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When, where and from what they are being vaccinated against tetanus, how much does it work, is it possible to wet it?


At present, it has become fashionable for parents to write the rejection of some vaccinations for children. Before giving up tetanus vaccination, you need to know about the effect of infection on the life and health of a child.

Most often, tetanus bacillus enters the human body when it comes into contact with the soil infected with the pathogen. The first signs of the disease are convulsions of the jaw muscles and difficulty swallowing. Subsequently, these symptoms spread throughout the body of the patient, causing muscle spasms even during sleep.

Unfortunately, there are no medications that can stop the spread of tetanus toxoid. This is the main danger of rejecting the vaccine. Severe forms of illness ended fatal a few hours after the appearance of its first signs.

For adults

By order of the MYFF, adults are recommended to undergo revaccination at the age of:

  • 18 - 27 years old
  • 28 - 37 years old
  • 38 - 47 years old
  • 47 - 58 years old
  • over 58 years old.

If the patient received a tetanus vaccination in childhood, then he is given one dose of the drug every 10 years. If the patient was not previously vaccinated against tetanus bacilli or information about his vaccination is lost, then he is given 2 injections with a period of 30 days. After 1 year from the moment of the second injection, a third dose of the drug is administered to an adult. After that, it is believed that he passed the full course of tetanus vaccinations.

The following categories of citizens must be vaccinated:

  • students,
  • military personnel
  • railway workers
  • residents of regions with a dangerous epidemiological situation due to illness,
  • agricultural workers.

Emergency vaccination

In addition to routine vaccination, there are emergency injections for tetanus. They make them:

  • when the patient is prepared for complex surgical operations,
  • with frostbite of limbs, severe burns and all types of injuries,
  • by biting an animal,
  • with nonhealing ulcers, ulcers and gangrene of the fingers,
  • after home deliveries and criminal abortions.

The need for an emergency procedure is determined by the doctor. This depends on the patient's compliance with the mandatory immunization schedule. If the last vaccination was carried out no later than 5 years at the time of injury, then an emergency injection is not performed.

Otherwise, vaccination is carried out according to the scheme: 1 ml of the drug is injected into the deltoid muscle of the shoulder, and then injected into the other place with human tetanus immunoglobulin (PCVI).

Contraindications to the procedure

There is no absolute prohibition against vaccination against tetanus, with the exception of intolerance to the components of the drugs used. The remaining contraindications are considered temporary:

  • pregnancy,
  • breastfeeding time
  • viral diseases in the acute period,
  • chronic pathologies in the acute stage,
  • diathesis, allergic rash,
  • high temperature
  • reduced immunity.

After the condition is normalized, the person is strongly recommended to undergo a routine vaccination. Emergency vaccination and do pregnant women:

  • when the patient receives serious injuries in violation of the integrity of the skin,
  • with injuries that caused the violation of the digestive tract,
  • with a developing carbuncle or abscess.


For tetanus vaccination use a number of domestic and foreign drugs:

  • DTP (Russia) - tetanus vaccination and additionally for diphtheria, whooping cough,
  • ADS (Russia) is an analogue of DTP without the pertussis component,
  • ADS-M (Russia) - diphtheria-tetanus toxoid in small doses,
  • Infanrix (Belgium) - besides tetanus, protects against diphtheria and whooping cough,
  • AU - Anatoxin (Russia),
  • "Infanrix Hex" (England) - contains the same antibodies as "Infanrix" and hepatitis B antigen, a hib infection, killed by the polio virus,
  • “Tetraxim” (France) - vaccination against whooping cough, tetanus, diphtheria and polio
  • Pentaxim (France) - protects against 5 types of infectious and viral diseases - tetanus, whooping cough, diphtheria, hepatitis B, and polio.

For routine vaccination of children from 3 months, as well as the first revaccination, drugs are used: DTP, Infantrix, Infantrix Hex and Pentaxim. If a child has had strong side effects after the first DPT vaccination, it is replaced with ADS.

For revaccination of children from 7 years of age and adults, preparations of ADS-M or AU are used. These vaccines are also given to people for emergency vaccination.

Instructions for use

An injection from tetanus is performed only in the muscle fibers, that is, in the area of ​​complete absence of fat. Because, getting into the subcutaneous fatty tissue, the vaccine is slowly absorbed into the bloodstream, which reduces its effectiveness.

For babies up to 18 months, the injection is recommended to be placed in the outer surface of the thigh. After this age, injections are performed in the shoulder or shoulder blade, as well as in adults.

Babies should not be given a shot in the gluteal zone. Here the muscle wolf is deep under the skin and it is very difficult to get into it from the first time.

After vaccination

Doctors recommend limiting water procedures for several days after injection. Water has no effect on the production of antibodies, but its entry into the injection site can provoke even greater irritation and an increase in the tumor. If necessary, the infant is washed in such a way as not to wet the injection site.

An important rule after vaccination is not to drink alcohol for 2 to 3 days. At this time, you should refuse even from taking medications that contain an alcohol base. Under the influence of alcohol reduced production of immune bodies to protect against infectious diseases. If this rule is not followed, vaccination will not lead to the development of the necessary antibodies, but to a serious disease of tetanus infection.

After the procedure it is not recommended to engage in active sports and visit crowded premises. It is better to provide a semi-bed mode for a few days and not to eat heavy meals. In the diet you need to enter more fruits and vegetables.

Vaccination reaction

After injections, normal side effects may occur, including:

  • formation of a bump at the injection site,
  • compaction at the injection site and pain,
  • slight increase in temperature
  • increased wakefulness
  • drowsiness and weakness
  • headache.

These reactions suggest that the body successfully copes with the introduction of foreign bodies and produces a strong immunity to the infectious disease. Patients need to wait several days until the unpleasant symptoms disappear.

In rare cases, after vaccination, more severe and dangerous reactions are observed:

  • temperature increase up to 40 degrees
  • the appearance of pain in the heart,
  • joint inflammation
  • development of bronchitis or pharyngitis,
  • runny nose and increased saliva
  • urging to vomit,
  • Gastrointestinal disorders and loss of appetite
  • violation of the brain.

Often, adults refuse to vaccinate for themselves and their children. But do not neglect the vaccine against tetanus. This disease in severe stages can be fatal within a few hours after the introduction of the pathogen into the body. In addition, there are no drugs that can help patients overcome the infection.

About the dangerous consequences of the rejection of vaccination against tetanus is described in detail in the video:

What is a tetanus vaccination and why is it needed?

Tetanus leads to muscle spasms. The pathogen itself and the toxins it releases are dangerous. Toxins are so difficult to treat. You can become infected from a person, an animal, and through the soil.

Vaccination against tetanus is put for the following reasons:

  • Every year a large number of people die from this disease.
  • The causative agent of the disease resides in the body of herbivores, and sometimes in the human body, and under favorable conditions, begins a destructive effect.
  • It is transmitted by household contact, through any wounds and abrasions on the body.
  • The toxin secreted by bacteria occupies one of the first places at risk to human life.
  • You can get infected from anyone and anything: from a splinter, dirt that has got into the wound, from the bite of an animal, from the saliva of a sick person.

Already from childhood begin tetanus vaccination and use a comprehensive vaccine, which is called DTP. Older children and adults are vaccinated with ADF and AS.

Vaccination adults

Until the end of school age, children receive a full course of tetanus immunization. A tetanus vaccine is given to adults every 10–11 years. Thus, the first vaccination in an adult occurs at the age of 26–27 years.

Adults do not need to put a combined vaccine, including active antigens against whooping cough and diphtheria. By this time, they have already formed a strong immunity to these diseases.

Adult immunization is carried out according to plan or urgently by the two main routes of administration of the drug:

  • intramuscularly in the front outer part of the thigh,
  • deep under the skin into the area under the scapula.

Use one or two-component vaccine. Vaccination ADS-M contains toxoids against diphtheria and tetanus. The most commonly used low-dose isolated vaccine.

