Valuable recommendations for pregnant women: preparing for motherhood from conception to childbirth


  • Save the pregnancy test as a memory as the very first evidence that the baby is already with you. The test with two stripes can be invested in your child's first album.
  • Get online or a paper diary of pregnancy. It is more convenient to lead by week: from the 1st to the 40th. It will be interesting to reread the diary, because after children's troubles everything is quickly forgotten. Or maybe you can share the experience with future generations of pregnant women.
  • At 6-8 weeks it is necessary to visit the antenatal clinic, family doctor or your obstetrician-gynecologist to confirm the fact of pregnancy and receive first recommendations.
  • During the entire pregnancy should not do laser and photo-epilation, electro-epilation, go to the solarium. Therapeutic physical procedures should be appointed only strictly according to indications.

Well, the very last piece of advice: first of all, during pregnancy, listen to yourself, your body and your intuition.

Easy childbirth and a healthy baby!

Material prepared by Anna Grevtsova

Center "ABC for parents"

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If the pregnancy has become unplanned ...

Of course, in the broad sense of the word, pregnancy cannot happen "according to plan." Roughly speaking, you do not know when exactly you will see those very cherished two strips on the homemade jet dough. But still, if you deliberately prepared for pregnancy and visited a gynecologist, most likely, it will be easier for you to transfer its first stages than for those for whom the conception was a complete surprise. If you are in the second category, and frankly did not expect the sudden happiness of maternity, but still want to leave the child, we will give you some recommendations with which you should start the correction of your usual way of life.

So, useful tips for "unexpectedly pregnant":

  1. Visit your doctor urgently. Firstly, it is not a secret to anyone that modern inkjet tests have a bad property of deceiving. And although any pregnant woman feels the life originated inside her at a subconscious, intuitive level, it is still worth visiting the doctor and confirming the onset of fertilization. To this end, an obstetrician-gynecologist will refer you to a laboratory analysis of the level of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin,
  2. Strongly give up bad habits. Some women smokers panic when they learn about pregnancy. We hasten to assure you - nothing terrible has happened, and you cannot yet harm your child with a pernicious habit. In spite of the fact that the fetus is reliably protected by a “baby’s place” or placenta, poisonous substances penetrate into the womb and adversely affect the development of your crumbs. Therefore, giving up alcohol and cigarettes should occur as quickly as possible. If it is very difficult for you to quit smoking, contact a specialist, drink natural soothing, treat yourself with candies instead of cigarettes,
  3. Consult with your doctor about taking prenatal vitamins. Planning for pregnancy is remarkable in that the woman shows her readiness for her offensive not only at the moral, but also at the physiological level. It's no secret that a pregnant woman needs special dosages of nutrients - vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients. Especially important during pregnancy folic acid and calcium. If you have not taken any multivitamin complexes, it's time to establish such a need and check with your doctor what kind of drug is relevant in your case.

These three points are basic for everyone who has learned about pregnancy suddenly. There are also valuable advice for pregnant women for all weeks that can help to transfer toxicosis and other unpleasant phenomena associated with the adaptation of the mother's body and the rapid growth of the abdomen.

General recommendations for pregnant women

In this section, we decided to give you general tips that will help you to easily endure a pregnancy and monitor its development at any stage.

Understand these rules for the entire period of pregnancy:

  • Drink enough fluids to “flush out” toxins and other toxic substances from the body in a timely manner. But do not overdo it - if you are plagued by swelling, it is better to restrain your ardor with respect to drinking plenty,
  • Pregnancy does not mean that you need to eat "for two." Every woman who is in an “interesting position” should be added to the average daily calorie of the usual mode of only 400-500 kcal. Treat pregnancy as a normal state, and do not excuse it to its uncontrollable bouts of increased appetite,
  • Your food should be healthy and complete. The daily menu must include healthy foods enriched with vitamins and microelements, especially if you do not take additional synthetic agents,
  • Avoid smoking people and do not stay in smoky rooms,
  • Watch the temperature regime - now you can neither overheat nor supercool,
  • If you do not have contraindications, do light exercise. Yoga is ideal for pregnant women,
  • Refuse to visit the sauna and bath,
  • Daily lie on your left side for one hour. This normalizes the natural intestinal motility and prevents constipation,
  • Empty your bladder often, do not hold back urination, and don’t stand to the last
  • Follow the doctor's recommendations for the development of pregnancy by week,
  • Take a walk in the fresh air every day,
  • Be sure to consult your doctor about a particular drug. Completely exclude self-treatment!
  • Avoid contact with pets, and even more so with street animals - the probability of infection with toxoplasmosis is too high,
  • Regardless of your current gestational age, limit your stay at the computer to 20 hours a week,
  • Weigh yourself regularly and keep a diary
  • Measure your blood pressure daily and keep a close eye on its fluctuations to prevent preeclampsia,
  • If possible, avoid traveling in public transport,
  • Visit genetic counseling and take prenatal screenings (PRISCA 1 + PRISCA 2)
  • Be sure to use seat belts in your car. And do not worry about the fact that they put pressure on the stomach: the uterus and amniotic fluid reliably protect your baby from discomfort,
  • Sexual relations are fully acceptable if you do not have a threatened abortion. But nevertheless, one should be more careful about experiments and not practicing too hard intercourse.

You should also know under what symptoms it is important to immediately (!) Consult a doctor:

  1. Any lower abdominal pain unrelated to objective causes (diarrhea, indigestion, etc.),
  2. Pain, giving to the groin and sacral region,
  3. Fever,
  4. Bleeding (bloody discharge from the vagina),
  5. Any other uncharacteristic discharge (in the later periods they may signal the leakage of amniotic fluid).

All these simple rules will help you carry out the child easily and without unnecessary stress. And their implementation will help you to adjust your lifestyle and begin to be attentive to your health even in the postpartum period.

Prenatal recommendations

Is “Hour X” close? Do you feel joy and bliss from the fact that soon you will meet your beloved baby?

Valuable advice for pregnant women before childbirth:

  • 2 weeks before the DA try to go on a sparing diet. Lean on plant foods, as well as dairy and dairy products. This will not only help you cleanse the body before childbirth, but also increase the elasticity of tissues,
  • Every day, massage the crotch with plenty of base oil. So you avoid birth breaks,
  • Get together in advance in the hospital, so as not to fuss when the contractions begin,
  • If you are very afraid that the birth will take you "by surprise", arrange a planned hospitalization with your doctor,
  • Adjust yourself for the best, kill your fears and fears on the vine,
  • Attend a course for pregnant women, learn how to breathe correctly during contractions,
  • Avoid unnecessary information (especially creepy stories about childbirth on the Internet),
  • Discuss the presence at the birth of loved ones (husband, mother, girlfriend ...),
  • Buy everything you need to meet the baby - it will help you to tune in to positive emotions.

Let your pregnancy run smoothly, and give birth quickly and painlessly!

Folk advice to pregnant women

Popular wisdom has developed a list of recommendations, the observance of which will contribute to the smooth progress of pregnancy, the proper development of the fetus and the birth of a later healthy, happy child. So, the advice of folk healers to pregnant women, accumulated over the centuries:

  • You can not tighten the waist, which can lead to fetal deformity due to the pressure exerted on him.
  • You can not cut and dye your hair. It is believed that if a woman cuts her hair during pregnancy, she shortens the life of her child. The roots of this belief go back to ancient antiquity and have lost their relevance today. But it is really undesirable to dye your hair, because the chemicals that make up the hair dye enter the woman’s body through the scalp and can harm the baby. Of course, today manufacturers claim that safe components are used in the production, however, whenever possible, it is better for the period of carrying the child to abandon the use of such means.
  • It is advisable to periodically take the examination at the dentist in order to notice in time the presence of problems with the teeth. The latter may occur due to the fact that during the period of bone formation the child needs lime, which it “pulls” out of the mother’s teeth. As a result, the teeth may begin to crumble. Popular wisdom advises a pregnant woman in order to avoid such effects daily take 2 tbsp. lime water.
  • If you are afraid, do not grab yourself by the belly or other parts of the body, as this may lead to the birthmark of the child's birthmarks on these places.
  • You can not pregnant go to church. This is a myth whose origin is associated with the ban on church attendance during menstruation. In fact, pregnant women are honored and patronized by the church; it is possible and even very useful to go there, especially when a woman has a desire to do this and it comes from the heart.

