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What are the beneficial vitamins contains almonds?

Almonds, the “king of nuts”, are a storehouse of vitamin, mineral, and beneficial substances that have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the human body as a whole. It is rather a grain covered with a thin brown film than a full nut. The fruits of the tree are sweet and bitter in taste, which causes their use in the food industry.

So, sweet almonds go as one of the ingredients of confectionery and not only dishes, but bitter ones are the main product for making butter, which is widely used as a flavoring. Eating the latter in its pure form is prohibited due to the high content of hydrocyanic acid, harmful to the human body.

Chemical composition of almond kernels

The calorie content of the almond tree is quite high. One hundred grams of the product contains up to 580 Kcal, which makes the product nutritious and suitable for the organization of good nutrition. The number of basic food elements in the composition of the fruit is:

  • carbohydrates - 21 g,
  • fat - 52 g,
  • proteins - 21 g

This distribution shows that the product is really very fat. For this reason, leading nutritionists seek to protect obese people from their use. And it's not even in the increased caloric content of the kernels. Enough to hear their smell, to feel how much the appetite is played out. To control the desire to satisfy hunger in this case is almost impossible.

Vitamin and minerals

Almonds contain a sufficient amount of useful elements. Vitamins in grains are groups:

  • A - improves vision, adjusts the functioning of the immune system, quickly regenerates damaged tissues, ensures the normal functioning of the lungs,
  • B (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9) - normalize the functioning of the nervous system, stabilize its condition, take part in the synthesis of proteins, other metabolic processes in the body, stimulate the functioning of the mnemonic processes of the brain, and are responsible for developing the components of "joy" or rather serotonin, increase the productivity of erythroid-type cells,
  • С - activates the work of the person’s defense system, improves mood, helps to increase the person’s resistance to stressful and depressive states, fights against inflammatory, infectious processes,
  • E - slows down the aging process, has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, improves the state of the hormonal background, supports the body during high physical exertion, and participates in the prevention of oncological diseases.

The main mineral substances in the product are:

  • potassium - normalizes the water balance, participates in the conduction of nerve impulses to the innervated organs,
  • phosphorus - takes part in the biochemical processes of the brain, maintains acid-base balance,
  • magnesium - has a calming effect on the nervous system,
  • Calcium - helps strengthen bone, muscle tissue, allows the growing body to develop without lag,
  • sulfur - increases defenses, promotes the removal of slag and toxic substances,
  • chlorine - normalizes digestive processes,
  • sodium - provides normal growth, development of the body,
  • iron - takes part in the respiratory processes of tissues,
  • zinc - cares for improving the functioning of the reproductive system in men and women,
  • manganese - contributes to the normal formation of the structure of bones,
  • copper - reduces the risk of neurological diseases, helps reduce the risk of infectious diseases and osteoporosis.

Due to the fact that vitamins contain almonds, you can select its beneficial properties. However, you should not forget that the use of the fetus should not exceed the daily norm, because in this case, you can learn by example how much damage a product can cause.

Useful properties of the product

Having understood what vitamins are contained in the almond fruits, one can draw conclusions about their beneficial properties. These include:

  • strengthening of nerve cells
  • cancer prevention,
  • prevention of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases,
  • enveloping effect on the walls of the stomach, their protection against digestive juices,
  • acceleration of the process of renewal of cellular structures,
  • strengthening the osteo-articular apparatus,
  • removing toxins from vital human organs, including the kidneys,
  • acceleration of mnestic processes
  • relief of severe pain in the head,
  • regulation of the digestive tract, digestive processes,
  • an increase in the body's ability to deal with seasonal depression and constant stress,
  • saturation of the genetic material with elements of iron, which raises hemoglobin values,
  • elimination of insomnia, sleep normalization.

In addition, the almond fruit, oil and applied in cosmetology, as their effect on the skin of the body is invaluable. They not only contribute to the smoothing of wrinkles, moisturizing the skin, but also slow its premature aging. In addition, those vitamins that are present in almonds, beneficially affect the state of male potency, its improvement. Well, a mixture of nuts and milk, applied to the balding areas of the head, will contribute to the stimulation of hair growth.