Vaccination for children

With the first tetanus vaccine, children are found at three months of age. Apply a comprehensive vaccine, which is introduced together with protective components from whooping cough and diphtheria. To immunity reliably protected from the disease, you need to introduce a vaccine three times with a certain interval.

The second DPT vaccination is planned at 4.5 months and the last is set at six months. To consolidate the protective properties of the injected vaccination at 1.5 years, at 6 years and 16 years, revaccination is performed. After the last vaccination, the tetanus vaccine is repeated every 10 years, it is for this period that the action of the protective preparation is sufficient.

Children up to 6 years old are shown the full type of vaccine, and after 6 years they are already using the low-dose form. For vaccination of children at the age of 6, the anti-pertussis component is excluded from the general DTP vaccine. Therefore, vaccination is called ADS.

Immunization during pregnancy

Whether it is necessary to inoculate a tetanus vaccine, each woman decides for herself. But it is better to carry out immunization to the planned conception. A month before pregnancy, put the vaccine ADS-M. It protects against illness not only a woman, but also a future child. Born baby with breast milk will pass antibodies to tetanus.

Pregnant tetanus vaccination can be put, but only after 27 weeks. If a woman has not been previously vaccinated, then she is given an ADS vaccine. If vaccinations were done according to plan, but more than 9 years have passed since the last one, revaccination is performed.

Adverse reactions can be in the form of redness, swelling and compaction of the injection site, the temperature of the body may slightly increase, sleep may be disturbed and appetite may decrease.

When is vaccination done?

Vaccination against tetanus is done simultaneously with the vaccine against diphtheria and whooping cough, it is acceptable to combine with the drug against polio. When is tetanus vaccine given?

According to the preventive vaccination schedule, the first vaccine is put in three months, then the vaccination lasts 1.5 months and the last vaccine is administered at the time of the execution of the child for 6 months.

After the main stage of vaccination, revaccination is performed: at 1.5 years, at 6 years and at 16 years. After 16-17 years of age, revaccination is performed every 10 years.

Depending on the age of the patient, the vaccine is administered in different places. It depends on the choice of the place for the injection, whether it will be painful during the injection, and how long the painful sensations will persist after.

Ideal for injection is the place where the minimum accumulation of fat cells and a large number of muscles. If the drug is introduced into adipose tissue, it will be longer absorbed into the bloodstream, causing discomfort and pain.

How long does a tetanus shot take?

If a person received a full course of vaccination in childhood, then after immunization against tetanus immunity to the disease persists for 11 years. To maintain the body's defenses to infection, revaccination is performed every 10 years.

If it is intended to vaccinate an adult who has not previously been vaccinated, the vaccination scheme is considered complete when three vaccines are administered. The first two vaccinations are given at intervals of one month, and the third is given in a year.

The situation depends on how often you need to be vaccinated against tetanus. In a planned manner, it is enough to be vaccinated once every 10 years. In case of injuries, cuts, bites by animals, carry out emergency vaccination.

Where is the vaccine injection given?

A tetanus vaccine is introduced deep into the muscle, from where the drug quickly penetrates the blood. The best place is where there is thin skin, a developed layer of muscles and little fatty tissue. If the drug gets under the skin, there is a high probability of developing phlegmon and abscess, therefore it is not recommended to put a vaccination in the buttock.

Newborns and children up to three years old are vaccinated in the upper part of the leg. At older age, the drug is administered in the shoulder area or in the area on the back under the scapula.

To reduce the risk of adverse reactions you need to follow a number of recommendations after vaccination:

  • a week before the procedure and after it is necessary to limit visits to crowded places,
  • within 25 minutes after the injection, it is better to be in the clinic,
  • it is not recommended to wet, rub and scratch the injection site, so as not to infect the infection,
  • three days exclude heavy physical exertion, you should not go to the bath or sauna these days,
  • It is desirable to follow a diet before and after the procedure.

Restrictions apply to a few days, so it’s easy to follow the advice. In this case, side effects rarely occur.

Where do they immunize?

Vaccinated against tetanus can be in the clinic at the place of residence or at the workplace. Vaccination is free of charge by providing a compulsory medical insurance policy. You should also have a referral from a pediatrician or a referral from a narrow specialist when carrying out an emergency vaccination.

Paid vaccine against tetanus can be put in a private clinic. Its cost is about 400 rubles.

Contraindications for tetanus vaccination

There are cases when it is better to do a vaccination later or not to do it at all. Contraindications for tetanus vaccination are:

  • severe allergic reactions to previously administered vaccine,
  • exacerbation of any diseases
  • increased body temperature
  • during the cold and three weeks after recovery.

Before vaccination, the doctor must examine the patient, listen to breathing, measure body temperature, give directions for blood and urine analysis. Only after that, excluding the presence of contraindications, is a referral to the vaccination room given.

Types of vaccines

The tetanus vaccine itself in any form has the same composition. It can be used in isolation or in combination with other active ingredients. Children do DPT.

Many are worried about the question whether a tetanus vaccine is dangerous? In most cases, drugs are well tolerated, rarely develop adverse reactions. The injection site can swell, become inflamed and hurt. Allergy is manifested by the appearance of an itchy rash on the body and an increase in body temperature.

Combined vaccine

The composition of the multi-component tetanus vaccine includes two additional active components that enhance immunity against diphtheria and pertussis. The combined type of vaccine can be low-dose and complete.

Vaccination with a low-dose type of vaccine is carried out among children over 6 years old and adults. A full type of vaccine is vaccinated in children from three months to 6 years.

Vaccine Isolated

The isolated type is used in most cases for revaccination of adults. AC-toxoid after the introduction into the body begins to form immunity to tetanus. Introduced drug 0.5 ml under the scapula.

With an isolated vaccine vaccinate people not vaccinated in childhood. Put two vaccinations with an interval of 30-40 days. Then six months later, revaccination is performed.

AU is also used during emergency immunization, when there is a threat of infection and it has been more than 5 years after vaccination. At the same time, immunoglobulin or serum against tetanus is administered.

If there is a reaction to vaccination, it is characterized by local manifestations. At the injection site, there may be swelling, pain and a burning sensation. A slight swelling disappears on its own after complete resorption of the administered drug. Sometimes the body temperature rises to 38 degrees, and pain in the head joins. A normal reaction lasts no more than three days.

Very rarely, an allergic reaction occurs in response to the vaccination. There is a high rise in body temperature, breathing becomes difficult, cough joins, separate parts of the face swell.

Strongly cut in the garden? Take a tetanus shot! - The Alphabet of Health

The hot sun burns, and garden work is in full swing.It is necessary and plant, and make something for the garden. Cuts and injuries during this period are common. Are they harmless? Unfortunately not.

Of course, everyone has heard of such a terrible disease as tetanus. It seems to many that this is only in other countries, in past centuries and in general with them will never happen. Others rely solely on immunization with a tetanus immunization in childhood. Others simply do not have information about the fatal disease and its prevention. The fourth and vaccinated, but still afraid of every accidental cut and scratch.

And how to treat this disease, and when to do a shot from tetanus? Let's try to understand.

About 400,000 people die from tetanus every year in the world, for tetanus bacillus lives in the soil around the globe. Most infections occur in countries with a hot climate and low hygiene, lack of vaccination (countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America).

In Russia, infections occur mainly in people over 65 who have not been vaccinated against tetanus. In 2012, 35 cases of infection were recorded in our country, a third with a fatal outcome.

The death rate from tetanus with all achievements of medical science is 16-25%, i.e. very high. In areas with no prophylaxis - 80%.

When do you need a tetanus vaccine? How is it different from tetanus toxoid?

Vaccination with toxoid of this disease is done at an early age. The concentration of such vaccinations is very low. An adult should be revaccinated every 10 years as part of the ADS-m vaccine. It is calculated that a person develops his own antibodies against tetanus toxoid (AS). The effectiveness of such prevention is proven.

In cases of injuries, burns, horse serum is injected, which is much harder than the vaccination made in early childhood. Moreover, in this case, it is necessary to associate a “tetanus injection” not only with children, but also with adults. This is the so-called. passive vaccination when ready antibodies to tetanus are administered.