It is allowed to eat the following supplements:

  • A) Before breakfast you can drink 1 tbsp. water with the addition of 1 tsp apple cider vinegar.
  • B) During or after a meal, you can drink a glass of water with the addition of 2 tsp. apple cider vinegar and 2 tsp. honey
  • B) In 30-40 minutes before meals, 1/3 cup of carrot juice is useful.
  • D) At night you can swallow propolis in small quantities, drinking a sufficient amount of liquid.
  • D) It is useful to eat onions, especially green, in raw form in small quantities 1 time per day. Onions it is advisable to choose not spicy, but sweetish.
  • E) A positive impact on the development of the nervous system of the child will have the use of 2 tsp. honey for every meal.

Important! Any initiative is undesirable. Particularly careful should be women with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. For example, taking apple cider vinegar in the presence of gastritis, accompanied by increased secretion of gastric juice, is strictly prohibited.

Any folk remedy is good as long as it benefits. It must be understood that the body of each person is different and those methods that are suitable for one may be contraindicated for another. Therefore, it is better to coordinate all your actions with the doctor, who will clarify which means are useful and which are dangerous.

What not to do pregnant

A pregnant woman or girl already in early pregnancy should not do:

  • To lift weights, especially in early pregnancy, as this can lead to miscarriage.
  • Engage in power, overly active sports, make sharp, sloppy movements, in particular, jump, ride a bike or ride a horse and the like.
  • Starting from the 23rd week of pregnancy, contractions for stretching and any actions that involve the need to reach somewhere high, such as hanging clothes on high ropes, are contraindicated. Such actions provoke the formation of a vacuum inside the uterus, which in turn can lead to the child turning its legs down or taking another unnatural position for the fetus, which will cause complications during labor.
  • Categorically it is impossible to smoke, take alcohol and drugs.
  • X-rays and X-rays, as radiation increases the risk of damage to the fetal nervous system.
  • Eat raw eggs, as well as undercooked ones, drink raw milk, eat raw or poorly cooked meat dishes, cheeses with mold. All these products may contain pathogenic bacteria, and any form of infectious disease is not only undesirable during pregnancy, but also extremely dangerous, since it can lead to serious consequences for the fetus and even miscarriage.

What is desirable to do pregnant?

  • Lead an active lifestyle, perform light physical work, walk more and be in the fresh air, less in a horizontal position.
  • Do gymnastics throughout pregnancy. It is possible to learn how to do it correctly with the help of manuals for gymnastics for pregnant women, which contain exercises designed for each period of pregnancy. Если есть возможность, можно нанять персонального тренера, который будет проводить занятия с учетом физиологических особенностей конкретной женщины и медицинских показаний, предписанных ей врачом.
  • Avoid unrest, do not watch horror movies, terrible accidents, crime chronicles, as well as people who have physical deformities. Such spectacles adversely affect the nervous system, through which negatively affect the child. It is necessary on the contrary to surround yourself with beautiful things, uplifting and pacifying.
  • Rest for a sufficient amount of time.
  • Regularly analyze urine for the presence of protein, indicating the presence of kidney disease. His appearance requires immediate treatment to the doctor.
  • Follow the work of the intestine must be carefully. Cabbage will help to improve its work, besides it has anti-inflammatory properties. Benefit will bring and pumpkin seeds.

If constipation occurs, it is not advisable to use a laxative, since it can trigger the onset of uterine contractile activity. It is better to eliminate constipation with the help of enemas from boiled water; special candles, for example, glycerin or bisocadyl, will help to solve the problem.

    • Due to hormonal changes that inevitably occur in a pregnant woman’s body, she may have acne and other rashes on her face and other parts of the body. White clay masks will help get rid of them.
    • Every day you need to wash the armpits with warm water and shave off the hair in this area of ​​the body to prevent the fungus that can live here in the area of ​​the mammary glands.
    • In order to preserve the shape of the breast during pregnancy, it is necessary, first of all, to monitor your weight, which will allow you to keep your body shape and prevent excessive stretching of the skin of the breast. To the shape of the breast remained unchanged and did not sag, you should train the muscles located in close proximity to the mammary gland. Push-ups are great for this.
    • Taking a warm shower is also worth daily. It should be noted that this is only about the shower and only warm, in no way hot. Visit the bath, swim in the bath is not highly desirable. But to visit the pool is possible and even necessary, because swimming will help relieve tension in the back area that occurs in connection with the carrying of the child, will strengthen the muscles and improve the overall condition of the pregnant woman.
    • You should worry about the condition of the skin, which, like the whole body, is experiencing excessive loads, especially in the abdomen, thighs and chest. To prevent the appearance of stretch marks, you can prepare the following home remedies: in a teaspoon of warm boiled water, dissolve 2-3 tablets of mummy, add the resulting mass to any children's cream and mix thoroughly. This remedy should be rubbed into the skin of the problem areas of the body twice a day, not rinsed for 4 hours.
    • Starting from the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy, it is recommended to wear a bandage (Fig. 1, 2), especially for women with weakened muscles in the abdominal area. This is necessary to reduce the load on the back, as well as reduce the risk of stretch marks to a minimum.

  • In the second half of pregnancy, it is better to avoid sexual intercourse, since they provoke uterine contractions and can lead to premature birth.
  • Wear heel shoes in the last months of pregnancy, which can lead to pain in the legs and back.

Plants, contraindicated for pregnant women

The use of medicinal plants during pregnancy requires special care, since a number of them are contraindicated during this period. These plants include:

  • Garlic. It can increase uterine activity and the tone of the uterus, cause the appearance of heartburn and stomach pain, as well as stimulating effect on the baby in the womb. It is a mucous membrane irritant and a strong allergen. You should not use garlic during lactation, because it is believed that it spoils the taste of milk and the child may refuse from the breast because of this.
  • Aloe. Increases blood volume in the pelvic organs. Contraindications to the use of this tool is not only pregnancy, but also uterine bleeding, cystitis, gallbladder disease. Previously, aloe was prescribed to pregnant women for hemorrhoids, but this is erroneous.
  • Oregano ordinary. It has an abortive effect.
  • Wormwood. It belongs to the category of poisonous plants. May be taken orally, subject to accurate dosage and extreme caution. Among the side effects of using this drug, seizures are most common, but even hallucinations and the appearance of mental disorders are possible. Reception of wormwood for a long time is not recommended, and during pregnancy is completely excluded.
  • Juniper ordinary. Medicine uses this plant in compliance with the exact dosage. In pregnancy, the reception is not allowed.
  • Lovage medicinal. It has an abortive effect.
  • Male fern. Very poisonous plant.
  • Kirkazon ordinary. Poisonous plant, can cause miscarriage.
  • Nettle. It has hemostatic properties, it is used for uterine, pulmonary, intestinal bleeding, as well as in cases when it is necessary to stop prolonged menstruation. Provokes premature birth.