Vitamins contain not only the almond kernel, but also its shell. However, despite this, addiction to the product can harm a person. The first is to beware of the occurrence of allergic reactions, usually manifested in the form of urticaria or difficulty breathing. In the first case, it will be enough to consult a dermatologist and eliminate the nuts from the diet; in the second case, you will have to call an ambulance to save the person. This is the main proof that whatever vitamins are not in the almonds, its use should be treated with caution.

Moreover, in the kernel of the bitter kernel, cyanide elements are contained in some quantities, leading to the unstable functioning of the central nervous system. For this reason, its raw, pure form is prohibited. As for the sweet fruits of the tree, they must be limited in the diet of people prone to obesity. Well, a larger amount of such a product, consumed at one time, can bring a person's condition to alcoholic intoxication.

How to choose almond nuts correctly?

Knowing the information, which vitamins are mainly contained in almonds, you should take care of purchasing a really high-quality product. This will contribute to close attention to some points. Among them are:

  • the presence of shell on the nucleoli,
  • the appearance of the shell (it should not be moldy, chipped, covered with rusty dots),
  • product packaging (better to be airtight)
  • the smell should not be bitter or pungent. In such cases, the fruit is usually bitter.

There are really enough vitamin and mineral substances in almonds, however, the product must be properly used. Only in this case it will be possible to notice the positive impact of the fruit on the human body. Women can try them as a natural ingredient for making cosmetics at home. This will not only save financial resources, but also give a charge of cheerfulness and positive mood.

Almond: the benefits and harm

Almond is the richest nut in vitamin E content. It is a valuable antioxidant that is able to cleanse the body of toxins and prolong youth. Also, vitamin E in sufficient quantities reduces the risk of developing oncology.

The complex of vitamins of group B has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, helps strengthen it. Depression, insomnia, stress will be less disturbing if the diet is varied with almonds. The external beauty of the skin, hair and nails is also the merit of these vitamins.

Minerals in almonds are easily digested. They ensure the proper functioning of the heart, blood vessels and brain. The combination of micro-and macronutrients help reduce cholesterol levels, control and normalize blood pressure, thereby preventing the occurrence of heart attack and stroke.

The use of almond nut is indicated for kidney diseases and any disturbances in their work. The mild choleretic effect on the kidneys, and stabilization of the liver, sand removal and the dissolution of small stones are some of the processes that are possible thanks to almonds.

A high potassium content ensures an active supply of oxygen to the tissues and the brain. Therefore, the use of nuts can be the prevention of dementia.

Almond is a natural aphrodisiac that can affect men’s libido in particular.

Neutralizing the effects of alcohol and smoking is a small bonus when everyday, albeit minimal, use of the “king of nuts”.

The dangers posed by bitter almonds are discussed above. Harm from sweet almond is also possible.

There are some diseases and health disorders in which a large amount of nut is undesirable.

  • Allergic reaction and individual intolerance.
  • Almonds can increase appetite, so you should not get too carried away. Especially people who are obese or prone to speeding weight gain.
  • Tachycardia may worsen because the almond is able to increase heart rate.
  • In disorders of the nervous system, mental states of almonds is not recommended because it has a stimulating property.

Useful properties of almond

Almond seeds contain from 35 to 67% non-drying fatty oil. Almond is one of the best vegetable sources of protein. Almonds contain almost as much protein as lean meat - up to 30%. Almonds provide high quality, well absorbed protein. The quality of the protein is determined by the number of essential or essential amino acids and digestibility.

Almonds contain various minerals that are absolutely necessary for healthy bones. Calcium, magnesium, manganese and phosphorus are involved in maintaining bone strength. Almond seeds contain a large amount of fatty oil, proteins and sugars, there are enzymes, vitamins of group B, E. Amygdalin glycoside is found in bitter almonds, giving the kernels a bitter taste and almond odor.