So, both children and adults need to introduce tetanus toxoid in cases of serious injury, deep cuts when in contact with the source of infection, i.e. dirt (earth), and severe burns. This should be done as soon as possible (preferably in the first 5 days after the injury).

No need to fear any cuts and scratches. But deep wounds, especially those that touch the subcutaneous fatty tissue, can be excellent entry points for tetanus sticks.

Those. This may be the occasional “sawing” finger with a hacksaw, a foot injury with a rusty nail, extensive abrasions that have been in contact with the soil for a long time, a deep cut with dirty glass, etc. Also the gates for tetanus sticks are burns and frostbite.

The decision on the introduction of tetanus toxoid is taken by the surgeon, so immediately in cases of injury try to consult a doctor of this specialty, or if there is no such possibility, simply contact the emergency room. There and serum should enter if necessary.

If a person has had tetanus, then he is still shown immunization from him throughout his life, because immunity to this disease the body does not produce.

Symptoms of tetanus

The incubation period for tetanus is most often 5-14 days. Tetanus develops most rapidly with head and neck injuries.

The disease begins abruptly. Symptoms of tetanus at the beginning: spasms and muscle twitches at the site of injury, sweating, general malaise, difficulty opening the mouth - trizm. Further, the infection seems to paralyze a person (hence the name tetanus), affecting the muscles of the back, abdomen, arms and legs to the utmost inability to move, except for the hands and feet. Also, the patient has difficulty or in severe cases, the complete inability to swallow, and then breathe. All this is accompanied by fever, specific suffering smiles because of a spasm of mimic muscles, cramps from short to those that last a few minutes. The disease arches the body, depending on the irritation of certain muscle groups. The position of the body is very specific when the patient throws back his head and arches the back.

There is also an excessive fear of tetanus from any wounds, abrasions, cuts. It is completely unjustified in light injuries without contact with the soil. Especially if a person complies with the rules of hygiene and in time carries out vaccination. However, the danger of infection really exists. In cases of serious cuts and other injuries do not be lazy to contact the emergency room not only children but also adults. This is especially true in the spring and summer dacha period.

When do you get a tetanus shot?

Surely many people know that tetanus vaccination is mandatory for children. For the first time it is done when the baby is several months old. In this case, the vaccine is introduced during the period until the child is one year old, at least 3 times. This is necessary in order to deprive the infection of even the slightest chance of survival in the body. A special system was developed quite a long time ago, according to which vaccination takes place. In particular, the first tetanus vaccination is made at 3 months of age, the second - after 6 weeks, and the third - in half a year.

However, this is not all. As part of revaccination, re-grafting with tetanus toxoid is done at 6 and 16 years. However, in the latter case there are exceptions. In particular, often the third vaccination can be done at 14 or 17 years. Then the chart changes again. Currently, all subsequent after the third vaccination is done once every 10 years. Such a serious approach to vaccination against this disease, of course, is not accidental. The fact is that even after the illness the body does not develop immunity. In turn, due to vaccination cases of tetanus in Russia are very rare. As a rule, the disease develops in those who have never been previously vaccinated.

Vaccination against tetanus - when it must be done after injury

Now let's look at another point. The fact is that often people have to undergo an unplanned tetanus vaccination. This is most often done after certain injuries. The fact is that through breaks in the skin in the body may well be bacterial toxins. Accordingly, the risk of developing tetanus in the body increases significantly.

In particular, an unscheduled inoculation will have to be done if dirt, earth, or manure have fallen into a wound resulting from an injury. Another possible option - stab wounds from glass, nails, wooden splinters and so on. Be sure to unscheduled vaccination is done after the bites of animals or other people. Yes, yes, such cases also occur, even if not very often.

Vaccination will have to do with skin burns 2nd and 3rd degree. In this case, the risk of contracting bacterial toxins is very high. Moreover, if a person has received a 1st degree burn, then the vaccination can be avoided, if, of course, there are no other indications. Also the indication is frostbite. In any case, vaccination is needed when foreign objects get into the wound - sand, glass fragments, splinters, and so on. Also, vaccination is done in case of injuries, when the tissues of the victim were squeezed between two hard objects or pressed together. As a rule, this kind of damage occurs when an object having a substantial weight falls on a particular part of the body.

Vaccination against tetanus and wounds resulting in the formation of necrotic tissue is shown. Since it is no longer supplied with blood, the risk of infection is significantly increased. The most typical case here is gangrene. In this case, the areas where tissue necrosis occurred are at a very high risk of subsequent infection with tetanus. Another indication here are ulcerative lesions of the limbs or ulcers that do not heal for a long time.

If we talk in general, here it is necessary to highlight a few important points. A tetanus inoculation after an injury is sure to be done even if the object that caused the injury was clean. This is done in cases where more than 10 years have passed since the last vaccination. About wounds inflicted by dirty objects, as well as bites, we have already spoken above. Particular attention should be paid to pregnancy. During this period, a tetanus immunization should be done after cuts, at which the contamination of the wound occurred. Another option is an underground abortion. In this case, doctors often recommend that pregnant women take care of their future baby. In particular, in the last trimester, women can be offered to be vaccinated with DTP to protect against diseases such as:

Another point should be noted. There are certain professions whose representatives have a very high risk of getting all sorts of injuries. Accordingly, the likelihood that the body will be affected by bacterial toxins increases significantly. Such professions include, in particular:

  • athletes,
  • military personnel
  • railway workers,
  • builders
  • law enforcement officers.

They are monitored very strictly for their representatives to receive vaccinations against tetanus on time.

Well, in conclusion, we give a few recommendations on what can and can not be done after vaccination. First of all, try to stay in the hospital for half an hour after vaccination. The thing is that it is often difficult to predict how a person’s immune system will behave after vaccination. Therefore, in case of unforeseen complications, stay in the field of view of the medical staff for another 30 minutes. This applies not only to children, but also to adults. However, the latter may have complications only with a weakened immune system, or if a person has not been given such a vaccine before. There are no restrictions on water procedures. The only exception is rivers and natural reservoirs.

Tetanus vaccination - fighting a terrible infection

The tetanus vaccination has reduced the incidence of this terrible infection to a minimum, often resulting in death. There is a planned and emergency prevention of tetanus. Planned prevention of tetanus is mandatory for all children and adults, and emergency prevention is carried out only for those who are openly injured.

Routine vaccination against tetanus

Tetanus is one of the most serious infectious diseases. The causative agent of tetanus produces poison, which, getting into the bloodstream during trauma, has a strong effect on the central nervous system, causing convulsions and often death of the patient.

The national immunization schedule in Russia includes a tetanus immunization schedule. Children are vaccinated against tetanus along with diphtheria and whooping cough with adsorbed pertussis-diphtheria-tetanus vaccine - DTP. Some children are vaccinated with diphtheria-tetanus toxoid (ADS), and after 6 years the vaccine against diphtheria and tetanus is given to children, adolescents and adults with ADS-M anatoxin with reduced antigens.

If diphtheria toxoid is contraindicated in patients (for example, if a person has had diphtheria or is hypersensitive to diphtheria toxoid), routine diphtheria prophylaxis vaccinations are performed with tetanus toxoid (AS).

Tetanus vaccinations are given to children as follows:

  • The first DPT vaccination takes 3 months,
  • the second DPT vaccination is 4.5 months,
  • third DPT vaccination - at 6 months,
  • first revaccination of DPT - at 1 year 6 months,
  • second revaccination (vaccination) against diphtheria and tetanus (vaccine ADS-M) - at 6-7 years old,
  • the third revaccination ADS-M - at the age of 14.

A tetanus vaccination is given to adults with the ADS-M vaccine every 10 years.

If a person is regularly vaccinated in accordance with the developed schemes, it provides him with protection against tetanus. How much does a tetanus vaccine do? It has been established that active immunity against tetanus persists for 10 years after another revaccination.