How to keep a pregnancy

Getting pregnant does not mean giving birth. Unfortunately, the statistics are disappointing: about 70% of pregnancies end in spontaneous miscarriage in the early stages. A woman may not even know that the development of a new life began in her body. Here are some guidelines that will reduce the risk of miscarriage:

  • Starting to make sure that the pregnancy is normal, you need to long before its occurrence. First of all, we are talking about giving up bad habits, in particular smoking. Alcohol will have to be eliminated.
  • You should fully examine your body and identify overt and hidden diseases. You can get pregnant only after all of them can be eliminated. This approach will reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy and increase the chances of having a healthy baby.
  • Carefully “filter” what the doctors say and prescribe, especially if the pregnancy has already occurred. No matter how difficult it is, but even doctors cannot be trusted in the current conditions. For example, it often happens that a pregnant woman is diagnosed with chlamydia, trichomoniasis, toxoplasmosis, and other TORCH infections. Diagnosis is made as follows: a woman gives blood, an analysis is conducted, within the framework of which the presence of antibodies to the above infections is checked. If antibodies are detected, doctors begin to sound the alarm, write out a referral to conduct more detailed and, by the way, not cheap research. Based on the data obtained, a woman is prescribed a number of drugs. Please note that there are antibiotics among them! If you ask the doctor if the reception of these drugs is safe for the child, he will answer that the antibiotic is “light”. Of course, it cannot be argued that all polls doctors will do this way, but such situations are very common, so this is worth paying attention to those who want to keep the pregnancy. It is not recommended to treat the data and a number of other diseases in the first trimester of pregnancy, because it is during this period that the fetal organs and tissues are laid, and medication can lead to both miscarriage and harm to the health of the child. Do not be afraid of “scary” diagnoses. The presence of antibodies to TORCH infections carries a positive effect, because it means that the woman had had these diseases before pregnancy, and they had gone unnoticed for her. The main advantage is that the woman thus created protection for her child, since the antibodies will not allow penetration of the infection through the umbilical cord to the fetus, even in the event of reinfection. Unfortunately, doctors often diagnose “pseudo-diseases” and then do not know what to do with them, starting a meaningless and even dangerous for pregnant woman’s treatment. Before taking any medicines, consult not one, but two or three doctors, get their opinions, make sure that the medicines do not provoke a miscarriage and do not harm the child. Study the problem from different angles, get information from different sources, thanks to the information technology age, its availability is at a very high level, weigh the pros and cons. Only after this can a decision be made on the course of treatment or on rejection of it. This decision must be taken independently, any pressure from outside, even from the attending physician, is unacceptable.
  • Avoid emotional outbursts, worries and stresses, protect your nerves. If necessary, you can use valerian and other lightweight sedatives.
  • To exclude significant physical exertion, preferring walks in the fresh air. Do not lift anything, do not run, do not ride a bike. It is also undesirable to fly by plane because of the pressure drops accompanying the flight.
  • Move extremely carefully: any injury, and sometimes even a sharp movement can cause miscarriage.
  • Carefully choose food. Exclude products containing preservatives. It is advisable to use only freshly prepared homemade food.
  • Regularly visit the doctor and pass all scheduled examinations.

    If an obvious threat of miscarriage is detected, the doctor directs the pregnant woman to the hospital of the gynecological department, which significantly increases the chances of maintaining the pregnancy. In conditions when there is a similar threat, one should strictly follow all the recommendations of the doctor, follow bed rest, eat well, have a lot of rest. To preserve pregnancy in the hospital often nosha is prescribed in the form of injections, magnesium preparations, candles with papaverine, which need to be inserted not into the vagina, as many people think through ignorance, but into the anus. When detecting insufficiency of the hormone progesterone, which affects the course of pregnancy, they can also prescribe appropriate hormonal preparations.

    Contraindications to pregnancy

    There are absolute contraindications that are grounds for termination of pregnancy, which is best carried out immediately after it was possible to determine the pregnancy, and temporary.

    The first category includes:

    • epilepsy is a disease incompatible with carrying a child,
    • severe heart disease associated with circulatory disorders,
    • hypertensive disease in severe form
    • diseases of the lungs, accompanied by the occurrence of respiratory failure,
    • chronic renal failure
    • Systemic diseases of the connective tissue, a prominent representative of which is lupus erythematosus,
    • cirrhosis of the liver,
    • oncological diseases.

    In the presence of these diseases, pregnancy bears a direct threat to the life of the expectant mother and unborn child.

    By temporary contraindications include:

    • infectious diseases, including influenza, otitis media, which inflames the ear, and other diseases of an infectious nature, since even the treatment of rhinitis in early pregnancy carries a certain threat,
    • exacerbation of chronic diseases
    • drastic weight loss
    • taking drugs that can adversely affect the formation of the fetus and are contraindicated during pregnancy,
    • within a year after performing abdominal surgeries,
    • various treatment courses, in particular, radiation and chemotherapy.

    After you manage to get rid of the above diseases, you must wait for a while, giving the body time for rehabilitation and recuperation, and then you can safely become pregnant. Of course, it is advisable to re-undergo a full examination of the body before conceiving, in order to exclude the likelihood of latent diseases and ensure a normal pregnancy and the most comfortable conditions for the development of a healthy baby.

    Toxicosis in pregnant women

    There are two types of toxemia in pregnant women:
    1. Early toxicosis. It is the reaction of a woman's body to changes in her body related to the development of a new life, in particular, to the appearance of foreign fetal proteins. Manifested in the form of nausea, vomiting, increased salivation, rapid pulse, shortness of breath, just feeling unwell, etc. This is a kind of pregnancy test, since early toxicosis is one of its first signs. To stop such toxicosis you need:

    • do not jump out of bed immediately after waking up, but lie down for 20-30 minutes, then slowly get up with short breaks,
    • You can eat banana, crackers, toast right in the bed, having prepared them in advance and put them next to the bed,
    • popular recipes for pregnant women for the treatment of early toxicosis recommend taking an empty stomach with a tablespoon of honey,
    • You can stop vomiting with mint water. To do this, pour boiling water over mint and insist it for five minutes. In the resulting tincture, you can add a spoonful of honey and a slice of lemon,
    • you need to eat often in small portions, ensuring the constant presence of food in the stomach. If overeating was allowed, it is recommended to use "Mezim" to facilitate the process of digestion. Salty, fatty and spicy foods should be discarded. Flax seeds during pregnancy can not be added to food, even if you strongly want. Winning nausea is possible thanks to products rich in carbohydrates, protein and vitamin B6,
    • Drink and food should be warm, but not hot. Cold food and water should be discarded,
    • you need to drink plenty of fluids: milk, juice, mineral water without gases. Will help eliminate the unpleasant manifestations of toxicosis decoctions with herbs, which can add chamomile, anise, rosehip, dill or dill seeds, fennel, cumin. These plants will do an excellent job even with severe nausea, headaches, and a little lower blood pressure. We remind you that the liquid should be drunk in the form of heat.

    Some suitable tea with ginger against nausea. There are recommendations that ginger can be gradually chewed, added to vegetable dishes in small quantities. This plant really has many beneficial properties, contains a variety of amino acids, iron, sodium, zinc, potassium. In ancient Chinese medicine, it was used to cure the throat, get rid of nasal congestion, sinusitis, vomiting, nausea, colic, rheumatism, loss of appetite, indigestion and a number of other diseases. It will help when coughing in pregnant women. However, this tool is not suitable for women suffering from gastrointestinal diseases, because it causes irritation of the mucous membrane,

    • If toxicosis manifests itself in the form of headaches, do acupressure, paying attention to the temporal areas, areas around the eyes and eyebrows. Medicinal products, such as citramon, paracetamol, can help relieve headaches, but they are undesirable because they penetrate the placental barrier and carry a certain threat to the fetus,
    • relax more, stay away from any stressful situations. To improve the condition will help essential oils of mint, bergamot, lemon, mandarin, neroli, grapefruit.