The beneficial properties of almond affect blood lipids, especially the blood content of the powerful antioxidant vitamin E. Almonds are an alternative to animal sources of protein, and also contain useful vitamins and minerals. Used in folk medicine for digestive disorders and renal dysfunction.

Sweet almond cleans the internal organs, strengthens the brain, especially if used with nabota, strengthens the eyes, softens the body, throat, is good for the chest, along with sugar is useful in asthma, pleurisy and hemoptysis, with abrasions and ulcers in the intestines and bladder, increases the amount of seed, calms the urgency of urine, gives fullness to the body. Bitter almonds contain glycoside, which is easily decomposed into sugar, benzaldehyde and highly toxic hydrogen cyanide. Therefore, it is not recommended to use bitter almonds without its preliminary processing, and in general it should not be eaten by children. For a child, the lethal dose is 10 tonsils, for an adult - 50.

Scientists from Italy found that regular consumption of almonds increases the body's resistance to viral infections, in particular, the flu and the common cold. In addition, it was observed that the substances contained in the skin of the almond, reduce the recovery time of those women who have already contracted viral infections.

In folk use almonds with sugar for anemia, anemia, insomnia, cough.

The most valuable component is fatty oil - its content reaches 45% in bitter and 62% in sweet almonds. Fat almond oil was used in medicine as a solvent for some injected substances in subcutaneous injections.

Remaining after processing the seeds of bitter almond oilcake served in the last century as a source of production of bitter-almond water, used in the treatment of certain diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and also as a sedative (sedative) agent.

Sweet almond seeds are used today, in particular, for the preparation of almond emulsion (the so-called "almond milk"), and oilcake called "almond bran" is used as a therapeutic and cosmetic product to soften dry skin. The kernels of sweet almond varieties are used in food, used in confectionery production.

Due to these properties, almonds can be successfully used in the rational nutrition system, especially in cases where the consumption of animal protein should be significantly reduced.

Almonds are consumed raw and fried, used as a high-quality additive in confectionery, and its processed products are used in the perfume industry and medicine.

Almonds are used in the manufacture of liqueurs. In the production of beverages and use almond shells, it not only flavors, but also improves the taste of the drink.

Almond Hazardous Properties

Almond is contraindicated in case of individual intolerance to the product. People who are obese should limit their intake of this nut because of its high calorie content.

With increased heart rate, you should consult with your doctor before consuming almonds, as it has a direct effect on the cardiovascular system.

You can not eat the unripe fruits of almonds, as they contain cyanide, which causes poisoning. The composition of raw bitter almond notes the content of poisonous hydrocyanic acid, which can cause harm to the body. However, from such almonds make butter or eat it in moderation, pre-roasting. Almond abuse can cause dizziness, as well as mild narcotic intoxication.

Would you like to try cooking some oriental sweetness at home? Try the almonds in the sugar according to the recipe from this video.

Interesting Facts

The benefits of almonds are known since ancient times. In the old days, healers used almond oil to rinse, as a means of relieving heart and headache, soothing the nervous system, which favorably affects their health.

This nut came to us from the countries of West and North Asia. Already in ancient Egypt, the almond tree was cultivated and its fruits were served on the table to pharaohs and other nobles. At that time, the healing properties of almonds for women during pregnancy were already known.

In England, there is a belief that if you carry five almond seeds in your pocket, your life will be happy and prosperous. Swiss chefs bake sweet cakes with a single grain of walnut inside for their birthday or holidays. Who will get the grain - he will be rich and happy in the new year.

Composition and calorie

Almonds are useful because they contain unsaturated fatty acids, riboflavin, zinc, magnesium and iron. This combination of trace elements allows the nut to be used to combat diseases of the cardiovascular system - heart attacks, distanion, hypertension. Interestingly, even a few drops of almond oil can soothe the heart pain and restore the rhythm of the heart muscle. Naturally, this does not help in the presence of chronic diseases, but is effective only in isolated cases of sudden cardiac arrhythmias. And for women during pregnancy, almonds are very useful.