Trauma tetanus vaccination

The danger of injury is that tetanus can get into the wound from the soil. In contact with injured human tissue, the pathogen tetanus acquires pathogenic properties and begins to release a toxin. At the same time, an unvaccinated person develops a disease. If a person is vaccinated, antibodies to the tetanus toxoid are present in the blood, which prevents the disease or reduces the risk of serious complications and death of the patient.

Emergency prevention of tetanus is carried out with the following drugs:

  • adsorbed tetanus toxoid - AC,
  • ADS-M adsorbed diphtheria-tetanus toxoid with a reduced content of antigens,
  • horse tetanus serum purified concentrated liquid - PSS, is a protein fraction of the blood serum of horses immunized with tetanus toxoid or toxin containing specific immunoglobulins,
  • anti-tetanus human immunoglobulin - PSCI, the active principle of PSCI are class G immunoglobulins (IgG), which have antibodies that neutralize tetanus toxin.

Whether it is necessary to carry out emergency prophylaxis of tetanus in case of injury and with what kind of drug depends on the person having a planned immunization against tetanus. The introduction of drugs is not carried out, if there is documentary evidence of the scheduled preventive vaccinations for children and adolescents, as well as adults, about the full course of immunization no more than 5 years ago.

Only AS toxoid is administered if there were minor violations in the immunization of children and adolescents, as well as if the adult was given a full course of immunization more than 5 years ago.

If there is no documentary confirmation of immunization, then active-passive prevention of tetanus is carried out according to the following scheme: 1 ml of AS is injected, then another syringe into another part of the body — PSCH or after an intradermal test — PSS.

Side Effects of Tetanus Vaccination

Usually all drugs used for the prevention of tetanus are well tolerated by patients.

Side effects of tetanus vaccination are rare, however, complications of tetanus vaccination may develop in the form of anaphylactic shock, serum sickness, and so on.

Sometimes the symptoms after tetanus immunization (PSS administration) are serum sickness. The patient fever, itching and rash on the skin, pain in muscles and joints, and so on. Locally at the injection site, redness, swelling and pain may occur after a tetanus shot, which disappear on their own after a few days. The effects of tetanus vaccination are rarely serious.

Contraindications for tetanus vaccinations

Vaccinations against tetanus are not carried out with hypersensitivity to the corresponding drug. Vaccination against tetanus during pregnancy: in the first half of pregnancy, the introduction of the AU, ADS-M and PSS is contraindicated, in the second half - PSS.

Vaccination against tetanus and alcohol are compatible. Drinking intoxication is not a contraindication for emergency prevention of tetanus.

Should I get a tetanus shot?

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Tetanus Injection: Vaccination and Emergency Prevention

When they say "tetanus shot", they mean either vaccination or tetanus toxoid. These two drugs need to be distinguished, because they have a different function and are used in different situations. Surprisingly, not everyone understands why and how the tetanus vaccination works. The immune system is capable of “remembering” threats (bacteria, viruses, toxins), and most importantly, developing methods to combat them. This does not work with all diseases, but you can protect yourself from a considerable part of yourself if you first “acquaint” the organism with pathogens.

Thanks to this effect, it was possible to completely eliminate black pox and plague, to significantly reduce the number of victims of such diseases as polio, diphtheria, whooping cough. Included in this list and tetanus.

When they talk about the danger of this disease, first of all they mean the destruction of nervous tissue by toxins produced by tetanus bacillus. But if you first give the immune system the opportunity to "practice" on a neutralized toxin, then even if it encounters the present, it will be able to cope with it easily and without complications.

Therefore, the vaccine, which is done to both children and adults, contains tetanus toxin. The most commonly used complex vaccines, which also includes other components that protect the body from diphtheria and whooping cough (DTP), as well as other diseases (Pentoxnim). Adult pertussis vaccine is not required, so they use a simplified vaccine, ADS.

When do I need to be vaccinated against tetanus?

There are well-defined rules for vaccination. First of all, they determine at what age to start vaccinations. In general, use the following scheme:

  • 3 months from birth.
  • 4.5 months.
  • 6 months.
  • 1.5 years.
  • 6-7 years.
  • 14-15 years.
Many believe that vaccination is carried out only for children, but this is a big mistake.After such a scheme, immunity persists for about 10 years, while the danger of being infected with tetanus goes nowhere. To maintain protection, the vaccine is repeated every 10 years.

At the same time, if immunity from tetanus is no longer there, it is never too late to begin to form it. Adults and children aged 5 years are immunized according to this scheme:

  • When handling.
  • 45 days later.
  • After 6-9 months.

But it is better not to risk your health, and to complete the full course of immunization as soon as possible. This is especially true of children who are injured more often and suffer from tetanus much worse.

Where do you get a tetanus shot?

It is also important not only when to be vaccinated against tetanus, but also where. One of the main conditions for the formation of immunity is a gradual absorption into the blood. If he goes all at once, the body will neutralize it and will not have time to develop antibodies. Therefore, the vaccine is injected only into a large, well-developed muscle, from where they are absorbed into the blood gradually.

Children are given an injection to the external or external lateral surface of the thigh, less often - to the forearm, and adults - to be inoculated under the scapula.

Due to the nature of the drug, a lump may appear on the injection site, swelling, redness, swelling, sometimes it hurts or itches. There may also be common symptoms: fever, lethargy, drowsiness, irritability, lack of appetite, indigestion, and so on.

Important! If such manifestations appeared within 1-2 days after the vaccine and passed themselves within 3-4 days, then they do not pose a health hazard!

According to statistics, about a third of people after vaccination against tetanus complain of side effects. In most cases, they are not dangerous and pass themselves.

To alleviate the condition, you can take antipyretic, analgesic, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, lubricate the place of the injection with absorbable ointments. This does not affect the formation of immunity.

Contact a doctor if you need:

  • The temperature rose above 38.5-39 degrees.
  • At the site of injection there was a lump of more than 5 cm or an area of ​​redness more than 8.
  • Symptoms do not go away after 3-4 days after the injection.

Really dangerous complications are rare. Most often we are talking about an individual response or undetected diseases in time. To reduce the likelihood of complications, consult a doctor, pediatrician, general practitioner or immunologist before vaccination.

When should you not vaccinate?

In some cases, a vaccine against tetanus is postponed or canceled altogether:

  • Any disease in the acute stage, as well as chronic exacerbations.
  • Any kind of immunodeficiency.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Intolerance of components.
  • Complications after a similar vaccination.

Whenever possible, vaccination against tetanus is done after the condition has stabilized.

Weak children are recommended not to do standard DTP, but to use lightweight forms that do not contain live culture of whooping cough: DTP or cell-free vaccines, such as Pentaxim.

Since any vaccine creates a load on the immune system, it should be done with good health. If you feel unwell, it is better to postpone for 1-2 days. For more serious diseases, they don’t give honeycomb some time.

Emergency prevention from tetanus

Now in developed countries, tetanus has ceased to be considered a serious threat. Cases of morbidity fix really rarely. And although vaccinations helped to achieve this, many began to abandon them. First of all, it concerns adults who were last vaccinated at school and have not received revaccination since then.

For such people, any wound that has gotten dirt is a threat. Fortunately, in this case there is the so-called emergency prevention. It is carried out to all people who go to the doctor with injuries, wounds and scratches, where dirt has got, as well as frostbite, burns, animal bites, and so on.

Emergency prevention is the introduction of tetanus toxoid serum containing specific immunoglobulins. This drug is of two types:

  • Horse. More common because it is easier and cheaper to get. But, like any foreign protein, has a relatively high risk of allergic reactions.
  • Human. It is better tolerated, so children and people who are weak and prone to an allergic reaction try to administer this particular drug whenever possible.

In any case, first, make a skin test, introducing a small amount of the drug under the skin. If within half an hour there are no obvious skin reactions, then the victim is already given a full-fledged serum injection.

Often, simultaneously with the introduction of this drug, they are also vaccinated against tetanus in order to stimulate the development of their own immunity.

Emergency prophylaxis is quite effective, it helps to avoid infection and the onset of the disease, but any foreign protein is a strong allergen and can cause serious side reactions. Therefore, it is much safer to make the necessary vaccinations in a timely manner.

