safest and most hygienic. But they have several drawbacks - they often fight and are quite heavy at the same time. They are only suitable for home use. The food in such bottles warms for a rather long time, but slowly cools.

Plastic products are lightweight and durable, therefore, ideal for feeding while walking. But plastic quickly becomes cloudy and changes color under the influence of fruit drinks and juices.

When buying, do not hesitate to smell the bottle - no smell should come from it.

Carefully inspect the product: the nipple should be free of stains, cracks, wrinkles. It is desirable that she had 2-4 holes - this will allow you to regulate the flow of baby food, so that your baby is comfortable to eat. Chips and cracks are excluded on the bottle itself. If the marriage is already found at home, the product should be discarded immediately.

Making a purchase, take into account the appetite of the baby. Usually, crumbs up to 2 months will need 125 ml of food, whereas a child needs at least 250 ml per year.

Do not buy antikolikovye bottles, where too many divisions on the scale - it does not help, but confuses parents, and complicates the process of preparing infant formula.

Anti-Kolikovaya system

There are two options:

  • The simplest bottles are provided with an air channel in the nipple. They are inexpensive (from 200 rubles), but often flow.
  • Devices equipped with a complex system, completely eliminate the risk of improper feeding. In addition to the high price, there is another drawback: they are difficult to wash. And the accumulation of stale baby food in hard-to-reach places nipples and bottles - a serious danger to the health of the baby.

When and how to use?

If the baby is bottle-fed, the anti-colic bottle can be used from the moment of birth. In the first month you will need a nipple with a low flow rate. Gradually the number of holes in the nipple must be increased.

Such a bottle is also useful for breastfed babies who do not want to properly capture mother's breast - milk can be drained into the tank. Finally, the device is useful to the child, if the mother needs to be away for a while. Then the relatives will be able to feed the baby themselves. You can use the anti-colic bottle up to the complete transfer of the child to solid food.

Some parents are worried - if such a bottle will not wean the baby, who is on mixed feeding, from her mother's breast? Such fears are in vain. Just buy a single-pacifier with a small diameter. Then the kid will have to make the same effort to get the required amount of food.

How to understand that the purchased bottle fits your child?

  • First, he should eat with pleasure, without interrupting. This means that he is comfortable and convenient.
  • Secondly, power will not remain in the tank. If the crumb doesn’t constantly eat up, it means that at the moment the bottle is “great” for him and it is better to postpone it for the future.

We follow the rules

Each anti-bottle bottle comes with an instruction manual. But knowing the general recommendations of newly-made moms and dads definitely won't hurt.

  1. Sterilization. Before using the glass container, rinse thoroughly and boil for at least 5 minutes. Another option is to hold in the sterilizer. Plastic products are disinfected only in sterilizers. Some models are microwaveable. Such bottles have a special cap in which you need to take water and put the nipple in it. In the microwave bottle hold a few minutes. After the procedure, the nipple is removed with special forceps.
  2. Cleansing After the child eats, remove the remnants of food from the bottle, then rinse with a brush or sponge. Store the product in the open form for free air circulation.
  3. Valves. Check the integrity of the valve and its parts before each feeding.
  4. Nipple. Periodically inspect the nipple, stretching it in different directions. There will be no cracks or signs of deformation on a child-friendly product. It is recommended to change the nipple at least 1 time in 2-3 months.
  5. Storage. Keep bottles at room temperature. And the nipple is covered with a lid.

If, in addition to the anti-bottle bottle, you plan to buy a sterilizer, bottle heater or a special thermos for baby food, try to give preference to one manufacturer. The fact is that not all containers are universal in form. Some bottles may simply not fit in the heater hole, others will get uneven heating.

Precautionary measures

  • Do not trust the silicone indicators - they do not always give accurate information. Keep track of the temperature of the anti-bottle bottle and baby food yourself.
  • Heat the bottle with the contents in the microwave can not. In this case, the temperature is unevenly distributed, causing the child to burn.
  • Do not use products with chips, cracks, scratches - they accumulate pathogens. Defective products throw out without regrets.
  • Strained breast milk can be stored in a bottle for no longer than two days.
  • It is undesirable to pour juices and compotes into plastic containers - from colored drinks the products are colored and grow cloudy.
  • Bottle nipples should not be used as pacifiers.
  • The child is forbidden to play with accessories.