The nutritional value

Nuts have a caloric content - 580 kcal per 100 grams of almond, or 7 calories per grain. Nutritional value of the product:

The composition indicates that it is a fairly fatty food product. But nutritionists do not recommend it for people who are overweight, not even because it is high in calories. The fact is that the smell of the product stimulates the appetite, so even a pinch of grated or ground nut in the food can stimulate the appetite too much.

Almost 37% of the nut is vitamin E. In combination with calcium, the product becomes an excellent assistant in the fight against anemia, astigmatism, insomnia. Only a few grains per day, eaten regularly on an empty stomach, and the result will not take long. It has a beneficial effect in pregnancy, supplying calcium to the body of the unborn child. Vitamins:

Minerals in almonds:

The composition of vitamins and trace elements makes walnut a source of a substance that lowers the acidity level of gastric juice. For example, the use of oil allows you to deal with such ailments as gastritis and stomach ulcers and intestinal diseases. Oily covers the digestive system with a protective film soothing effect on the mucous membrane, healing wounds.

Сырой или жареный

The healing properties of almonds have been known for a long time, but what nut is better and in what cases add one or another type of processing method or beneficial or harmful properties?

Raw almonds contain a lot of nutrients. A total of 20 raw almond kernels contain the daily rate of all the trace elements and vitamins necessary for normal functioning of the body. The benefits of raw walnut is that it is an excellent antioxidant, improves the cardiovascular and digestive systems, improves immunity, normalizes glucose and cholesterol, and for women during pregnancy and in the body of children activates cell growth.

In terms of nutritional composition and benefits to the body, fried is significantly inferior to raw. If you prefer roasted almonds, then it is better to buy one whose kernels have not been fried in vegetable fats. Walnut has a lower content of vitamin E, almost loses its ability to fight vascular diseases, but roasted almonds as a whole do not cause harm, as it was considered earlier.

Benefits for women and men

In addition to the above useful properties, almonds are useful because:

  • The product contains an excellent combination of magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. This is especially important for regulation, both for women during pregnancy and for men with a lack of vitamin D, which is necessary for the strengthening and health of the skeletal system,
  • The benefits of walnut for men is fully manifested only with daily use. As is known, the male population of the planet is more prone to heart attacks than the female. It is almonds that can strengthen the vascular system of a man, normalizes the heart rhythm, reduces the risk of diseases of the heart muscle,
  • The benefits of walnut during pregnancy is the high content of protein in its composition, which is so necessary for the growth and development of body cells. The rich content of vitamin E minimizes the risk of abrupt pregnancy, and folic acid activates and normalizes the process of fetal growth.

For both middle-aged and older women, there is a problem of insomnia. Almond is a great sedative. Eating ground nut, even in small quantities, normalizes sleep.

Harm amygdalin

Historical evidence suggests that almonds can be harmful to the body. Bitter almond contains a deadly poison for humans - the amygdalin glycoside. When it breaks down in the body, it secretes hydrocyanic acid, so a large amount of grains of wild bitter almond eaten at one time causes hypoxia in people.

By the way, amygdalin is also found in fruits such as apricot, plum, pear and apple. Therefore, be careful if dried and chopped apricot kernels become the favorite treat of your child in the summer. In large quantities, these grains can also cause harm.

Be sure to include almonds in your daily diet. The maintenance of a large number of micro and macronutrients will allow you to prevent the development of a number of serious diseases, remove toxins and toxic substances from the body, and during pregnancy strengthen the immune properties of the body of the future mother and her child.

When choosing almonds, buy nuts with whole shells. From the core should come a pleasant spicy smell, such almonds are useful and fit for human consumption. And do not forget - almonds can cause allergic reactions, because before use it is advisable to consult with a dietitian doctor!

The content of minerals and vitamins in 100 g of almonds

Almonds contain large amounts of fatty oils, proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins, among which vitamin E and vitamin B2 predominate. The composition of these unique gifts of nature also includes carotenoids and carotene, dye lycopene and a small percentage of essential oil. Oily almond oil contains linoleic and oleic acid glycerides, proteins, vitamins and emulsion enzymes. This product can be considered a full-fledged component of a balanced diet, which provides protection against various diseases.