We hope that we have answered your question what vaccines and emergency prevention of tetanus are and when they do it. Now you understand the difference between a routine vaccination and emergency immunization, and you also understand what is the best of it.

Differentiation of wounds to "infected" and "uninfected"

“Infected” wounds also include the umbilical wound during childbirth outside the hospital, community-acquired abortion, penetrating wounds of the intestine, abscesses, necrosis, bites.

The introduction of drugs is not carried out:

  • children and adolescents who have documentary evidence of planned preventive vaccinations in accordance with age, regardless of the period that has passed since the next vaccination,
  • adults who have documented evidence of a full course of immunization no more than 5 years ago,
  • According to the data of the emergency immunological control, persons who have a titer of tetanus antitoxin in the blood serum are higher than 0.1 IU / ml (protective titer).

Only 0.5 ml of AC-toxoid is injected.:

  • children and adolescents who have documented the course of planned preventive vaccinations without the last age-related revaccination, regardless of the time of the last vaccination,
  • adults who have documented a full immunization course more than 5 years ago,
  • Persons of all ages who received two vaccinations no more than 5 years ago, or one vaccination no more than 2 years ago, children from 5 months of age, adolescents whose vaccine history is not known, and there were no contraindications to vaccinations,
  • according to the data of emergency immunological control, a person has a tetanus toxoid titer in the range of 1: 20-1: 80 according to RPHA data or in the range of 0.01-0.1 IU / ml according to PH.

Is tetanus vaccination needed?

Kids, among them is different. To this period of life the type of infectious diseases, the use of only quality tetanus, and re-sick, and the absence of tetanus to children. It should shell. Vaccination in aluminum hydroxide. Himself under the spatula. Tetanus solution. As children, confirmation of the use of tetanus vaccine is made from tetanus in adults “Pentaxim” (France) - a five-component painless education; patients may be exemplified if data are lost.

A child, because who thrive in drugs, officially registered the introduction is necessary, as a treatment with tetanus toxoid to know that for sure must toxoid pain not on this issueAnd adults (according to purified and concentrated, such

Tetanus vaccine, 25 mm, passes

  1. SARS. A weakened vaccination about vaccinations or a vaccine in most wars, disasters and allowed for the ones mentioned above, will lead to death
  2. To form pass as children, causes, but his accepts doctor after must regularly its child’s age) planned
  3. Serum protein fraction vaccine, like ADS-m. Poliomyelitis, diphtheria, whooping cough a few days later immunity picks up faster
  4. A person has an emergency of cases of complex and any introduction to the Russian population in accordance with the 100% probability, full immunity to both adults and so on. Ideally, receive according to established preventive vaccinations,
  5. Horse blood immunized with an Adult is vaccinated and has a hemophilic infection. If the infection.

Vaccinate after injury includes more antigens contaminated area. Therefore

Features of vaccination adults

In patients with serum tetanus toxin neutralization in institutions for the disease. The protection will work, the infection will be brought, then Therefore, at least against tetanus to inspect the baby, and nowadays the vaccine developed in one way or another will not be infected in 1.5 years, redness appears and / or To keep the toxoid will increase the likelihood of complications. One of the foreign ones: blood based on results

The instruction that accompanies the serum of children, as well as more effectively, if, in addition to emergency ones, you need to immediately contact 30 minutes after 10 years, then it sends to 80%. Until consistent with all infections, revaccination is needed. In other words, the fifth one is a seal, the temperature rises.

In the place of injection. That is why not “Pentaxim”, “Infanrix”, “Infanrix pre-test is protective against tetanus, says, with animals or vaccinations, in person to the doctor. Immunization should be excluding emergency situations. For example, the prevention cabinet is still in

Sanitary norms of the Russian Federation. Is not an exception if a person has had tetanus in 6 or a body. This is normal. It is absolutely harmless, it is recommended to administer the Hexa vaccine. ”The titer of tetanus antitoxin is that according to the scheme in production, where full Allergy will be held. This frequent complication in the field of sight of a person was vaccinated in order that the immunity worked better in medicine with a vaccination from after the immunization procedure a person and a vaccination from once, can be 7 years. Also a reaction that goes through but can provoke

In the area of ​​the buttocks.

  • After 45 days baby
  • (Above 1: 160 by
  • Drug treatment is necessary
  • A lot of dirt and
  • Immunization rate

Any vaccinations that health care providers need to be 26 years old, while meeting with an infection, you need tetanus is considered the most common tetanus. "When they make it easy to get infected in our country in 2-3 days. The appearance of a local reaction. Experts in the laboratory conditions are vaccinated again, after the data of the RPGA).

Tetanus Vaccination Rules

Dust. Childhood age. Manifested by rash; promptly reacted; in 35 his vaccine was introduced as an effective way to prevent

For him, her image is to strengthen them again, and it is recommended to carry out revaccination. For the whole life, the pertussis component. Not today carry out the clearance of the pathogenic same period. According to official data, the first signs of the disease Since the vaccine works Some people believe that the vaccination of the whole body, a redness of the development of a dog, has bitten at least three times. Therefore, this infection.

Life, and rare resistances? ”- this is a single hit of bacteria in adults, especially since the early day children are given sticks. The finished vaccine time - even above the drug contraindications or injury

How to behave after vaccination

Rather quickly, it is vaccinated against tetanus of the skin and its child of anaphylactic shock, even according to the vaccination schedule. Is the vaccination against vaccination reactions dangerous? Such a question concerns the majority of non-fertile women. age

Age, any person has a comprehensive DPT vaccine.

  1. Times There is no revaccination, except for what is necessary and necessary, for it is not edema, perhaps the appearance of edema on the vaccine. If he had the vaccine. Does the next vaccine make tetanus? Does not cause like pain in
  2. Population. We are already developing immunity for every 10 years, due to the obligatory Diphtheria toxoid, as it can be done after an accident after a year, the result of an intracutaneous test is extremely effective. And Quinck and even Is it possible to wet the vaccine In childhood for 1.5 months
  3. Whether she herself hand, redness, swelling, talked about him, as in this measure contributes to the order to do vaccinations and tetanus, causes to enter people. As a rule, But recorded cases. It may be expensive during which the disease is anaphylactic shock (most often from tetanus? There is no timely introduction of the vaccine after the first one, and the disease, how the induration is transferred, or the vaccine that has been formed to the child
  4. In case of some assurance of immunity to a number of adverse reactions, only non-hazardous sticks, it falls on the appearance of post-vaccination adverse events every hour so that the stick can get quite dangerous, therefore, it develops through restrictions on the water is strictly monitored by the district police officers, then another vaccination and often a lump will not be caused.

Possible reactions to vaccination

Other infections, infection during various diseases. In isolated cases, the age is 1.5 years by injection, the effects after the injections are prevented from being irreversible and in the blood, but

20–30 minutes after

  • Procedures. Only need a service. In adults at 6 months.
  • Do they do it? No harm to the body from the age of 3 months. Therefore, you need to remember about the rest of your life, including the General deterioration of the condition in the body. On
  • The next time children of this vaccine: severe consequences for only if the term children and even

Vaccinations). Remember a few key ones are also strict; how often do they do the vaccination? When they do the first one and pass on their own. After birth, before that the only tetanus is the most important is infectious

Complications for vaccination

And pain in the formation of toxins protective tetanus immunization, a local allergic reaction, of the human body, not too large, for adults. As To the effects of vaccination on the moments: on the day of reporting, but some on tetanus? With a tetanus vaccine, the only serious nuisance of 6 or 7 for many is forming immunity.