Adiri breastbottle

The nipple is made of surgical silicone, has 3 holes, which allows you to adjust the flow rate. The tank has a stable base, the valve is located on the bottom, wide neck. On sale you can find products of different sizes. This allows you to choose a bottle for your baby's appetites.

Produced from either glass or polypropylene. Silicone nipple fitted with a valve. The volume of the bottle is either 120 ml or 240 ml.

Philips Avent Classic and Natural

Products with a conventional valve. Made of polypropylene, have a capacity of 125 ml, 260 ml, 330 ml. Silicone nipples can be redeemed as the baby grows.

Bottles are either cylindrical glass or polypropylene, tapering in the middle. The products have three volume options: 125 ml for newborns, as well as 250 ml and 350 ml for older children. The valve is located in the nipple made of silicone. An important advantage is the adjustable flow nipple.

There are two types of neck: wide and narrow. Products made of propylene are narrowed in the middle or cylindrical. The anti-colic system consists of a sleeve, a funnel and a tube. The kit includes a brush for cleaning.

Parent reviews

Most moms and dads agree that the anti-colic bottle is useless only if the baby’s colic is caused not by air ingestion, but by other reasons. Parents usually say that after using such devices their child's condition improves.

Catherine Nedopekina, Novosibirsk. Tried a lot of bottles, nothing helped. Treated with hot water bottles on the stomach and massage.

Svetlana Glotova, Yaroslavl. My daughter had regurgitations. I didn’t want to take my chest like I didn’t suffer. I bought an Antic anti-colic bottle, it helped. The valve slowly lets air through, so my daughter ate without stopping. No colic, no belching. And it is easy to wash the bottle - the neck is wide.

Natalia Efimtseva, Barnaul. Used different models. The manufacturer is not important, but take the glass! They are easier to wash, boil, and they serve for a long time. I also did a massage, wrapped it with an angorka jacket after feeding. Bottles alone will not help - it is necessary to keep track of food and keep it warm, and not be lazy to do a massage!

Chuykova Natalia

Psychologist. Specialist from the website

I did not buy them, but my opinion is that there is no sense in them

hundreds of generations of children grow up without this nonsense. There is a sense of encouragement that your child can.

How many now any garbage for children came up with, as for me, all this is not a necessary waste of money, no more. We all grew up without all this nonsense.

I bought and did not regret it, before that I used a regular bottle .. the child glatal the air and plus the cries from colic also added cries after feeding

not. Do not help at all.

This bottle, Dr. Browns, helped me to feed the baby in the hospital. Milk was not yet. And from their bottles, with huge holes, the child swallowed so much air that he spit up the whole mixture and remained hungry. As soon as they brought me a bottle, he ate without regurgitation.

Related topics

Buy Dr. Browns with a blue tube. my son had no colic at all; he just drank and ate from this bottle. and do not take avent plastic, they are uncomfortable, wide, and quickly deteriorate. when the child grows up buy any glass bottle

I bought a child Nuc, but of course, that she saw anticolikov after the fact. in my opinion, this is a marketing ploy, no more

Probably it helped, I don’t know, we also gave espumizan. I do not think that the use of the anti-bottle is worse. Always bought avent, for me the most convenient, just the one that is wide and the nipple to her wide. And in order not to spoil the bottles and nipples, they must often be replaced with new ones. And then some as one bought, so before the holes and use. Until one and a half years, Aveta was, the child did not recognize others. I do not think that it is very expensive to spend money on your baby.

Buy Dr. Browns with a blue tube. my son had no colic at all; he just drank and ate from this bottle. and do not take avent plastic, they are uncomfortable, wide, and quickly deteriorate. when the child grows up buy any glass bottle

Probably it helped, I don’t know, we also gave espumizan. I do not think that the use of the anti-bottle is worse. Always bought avent, for me the most convenient, just the one that is wide and the nipple to her wide. And in order not to spoil the bottles and nipples, they must often be replaced with new ones. And then some as one bought, so before the holes and use. Until one and a half years, Aveta was, the child did not recognize others. I do not think that it is very expensive to spend money on your baby.