    2. Toxicosis of late pregnancy. Occurs in about 7% of pregnant women in the third semester of pregnancy, manifested in the form of already familiar nausea, vomiting, headaches, high blood pressure, fainting, to which tinnitus, impaired reflexes, extreme limb edema (dropsy) can occur.

    Recommendations for the elimination of these manifestations are very similar to the above, but there are some differences. In particular, it is necessary not only to give up fatty, spicy, salty foods, but also to limit fluid intake to 1 liter per day, since it is necessary to remove the edema, often appearing after the 30th week of pregnancy.

    In addition, at the end of pregnancy, bruises on the legs may appear, which is associated with a high load experienced by the veins of the woman during the carrying of the child. When they appear, it is necessary to consult a hematologist. It is also recommended to wear compression knitwear specially selected by the doctor. Vodka compresses will help at night.

    Sex and pregnancy

    The onset of pregnancy is fraught with many dangers, threats and restrictions, among which there is also a recommendation to comply with sexual rest, which becomes mandatory in the presence of the following medical contraindications:

    • with retrochorial, retroamniotic hematomas,
    • with the presentation of the chorion,
    • with placenta previa or its location is too low,
    • in the presence of pulling pain in the lower abdomen,
    • in the presence of uterine tone,
    • in the presence of sutures on the cervix,
    • when opening the cervical canal,
    • in the presence of a polyp of the cervix,
    • in cases where there is erosion, which causes the appearance of contact bleeding during or after intercourse,
    • if itching in the genital area, which may indicate the presence of sexually transmitted diseases,
    • during the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases in a pregnant woman or her partner.

    It is also better to abstain from sex in the first trimester of pregnancy, so as not to provoke a miscarriage, and in the third trimester, when there is a risk to cause preterm birth. А вот второй триместр – лучшее время для любовных утех, конечно, с соблюдением осторожности.

    Беременная должна понимать, что происходящие в ее организме процессы, развитие в нем новой жизни не являются болезнью, которая требует постельного режима, отказа от множества ранее доступных удовольствий и сопровождается лишь тяготами и ограничениями. Это неверный подход к происходящему. All of the above recommendations are given only in order to broaden the horizons of women and warn her about possible dangers in order to prevent their occurrence.

    In no case do not need to go to extremes, completely abandoning previously favorite activities, the same sex, in fear of harming the child. You just need to find an opportunity to realize your desires in a form more appropriate to the situation. For example, you can find such sexual positions that can not disturb the child and bring pleasure to his parents.

    Often a woman during this period feels an urgent need for elemental tactile sensations: she needs to know and feel that she is desirable despite the rounded tummy, stretched skin and extra pounds appearing on the sides. There are various ways to make her understand this, while maintaining sexual peace. This is the task of a man who, from the moment of conception, assumes a tremendous responsibility and is simply obliged to provide all the support for his beloved woman and to give her increased attention, in which she very much needs. The task of a woman is to explain to her second half without hesitation what she wants, to regularly share her feelings and fears with a man, if he shows interest in this.

    How to keep breast shape

    The eternal subject of caring for women is beautiful breasts. It is of various shapes, of unequal size and may have a different structure. There are many racial differences: in eastern women, the breasts are wide apart, in French women - high set, and in English women - low.

    Breast glandular tissue is very sensitive to the level of female hormones in the blood. During puberty, as hormone levels increase, the breast gradually begins to increase. When menstruation begins, this growth accelerates and becomes more noticeable. During pregnancy, the level of hormones increases dramatically and, accordingly, greatly increases the breast. By the end of pregnancy, it may increase by 0.7 kg. During the entire period of pregnancy, when pressing on the nipple, a small amount of clear liquid is released from the breast, which is called colostrum. When a baby is born, the hormone prolactin starts to be released in the body, it gives the breast a signal to start producing mother's milk instead of colostrum - this change occurs approximately 3 days after delivery.

    Closer to the climacteric period, the level of female hormones in the blood begins to decrease and the breast tissue, just like the tissue of the genital organs, becomes thinner and less elastic. In recent years, it is considered fashionable to walk without a bra. This fashion can lead to the fact that women, except those whose breasts are very small and light, can spoil its shape. If the large breast is not supported, the ligaments are stretched, and stretched out, they will never regain their former shape and the breast will sag. Even if you usually do not wear a bra, during pregnancy it will be wiser to wear a tight, tight bra. When feeding a child, you can use a special bra with clasps in front. If the ligaments supporting the breast are not stretched, it will not change shape even after the birth of the child.

    Tips for preserving the breasts

    Pregnant women, as well as young women in general, should put pieces of coarse canvas or burlap in the bra cups. From the ever-occurring friction, the skin becomes rougher. This helps to avoid cracks and mastitis when feeding a baby.

    Nipples and mammary glands should be washed daily with boiled water at room temperature with baby soap, wiped with a clean, hard towel, rub a small amount of moisturizer in the nipple area. Not recommended for hardening the nipples ointment, vodka or cologne. The latter often cause excessive dry skin of the nipples, and with it cracks.

    Well, if the breasts begin to develop before pregnancy. In case of bad and inverted nipples in the last 2-3 months of pregnancy, the following self-massage can be recommended: with the index and thumb to grab the nipple previously lubricated with Vaseline, and to delay it. The duration of the massage is 3-5 minutes. Repeat it 2 - Zraza per day.

    Feeding a baby can be painful for the mother if the baby starts to chew gums on the chest. A softening cream or baby lotion that needs to be rubbed into the chest several times a day helps reduce soreness and prevent nipple cracking. You can generally avoid painful sensations if you make sure that the baby gently releases the breast after feeding. To do this, gently push the child's chin, he instinctively opens his mouth, and then you can easily remove the nipple. Breastfeeding may make the breast somewhat softer and smaller, but it does not affect its shape, and if the changes did occur, they are most often caused by the fact that the mother did not wear a bra during pregnancy and after delivery.

    Folk remedies for the treatment of varicose veins in pregnant women

    • Lemons
      Lemons are used in obstetric practice for the prevention of varicose veins and vomiting during toxicosis associated with pregnancy.
    • Carrot
      Carrots, especially wild, are taken in the form of a drink, seeds and roots help it in difficult pregnancy.
    • Horse chestnut
      Take 30 g of flowers or kernels from horse chestnut fruit and crush it and insist on 300 ml of vodka in the dark for a week, shaking occasionally. Strain and take 30 drops of Zraz per day before meals. Used for the treatment of thrombosis, during childbirth and after surgery, with varicose veins, especially in pregnant women and women in labor.

    First Trimester Pregnant Tips

    Having learned about your interesting position, you need to make some changes to your lifestyle. However, it is not necessary to bring everything to the extreme, at the beginning of pregnancy you can keep the habits and attitudes of past years. Recommendations for pregnant women in the early stages:

    The diet should be varied and complete. Be sure to eat fruits and vegetables daily. Meat, fish, dairy and dairy products are left to the girls. During pregnancy, tastes can change dramatically, and previously loved foods begin to seem disgusting, and vice versa. Listen to your body, pamper it, but do it consciously, and do not overeat everyone. What you can eat, and what cannot be pregnant in the first trimester, you can ask the leading obstetrician-gynecologist when registering or even visit a nutritionist.