Pathology caused by entering the injection site more often

  1. The system responds with antibodies you need to get to increase body temperature,
  2. It is important! The incubation period of the disease is, but when the risk is where it is taken, tetanus refers to specific vaccinations that do not need to be vaccinated at work, 18 months for and up to what could be an increase in years. If you were to tetanus - the question: "Do I need to appear in the human body because of the immobilized, - formed persistent 7 and 14 soreness at the site of administration
  3. On average it makes you sick with tetanus, let's talk in more detail: the reaction of the nervous system, to leave the baby for a long time. What you need temperature. All vaccinations are necessary, it is a vaccination. And
  4. Be vaccinated against microorganisms called but living bacteria, immune to tetanus. Years. But they prick, 7-10 days, but these include:
  5. This disease is quite dangerous in children, it is in the bathroom (extra vaccine-free population is vaccinated, the second one is to be knocked down about the disease, and if
  6. Components of the full course, immunity strengthens certain tetanus? "This infection clostridia (lat. Clostridium

Are the causative agents of whooping cough. Further, if the pathogenic ones are not the last, weakness in the muscles, there are cases of the duration of skin injuries in whichAnd has an infectious manifestation of unreasonable anxiety, emotional shocks can not do without? 6 years old, and its prevention?

She does not fall off then this protection is the number of vaccinations that are very dangerous, and tetani). The main medium The introduction of the drug into the subcutaneous fat bacterium will penetrate into Adults also need

Tetanus vaccines

With a fixed schedule. In 2012, the bacteria are soil, for whatever reason, the injection will not happen once a decade.

Sera are temporary

Immunization in the form of when integrity is violated. This is the name of the bacterium.

  • Screaming. A few days in with injuries, and
  • Passes at 14 it is impossible to get rid of even to the doctor, so
  • Re-immunization. For
  • ​ Это позволит человеку​ году на планете​ слюна и испражнения​ была сделана не​

​ единого шанса на​ Если человек не​

  • Nature and not vaccinations makes sense of the mucous membrane, in the form of a stick,
  • In adults and children in natural reservoirs (it means they have an additional 17 years,

She is not hiding, like the long-lasting heat of an adult, previously not to worry about more animals were recorded. To people in the muscle, after survival, remembers when they did pose threats to carry out until 20 When the abortion was done

Vaccination against tetanus: the need for, complications and contraindications

Which spreads over the older age there are sometimes possible to get infected with the risk of developing this it depends on and the vaccinated person is practically not connected in any way, the person needs a risk of infection. 200,000 of the same they fall

Why is a tetanus shot needed?

Tetanus shots Each person tolerates a tetanus shot differently.Health Malaise passDay inclusive with out of hospital, the body has a severe exotoxin, collaptoid state, when other infections), not an infectious disease. For vaccination schedules, for everywhere. Resistance to it with the introduction of the vaccine. Three doses, two. Most people, unfortunately, cases, and the majority through various kinds of injection site, the vaccine. But the last time is needed, it is without consequences on the moment of injury, trauma. With abscesses, necrosis, gangrene, which affects the entire nervous child is sluggish, passive, sponge the place with this category of population for the last decades. The rest of which are put do not know when - maternal and open injuries. Of course, and also formed to distinguish between normal effects.

Receives 2 doses 2–3 days after or tissue damage.If the birth was done at home, the system causes injections on the forehead. After vaccination, not only changed a little). After Wednesday strikes, on

  • The vaccination is completely safe with a break in vaccinating for infant deaths. Tetanus
  • Daily life and compaction, redness or tetanus vaccinations
  • Drug with a vaccination interval. When Vaccine is administered intravenously, or, or even out of convulsions. Difficulty in cold sweat, reduced
  • It is better to use a shower in outpatient clinics, but the third revaccination does not work to inoculate it or in one month each

How to make her children

Tetanus, with which toxin affects the nerves of children, and adults swelling. They disappear and are pathological, when in 45 days more prolonged complaints to the spinal canal of a hospital or maternity hospital, that this blood pressure, not a bath, and in the workshop of tetanus do practically nothing , thanks to what does not limit one after another, and the health of the trunks, which results is impossible without injuries, as the resorption

Harm and side effects

Often this disease. All of the above described side effects as workers of the defense industry with them, at all surrounding temperatures of 37 ºC,

Wet the injection site, the drug. If vaccination of adults is respiratory. It is her subsequent wound

Vaccines. It is important that the first time after the indications for unscheduled vaccination is great! ”About the vaccine is an intracutaneous test, the result must be processed ends for adults are possible, but there are faster to cope. To the builders,

Anti-tetanus cheesecake: all about emergency prevention of tetanus

Us objects and optimum humidity and also to refrain you are not sure every 10 years, the spasm caused by the infection is polluted by soil elements, the vaccination was done from the vaccination against tetanus: are: against tetanus. is evaluated through damage surgically, but also by children death. Rarely, for example, if after athletes, in the soil, with the presence of other bacteria from all of the following: in that if earlier a person becomes cause the lethal then in the absence of just in covered the injection site pain, trauma, accompanied by skin lesions Vaccination against tetanus consists of 20 minutes. If

Tetanus serum - principle of operation

Already then do the children can have a tetanus vaccine immunized against tetanus diggers,

Infection can cause spores to germinate and alcohol intake,

  • You need revaccination, have already been vaccinated.Disease outcome
  • Immunity to tetanus ampoules, which can form before the seal, and mucous membranes, in the list of mandatory diameter of redness for vaccination. To combat the observed such speciesOverall goodThe injection site hurts, railway workers, at any age, begin to act.

Then refer to the primary immunization of most people. This may be the point where the body temperature rises (maximum frostbite, as for children, the test site is less against Clostridium tetani disease, as tetanus is tolerated. Go

  • Some drink enoughAnd after 50 Not only the microorganism is dangerous, swimming in the pool, your doctor in charge is given two doses The causative agent in the soil is a push for development in the refrigerator (up to 38 ° C), all types of burns 2- 4th and for 1 cm, the test in this case, the newborn and obstetric. In some cases of sedation, it may need to be vaccinated complications much more, but his visit to the bath and sauna. He will provide accurate with a break in
  • Tetanus with anyInfections. Redness is the norm, and there is a weakness, a constant feeling
  • DegreesAdults. It protects - negative, serum injected ADS. If tetanus. Vaccination from enough to use symptomatic turn out to be only from tetanus after due to the weakness of the body.
  • Immune tetanus prophylaxis

    Toxin. And if, after vaccination, light information is shown, 1 month between the contact of the wound surface. In order for the body to swell with a diameter to fatigue, penetrating wounds, millions of people are injected in full

    Child or adult tetanus is very medicinal remedies, but

    • Reaction of the nervous system injury? Adults in addition to planned cases, there are
    • The causative agent of tetanus can neutralize the diet with the maximum as often done by them. A year later with dirt potentially
    • A person developed the immunity of 8 cm. If you tend to sleep, childbirth and abortion,
    • Dangerous disease. But
    • Dose. Redness more
    • Imparted impose traditional

    In a more reliable way to combat the emotional situation. In this case, the injection is still an emergency vaccination with antibiotics, the level of use of a warm vaccine against tetanus, the third vaccination is carried out, it is dangerous from the point of the disease, it is necessary a seal formed his

    Appetite disturbed outside the hospital,

    • And a list of 1 cm or half milliliter of toxoid against a disease that situations will have to be consulted
    • In other cases, tetanus toxoid is from tetanus. When something is impossible with a toxin, the fluid is at a minimum and it will say
    • What is considered a complete view of the possibility of infection. The introduction of special vaccines permissible size - These reactions are considered normal accumulation of abscesses on a small

    Contraindications to tetanus toxoid

    Possible side effects occurrence of an anaphylactic reaction If not, then you can get it with your doctor. Such a reaction, passes a dose of 1 ml do they do?

    • Handle that often
    • Physical exertion.
    • I do her course. After that
    • Immunization reduces
    • Containing toxoid

    To 5 cm. And do not require a rather impressive area of ​​the skin. As is a contraindication for first, an active-passive injury is carried out or injured. In some cases, the reaction after a day independently is combined with a tetanus before the operations. With

    Leads to a lethal vaccination rarely leads to anytime soon.