I bought a medela swing (breast pump) and with it was a vacuum nipple. since the month colic did not know (when bought).

We did not help, I do not know why. But espumizan from colic very well helped. Therefore, she did not bother with these bottles.

We did not help, I do not know why. But espumizan from colic very well helped. Therefore, she did not bother with these bottles.

We did not help, I do not know why. But espumizan from colic very well helped. Therefore, she did not bother with these bottles.

Do anticolic bottles help? Is there any point in buying them?

My son did not recognize any bottles at all, only his chest! We did not have colic often, but if it started guarding ((therefore, as a preventive measure, we gave Espumizan several times a day in front of our breasts, we took a spoonful and into our mouth. Very simple and effective. After such a few torments, we did not know any and many friends saved them, so for those who are breastfed only espumizan.

Born fries have good feeding bottles: the shape of the nipple is correct, they do not leak.
Sister said that the flow of the mixture goes as expected, the child does not get enough air while eating.

I tried almost all the anti-colic bottles with two children, the best are dr.browns, they really helped. Further pigeon, and everything else is garbage, especially avent. My shouted like shredded after feeding from avent (

I tried almost all the anti-colic bottles with two children, the best are dr.browns, they really helped. Further pigeon, and everything else is garbage, especially avent. My shouted like shredded after feeding from avent (

We were greatly helped by the anti-colic bottles. We had Dr. Brown. Used them from the 2nd month when the milk was gone. They have a special ventilation system that prevents air from entering the mix.

I fed my son with Chikkov bottles with an anti-colic valve, there was no colic at all, so my personal experience suggests that they work.

It helped. Up to a year they only took that Chikkov bottles with nipples. And now they have successfully transferred to the water sports cap - think about this by the way for the future. He is very comfortable with him, he does not cause any such reactions in the child. Very light. And after the bottles with them, the child learns about the adult method of drinking.

Definitely there! Especially if the artisan. Attacks of colic immediately decreased. We are growing up on chicco.

we also have chikko. Colic was not at all, mmm

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Features of the anti-bottle bottle

The digestive system of the infant is not yet developed, therefore, the child often swallows air when sucking. At the same time, gases accumulate in the intestine, which leads to unpleasant sensations and colic. Such a state leads to the impetuous cry of a baby: he is naughty, bends his legs and does not sleep at the appropriate time.

The anti-colic bottle is designed to prevent air ingestion. It consists of a tank with graduations, nipples with a retaining ring and a cap.

During sucking from a normal bottle, the child gradually creates a vacuum in the container with his movements. As a result, the fluid stops flowing, and the baby is forced to unclench the lips. At this time, part of the air enters the bottle again, and some - in the baby's stomach. This is due to the fact that the little man does not stop sucking movements even when his lips are tight.

The anti-colic bottle is designed in such a way that the vacuum in the sucking process is not created due to the presence of additional holes. This completely eliminates a break in feeding and, accordingly, the ingestion of air.

Variety of designs

The meaning of the action of the anti-colic bottle in the formation of positive pressure in the tank. This is facilitated by the presence of a valve. From where it is located, depends on the design feature of the bottle. Different manufacturers focus on the following systems:

  1. The valve is located directly in the nipple. As soon as a vacuum begins to form, the valve opens slightly and the air enters the bottle, which helps continuous feeding. The most famous bottles with such a design are produced Happy Baby, Chicco, Avent, Canpol Babies.
  2. The MAM brand manufactures containers where additional holes are located at the bottom. The design does not allow fluid to flow out, and air is supplied if necessary.
  3. The most effective have bottles with antikolikovoy system. The design completely prevents the ingress of air into the child's stomach, but requires special care. The following manufacturers have developed and use them in the manufacture of their products: Tommee Tippee and Dr. Brown`s.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to immediately understand which bottle is suitable for a child. This is achieved empirically, so you should take advantage of the testing that manufacturers of children's goods often offer.