    It is advisable to visit a gynecologist as soon as you find out about your pregnancy. But the mandatory visit to the doctor should be carried out before 6-7 weeks, and should be registered before the end of the first trimester. The doctor will check your indicators and the risks of pathologies, and also explain that you can not be pregnant in the first trimester, and that the opposite will have a positive effect on the course of pregnancy. Additional vitamins are usually not prescribed for this period, although they are unlikely to be worse. Folic acid can be prescribed as an additional course, as it has a beneficial effect on reducing the risk of anomalies. What to do with toxicosis, read the link

    • Give up bad habits

    Quitting smoking and drinking alcohol is one of the most important decisions a woman must make for the good of her child. This is not just a whim of doctors or the prevailing opinion, with the help of many studies it was revealed that smoking during pregnancy entails a lot of negative consequences for the baby. The fact is that in one cigarette there are more than 2 thousand different poisonous substances, the most dangerous of which are: nicotine, tar, carbon oxide. The consequence of smoking can be: respiratory disorders, increases the risk of premature birth, complications with the placenta (eg its rejection), and active smokers are often born babies with low weight and various problems with respiratory organs.

    Another important prescription that it is impossible in the first trimester of pregnancy is to drink alcohol, since it threatens the development of complications in a child. The fact is that alcohol enters not only the maternal blood, but also the blood of the fetus, that is, each drunk glass or wine glass is divided in half with the child. In this regard, the baby may still be unconscious in the womb, even if the mother feels quite normal. Constant alcohol abuse can later lead to various mental and physical abnormalities in the child, as well as to the limitations of his abilities.

    • Be careful with drugs

    In the first trimester of pregnancy, the little man forms all the major organs and systems, limbs, skeleton. The fruit at the stage of formation is very vulnerable, and a woman is more responsible for its proper development. Therefore, it is extremely important to clarify another rule that it is impossible to do in the first trimester of pregnancy - to use any medication without the consent of the doctor, since most drugs are able to penetrate the placenta and enter the child's body. In addition, there is a large number of drugs that have a teratogenic effect, and therefore can have a very negative impact on the health of the baby, and cause him to develop severe defects, developmental defects and all sorts of congenital pathologies. Unfortunately, it so happens that a pregnant woman for some reason has to take pills and potions. Even after the prescription of medication by a doctor, carefully study the instructions, it must necessarily contain information about taking the drug during pregnancy and lactation, if there are none, then do not hesitate to ask additional questions to your doctor or refuse to take the funds altogether.

    • Avoid heavy physical exertion.

    If throughout life, you are actively involved in sports, gymnastics and fitness, then you should not immediately abandon exercise as soon as you know about your interesting position. However, it is necessary to take into account that from now on you need to dose your athletic loads, exhausting sports should be excluded. Also in the first months you need to stop: any workout with weightlifting, run for long distances, hard to swing the abdominal muscles and the press, jump from high into the water, ride a horse or go diving. As for cycling, there are also a number of some contraindications. To combine the concepts of pregnancy and the bike, you need the advice of a doctor. If your gynecologist has no suspicion of any complication during the course of pregnancy, it is possible that he will approve of riding a bicycle up to a certain time.

    It is useful for pregnant women in the early stages to do yoga or perform light gymnastic exercises aimed at improving the respiratory activity and relieving fatigue from the muscles of the back and legs.

    This is a set of basic principles that you can not do pregnant in the first trimester and that you should pay special attention so as not to jeopardize the full development of the baby in the womb. It should be understood that now not only your well-being depends on your lifestyle.

    I would like to talk a little about what is useful in the early stages of pregnancy and what it is worth doing the main emphasis when the emergence of a new life at an early stage. So, the main tips for pregnant women in the early stages:

    • walk more outdoors
    • protect yourself from stressful situations
    • eat more fruits and greens, strengthen your immunity,
    • make it a habit to drink enough pure water for a day,
    • have a good rest and get enough sleep
    • do creative work or your favorite thing,
    • communicate with relatives, tell about your state of health, plan repairs in the nursery or look for a place for a crib,
    • use sunscreen
    • get used to your changes, enjoy your position,
    • rely on your intuition, you more than anyone else know what will be useful and pleasant for you.

    Tips for pregnant women in the second trimester

    From the 6th month begins the second half of pregnancy, and many moms remember exactly this period as the best time to bear a baby. As a rule, by the 20th week a woman feels great, looks good, is fully aware of her current position and truly shines with her happiness.

    In the II trimester, the expectant mother will have to go through all the main specialists and pass the necessary tests. In the same period, the doctor will assign you a date for an ultrasound examination in order to assess the condition of the fetus, the correspondence of its size to the prescribed period, as well as placental blood flow, and other important indicators of current pregnancy. This ultrasound will be especially reverent and touching for a woman, as she can find out the sex of her baby. But even in this remarkable period, there is a list of basic norms and rules that can and can not be done by pregnant women in the second trimester.

    • Choose your outfits correctly.

    At this period, it’s time for you to think seriously about the clothes and shoes that you choose for everyday wear. Preference should be given to extremely comfortable outfits. Here are the basic recommendations for pregnant women.

    Clothes should not hamper movements and compress the stomach, give up tight straps, too narrow pants and skirts, all this can lead to impaired normal blood circulation. Also, most likely, you will have to buy a bra of a larger size, since the breast during this period is heavily poured and becomes more sensitive. Try to choose clothes from natural fabrics, they better let the air through and do not cause irritation on the skin. The requirements for future mom's shoes are also very strict, high heels and platforms should be abandoned, wearing this kind of shoes leads to increased back pain, and there is also a high risk of injury.

    • Do not forget about proper nutrition and watch your weight.

    Despite the fact that the expectant mother after 20 weeks, more and more appetite plays out, you need to remember that your food should be as balanced as possible and contain as many vitamins and trace elements. The most useful foods in pregnancy are those that contain potassium, calcium, vitamin C, B, folic acid, and various macro and micro elements. Topping the list of healthy foods, of course, vegetables and fruits. Also, it will be the way to lean on dairy products, they will help you get rid of possible constipation. In addition, you need to make sure that iron-containing food has been ingested in sufficient quantities: apples, liver, meat, fish, legumes, buckwheat, etc. For more information about nutrition, see -beremennh-zhenshtin /

    There is also some "taboo" and a list of foods that you can not eat pregnant women in the second trimester. These are mainly fatty, spicy and too salty dishes, fast food, semi-finished products, marinades, cheeses with mold, mushrooms, carbonated drinks. On the women's favorite question, is it possible for pregnant women to have coffee in the second trimester? However, all experts are similar in their opinion that it is not worthwhile to abuse the invigorating drink, as caffeine helps to remove some useful substances from the body, which are so important for building a child’s skeleton and bones.

    • It is time to wear a bandage

    From the middle of the second trimester, many doctors advise a pregnant woman not only on adjusting the wardrobe, but also on the need to purchase a bandage for pregnant women, as the expectant mother’s tummy begins to actively grow. Wearing a bandage helps maintain a growing tummy, relieves part of the load on the spine, reduces the risk of stretch marks, prevents premature lowering of the abdomen and contributes to the correct position of the child (upside down).

    How to prevent or eliminate stretch marks, read the articles:

    • What oils remove stretch marks
    • Stretch Marks Review
    • Sign up for preparatory courses for future parents

    At this time, a woman with her husband can begin to attend special preparatory courses for future parents. There you can get useful and useful tips for pregnant women, go through a program of physical and psychological preparation for the birth of a baby, learn about some gymnastic exercises for a woman and just chat with other couples and share your experiences and feelings.

    What can not be pregnant in the second trimester, already, as a rule, all women who carry a baby, as well as a rule, know all the things that cannot be done at the beginning of pregnancy. In addition, it is impossible to drink medicines without the doctor’s knowledge, to smoke and use alcohol, I also want to point out that a woman should be very careful about her health, avoid hypothermia, emotional stress, and limit herself from professional "hazards."