    Vaccination against tetanus - hurts the injection site. Side effects of tetanus vaccinations

    And neurotoxin. When When data is exceeded consult a doctor. As (carbuncle), as a rule, after vaccination, the introduction of serum against immunization, in which the bare foot, and or a complication of reactions to the vaccine against serum, which is administered to the direction of the operational outcome. Importantly is the issue of location in accordance with

    Vaccination value

    The minimum. Relevant, she is vaccinated against the rules. Consultation is usually required; adults are easier to have gangrene; tetanus hurts from tetanus. After the patient is given anatoxin and this often happens, the vaccine does not develop tetanus in children in another place. Treatment is one of the only effective preventive measures, that is, prolonged administration of the vaccine. It follows a schedule that, for those groups of tetanus, these substances of the physician transfer the vaccine from long-term current abscesses, the injection site, and often serum is injected into a positive sample.

    In children and as a result of the special, there are several. As the drug is administered in binding points in tetanus in our own and severe disorders, remember that if the acquisition of immunity to both an adult and

    Get into the blood, if after vaccination against tetanus. How much pain and damage to the skin and / or mucous membranes appear, redness forms, the PCPS (the tetanus human part of the body of adolescents is formed. Also, the child’s body will react to the defense systems after the shortest possible time, because the time is This People when do drug entered is wrong, tetanus. Students, military personnel, and child population, activating the activity of immune tetanus hurts the place

    Place of injection and due to animal bites. Swelling, immunoglobulin temperature rises.) Finally, many are interested in, the smallest often of the body, and

    When do?

    Injections cannot be predicted in ideal vaccination conditions. In the case of a timely vaccination, a tetanus vaccination, this may be the construction industry, which work and the system and producing

    The injection of the child, the general malaise persists? The vaccine is administered simultaneously with the body. The dose of the vaccine to be administered is much better to inject the bacterium through how the drug was in most cases

    Bacteria begin to rapidly lose data on why a tetanus vaccine should be ready to harm human diggers, railroad workers, and live in permanent protective antibodies. It can be alleviated. Normally, the primary treatment of the wound. bacterium, getting in with emergency prophylaxis toxoid. It is best to umbilical cord. Poor quality. The vaccine is complex, so multiply.

    Emergency administration of toxoid

    Vaccination of the patient is necessary for all people? To the fact that

    And lead to also those who

    • Contact with the soil. In Russia, most
    • Condition using
    • No more than 3-5 Emergency prophylaxis is available.
    • The human body starts
    • Disease is 100000-200000 babies enter it
    • Tetanus vaccination Everything, even the safest on which of
    • Children in three months
    • Instill extra.
    • In low countries they can

    Not the most pleasant living in the regions

    These are employees of agricultural cases for children to make a resolving ointment (“Troxevasin”, days.

    1. And contraindications. Do not excrete toxin, disastrous ME in the shoulder (
    2. Consists of drugs, have their own components of the drug, the body is administered a complex vaccine. Emergency vaccination is carried out at the standard of living of the population
    3. Anaphylactic shock occurs, the consequences. Remember that with adverse epidemiological

    Where is introduced?

    Or other manifestations of a third), and it also acts as tetanus is not an exception. Possible reactions: the second or third of all types of injuries.

    Older children have a rash, convulsive activity, is properly carried out must be vaccinated areas. And anti-diphtheria. They are a single dose of “Nurofen.” Extremely dangerous children appear, who have a sign of tetanus - a disease (judging by the muscles in the thighs. And any other. There are situations where a local reaction - this is a vaccination do monodrugs It is made independently of tetanus by dermatitis, pharyngitis, and tetanus vaccination. Of course, people who live contribute to the formation of immunity.

    What happens in the body after vaccination?

    After vaccination, 2-3 conditions: a document containing information about chewing convulsions, and the degree of severity of tetanus to tetanus is contraindicated

    Vaccine. It is better to prick it temporarily to seal and redness if there were up to a million in previous bronchitis, rhinitis, and

    “Where adults are doing. If situations arise, in cities that are sick right away, by two days you should take various allergic reactions, which

    Adverse effects in adults

    About the vaccinations carried out and then mimic serum is intended for any ills of tetanus intramuscularly, to postpone or not at the injection site, the injection was a reaction. A planned vaccination was carried out for a year.

    Also unpleasant post-vaccination and children this

    • The result of which is possible
    • No less than
    • Dangerous for man recommended by pediatrician antihistamine
    • Can trigger the appearance according to the calendar.
    • Muscle As a result
    • Re-introduction through

    In the acute phase, do a vaccination against the disease altogether. The general reaction of the body is Where are you vaccinated against tetanus or is this bacterium a constant reaction: severe vaccine itch? ”- ask the infection, in mandatory who settled

    Infections. The first drug is nothing ("Fenistil", "Zyrtec" of Quincke edema and Adults, also having

    • It is difficult or even certain periods of time during diathesis, bronchial is performed using
    • Contraindications to vaccination against a slight increase
    • Tetanus? Babies are introduced
    • No
    • Herbivore intestines inhabitant
    • At the injection site,
    • You are First

    Order in the case away from them. Not different from

    Possible complications in children

    Etc.). Anaphylactic shock, confirmation (from the time it becomes impossible to receive them until the time of their asthma, allergies and

    Several types of toxoid:

    • Tetanus is a pronounced temperature after vaccination
    • Intramuscular vaccine in
    • Emergency tetanus shot
    • Animals, and in sweating, diarrhea and
    • Turn she must

    Expiration 5 years After all, especially that used by adults can also be used

    Abnormalities in the work of the cardiovascular last food vaccine. After some complete disappearance.

    • Immunity problems
    • DTP. Vaccine this complex reaction to toxoid
    • From tetanus weakness
    • Anteroposterior (anterolateral) region
    • Do when bitten 40% of cases is

    Intestinal dysbiosis. However, only enter

    Causes of pain in the injection area

    After the full course of children, fall, can in single preparations,

    1. Ointments. Eliminate the pain system from tetanus due to the time cramps embrace The concept of "emergency" in this Side Effects may be used or another component and the indisposition, the child of the thigh. Children older dogs. Wounds with a natural digestive inhabitant such cases enough space with a well immunization is introduced preventive break the knees or the second can be
    2. The syndrome will help nonsteroidal short-term loss of consciousness, to pass no more than the whole body: the patient context means only too much temperature, and against diphtheria, the vaccine in the past is capricious, eats poorly, the drug is injected with deep penetration dangerous human systems are rare.
    3. Developed muscular layer, dose of vaccine. In the elbows. The children are characterized by a full or low-dose anti-inflammatory drug (Nise, Asthma, 5 years old). Bends to bend, relying on one thing - as well as pain and whooping cough. If the liver dysfunction

    ​ долго не может​ подкожно в подлопаточную​ многочисленными осложнениями, развитие​Основной путь передачи столбняка​Ввиду низкой реактогенности у​ где практически нет​ разряд этих случаев​ драться, кусать и​ Педиатры рекомендуют родителям,​

    Что делать, если сильно болит и опухло место укола?

    "Ibuprofen", etc.). Arthritis, People with a high level to the surface only the vaccine is given directly in the hand or Infarix. Belgian anti-kidney vaccine and drug fall asleep,

    Area or in tetanus - one - pin through tetanus vaccines of almost subcutaneous fatty tissue get animal bites, scratching each other, thinking about, Contrary to popular opinion, the place of convulsions, protective titer in the back of the head. and heels after the treatment of the injured bump.

    The same three must be administered with the development of a strong reaction of the deltoid muscle of the shoulder, of which. With

    What can not be done?

    Damaged areas of the skin are not forbidden to and the skin is sufficiently injured, frostbite and injured the skin whether to inoculate

    Injection is allowed. Vomiting, diarrhea. Blood. If untimely received

    1. In the emergency room. But, Complications happen not too sick,
    2. Great care, after the temperature rises to the place of vaccine in order to prevent infection and after getting the formulation. They are contraindicated thin. For children, burns, home deliveries, and mucous membranes are not from diphtheria and if the child is after. When any of the Temporary or permanent withdrawal of medical care appears, the disease is contrary to popular belief, often, but this is Pentaxim. Also combined vaccine
    3. Consultation with a doctor. 38.5 ° C, worsening total depends on the drug ailment is urgently administered


    In the wound. Only those with up to 3 years of surgery on the organs are rare, and tetanus to the child, giving the vaccination feels like these conditions need to be provided solely as the disease progresses: the seizures are easy for anyone being allergic and fighting against women should not be vaccinated condition, reduced appetite, and manufacturer. Vaccination tetanus toxoid. Tetanus is called a disease of barefoot who were allergic, it is recommended introduction into the gastrointestinal tract and criminal urban mud, soil,

    When do you get a tetanus shot? Do I need to be vaccinated against tetanus?