The validity of the purchase of antikolikovoy bottles

Burping and colic problems are seen in most healthy babies. Pediatricians, and experienced grandmothers warn that such a state passes after the child is 3-4 months old. But in order not just to wait, but to really help the little man, you should choose the mixture correctly or follow the diet of your mother, do a light massage of the tummy and apply a warm diaper.

In cases where the above measures do not save, it makes sense to purchase a special horn. The anti-colic bottle will help avoid problems with flatulence, and mom can breathe freely.

Rating antikolikovyh bottles for popularity

Below is a rating of anti-colic horns, based on popularity and frequency of sales:

  1. Dr. Brown`s.
  2. Tommee Tippee.
  3. Avent.
  4. Nuk First Choise.
  5. Canpol Babies.
  6. MAM.
  7. Chicco.

Consider each brand in detail.

The leader among anticolical bottles - Dr. Brown`s

Antikolikovye bottles Dr. Brown`s are presented in plastic and glass version. The price of the product is not small and varies around 500 rubles.

The effect is achieved thanks to a special anti-colic system, which consists of a tube, funnel and sleeve, where the valve is located. Due to this, pressure in the horn is only positive, so the vacuum effect is not created.

The bottle comes with a brush for easy cleaning, but additional nipples are purchased separately. It is important that the capacity of Dr. Brown`s can be used as a regular horn, simply by removing the anticolic system, which is convenient for the grown-up baby.

According to reviews of moms, this is the best antikolikovaya bottle for newborns, which has only one drawback. The system is difficult to maintain in due purity, but the proposed brush helps to solve the problem.

Tommee Tippee with Anti-Colic System

The manufacturer offers only a plastic version of the bottle, narrowed to the center. The neck is wide, which makes it easy to apply the mixture and pour the liquid. The shape of the nipple, which looks like a woman’s breast, is noted, so the child does not learn from natural feeding.

A bottle of "Tommy Tippi" antikolikovaya - quite an expensive option, its price varies from 600 to 800 rubles. It is because of the cost that it cannot be attributed to the optimal variant, but the horn has enough reasons to buy:

  • bright and attractive design
  • possibility to choose the volume of the container - 150 ml or 260 ml,
  • anatomically shaped nipple
  • anti-skirt valve that prevents the nipples from sticking together and creating a vacuum in the horn,
  • a tube that reacts to the temperature of the liquid and helps the mother navigate. So, if the tube is red, it is necessary to cool the mixture a little, and if it is blue, to feed a comfortable temperature.

Popular bottles from Avent

The manufacturer offers a variety of products for the little ones, including feeding bottles for newborns (antikolikovye). They are produced in two series.

Classic. The product is equipped with a single air valve located on the nipple. Its size is standard and suitable for healthy and full-term babies.

Natural. The horn is equipped with a double valve. And the nipple is slightly smaller in size? and its shape is adapted for feeding premature babies and weak children. This series is also recommended for healthy babies under three months.

Benefits of Avent bottles:

  • affordable price,
  • ease of care for the product,
  • optimal shape of the horn and nipples
  • consistently high product quality.

It should be noted that if you need to buy a breast pump, you must choose a product of the same brand, because the product of another brand may not be the same size.

Nuk First Choise - a laconic horn from Germany

Rating antikolikovyh bottles adequately continues the product of the German manufacturer. Their bottles have a simple shape, but a bright design. Their distinctive feature in the convenience of care and use.

The horn is completed with a pacifier, which has a special anatomical shape, which contributes to the correct formation of the bite. Also, consumers mark the scale, which is not erased even with repeated washing.

By the bottle manufacturer offers a wide selection of various nipples. You can choose an option, depending on the child's age and personal preferences.

Of the disadvantages there is a loosely fitting lid, so incidents occurred during walks. But if you use the product at home or monitor its vertical position, then this option is preferable to those who are not ready to lay out more than 400 rubles per bottle.