Almond Nut

Useful properties of the product are determined by its useful substances. So the elements of group B in almonds have a positive effect on the nervous system, appearance and provide the body with vital energy. The balanced content of microelements and polyunsaturated fatty acids make it possible to use these fruits in the presence of urolithiasis, since the substances in the kernels remove sand from the kidneys. Vitamin C, contained in these seeds, helps to increase immunity.

Another useful properties of this nut are used as a choleretic agent. It has been found that by drinking almonds, the vessels of the spleen and the liver are cleaned, and it can also be used as an enveloping, analgesic and anticonvulsant agent. The fruits of the almond tree have a calming effect, help from insomnia and stimulate brain activity, which is necessary for mental workers. Walnut oil is effective for asthma, pneumonia and stomatitis.

Almond video

Almond oil is widely used for cosmetic purposes, as the best way to strengthen and grow hair. Also on the basis of this oil many different creams for the face, body and hands are made, as it has a softening, cleansing and smoothing property, and also activates cell regeneration and nourishes the skin. Due to the presence of essential oils, almonds have found their use in aromatherapy, as well as it is used as a strong aphrodisiac.

Vitamin E in almond kernels

Almonds contain large amounts of vitamin E, a hundred grams of nuts is more than the daily requirement of this element, so it is enough to eat only 30 grams of this product per day. This vitamin is useful for visual impairment, in the presence of insomnia, anemia and seizures, as well as diseases of the stomach. Vitamin E is the strongest fat-soluble antioxidant that protects the mucous membranes and skin from the effects of free radicals. If children are stunted, doctors recommend giving them crushed nuts.

Vitamin E, which contains nut seeds, is very important for all tissues of the body, it protects blood cells, enriches the skin with oxygen, protects the body from the appearance of cancer. This vitamin, acting on blood clotting, prevents the appearance of blood clots in the vessels. Vitamin E, which is part of these fruits, normalizes the body's reproductive and sexual activities, therefore during pregnancy it is recommended to include almonds in the woman's diet.

How to choose a good nut

  • The inshell nut lasts longer, but when buying, pay attention to the appearance, the shell should not be moldy, chipped or have rusty spots,
  • It is better to buy cleaned kernels in a sealed package, as they are stored less under the influence of air, heat and humidity,
  • Be sure to pay attention to the smell. If the nuts have a bitter or pungent smell, then the taste will be rancid.

Almond tree history

The history of this unique nutlet begins long ago. The first mentions can be found in the Bible, where Aaron’s wand is brought in, bringing almonds. The homeland of the growth of these trees can be called China and Asia, from where along the ancient Silk Road almond kernels were transported with caravans of merchants in the Mediterranean, Greece, Italy, Spain and the Middle East. And only in the 18th century, the Spanish Franciscans almond trees were spread throughout the world. The fruits of this tree were discovered during the excavations of the tomb of the Egyptian king Tutankhamun.

In today's cultural life, people use these nuts, not only for human consumption, but also as different symbolics. In America, for example, you can see them as symbols of health, happiness, children and love at weddings. In Sweden, there is a belief that if at Christmas someone finds an almond nut in a piece of his cake, then he is well off. In Italy in the 18th century, the almond nut inspired the ancient master to create a musical instrument shaped like an almond, which today is called a mandolin.

How to collect almonds

Almond Harm

Excessive use of this nut can cause great harm to the body. The kernel of bitter almonds contains cyanides, which can lead to disruption of the central nervous system and damage to the respiratory function of the cells, so it cannot be eaten raw.

In the sweet almond there are no substances dangerous for the organism, but they also should not be carried away. It contains many calories, so it is not recommended to abuse this nut to people who are prone to corpulence. If you eat a large amount of almond, you may develop a condition similar to intoxication. These fruits also cause allergic reactions, in the presence of individual intolerance to this product.