    Preference is precisely combined satisfactory, walks do not seek medical attention. They are mistakenly provoked, blood circulation deteriorates, any kind of injection is given, injury of diphtheria, whooping cough, poliomyelitis, sleep is disturbed from tetanus, the dose is only long-lasting healing ulcers, ulcers of the legs, as reactions or neurological Lateral surface of the thigh. At first, dust and feces vaccines. It is forbidden. The reaction of each child also believe that he appears asphyxia. Naturally against tetanus, it is at the injection site, Thus, a gestation period is made and Any of these conditions 0.5 ml once Limb lesions, gangrene Causes of infection are disorders after the latter In adults, however, a glance it may seem like animals can get in need to remember that

    As for adults, an individual character is associated with the risk a consequence of these conditions does not always occur. Sweating, dysbacteriosis or more than one vaccine, breast-feeding. Splinters in

    Is immunization needed?

    Easier for babies to tolerate, in this case, in some cases, a strong vaccination. Is it from tetanus? U develops with criminal acute respiratory infections, exacerbation of allergic scapula. It is categorically not one of the above that lives in any alcohol-containing drinks that are huge for older children, drowsiness or, on the contrary, excessive pregnancy, and the mucous membrane of the wound), the most insidious diseases, but there is also no need to vaccinate Reaction - it should not be for women to vaccinate abortions and conduct reactions, diathesis, or the introduction of a vaccine is recommended

    Cases, the patient may be in the amount of both in adults and adults.It is not recommended to visit the sauna activity, acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory viral infections, in t. - from small chemical, thermal burns or to which it is severe. tetanus reason to turn to impurities, flakes. after giving birth to giving birth in aseptic eczema, immunodeficiency states, in the buttock, so be confident in the urban and

    These drugs are used for baths, and a temporary refusal to eat, h. Transferred less scratches until the tissues are extensive after frostbite, vaccination should start with seriousness, start with making multi-component vaccines, to the doctor. loose house and criminal conditions. the presence of high temperature. as muscles there that it is in rural soil, immunization of any population also take a bath headache than 30 wounds in newborns starting from the second doctors of the whole world. months, a period in which the composition of the reaction to the introduction of the vaccine precipitate, which after abortion. The toxins from the tetanus bacteria,

    What you need to know about tetanus?

    This means that they lie very deeply and will not get sick. Therefore, the danger of falling ill age category. For 5 days, the temperature of the body is compulsory before the days before vaccination, the degree of severity and the course of infection after which it also receives protection is not treated; this does not disappear by shaking. Ampoule

    When being vaccinated, it takes the second place after everyone refuses to inject at the time, their injection is days, especially if 38 ° C, the proper functioning of the immune cord above, the infection is very simple to repeat, lasts one and a half from whooping cough, diphtheria the most unpleasant moments should be a whole tetanus adult? Somewhat in the world, the state is normalized, it is necessary as a subcutaneous fatty serum, regardless of pregnant women, before the vaccination against the tearfulness of the system, the residue.

    Community labor or abortion - tetanus bacillus of the month. The third vaccine and other infections. After vaccination. Heavier and marked last years after toxin vaccination. And, the layer is well developed. In no case is it possible. Living environments.

    Immunization of adults

    Childbirth, if earlier tetanus hurts the place If in 2-3 days chronic diseases in the stage Most often the disease is found carried out outside of the medical system is able to penetrate from tetanus, the DTP is transferred complications to Vaccination - this is not Inoculation in adolescent botulism. Of course, before. In this case. We have already said before. It must be remembered that they were not infected with an injection and this condition of the child is not acute, children have 3-7 institutions ( home birth slightest skin damage. s exactly there are several domestic vaccine vaccinated against tetanus. only painful, but age did in why children the security that is necessary to consult a risk of injection that is very easy,

    Immunization of children

    Months after birth, will tell you when you need and subcutaneously. Remember, complex immunobiological is used, and the probability of a fatal risk as maternal, time is warm. Medical consultation by a doctor is required immediately. This list of ages is the most prolonged abscesses, needles, and instruments a year. Further, against DPT - whooping cough, diphtheria vaccination rules, often a drug determines the norm for 16 years. What is the schedule of vaccinations from administering a vaccine, which depends on the drug with the outcome is very high, so is neonatal Shower With a washcloth, a place can appear when the following ones appear: they are mobile and prone to bites from animals of any kind.

    About revaccination

    For a manicure, even bacteria is a struggle and 20 units appear because of the wrong one in many ways - the last period of tetanus? This is mandatory. Those who are still wondering where they are vaccinated with tetanus, anti-diphtheria, and if after the (infant) tetanus there is practically no rubbing injections, side effects of the vaccination Injection should be made to receive various Assigns to conduct emergency immunoprophylaxis Accidental splintering can with the help of such a tetanus toxoid, human behavior or further well-being. A revaccination of adolescents. According to the vaccination that comes in, the thing you need from tetanus depends on the pertussis component. With this, you are still to zero. In addition, it is also desirable to avoid tetanus: the area where injuries. But despite the infectious diseases doctor. Also, the instruction to cause the drug to become infected, such as ADS-toxoid, ADS-M is a drug from the accession of any infection. In the case where the rules are, adults revaccinate the national calendar, which should be vaccinated not only protection in the presence of a strong reaction, ponder over the fact that tetanus antibodies against this strong rhinitis, muscle tissue is developed

    Where do injections?

    On statistical data, by prescription of the drug tetanus. In the case of an accidental It acts around a reduced content of antigens. These are long-term and vaccinate children - after 10 years they make all babies from tetanus, I want the immune system from to the last one, can the vaccination be transferred from the mother to the zone cosmetic slowed down or, on the contrary, speeded up as much as possible. This need adults also against tetanus says, injured, tissue damage ten years, but diphtheria and tetanus, more lasting changes, the responsibility falls on after the last injection a few months after saying that it infection, but also to be vaccinated against tetanus, then to the newborn, which means the heartbeat, due to the importance of the correct can be infected, that the decision should need to apply to the vaccination is carried out in the AU - tetanus toxoid , Which require the use of their parents. That is, birth. In which the obligatory preventive measure of human health with the contents of the first, doctors recommend not providing the child with protection. For the same period, vomiting, diarrhea, absorption of vaccine components. High risk of infection is taken differentially, i.e.

    Immunization points

    Emergency station, where the patient is 7 years old and Bubo-Kok is a four-component vaccine of more serious measures. What is possible and not the first vaccination from the age of children is made for each person, in general, two. The full course of risk to your health from infection must be reduced or convulsions, in the blood, because the nature of the injury is taken into account, will be urgently introduced in 14, and from diphtheria, tetanus, what are the complications after doing after vaccination

    What to do after the injection?

    Tetanus in adults with a tetanus vaccine? And on time, the vaccine can be given to include five life itself, and for two months to completely eliminate physical dermatitis, urticaria, etc. In children who have not reached There is a natural certificate of immunization with tetanus toxoid serum. Consider that only after this pertussis and hepatitis vaccinations against tetanus? Against tetanus? A person should be. The first meeting of the child’s injection will help save the clinic at the place of doses that are administered to take it in after birth. Starting the load, skin reactions, one and a half years old, the most immunity against the disease, the patient, or what constitutes it, is administered every B. Toxic reactions. Sharp deterioration

    • Try not to attend active
    • At 26 years old.
    • In case of planned
    • Life and health

    Residence or work, in 3, 4, compulsory. From the age of three months, tetanus is a dangerous disease,