Budget Canpol Babies

The manufacturer offers antikolikovye bottles made of glass or plastic. There are models straight or narrowed in the middle with handles. The set offers silicone or latex nipple.

The bottle has a bright design and convenient scale. It is noted that the drawing does not wear out, washing in the dishwasher does not lead to loss of transparency by the product. The valve is located on the nipple. A brush is included.

Option prefer mommies, which is important quality, but the price is quite affordable. On sale you can find products from 150 rubles.

MOM with silicone ring

A distinctive feature of the horn design of this manufacturer is the presence of a silicone ring at the bottom of the bottle, where, in fact, the valve is located. The possibility of sterilization of the container in the microwave is also provided.

Glass and plastic options are available. The wide neck allows you to easily fill the mixture. The nipple feels like mother's chest, made of silicone and slightly rough.

The volume is offered different, you can choose an option from 320 to 160 ml. Price also varies. The average cost of a bottle is around 400 rubles.

Chicco with anti-nickel teat

The brand is positioned with high quality, but rather high cost of the product. Two versions of the material are available: plastic or glass. The neck is quite wide. You can choose a standard latex nipple or silicone. In form, it completely repeats the shape of the female breast.

Despite the obvious advantages of the bottle, the product has a rather high cost compared to similar horns that have the same properties. The price varies within 500 rubles.

How to use a bottle of antikolikovoy

The use of the horn is possible from the first days of the infant's life. But as the first horn should choose a product where the nipple is made in the shape of a breast and has a low bandwidth. This contributes to the fact that the child does not lose the habit of breastfeeding and will not choke.

The anti-colic bottle has its own characteristics, therefore it is important to know the principles of its proper use.

  1. Before each feeding, the valve should be checked.
  2. After each use, the bottle is sterilized, including all additional details. You can do this by boiling or using a sterilizer. Some models provide self-cleaning in the microwave.
  3. The nipple with the anti-colic system requires replacement after active use within 3 months.

It is recommended to store the bottle with the lid open to avoid the occurrence of odor.

How to choose an anti-colic bottle. Manufacturing material

Models differ in constructional features, performance material, nipple shape and volume. On sale there are products from plastic and glass.

Glass is preferable for newborns of the first days of life. Their advantage is the possibility of complete sterilization and impeccable cleansing. But the material is fragile, so it is suitable only for home use.

When a child tries to hold the bottle on his own, it’s better to get a light plastic option. Also, such models are suitable for walking.

Volumes and shape of the horn

For babies up to three months, the optimal volume is a bottle from 80 ml to 120 ml. It is advisable to choose a model with a wide neck and a slightly concave shape. Versions with the greatest bends are suitable for children who already hold the bottle on their own, but to keep them clean is problematic.

For children older than six months, a larger volume is already required. Therefore it is worth considering the options that accommodate 250 ml of liquid.

Anti-Kolikov valve design

The anti-colic system is the most convenient to use. Its peculiarity is in the automatic provision of air to the tank, so parents do not need to do anything.

Anticolical nipple requires alignment of the holes in her skirt and ring. Problems, as a rule, do not arise, therefore, if the price is important, you can choose this option.

In products where the holes are located on the bottom, you need to constantly rotate the silicone ring. For many, this is inconvenient, because the procedure must be done during feeding.

Nipple model

Latex nipples - the most familiar option for the average person. They are soft, the sensations resemble the chest. But they should be changed often, because latex is susceptible to damage and infection.

Silicone tougher. But it can withstand the load, and these nipples can be completely disinfected.

Antikolikovye bottles for newborns are completed with nipples of various shapes. Of course, more anatomically correct - with a cut off tip, the so-called orthodontic. But children often like the usual round option.

Determine what is suitable for the baby, you can only by testing.


Of course, the anti-colic bottle is a useful and necessary invention. It is important to choose the right model and ensure its hygienic cleanliness.

When calculating how much to buy bottles, it is necessary to focus on the needs and convenience of the mother. But, as a rule, one container is used to prepare the mixture, the other is suitable for water and herbal teas, and the third is necessary during walks.