    2. Do not panic!

    Случается, что гормональный вслеск на фоне беременности создает ощущение, что вас не понимают, недостаточно заботятся о вас, а во время токсикоза способность драматизировать разного рода ситуации и вовсе доводит до панического состояния. В этой ситуации нет ничего лучше позитивного общения со специалистами, родившими подругами, беременными женщинами на форумах. Download the Happy Pregnancy app, register on the maternity forum, or subscribe to an instagram for a practicing psychologist, a specialist in pregnancy and childbirth, or a star mom popular on the web. Do not worry about your condition and fears alone. In the end, if positive thinking does not come, know - this is not scary and this is not a pathology. According to statistics, about 40% of women do not perceive pregnancy as grace, are subject to fears and doubts, are under stress. In case you do not manage it yourself, feel free to sign up for group courses on preparing for childbirth or a session for a psychologist.

    3. Do not be afraid to do an ultrasound

    In these 9 months, the ultrasound will be the main research that will allow you to understand how the pregnancy proceeds and your baby develops. Future mothers often worry about when to do the first ultrasound and whether it is possible to spend it on small terms. Previously, it was believed that ultrasound is a dangerous procedure, and it is often not recommended to do it. Today, experts claim that from a medical point of view, such a procedure is absolutely safe for you and the unborn child. Modern ultrasound devices have the functions of three-dimensional and four-dimensional visualization, which allow not only to observe the movements of the child, but also at early stages to detect rare or complex disorders of his heart activity. Moreover, thanks to unique technologies - for example, Philips Auto Face Reveal - during the planned ultrasound, future parents will be able to see the face of the baby even during pregnancy.

    4. We practice stretch prevention

    Elemis "Japanese camellia"

    Most women seriously fear that the elasticity of the skin after childbirth will not return. One of the main aesthetic problems that concern women during pregnancy is stretching. However, today manufacturers of beauty brands offer such a number of revolutionary means that only those who neglect prevention during pregnancy will face the problem. Take the example of Victoria Beckham, who endured 4 children and did not earn a single stretch. The secret to the success of the star is Elemis Japanese Camellia oil. This unique tool is rich in plant collagen, supports skin elasticity and prevents the appearance of stretch marks. It is used both during pregnancy and for massage. One of the most advanced products for pregnant women, among other things, does not stick, has a delicate neutral smell and is suitable for all skin types.

    5. We use edema products

    The problem of heavy legs and swelling is familiar to every pregnant woman. In any pharmacy, you can buy special tools to help fight edema. In addition, buy compression stockings for pregnant women in an orthopedic salon - they are indispensable for late dews. Also at night it is recommended to use special cooling creams for the feet. Clarins has the best. Miracle cream of blue color in a small jar improves blood circulation, instantly relieves tension and fatigue, refreshes the skin and gives a feeling of lightness and comfort.

    6. Buy a pillow for pregnant women.

    The special elongated banana-shaped pillow can be made of a wide variety of materials. Choose a comfortable filler for you - holofiber, swan artificial down or pellets. At first glance it seems that this is a useless accessory, but from the middle of the second trimester, every pregnant woman begins to experience serious discomfort during sleep due to the appearance of the abdomen. A special pillow helps to distribute body weight in such a way that you will be able to sleep comfortably on your back and side.

    7. Wear a bandage

    From the end of the second trimester, because of the appearance of the abdomen, you will feel pain in the back. To lighten the load on your back and support your abdominal muscles, use a special bandage. Variations of colors and patterns - a great many: on hooks and velcro, zippers and clasps. It is better to trust the specialists from the orthopedic salon, rather than choosing a popular model from a lingerie store.

    8. Plan your stroller carefully.

    Perhaps this is the most pleasant and important purchase for your future baby, so go to the choice responsibly. The stroller should be light, comfortable, comfortable, mobile, and therefore it is very important to arrange a minimum test drive for it. Or trust the power of the brand. So, today the absolute leader is the model Stokke Xplory, which is called the stroller for perfect contact. The iconic Scandinavian brand, creating the most fashionable minimalist strollers that are especially popular with stars and it-girls, offers the most innovative solutions - height adjustment, allowing you and your child to be as close as possible to each other, comfortable pens, footrest, endless choice seating positions and many options that really make it easier for a young mother. A wide range of accessories will allow you to choose the most stylish additions to the stroller. Add mobility, comfort and style. In short, our favorite model will not disappoint you.

    11. Make contact with the doctor

    We live in a time when trips to the antenatal clinic several times during pregnancy without an individual approach have sunk into oblivion. Today it is very important to be in touch with your doctor - his mobile should always be at your fingertips. Build relationships in such a way that you have the opportunity to receive a recommendation via Skype or SMS about the problem that bothers you.

    12. Do not be afraid to travel.

    Only in our country to travel during pregnancy are referred to as extreme. In fact, rest on the sea coast is a very useful activity for pregnant women. Of course, you must obtain the consent of the doctor and have no contraindications to flights. If the pregnancy passes without complications, flying to hot countries is not prohibited. Of course, it is important to remain vigilant: choose not the most exotic directions, do not stay under the open sun for a long time, do not contact with children, drink only bottled water, etc.

    13. A glass of wine - you can!

    Of course, we understand that alcohol and cigarettes are banned, but sometimes, very rarely, you can afford a glass of wine. Especially on vacation. Treat restrictions without fanaticism. But do not introduce a glass of wine at dinner in the habit. Any doctor will tell you that one glass of wine a week does not hurt you and your baby.

    15. You can dye your hair!

    Our mothers were not lucky - they were forced to deny themselves the pleasure of being beautiful during pregnancy. We now have all the possibilities in order not to feel constraints in matters of self-care. Yes, ammonia paints can really be dangerous, but today there are also ammonia-free dyes. Thus, the CHI brand has all the possible world patents that officially allow the use of this dye during pregnancy. The thing is that ammonia is not part of the innovative paint. If earlier, in order to change the hair color, it was necessary to get rid of your own pigment with ammonia, and then paint your hair with the desired shade, then now your natural pigment is placed on the one that changes the shade without harm to the hair. In addition, the American silk dye CHI is not only not harmful, but even useful - the dye contains silk in its composition, which fills the hair in places of damage, making them more elastic. In Moscow, you can try this technology in the name CHI Studios on Tverskaya-Yamskaya.

    15. Choose a sport that suits you.

    Do not strive to be hyperactive during pregnancy, but you should not completely abandon sports. As a rule, all girls in position make the choice between yoga and swimming. Both of these methods are safe for pregnant women and help improve blood circulation. Attention: we are talking about special yoga lessons for pregnant women, which is different from the usual activities.

    16. Update wardrobe wisely

    Of course, you will need comfortable clothes, but do not be tempted to buy everything at once. Fashion for pregnant women is very peculiar, you are unlikely to later wear all this oversize. Much more expedient will be the purchase of basic things - leggings, a few T-shirts and sundresses. Do not be afraid of otgryvayuschih dresses: sometimes emphasize the form - a much more interesting story than trying to hide them with the help of dimensionless outfits, which will then gather dust on the shelf.

    18. Have a traditional Baby Shower party.

    This is perhaps the most pleasant moment of your entire pregnancy. In America, such parties are a good tradition for many years, and today they are becoming a real trend here as well. In fact, this event is a bachelorette party dedicated to the birth of a baby. The main thing here is the entourage and the right organization. Of course, it's better to confide in this issue to the professionals so that they create your ideal Baby Shower - with the right decor, candy bar and other beauty. Ekaterina Meskhi, the main guru of the capital, the founder of the company for organizing children’s holidays. , garlands, balloons and delicate desserts are now huge! “Cupcakes, keikpops, macaroni, cookies - all our desserts are decorated by our confectioners with bodysuits, bears, strollers! The color scheme is delicate - blue or pink, but there are exceptions. In short, there is no limit for creativity! The main entertainment at the babyshauer is, of course, the receipt of gifts. Actually, hence the name baby shower - it literally means “filling up gifts” of the future baby. Often there are special postcards in the party program, for example, in the form of bodysuits, in which each guest leaves a wish for the future baby, ”says Ekaterina.

    Prepare a dowry baby. Buying tiny bodysuits, booties and hats will give you a lot of positive emotions. You have no idea how exciting it is! However, wait first for the “babushauer” - perhaps your friends will give you a lot of useful things that will help to avoid unnecessary spending. The most rational future mothers usually make up the wish list and send to those invited to the party, but in this case there will be no surprise.

    19. Eat right

    Victoria Dyakova, expert, a child nutrition specialist and a psychologist, argues that the first rule of a future mother's rational nutrition is not to starve: allow yourself to have a light snack between main meals. Try to make the diet varied and balanced. Your daily menu should contain fresh juices, soups and fermented milk products. Also for pregnant women are very useful fish, lean meat, eggs - all foods rich in iron and other useful substances. Do not eat canned foods, sausages, sausages. And if you really want sweet - give preference to natural jams and fruits, instead of buns and chocolate.

    20. Plan an original photo shoot of late pregnancy

    Today, these "pregnant" photosets "- a classic of the genre. Believe me, over time you will reconsider these photos again and again - this is a very special and in its own way beautiful state has such magic that you will be grateful to yourself for capturing this moment.

    Hurst Shkulev Publishing

    Moscow, st. Shabolovka, house 31b, 6th entrance (entrance from the Horse Lane)

    Pregnancy and preparation for childbirth. What is important to know?

    The state of pregnancy in the life of any woman causes shock, regardless of whether the pregnancy is expected or not. Literally from the first weeks in the body, the preparation for the carrying of the fetus begins, it is rebuilt, various hormonal failures occur, which affects the future mother's state of health.

    In addition, any women have fears about the upcoming birth, pain, health of the unborn child, etc. But some women do not notice these first signs of pregnancy, at least, even if they notice, they are blamed for a simple ailment. Therefore, every girl and woman as early as age is helpful to know the first signs of pregnancy:

    First, these are bouts of uncontrollable irritability and even aggression. A woman begins to "enrage" everything around, others surround her with their idiotic actions, actions and conversations.

    And this state does not need to be written off to the ICP, as many do. Such a nervous condition is caused by hormonal changes in the body, which begin to occur after fertilization occurs in the uterus.

    The second sign of pregnancy - a woman is accompanied by weakness, dizziness, begins to feel sick from eating, smells.. This is how early toxicosis usually begins. It helps in this state is usually something - whether salty.

    Therefore, they say, a sure sign of pregnancy - when it pulls on salty. In fact, everything is quite natural, when a person gets nauseous, I want to eat something - be it salty.

    Breast swelling - it is also many mistaken for a symptom of PMS. Typically, this condition appears in the later stages of pregnancy, but it is also possible in the early stages.
    Delay of menstruation, which is known to every woman. Of course, the reason for the delay may be other ailments in the body, but in conjunction with the first signs of pregnancy listed above, you should most likely expect a baby to be born for a year, or even forget about this monthly trouble.

    Tips for pregnant women early

    The main problem in the first trimester of pregnancy - toxicosis - is a consequence of toxic poisoning of the body as a result of fetal development. Most women come across it, rarely who runs the pregnancy smoothly, without signs of toxicosis. It can continue throughout the pregnancy, or in some specific trimester.

    There are several stages of toxicosis:

    1. Periodic nausea, which can be controlled by eliminating annoying elements from your diet and external environment.
    2. Frequent desire for nauseaAs a result, a woman can lose a few pounds of weight. This is already a more serious stage and requires mandatory consultation with a doctor who controls pregnancy.
    3. Long and constant urge to nausea. In this case, it is necessary to be under the constant supervision of a doctor, as the condition is dangerous and unstable, there is a risk of losing a fetus.

    There is no universal cure for toxemia. Although in case of severe malaise the doctor may prescribe some drug treatment, or advise to use decoctions of herbs that reduce the attacks of vomiting.

    Eat food during this period should be carefully, in small portions, the food should be lean and preferably without milk. Recommend broths, vegetables and drink as much as possible.

    During the period of toxicosis, the body is dehydrated, in order to replenish the reserves of necessary liquid, you must drink it, preferably simple water or mineral water. The period of toxemia should be endured, usually in the second trimester, everything passes.

    The main advice for pregnant women in the first trimester, which concern all expectant mothers, is to realize from the first weeks of pregnancy that there is already a living person inside who is feeling a lot. He understands the state of the mother when she is worried, worried, annoyed or panicked, and all this gives an imprint on the formation in the future of the child’s mental and emotional state.

    It is important to learn to experience all trimesters of pregnancy calmly, without stress, although this is not easy, because a pregnant woman has constant mood swings. You should also carefully monitor your diet, eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals, pay attention to a little physical exertion (walks, special exercises for pregnant women).

    To carry a healthy child, it is important to give up bad habits during pregnancy - smoking, drinking alcohol and other addictions.

    Nutrition during pregnancy

    Special attention during pregnancy should be paid to your diet. No diet during this period is inappropriate, because you need to think not only about yourself, but about the child.

    You should also limit yourself and not be fretted from the first stages of pregnancy, you should not forget that the child passes through the birth canal, and too much fetus and an overly plump body of the mother can significantly complicate this process.

    Everyone knows that during pregnancy the child receives the nutrients necessary for its formation from the mother’s blood.

    Therefore, the food must contain:

    1. Squirrels - form the bone system of the fetus. The main source of protein is meat, it must necessarily be contained in the diet of a pregnant woman, even if she is a convinced vegetarian.
    2. Fat - The amount of fatty foods during pregnancy should be limited, but fats are also necessary for the body of the mother and child. Therefore, vegetable oils should be added to food - olive, corn, sunflower, and also butter.
    3. Carbohydrates - During pregnancy, it is extremely important to change the quality of carbohydrates consumed. Сокращаем так называемые «малополезные» углеводы — сладости, булочки, различные кондитерские изделия. В свою очередь увеличиваем количество полезных углеводов, богатых клетчаткой – хлебобулочные изделия из муки грубого помола, крупы, овощи и фрукты.
    4. Vitamins - there are several groups of vitamins that you need to know:
    • Vitamins of group A - necessary for the normal development of the placenta and the protection of body cells from toxic products. Vitamin A is rich in vegetables and fruits of yellow and red (carrots, tomatoes, peaches, apricots, cantaloupe, etc.)
    • Vitamins of group B - form muscle fibers, contained in rice, peas, as well as the liver of animals.
    • Vitamins of group C - strengthens and stimulates the immune system of mother and child. This vitamin is rich in rose hips, oranges, tangerines, currants, sea buckthorn, etc.
    • Vitamins of group D - helps in the formation of the skeletal system of the child, is contained in fermented milk products, as well as seafood.
    • Vitamins of group E - A necessary component for the harmonious work of the reproductive system of the mother, found in butter, nuts, liver. To ensure that vitamin E is better absorbed in the body, it is recommended to use it along with sour cream.
    • The body of the future mother is needed folic acidthat stabilizes the nervous system. Essential sources of folic acid are greens - onion, parsley, dill, lettuce, etc.
    1. Minerals (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron) - are necessary for the development of a healthy fetus. Since it is extremely difficult to make a diet of a pregnant woman, taking into account the daily need for all minerals and vitamins. Therefore, it is usually as soon as the doctor puts a pregnant woman on the register, prescribes her a multivitamin complex to ensure the normal development of the child in the womb and to maintain the physical condition of the mother in order.
    2. Liquid - A pregnant woman is recommended to drink a lot. But many have a tendency to edema, in this case, the doctor may recommend to reduce the amount of fluid consumed.

    Physical activity and sports during pregnancy

    During pregnancy, excessive physical activity should be excluded. A woman should be able to rest from time to time, relieved from weight lifting, even if it is provided for by her direct duties.

    According to the Labor Code, even work on a computer for a pregnant woman should be limited, it is clear that very few of their employers comply with this, and basically all are working on their workplace before maternity leave.

    But little exercise during pregnancy is helpful. For women in the position of developed special exercises that can be performed until the birth.

    But if a woman did not play sports before pregnancy, then of course there is no point in actively doing it during pregnancy, in this case it is quite enough to limit yourself to walks in the fresh air and very lightweight exercises to maintain muscle mass in good shape.

    If you plan to play sports, then first of all, you need to consult with the supervising doctor what kind of physical activity is relevant in your condition. During pregnancy various cardio training, strong stretching, traumatic sports are contraindicated.

    What physical activity is recommended during pregnancy:

    1. Walking (perhaps light runs for health reasons) in the fresh air. Walk on foot, to the hospital, shop, work as much as possible. This is the most useful for a pregnant woman.
    2. Swimming - the safest and most useful sport during pregnancy, again if you do it without fanaticism. Swimming - it does not have to be a hard grueling workout. Swim is useful for mom and baby. Diving into the water, the mother feels much lighter, as the water removes the feeling of weight, relieves fatigue and tension in the muscles that constantly support the body in an upright position (especially if the stomach is already big enough). In the water, you can perform various exercises: bending to the sides, bends, raising arms and legs, squats. It should be noted that exercise under water is much easier to perform than in the open air.
    3. Exercises for pregnant women They usually consist of various side bends, deflections, squats, it is recommended to periodically walk on toes, this stabilizes and balances the body. Charging for a pregnant woman is useful and even necessary to maintain excellent physical fitness and emotional balance, but everything must be done to the best of your strength, without any undue stress.
    4. Breathing exercises - There are many breathing exercises for pregnant women. All of them prepare the body for the upcoming birth, as at the time of birth it is important to know how to breathe correctly. This knowledge can significantly reduce pain and help the child easier to pass through the birth canal of the mother.

    Tips for pregnant women in the second trimester

    The second trimester of pregnancy is more stable of all. During this period, the woman is already aware of her position, usually, during normal pregnancy, toxicosis retreats. This is the time when many future mothers begin to intensively gather information about childbirth, raising a child, caring for him and for his body.

    First tips for pregnant women in the second trimester - do not focus on the negative. Usually, after reading and listening to the responses of experienced girlfriends, colleagues, relatives, an impressionable pregnant woman begins to dream a terrible outcome of childbirth, to imagine what terrible pain to endure and survive.

    Therefore, for many, the second and third trimester of pregnancy takes place in fear of childbirth and the future as a whole. A pregnant woman should be waiting for a miracle, you need to remember that the process of birth is different for each person. Do not project on someone else's sad experience.

    In the second trimester of pregnancy, the following changes are observed in the state of health and body of the woman:

    1. At that time belly growsa woman becomes clumsy and clumsy. As a result of this fact, there is constant fatigue, perhaps drowsiness.
    2. Chest increases and getting ready for breastfeeding. Some have painful sensations as well as excessive nipple sensitivity. It is recommended at this time to wear a special supporting bra for pregnant women.
    3. In the second trimester often appear false labor- This is a periodic not too strong pain in the uterus. A sign that the uterus "trains" before giving birth. But if false contractions occur frequently and are accompanied by severe pain symptoms, observation by physicians is required. It is possible that a woman will even be put in the hospital, as they say in the medical environment “for preservation”.
    4. Skin pigmentation - periodically observed in pregnant women. Some areas of the skin become darker than other areas. The reason for this phenomenon is the same hormonal failure, which occurs throughout the pregnancy. You do not need to be afraid of this, after childbirth, when the body returns to its normal state, all these spots will disappear without a trace.
    5. Stretch marks on the skin - These are red stripes that appear due to an increase in the abdomen. Sometimes these stretch marks are accompanied by itching, in this case they use special creams that relieve discomfort. And the stretch marks themselves after childbirth are also usually aligned.
    6. Dyspnea - This is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy, as the child grows, puts pressure on the mother's chest. As a result, shortness of breath appears when a woman climbs up the stairs or does any physical work.
    7. Edema - during pregnancy in the second trimester, the limbs of a woman may swell. Usually the legs become swollen, some so much so that it becomes difficult to fasten shoes. It is recommended to limit the amount of fluid consumed and periodically raise the legs up, it is clear that it is not in crowded places.

    Tips for pregnant women in the third trimester

    The time when there is little time left before the birth of a child is very exciting for every woman. The process of birth is very complicated and everyone is afraid of it. You need to learn to control your fears, they should not take possession of a pregnant woman.

    There are some simple advice from a psychologist to pregnant women: all negative thoughts about the upcoming labor should be transformed into positive ones, it is dangerous during pregnancy to increase one’s emotional state. After all, there is a great power of thought - what we expect, it usually happens in reality.

    Psychologists recommend not to keep their fears in themselves, it is necessary to share with someone - or be your emotions, and if there is no reliable person nearby for support, write about it on paper. This helps when a person in any way can formulate his fear, he retreats.

    What happens to a pregnant woman in the third trimester?

    1. In this period the child begins to move activelyMom is becoming more clumsy and tries to move less, which usually affects the lifestyle. At this time, it is imperative to monitor the weight, carefully monitor the weight gain weekly. Too much body weight during labor can cause many problems, so a pregnant woman goes to the doctor for constant weighing.
    2. In addition to edema in the third trimester woman may cause cramps - This spontaneous muscle spasms of the legs, arms, neck. Feelings are extremely unpleasant, so it is important to know the reasons for their appearance. This may be a lack of vitamin B, which forms muscle tissue, the abuse of caffeine-containing beverages, nicotine addiction, and anemia - a lack of hemoglobin in the blood. In any case, the appearance of convulsions in a pregnant woman is a clear sign of the lack of any useful substances in the body.
    3. Indigestion during pregnancy - such a problem as constipation, it will torment even after childbirth, because the location of the fetus, which is already quite large, implies a certain pressure and possible deformation of the digestive organs. Therefore, in the third trimester, it is recommended to eat quickly digestible food, to eliminate the use of heavy food.
    4. In the third trimester, women may appear out of the chest. watery discharge (colostrum). In fact, it begins to form even in the early stages of pregnancy, but clear discharge that may be disturbing appears closer to childbirth. This is a sure sign of imminent labor. The appearance of colostrum does not need to be associated in any way with the appearance of milk for feeding milk, this liquid can even be excreted in newborn girls due to the increased level of prolactin in the body.
    5. The last weeks before childbirth - the most difficult for everyone. This time when the stomach pulls down, I provoke discomfort in the back, pelvis. It becomes impossible to lie on your back, as a heavy stomach presses the artery, causing the mother to faint. These are the most desperate days of waiting, when, finally, everything will happen. And the best thing at this time is to calm your mind with the thought that everything will be fine and not panic.

    There are various groups and courses for pregnant women, where they talk about useful breathing and lightweight physical exercises and practices that help you feel much better, so you should not neglect them.

    But, choosing exercises for yourself, you need to be guided by your personal feelings, if unpleasant painful feelings arise, immediately stop. All these movements should help to survive the unpleasant sensations in the body, and not add new ones.

    It is also recommended to avoid before childbirth those people who begin to remember the terrible, terrible stories of the birth of their children and acquaintances. A pregnant woman, especially when the birth process is already approaching, becomes very sensitive, therefore such “well-wishers” will not bring any useful information, but will only add a stressful state when it is absolutely contraindicated.

    The most useful thing at this time, try to walk more, dream (only good!), Enjoy the life and birth of a child.